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导读: 57个,关于”诗歌的“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Poetic。以下是关于诗歌的的小学英语句子。




1、To the poetry, the innovation of imago is the most basis and substantial. 对诗歌而言,意象的创新是最基础、最实质性的。

2、In composing such poems, Laurence follows the basic principles of imagism. 在意象诗的创作中,他遵循了意象诗的原则。

3、Chinese and English poems have different layers of meanings: literal, extended and meaning. 英汉诗歌具有意义的多层次性,即明示义、引伸义和象征义。

4、As the greatest famous works of Feng Zhi's poetry, the Collection of Sonnets embodied the spirits of his arts of poetry and included multi-aspect cognitive value and significance of practice. 《十四行集》作为冯至诗歌的扛鼎之作,体现了其诗歌艺术的精魂,具有多方面的认知价值和实践意义。

5、His purpose is to rebel the art of hazy poetry and show the post - modernism spirits and the values of civilian. 其意在反叛“朦胧诗”的诗歌艺术,凸显后现代主义精神和平民价值观。

6、This implies that I will temporarily cease the writing of long poem "Divine prophecy", turn to think over something beside poetry. 这意味着,我将暂时停止写作长诗《神谕》,转而思考一些诗歌之外的东西。

7、Realize to the mankind"s destiny and life in the verse of Changyao of feel come to, make his verse take the disaster of have the mightiness consciousness and lifes this experience that is really." 昌耀诗歌中对人类命运和生命意识的觉醒,使他的诗歌带有强烈的忧患意识和生命本真的体验。

8、In Zheng zhen's poems, natural landscape as poetic imagery makes up a very great proportion and mountainous imagery falls into this kind. 在郑珍的诗歌中,自然景观作为诗的意象的比例特别大,山意象就属于这一类。

9、But actually the metaphor is little different and you’ll see what I mean. 但是实际上,诗歌中的暗喻与投资的意思还是略有不同。

10、The standards of good verse in the modern sense have always been a crux of perpetual debate and entangling confusion in the verse circles. 现代意义上的好诗标准一直是诗歌界长期争论、纠缠不清的难题。

11、No manipulative choice or distortion of the cultural-loaded images is allowed in the translation practice. 在诗歌翻译中,对原作的文化意象进行任意取舍或扭曲都是不当的。

12、First, we can investigate the influence form two aspects of her poetry , which are expression of feminine consciousness and nurturing of poetic style in Da Li. 首先从女性意识的表露与大历诗风的熏染两方面来分析李冶诗歌在后世的影响。

13、O my Luve's like a red, red rose' is a comparison. 诗歌常常充满意象,《一朵红红的玫瑰》也是这样的。

14、An image of "feed cattles" appeared frequently in Lu Yous later poems. 陆游后期诗歌作品中屡屡出现“饭牛”意象。

15、Just as poems in the age of romanticism, Schumann s art songs are filled with poetical atmosphere and imagination. 舒曼的艺术歌曲就如同浪漫主义时代的诗人的作品一样,富有诗意、幻想。

16、On the one hand, the writer put the nature images frequently used in his poems into novels, and thus the novel is made poetic and having an effect of intertextuality. 一方面,作家将诗歌中常用的自然意象融进小说中,从而令小说具有浓厚的诗意,达到“文中有文”的互文效果;

17、Such feelings as subjective will of the poet are manifested to the full through creation of original conceptions. 这样的人情味作为诗人主观之意,便通过诗歌中匠心独运的意象营造显露无疑。

18、The second part is about the ecocritical consciousness in his poetry. 第二部分阐述了弗罗斯特诗歌中的生态批评意识;

19、Dark image cer is the theme image of Hai Zi's poems. 黑暗意象丛是海子诗歌的主题意象所在。

20、We all know what "to die" means in early modern poems. 我们都知道早期现代诗歌中,“去死“这两个字是什么意思。

21、To deeply deliberate the thinking, meaning and the aesthetics value of the poems has great inspiration for contemporary poetic creation. 深入地研讨这两首诗的思想意义和美学价值,对于当代的诗歌创作不无启迪。

22、The consciousness of time and life was main melody of the poetry images from the Wei8c Jin to the Liu Song Dynasties. 时间与生命意识是魏晋至刘宋时代诗歌意象的主旋律。

23、I have kept the shape of the poem, opened out its sense more clearly, and tried - as Lowell rightly insists one must try - to get the tone. 我保留了诗歌的外形,更为清楚地展现出诗的意念。

24、Moreover, poetry and calligraphy have played an important role in the development of it. 诗歌与书法对写意画的产生发展过程起了重要作用。

25、From Lin Daiyu's poetry we can see her unique poet temperament and aesthetic implication, and her constant philosophical thinking about life. 从林黛玉的诗歌中我们可以看出她独特的诗人气质及审美意蕴,以及她时刻对生命意识进行的哲理思考。


26、Folk literature is one of major sources of his poems. For example, the images of evil spirit of forest and water in the poems are frequently used in Northern Europe . 民谣倾向是易卜生诗歌的另一个特色,诗歌的主要题材之一来自民间文学,最常用民间意象中的林妖和水精意象;

27、It was because readers' imitations in Nan Dynasty of such aspects as words, meaning, structure and theme that unique form of art of Jian'an Poems was repeatedly strengthened and highlighted. 正是由于南朝读者对建安诗歌的词句、意象、结构、题材等方方面面的模拟,才不断重复强化并凸现了建安诗歌独有的艺术形式。

28、Quite some abnormal representation methods are used in DU Fus poems, to build up the connotation of the poems, the artistic value and the wider significance of the epoch. 杜甫诗歌较多地运用了反常表现手法,从形式、内容等方面增强了诗歌的思想内涵、艺术价值和更为广大的时代意义。

29、Poems on parrots, due to being massive and complex in images with various artistic states can be divided into criticism to others and emotional expression of themselves. 咏鹦鹉诗作繁多,意象驳杂,因此诗歌艺术境界不尽相同,故可以将诗作分为“对他者的批判”和“个人情志的抒发”两种。

30、" Like many songs on the al "Bon Iver" this one is soft, dreamy, and poetic. 像许多歌曲专辑“苯教艾弗”这个人是软的,梦幻和诗意。

31、In some sense, the beauty of Keats's poetry is coming from reality. 从某种意义上来说,济慈诗歌之美的源头还是现实。

32、Dickinson introduced Gothic to her poetry and applied many images of ghosts and goblins. 狄金森将哥特体引入诗歌,使用了很多鬼怪类的意象。

33、The poetic image is the farmers are going out sowing tears or perhaps watering their seeds with tears. The poetic image is a little ambiguous. 这就是此诗的诗歌意象(poetic image):农夫们是在出去播种他们的眼泪,或是用他们的泪水灌溉这播下的。

34、Alfred Prufrock, a poem which is lauded as marking the beginning of modern poetry for its stream-of-consciousness use of uncanny images. 该诗由于运用意识流手法展现怪异的意象而被誉为现代主义诗歌的开山之作。

35、By the Mid-Tang emerges western Art, which is separated from daily life. Poetry becomes a separate sphere, a vocation in its own right. 中唐才出现与日常生活相分离的西方意义上的艺术,诗歌领域实现自足并出现职业诗人群体。

36、It is deep hinting meanings to how to deal with the relation between form and feelings , the relation between imitation and innovation , looking closely at Lu Ji's poetry. 审视陆机诗歌创作的得失,对人们如何处理诗歌创作中形式与情感、摹拟与创新的关系,有着深刻的启示意义。

37、This article gives a brief contrast of visual and audial images in the two English renditions of Nostalgia, and emphasizes that image actualization is of great significance in poetry translation. 本文主要对比了《乡愁》的两个英文译本的视象和音象,指出意象再造是诗歌翻译的灵魂,事关诗歌翻译的成败。

38、We consider that poetic words had deep effected by thinking of Chinese characters, and it made poem attach importance to visualize and the meaning in it, also get profound lingering charm. 汉字的思维深刻地影响了诗歌语言的思维特征,使诗歌重象及象中之意,并借重语言获得深厚的韵味。

39、The imago of God in MU Dan's poems was his fulcrum and balm, which was "outside the body" of the poet. 穆旦诗歌里的“上帝”意象是诗人“人身以外”的一个支点与一份安慰。

40、Deep imagists assume that poetry is an art that penetrates for an instant into the unconscious. 它认为,诗歌是通过意象刹那间渗透到无意识中去的艺术。

41、The image of the lamps and candles is one of the classical images of China's traditional poems. 灯烛意象是中国传统诗歌的经典意象之一。

42、The consciousness of national emantion is the ideological trait and the soul of aesthetic consciousness of Peng Gui-e's poems; 民族解放意识是彭桂萼诗歌的思想特质与审美意识的灵魂;

43、Woolf was a poetic writer in stream of consciousness who advocated the construction of poeticized fiction which embodied the characteristics of poetry, essays and dramas. 伍尔夫是一位富有诗人气质的意识流作家,她提倡创作一种诗化小说,使它具有诗歌、散文和戏剧的特征。

44、"Reading oneself by taking six steps under the condition of internet" as teaching mode proves that it has the active sense of feasibility. “网络状态下诗歌六步自读教学模式”的实验证明了:本模式在中学语文诗歌教学中有较强的可行性和突破性的积极意义。

45、It will mean reading alot of poems and writing about them some. 这意味着我们会读很多的诗歌,写赏析的文章。

46、Notice, in fact, the cleverness of all this discourse in the poem! 注意,事实上,整篇诗歌语言的巧妙!

47、The dialectical poetics of twentieth century American poet Robert Frost are best embodied in his two theories:"poetry is metaphor" and "sound of sense". 弗洛斯特的辩证诗学集中地体现为他的两个理论:“诗歌是隐喻”和“意义之音”。

48、The point of view, means of expressions and imagery in Meng Haoran's pastoral poetry are discussed and compared with those in his contemporary Wang Wei's poetry. 从思想内容、表现手法、意境风格三个方面论述孟浩然山水田园诗,并在与另一位同时代的山水田园诗人王维诗歌的对比中进行深入探讨。

49、The poem is the author who take the awareness initiative to spread his own poetry, and then"marketing"themselves, thus the function is very self-evident. 随着这些活动产生的诗歌本身即具有不同的传播意义,而编集传播则是李白主动传播自己诗歌的一个重要渠道。

50、From some kind of meaning, my poetry collection is another child of mine. 从某种意义上说,我的诗歌集是我的另一个孩子。


51、As an artisan, the poet is most concerned with effectively developing the poem's structure, for the artist realizes that the meaning of a text emerges from its structure. 诗人就是艺匠,诗人最关心的是设计有效的诗歌结构,因为艺术家明白文本的意义源自于文本的结构。

52、We don't refer--we have no reason to refer, - if we respect the autonomy of the poem as such, we don't refer-- we don't appeal to an authorial intention. 我们不能,我是说如果我们尊重,诗歌的意志自由的话,我们不能也没有理由-,为诗歌加上作者的意图。

53、In the process of rendering the poem, the artistic conception always decides the quality of the translation. 诗歌意境在翻译中的成功再现与否,在很大程度上决定着整首诗翻译的成功与否。

54、And the poetry's intellectuality performance has deep and vast characteristic, this mainly displays in its poetry life consciousness and space-time consciousness and its art performance. 而其诗歌的知性表现具有深宏广博的特点,这主要体现在其诗歌的生命意识和时空意识及其艺术表现两个方面。

55、Chinese poetic image has larger scope and is subtler than the image in Imagism. 中国古代诗歌的意象比西方意象派的意象概念范围更广,意义更微妙。

56、The literary image in poetry is translatable, but the musical one is untranslatable. 诗歌中的文学意境是可译的,而音乐意境则是不可译的。

57、Differences in creation of visual images in Chinese and English poetry epitomize those of ori… 中英文诗歌意象创造的差异是中西文化差异的一个缩影。

58、It can be said that all these are derivation of the creation of artistic conception f… 这些可以说是后世诗歌意境创造的导源,意义深远。

59、The thesis takes the Song poems bearing certain ecological implication or color as its studying object, and discusses Song Dynasty poetics'ecological characteristic. 本文的研究对象即宋代具有某种生态意蕴或曰生态色彩的诗歌,兼及讨论宋代诗学话语的生态特色。

60、A first tenant farmer imaged in the idyllic poem of Fan Chengda, which has the groundbreaking significance. 他的田园诗中还出现了中国诗歌史上第一个佃农形象,具有开创性的意义。

61、We don't refer--we have no reason to refer, - if we respect the autonomy of the poem as such, we don't refer-- we don't appeal to an authorial intention. 我们不能,我是说如果我们尊重,诗歌的意志自由的话,我们不能也没有理由-,为诗歌加上作者的意图。

62、Xie Zhen separately from the study of the significance of poetry including the study of his poetry at the history of the status of criticism, poetry appreciation to describe two aspects; 着眼于谢榛诗学研究包括对他在诗学批评史的地位、诗歌鉴赏两方面的论述来彰显其意义;

63、Philippine Chinese Poets are good at building poem image so as to broaden a boundless artistic charm by limited forms; 菲华诗人在诗歌意象的营构方面颇为着力,拓展了于有限中见无限的无穷艺术魅力;

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