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导读: 53个,关于”激励自己努力的句子“的英语句子53个,句子主体:Sentences that motivate you to work hard。以下是关于激励自己努力的句子的九年级英语句子。


关于”激励自己努力的句子“的英语句子53个,句子主体:Sentences that motivate you to work hard。以下是关于激励自己努力的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences that motivate you to work hard

1、The success of a corporation depends on how well itharnesses everyone to work to a common end. 股份公司的成功与否取决于如何激励每个员工都朝着一个目标努力工作。

2、Surround yourself with inspiring people from a wide variety of fields who encourage you and stimulate your creativity. 让你的身边充满各个领域能激励你并激发你创造力的有抱负的人们。

3、" And the "material incentives - the attractiveness of treatment. 和“物质激励——待遇的吸引力。”

4、Responsibility : Work hard to be excellent at job tasks, especially the unpleasant ones. 责任心:努力工作使自己表现优异,尤其是做那些你不喜欢的工作时。

5、She drove people hard, and lost her temper from time to time, but everybody knew she was brilliant, committed, and the hardest-working person in our campaign. 她激励人们拼命地工作,经常会发脾气,但是大家都知道,她有才干、尽职,是整个竞选班子中工作最努力的人。

6、Someone to do something The profit-sharing plan is designed to motivate the staff to work hard. 利润分成的计划目的在于激励员工努力工作。

7、Ability to motivate, mentor, manage and develop staff and team members; 能够有力地激发鼓励员工的潜力,能够有效地治理同队队友。

8、First, self-motivation is directly related to stress-reduction. 第一,自我激励与减轻压力是直接相关的。

9、Work hard to redound upon my parentsandmyself. 努力工作,回报父母,回报自己。

10、He ascribed his success to hard work. 他把自己的成就归功于努力工作。

11、You should work hard, but don't overdo it and make yourself ill . 你应该努力工作,但不能过度,把自己累病了。

12、"I work very hard, and I play very hard. I'm grateful for life. And I live it--I believe life loves the liver of it. " -Maya Angelou. “我努力工作努力游玩。我很感激生活。我活的精彩——生活喜欢热爱它的人们。”——玛娅·安杰洛。

13、He often exhorts Mary to work harder . 他经常勉励玛丽要更加努力工作。

14、In this work, I pledge my own best efforts. And, today, I ask for yours. 在这项工作中,我保证将尽自己的最大努力,今天,我请各位也尽你们的最大努力。

15、The thought nerved me to make an other effort. 这种想法激励我再作一番努力。

16、Lucy Hobbs was not opposed to using dessert as an incentive to good manners, hard work, and compliance with her rules. 为了让孩子们能讲礼貌、努力工作、听她的管教,霍布斯太太并不反对使用甜点心作为一种激励。

17、His son knuckled down to work . 他的儿子努力工作。

18、My previous company was specific in recruiting people who were driven and self-motivated, so when I entered the company I found myself surrounded by a sea of people who were very talented and driven. 我之前的公司喜欢奋发努力并且能够自我激励的人,所以当我进入这家公司的时候,我发现身边全都是有才华而且很努力的人。

19、Writing out a plan that lists your financial goals and the steps you will take to get there is an excellent way to motivate yourself and keep your focus strong. 写出一个计划,列出你的财务目标和步骤,这将是一个很好的方法来激励自己采取好的措施去努力到达那里,并保持足够的集中精力。

20、Far more difficult, however, is to have employees be excited about the job and objectives you most need them to do. 但是,让员工受到激励,为自己的工作和你急需完成的目标倍感兴奋就难多了。

21、Do you know what your employees want—what motivates them to work harder and to become more efficient and effective? 你知道员工需要什么吗? ——什么能够激励员工,促使他们工作得更努力、更有效率、更效益呢?

22、He appealed to that part of every engineer that longs to do brilliant work, and he challenged you to go there, hinting that he knew you could if you dug deep enough. 他有办法撩动工程师渴望卓越成果的雄心,然后他会一直激励你,暗示你现在努力得还不够,但他对你有信心。

23、All that is fine, it sounds good that managers should be given options because it will incentivize them to work for the benefit of the corporation. 这样不错,向经理人提供期权激励听起来不错,因为这样可以激励他们,为了公司的利益而努力工作

24、My mother, who was hard-working and kind-hearted, inspired me in many ways as part of the first generation of working women in China. 我的母亲工作努力,心地也善良,她作为中国第一代劳动妇女在很多方面都激励着我。

25、When Bynum heard the remark made by Kobe, he said that it motivated him to work extremely hard during the offseason and to do his best to show Kobe that he belonged. 当拜纳姆听到科比对他的评论时,他说这激励了他在休赛期努力训练,并努力想科比展示他的能力。


26、That alone should be enough to motivate us to overcome uncertainty and go for it while we still can. 那本身就足以激励我们去克服所有的不确定性,并在我们仍能为之努力时全力以赴地去做。

27、The aim is to behave like a good coach, and channel your charisma to motivate others to be hardworking and creative. 这种模式的目标是让领导像一位好教练那样行动,发挥个人魅力,激励他人努力工作并用于创新。

28、Perhaps you've heard this summed up as don't just work hard, work smart. 也许你会听到这句总结的话,那就是不要只是努力工作,要聪明的干活。

29、Self-motivated for improving, strong initiative and ability to work independently and under pressure, good teamwork spirit. 完善的自我激励能力以及工作的主动性,具有在压力下完成工作的能力,拥有良好的团队协作精神。

30、We appreciate your efforts for the development of the company. 我们感激你对公司发展所作的努力。

31、I mean, you could say, well that means the options are really working well because it really motivated the managers and they did something and made the company worth more. 我的意思是,你可以说,这是因为股票期权激励机制起作用了,因为它的确激励了经理们,这些经理为之付出努力并使公司市值更高

32、The company repays hard work with bonuses. 公司对努力工作的员工给予奖励。

33、It is a good idea to find an inspiration figure in the field that you are working in. Some examples might be (please excuse the excessive use of pop-culture heros) 去找一个你努力的领域里的激励偶像是个好主意。

34、She had put the years in, and was entitled to some reward for her hard work. 她常年累月地努力工作,理应得到一些奖励。

35、Evidence of the incentive-partition relationship is essential to any incentive-based approach to increase and sustain provider partition in disease management programs. 任何基于奖励以增加和维持医疗提供者参与疾病管理计画的努力,必须考量激励与参与程度的相关性。

36、CATs, also referred to as positive affirmations or helpful self-talk, are like a coach motivating you to keep going, to be the best you can. CATs也被称作积极肯定或有益的自言自语,就像教练激励你不断努力,做到最好。

37、A positive attitude may not solve all you problem, but it will annoy enough people worth the effort . Herm Albright. 积极态度或许不能解决你的所有问题,但它足以激励人们值得努力。汉姆•奥尔布莱特。

38、Orr said the policy, in fact, makes his team work harder because they have a clear incentive to perform well and more frequent breaks keep them fresh at work. Orr称该政策实际上让手下团队工作更努力,因为他们有明确的激励去做好,而更加频繁的小休让他们在工作中精神百倍。

39、I have worked very hard as someone elses employee, and I have worked very hard as my own boss. 我曾经作为别人的雇员努力工作,也曾经作为老总为自己努力工作。

40、And, in the end, out uncertainty prods us to work harder and to be endlessly vigilant. 最后,不确定性激励我们努力工作并永远警觉。

41、Does your work environment encourage you to work? 请问你的工作环境能激励你工作吗?

42、Think of it as the personal trainer of emotions, motivating you to work harder for what you want -- be it a better job, stronger relationship, or smaller pants size. 把它看作是个人情绪的激励,激励你更加努力的工作为了你所想要的东西——更好的工作,更牢固的关系和更加苗条的腰。

43、Two-factor theory and work characteristic model unveiled the key incentive effect of internal incentive factors on employee. 双因素理论和工作特性模型都揭示了内在激励因素对员工激励的重要作用。

44、Self-critical VB:Today work no effort, tomorrow endeavor seek work. 律己铭言:今天工作不努力,明天努力找工作。

45、When the cost of monitoring effort is small, but determining output is costly, piece-rate contract is preferred to fixed-rate salary. 当努力的监督成本较小,而产出的监督成本较大时,计件工资在激励代理人方面不如固定工资有效。

46、Mr. Green wks much harder than his wife. 格林先生工作比他的妻子努力多了。

47、An effective remunerative impellent mechanism can harmonize the target of managers with that of stock holders and make managers realize the enterprises maximized value. 有效的报酬激励机制,能协调经理与股东的目标,使经理努力实现企业价值最大化。

48、So, for companies to, its vigorous vitality from the employee's infinite vigor, how to motivate employees of energy? Must on employees effective incentive. 所以,对于企业来说,它的蓬勃生机来自于员工的无限活力,如何激发员工的活力?必须对员工进行有效的激励。

49、"She encouraged us to work hard for the Karen people and was very active, " Zipporah Sein said. “她鼓励我们努力为克伦工作,并且身体力行”热波拉盛称。

50、But is cos¬metic surgery an appropriate reward for years of hard work and academic achievement? 但整形手术真的是多年努力工作和学术成就的正确奖励吗?


51、Fame is not conferred but as the recompense of labour, and that labour, vigorously continued, has not often failed of its reward. (No. 25) 名声回报你勤奋工作。只要继续努力工作,人们不会得不到它的奖励。

52、Self-motivated and high working efficiency, Can work under pressure. 能够自我激励,工作效率高,能够承受工作压力。

53、Since you became the team leader of software department, productivity has gone up. but can you motivate you team in the future. 自从你成为软件部组长,生产力上升了。但是你能在未来的日子里继续激励你的团队吗?

54、Try to increase your efficiency. 努力提高你的工作效率。

55、Prescription for a long life: Work hard. 长寿方子:努力工作。

56、Our results show that job design can utilize the intrinsic incentive effect of job effectively, improve the employee' s effort and optimize the incentive mechanism of payment under given conditions. 研究表明,在一定条件下,工作设计能够有效地利用工作的内在激励作用,提高员工的努力水平,优化薪酬激励机制;

57、Professors work hard to stay on the shelf. 为了不让自己'下架',教授们必须努力工作。

58、RongSheng inspires YiFan, with his ability can open a software company, which can be YiFan have a new direction. 荣生激励着一帆,凭他的能力完全可以开一个软件公司,这可一帆有了新努力方向。

59、What inspires me is the hard work of our employes. 员工们对工作的努力激励着我。

60、In order to get through the grueling 8-hour work day, we reward ourselves with these treats as "well-deserved" restitution for our efforts: in other words, we eat it because it's right in front of us. 为了度过每天8个小时的工作煎熬,我们用这些食物奖励自己,把它们当作是我们的努力应得的回报:换句话说,我们吃这些东西是因为它们就放在我们面前。

61、By allowing work to fit best with employees’ life schedule, you increase the chances that they’ll be motivated to work harder while they are at work and to do their best to make their schedule work. 通过最大限度地满足员工的生活安排,你就能够找到更多的机会来激励员工,让他们更加努力地工作,尽自己最大努力来运行自己的时间表有条不紊。

62、Your dream must happen to be commerciingequhcommerciing to inspire you. 这个梦得足够高远,那才力激励你。

63、Of the 482 journalists who partited in the competition, Makino said, “We hope that they continue over the coming years, and that others are inspired by their example.” 梅金诺寄语参加竞赛的482名新闻记者,"希望他们今后继续努力,并以自己的事迹激励他人"。

64、Regard each failure as a stimulus to further efforts. 把每次失利看成对进一步努力的激励。

65、Last, excess-progressive incentive method of intellectual capital based on excess-value can reach the goal of incenting intellectual capital. 最后,基于超额价值的智力资本超额累进激励模型可以很好的实现智力资本激励的目标。

66、I still double-check your wounds, you should strive to encourage housing close tears. 我还是仔细检查你的伤口,鼓励你要努力收住眼泪。

67、The consciousness of suffering of traditional intellectual inspired YU Da-fu with the responsibility of serving the nation and the effort to seek the truth of saving Chinese people. 传统知识份子的忧患意识激励他以天下兴亡为己任,努力寻求救国救民的真理;

68、Yes, he's grateful you gave him your car when he moved out of NYC, but he would rather have had to work for it. 是的,从纽约搬出来之后,你把车给,他是很感激的。但是他会想要自己努力工作来赚到一辆车。

69、To motivate employees, managers need to recognize and reward achievements and progress toward goals by employees on a daily basis. 为了激励员工,管理者需要表彰、奖励那些朝着目标——和基于员工每日的努力——所取得的成就与进步。

70、A new arrival should give Cole the impetus he needs to work a bit harder in training. 相信新生命的诞生会给乔·科尔带来更多的动力,激励他在训练中表现得更加努力一些。

71、Inspired by the Olympic spirits "higher, swifter and stronger", Tenesun has been trying to make itself the top brand of heat pump water heater in China. 天舒人以“更高,更快,更强”的奥运精神时刻激励自己,努力打造“热泵热水”全国第一品牌。

72、Hope that in the Gallery Space-DA for the artists to support the top of the inspired, the artist who created the enthusiasm to work harder; 希望在大仓库画廊对于艺术家们顶力支持的激励下,艺术家们更加努力创作的热情;

73、But they are working hard. I think they're doing the best from them. 但他们很努力工作。我觉得他们在尽自己最大努力。

74、Use Thursday as a day to reward yourself for your hard work throughout the week and to prepare for the final pre-weekend push. 奖励自己一周以来的努力,准备周末前最后冲刺。

75、We have all heard stories of a businessman who works hard to earn money. He works hard to be a good provider for his wife and children. 我们听说过一位商人努力工作挣钱的故事,他努力工作希望为自己的妻子儿女提供更好的生活条件。

英文句子模板76:Sentences that motivate you to work hard

76、But it seemed to motivate them to push themselves. 但是这些音乐似乎激励他们努力坚持。

77、"I've always wanted to live above my means because it inspired me to work harder," says Robert Kiyosaki, author of the 1997 best seller Rich Dad, Poor Dad. xx年的畅销书"穷爸爸、富爸爸”作者 Robert Kiyosaki称:“我经常生活在我的实际水准之上,因为这样能够激励我更加努力的工作。

78、Some panelists, however, argued that we need to poke-and-prod consumers into action, giving them concrete incentives to change their energy-wasteful behaviors. 不过有些参与者争辩说我们需要诱导消费者做出努力,需要通过具体的激励让他们改变自己浪费能源的行为。

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