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关于”比较长的句子“的英语句子21个,句子主体:Longer sentences。以下是关于比较长的句子的六级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Longer sentences

1、The tail is also rather long and it does not have the long-legged look of Isabelline. 尾羽的比例也比较长,同时牠看起来也不像沙即鸟那般的长脚。

2、The sedan model has a longer wheelbase, at least 1.5" longer than the current generation." 轿车模型具有较长的轴距,至少1.5 “长比目前一代。

3、Let me quote him in greater length. 我再引述他另一句更长的话。

4、Martin:I heard researchers discovered that those who walk faster live longer lives. 我听说有研究发现走路比较快的人也活的比较长。

5、He should be stocky, not long-legged or racy in outline. 其轮廓比较矮胖,不能长着长腿。

6、This sentence sound just fell, Chang-an of the blush with disgrace got more thoroughly. 这句话音刚落,长安的脸红得更加彻底。

7、呵呵,十月学长的帖子,我也来凑个热闹~~ 谚语我比较喜欢Where there is a will,there is a way.(有志者事竟成。

8、The man is always slow in the process of growing up, in other words, to him the childhood will last longer than a woman. 男人在长大过程中总是慢半拍的,换句话说,他童年期比女人长期有长。

9、In the Julian calendar, the average length of a year was 365.25 days. 这一句已经明明白白说了,儒略历的平均年长为365.25天。

10、Well, I guess the old saying is true: "Never trust Dean Hammonds! "" 嗯,我想那句俗话是对的:「绝对不要相信Hammonds院长!」

11、Tea _in the south of china A is growing B grew C grow D is grown … c 解析:这句话的意思是“茶叶是在中国的南方生长的” 茶叶每年都会生长…

12、In other words, “people must value your expertise. 换句话说,“人们要认为你的专长具有价值。”

13、There is a saying on Wall Street that goes, "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." 华尔街流传这样一句话:“与你有清还债务能力的时间相比,市场能非理性地持续更长时间。”

14、is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream. 这一切就是我们所见或似曾所见?

15、Another home-grown proverb is Every dog is allowed one bite. 另一句土生土长的格言是,“每条狗允许咬一次人”。

16、To handle long functions, we collapse large blocks by default, using vertical elision. 为了处理长函数,我们通过垂直省略,缺省隐藏较大的语句块。

17、There is a long annotation about this sentence in《The Ancient Chinese》which edited by Wang Li. 王力主编的《古代汉语》对此写了一条比较长的注释,认为:宫之奇以上这几句话是针对虞公的`晋, 吾宗也`说的,意思。

18、Again, Kami and the chief exchanged a few words. 又一次,卡米和酋长交谈了几句。

19、This seems to benefit muriqui males, which age more slowly than other male primates do and live longer than other monkeys. 这一点似乎对雄性绒毛蛛猴有利,因为与其他灵长类的雄性相比,它们衰老得较慢,而且寿命也较其他猴子长。

20、Remember the old Chinese saying, "One picture is worth a thousand words"?Unfortunately, some pictures take longer than ten thousand words to load. 中国有句俗语,“一张图片抵得过千言万语”,但是图片的下载时间会比一万句话的时间都长。

21、In other words, adjust it to match your full draw body position. 换句话说,调整绳环的长度,达到你拉满弓时的身体姿态。

22、Many may not expect to hear the words of the old Chinese saying in these modern times - with parents wealthier and better educated than they have ever been - but experts say they still ring true。随着收入增加,家长们受教育程度也较之前有所提高。如今,很多人可能都不想再听到这句老掉牙的话,但有专家指出这句话仍然在理。

23、In most cases, it won’t even be ’seen’. 在许多情况下,这些长句甚至不会被“看见”。

24、How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? 例句一、你怎样才能把长颈鹿搁到冰箱里?

25、Long complex sentences are distinctive of Henry James's later style. 亨利·詹姆斯晚期作品的风格特色是擅长使用长复合句。


26、Wavelength of infra-red radiation is longer than that of ultra-violet radiation. 红外线的波长比紫外线的波长较为长。

27、First, some opening remarks from Minister Yang. 现在先请杨外长讲几句话。

28、Patient people are patient to gain longevity. 有耐心的人会活得比较久。(longevity:长寿,长命。)

29、Nanotubes are long, thin, sub-microscopic tubes made of carbon. 纳米管是一种比较长比较薄的亚显微管,主要成分是碳。

30、Acacia dealbata and Alnus cremastogyne were selected as the species with quite fast growth on 3 indexes of tree height, ground diameter and crown mean width. 通过各树种在该立地类型上生长曲线的比较,评选出圣诞树、水冬瓜在3个生长因子上的生长速度最快。

31、Now his figure is bigger than Adan, even stronger than Adan, not like his child time. 现在他身材比葛格长也比较壮了,跟小时候瘦弱的样子完全不一样。

32、How long does it take you to assemble the machine? 这句英语咋说:请问你们组装这台机器需要多长时间?

33、This may explain why dinosaurs such as argentinosaurus, which weighed up to 100 tons, had long necks and tiny heads. 这可能能够解释为什么重达100吨的恐龙,比如阿根廷龙,会长着长长的脖子与较小的头部。

34、A species exclusive to western Mexico, the banana bat is noted for its very long snout, the longest of any bat (relative to size). 香蕉蝙蝠只生活在墨西哥西部。它以长长的鼻子著称,(就体型和鼻子比较而言)它的鼻子是所有蝙蝠中最长的。

35、The most powerful determining cause of his admission had been the prioress's observation upon Cosette: "She will grow up ugly." 让他们入院的最大决定因素,还是院长对珂赛特所作的那句评语:“她会长得丑。”

36、They face a long, therefore suit than the broad and narrow collar. 他们的脸形一般较长,因此西装领子较宽广狭长。

37、Unlike indent , it does not attempt to wrap long statements. 不像缩进,它不对长语句进行自动换行。

38、Whose hair is longer, yous or hers. 谁的头发比较长,你的还是她的?

39、Earlier research showed that well-off, educated parents tend to talk to their children more than their poorer, less-educated peers. 此前的研究发现,家庭收入和受教育水平较高的家长比收入和受教育水平较低的家长更经常与孩子说话。

40、shake hands for ever,cancel all our vows 握手永别,取消我们所有誓言

41、Muarmar Gaddafi's 42-year rule of Lybia finally ended. 卡扎菲在利比亚长达42年的统治画上了句号。

42、A lot of long sentences appear in scientific articles. 科技文章中往往出现许多长句。

43、That's the motto of Verbose Vince, who packs his lengthy resume with a laundry list of fancy five-dollar words and confounding jargon. 这是啰嗦的文斯的口头禅。他带着长长的简历,上面是一大堆华丽的长句子和容易让人混淆的行业术语。

44、That last line was an aspect ratio joke you're not geeky enough to get. 上面那段的最后一句话是一个关于长宽比例的御宅族冷笑话,如果你还不宅的彻底,估计就明白不了。

45、Conclusions Neonatal tree shrews can be infected with human HBV. HBV can replicate inside the liver cells of tree shrew. 结论新生树鼠句能够长期感染HBV,并且HBV能够在树鼠句体内稳定复制和长期存在。

46、The conversation in lesson 71 is long. 第七十一课的对话比较长。

47、Bucktoothed RatCroc was also small and ate a similar diet. 长着长牙的鼠鳄也比较小,它的食谱和犬鳄的食谱类似。

48、Since blue light is at the short wavelength end of the visible spectrum, it is tered in the atmosphere much more than the longer-wavelength red light. 由于蓝光处在可见光谱波长较短的一端,所以它比波长较长的红光更容易散射。

49、Just have to go and have a word with the conductor. 我需要去和列车长讲句话。

50、I guess I prefer the permanent one. 我想我比较喜欢长久性的。


51、what you are you do not see,what you see is your 你看不见你自己,你所看见的是你的影子

52、This is fairly long-winded and less expressive than a PHP foreach statement. 这相当冗长,比 PHP foreach 语句的开销少。

53、Heisler is adapting to keep his clients. 海斯勒比较擅长留住顾客。

54、But the spatial condition has the certain inhibitory action to the seed of perennial ryegrass in the sub-1 generation on germination rate; 而空间条件对超级德比子1代发芽率有一定抑制作用,但平均芽长、根长较对照的有所增加;

55、Other increases would be stiffer. 其他费用增长就比较硬朗一些。

56、I guess the cheapskates are faster to fire off email. 或许吝啬鬼们都比较擅长删除电子邮件吧。

57、Specific for acne-e skin and rough pores. Origin: Egypt. 例句:针对长期出痘痘和毛孔粗大的油性皮肤问题。产地:埃及。

58、In the Process of Calenaula Officinalis Linn. seed germination, all those seedlings will be-come strong ones that hypocotyls are long and grow fast. 金盏菊萌发过程中凡下胚轴生长较快、伸长较长的个体均形成壮苗。

59、Electronic information industry affected by the financial crisis, large, value added grew 5.3%, but growth 38.8% notebook computer, mobile phone growth 9.8%; 电子信息行业受金融危机冲击较大,增加值同比增长5.3%,但其中笔记本计算机增长38.8%,手机增长9.8%;

60、So the tree's will also be three times as long as the tree is hellogh. 是以,树影长度将是树高的三倍。(第2个as引出比力状语从句。)

61、In Listing 13, we create text3 with a single long line of text using variants of the !#:* history feature to save typing our sentence four times. 在清单 13 中,我们使用 ! #:* 历史特性的变体创建了包含较长一行文本的 text3,避免了四次输入句子的工作。

62、For negative sentence, total fixation time and saccade amplitude are shortest. 否定句注视时间最长,眼跳广度最小。

63、How long is this phrase here by Johnny Dodds? 强尼·多兹独奏的这段乐句有多长呢

64、In addition, developmental period of male syconia were longer than those of female. 比较相同时段的榕果比较发现,雄榕果所需完成发育的时间较雌榕果长。

65、Emperor will fall in the Goguryeo army officers, chiefs, more than three thousand people captive to the Central Plains, the rest of the Goguryeo people fully released. 唐太宗将降军中的高句丽军官、酋长三千余人虏往中原,其余高句丽人悉数释放。

66、If you use only long sentences all the time it can be confusing to read. 如果你一直使用长句,读起来就很困惑。

67、The words belong to Eric Schmidt, who explained: "Life is long in the sense that we have long memories. 这句话是施密特说的,他解释说:“我们有很长的记忆,在这个意义上,生命很长。

68、that since you wouid have none of me,ibury some of you. 你不救我全身,我当葬你部分

69、Too much sitting, by the way, can kill. 顺便说一句,坐着的时间太长,可以致死。

70、This sentence of mother's words was said in the night of her eldest grandson's wedding. 母亲的这句话,是在她的长孙结婚当夜说的。

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