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关于”问路的句型“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Asking for directions。以下是关于问路的句型的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Asking for directions

1、天气 How is the weather = What is the weather. 问时间 what's the time now?

2、Long as a typical and complex network-infrastructure industry, the financing problem of the railway has been a weak link. 长期以来,铁路作为一个典型和复杂的网络型基础设施产业,融资问题一直是个薄弱环节。

3、Combining with a mathematical model, the route selection problem in air freight transportation with multi-customers was described. 文章结合数学模型,对多客户航空货运路径选择问题进行描述。

4、The determination of observation weights and error models in levelling networks is a current problem. 确定水准线路的权和误差模型是当前国际上感兴趣的问题之一。

5、On the question by energy sources, China will working-out a new economize project . 在能源问题上,中国将努力走出一条新的节约型道路,即有中国特色的节约方式。

6、Could you tell me the way to the museum? 您能告诉我博物馆在哪里吗?

7、That saying is never found in Luke. 而这句话在路加福音中是找不到的。

8、It is difficult to solve in large scale because the LRP is a typical NP-hard problem in combinatorial optimization. 由于定位-车辆路线问题是组合优化问题中一个典型的NP难题,大规模时难以精确求解。

9、You'd better take a taxi. ? 你最好乘出租车。

10、Based on this model, fault diagnosis of CD-ROM driver's PCB is studied, and efficiency of the model is verified. 基于该模型讨论了光驱电路板的故障诊断问题,实例说明了模型的有效性。

11、Among them, TSF torque control scheme based on modified multi-level converter is research emphasis. 其中,重点研究了基于改进型多电平功率变换电路的TSF转矩脉动最小化问题。

12、excuse me.how can i get to the nearest post office? 这是去市政厅的路吗?

13、Aim at the problem of the pressure small, easily test error of adoption shunting line test residual press, develop a new track circuit shunt-residual press fix tester. 针对目前采用分路线测试残压产生压力小,易造成测试误差的问题,研制开发了一种新型轨道电路分路残压定压测试器。

14、Model LCI curb paver is a kind of equipment which produces curb with asphalt mixture. LCI型路缘石自动成型机是一种利用沥青混合料修筑道路路缘的专用设备。

15、In this work, a lumped-parameter circuit model and transmission line model are discussed. 提出了电流注入探头的两种电路模型:集中参元电路模型和分布式传输线模型。

16、During the Troubles someone had painted a provocative question on a Belfast wall: Is there life before death? 在这起事件中,有人在贝尔法斯特的一面墙上涂写了这么一句煽动性的问话:“难道就没有活路吗?”

17、excuse me,where am i on this map? 请问,这附近有药店吗?

18、Moreover, we very frequently have some type of context-based dynamic routing taking place. 此外,我们还经常需要解决某些类型的基于上下文的动态路由问题。

19、This type of access path is referred to as a nested loop join (NLJOIN) with sort composite. 这种类型的访问路径被称为使用复合排序 的嵌套循环联接 (NLJOIN)。

20、Can you tell me where the museum is? 请问去最近的邮局怎么走?

21、How can I get to the subway station? 对不起,请问我在地图上的什么地方?

22、is this the road to the city hall? 请问我怎么去地铁站?

23、To solve the time-dependent vehicle routing problem with backhauls , a mathematical model was constructed and a reactive tabu search algorithm was put forward. 为求解带回程的时变速度车辆路径问题,建立了问题的数学模型并提出适应性禁忌搜索算法求解。

24、The harmful geology structure under the freeway is a ground problem existing in the freeway construction in the loess region, and it mainly results in the collapse of the roadbeds and the slopes. 黄土地区高速公路下伏不良地质体是高等级公路建设中经常遇到的地基问题,其病害类型主要是路基塌陷形成陷坑和路基边坡坍塌。

25、In Chapter II, the model choice of the problem of the best route of a logistic problem is studied, and a model based on M-TSP is chosen. 第二章探讨了物流配送最优路径问题的模型选择问题,提出了基于M-TSP模型的建模方案。


26、In a word , Rooba has accompanied your worry-free childhood and will be with you all the way . 一句话,路豹伴你走过无忧童年,路豹在飞达,路豹在前进,路豹将和各路同仁同展翅同飞翔!

27、Content-based routing alone is not enough to address all heterogeneities found in a large enterprise. 基于内容的路由本身并不足以解决大型企业中的所有异构性问题。

28、Simulation tests show that the model is superior to original DHT at path length and access latency. 模拟测试表明,模型在路径长度和访问延迟方面的性能优于原DHT。

29、The model can be used in earth-rock allocation of road engineering and levee engineering widely. 优化模型可以广泛应用于道路、堤防等工程的土石方调配问题中。

30、Go down this street until you see the tall red building. 沿着这条路一直走直到看到一个红色大楼。

31、Based on the dynamic logic form of circuits, a mathematic mode for low power dissipation is established for polarity optimization of fixed-polarity XNOR/OR circuits. 基于电路的动态逻辑实现形式,建立了固定极性XNOR/OR电路低功耗极性优化问题的数学模型;

32、The earliest LAN technologies used either thick Ethernet or thin Ethernet infrastructures . 早期网路技术应用在粗型乙太网路架构或细型乙太网路架构。

33、In order to solve the problems of potential incident rescue on expressway networks, the opportunity cost-based method is used to establish a resource dispatch decision model. 为了解决高速公路路网潜在事故的救援问题,应用机会成本方法建立资源派遣决策模型。

34、We study uncapacitated version of the minimum cost flow problem of one-commodity and two-commodity with not only fixed cost but also variable cost, and give them each a polynomial algorithm. 建立了求解铁路局范围内请求车审批优化的数学模型和与此模型对应的网络图,将铁路请求车审批优化问题转换为求解最小费用最大流问题。

35、The vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW) cannot be solved effectively by using the existing Large Neighborhood Search (LNS) algorithm. A universal mathematical model of VRPTW was built. 为了克服原有大规模邻域搜索算法不能有效求解时间窗较宽的车辆路径问题的缺陷,介绍了有时间窗的车辆路径问题(VRPTW)的通用数学模型。

36、MultiDepot Open Vehicle Routing Problem with soft time windows is a variation of the Vehicle Routing Problem con- strained by multidepot and soft time windows, which is a typical NP-hard problem. 有软时窗约束多车场开放式车辆路径问题是在基本的车辆路径问题上增加了时间窗约束和多车场作业的一种变化形式,是一个典型的NP-难问题。

37、Based on the actual characteristic of highway hub plan, a mathematical model is built for solving a type of constrained facility location problem(CFLP). 针对公路枢纽规划,建立了一类容量受限型设施定位问题的数学模型,给出了求解该模型的遗传算法。

38、could you tell me the way to the museum? 您能告诉我博物馆在哪里吗?

39、Excuse me. How can I get to the nearest post office? 这是去市政厅的路吗?

40、The selection of expressway bridge style in mountainous region is affected by many factors and is a complex problem. 山区高速公路的桥型选择受诸多因素的影响,是一个复杂的问题。

41、The design thought of hydraulic balance type oil tank solved the above problem. 液力平衡式大型油罐的设计思路,较好地解决了上述问题。

42、The injection molding technology of the load reflector made of PC. The quality problem often appeared and their solving methods are introduced. 介绍聚磷酸酯公路路标反光镜片的注射成型工艺、常出现的质量问题及解决办法。

43、can you tell me where the museum is? 请问去最近的邮局怎么走?

44、There are BUCK PFC circuit topology, BOOST PFC circuit topology, BUCK-BOOST PFC circuit topology and single-stage PFC circuit topology in single-phase PFC. 其中单相PFC包含了BUCK降压型PFC电路拓扑、BOOST升压型PFC电路拓扑、升降压型PFC电路拓扑以及单级单相PFC电路拓扑。

45、Based on define of the automatic pipeline laying problem and CGPM, expression method of the solution space of the pipeline laying design is provided. 基于混沌栅格预处理模型和管路自动敷设问题的定义,提出管路敷设设计解空间的表达方法。

46、Is this the road to the City Hall? 请问我怎么去地铁站?

47、There are two types of it-cut and fill. 路基有两种类型,即路堑和路堤。

48、It will open the way for the commercial use of humanoid robots doing housework. 它的问世将为人型家务机器人的商业应用开辟道路。

49、Finally the Path of Learning completes a triangular path back toward the Olive Court and main entry. 最后是三角型的学问之路,通向橄榄园和主入口。

50、On the background of Liaoning province freeway, a two way traffic model of freeway entrance around city was established. 以辽宁省高速公路问题为实际背景,建立了环城高速公路入口匝道处双方向放行交通模型;


51、how can i get to the subway station? 对不起,请问我在地图上的什么地方?

52、The global context supports value pathing, which is direct access into certain object types. 全局上下文支持 值路径,它直接访问某个对象类型。

53、Founding of cooperative-type school has offered a kind of thought to solve these problems effectively. 构建合作型学校的设想,为有效解决这些问题提供了一种思路。

54、A mathematic model of road identification problem is provided and the problem is related with a positive definite quadratic programming problem with inequality constraints. 建立了道路识别问题的数学模型并将上述问题与一个不等式约束的正定二次规划问题相联系。

55、Intentto fill the blank of the Brownfield research of resource-based city in contemporary China, meanwhile, provides new thought in due question, resource-based cites transition, in the longrun. 意在填补我国资源型城市棕地问题研究的空白,为资源型城市转型开拓思路,提供依据。

56、Concerning the security issues in the current road transport logistics, an early-warning model of road transport logistics was proposed. 针对当前公路物流运输的安全问题,提出构建公路物流运输预警模型的思想。

57、Visual Explain is a new no-charge function that provides access path and related statics for SQL and XQuery statements. Visual Explain 是一个新的免费功能,为 SQL 和 XQuery 语句提供访问路径和相关的统计信息。

58、There are a lot of principles for the choice of clausal grammatical subject by many scholars. 关于分句语法主语的择用原则问题各路学者作出了很多论述。

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