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1、Some fathers, too, worry about how they’ll handle viewing the birth. 有些父亲也非常担忧自己如何见证孩子的出生。

2、Inventing the wheel--it seems, what could be more obvious than a wheel? 发明轮子这看起来,有什么东西会比轮子更常见呢?

3、Blackheads most often occur on the nose, chin and forehead. 最常见的部位就是鼻子,下巴和前额。

4、It saw the big peach beckon from red, very happy to throw corn to share the glory. 它看见满树的桃子又大又红,非常高兴,就扔了玉米去摘桃子。

5、A civilization habits, I often see teacher will bow to di zi GUI was very good. 一身文明习惯,我常常见到老师都会行礼,对《弟子规》做得十分好。

6、Such sentence pattern is regular in Jin Wen Shang Shu but later develops into a common law in ancient Chinese grammar. 这种句式在今文《尚书》却很常见,并且后来发展成为古代汉语语法的普遍规律。

7、And bed-wetting is quite common even in older children. 而且即使在年龄稍大的孩子当中,尿床也是很常见的现象。

8、The most common accident occurs when babies fall down stairs. 其中最常见的事故就是小孩子跌落楼梯。

9、Accidental ingestions are most common in children less than 5 years old. 误食毒药在不到5岁的孩子中是最常见的。

10、Common examples include solid linear brick and solid parabolic tetrahedral elements. 常见的例子包括固体线性抛砖和固体四面体组成部分。

11、But they could also be easily mistaken for the far more common muon. 但是它们也可能被错认为更常见的μ介子。

12、Black and tawny cuticles are the most common colors among nephrite gravels. 黑皮、褐皮是软玉子料的常见皮色。

13、The disciple told Laolazi, "I see a very strange man outside." 这位弟子对老莱子说:「刚才我在门外看见一个非常奇特的人。

14、You should ask the doctor's advice 你的第一句是是向医生征询意见

15、"See you Monday, " I mumbled . “周一见。”我小声喃了一句。

16、The coconut palm is common in tropical regions all over the world. 在椰子树是常见于热带地区世界各地的游客。

17、In other words, sometimes they can't see the wood for the trees. 换句话说,有时他们见树不见林。

18、Socrates used to call the opinions of the many by the name of Lamiae, bugbears to frighten children. 苏格拉底常常以拉弥亚之名,以吓唬孩子的妖怪之名称呼多数人的意见。

19、Were they salt domes such as are common along the United States Gulf Coast, 这是一个省略结构,在such as后面省略了those that. 这种同时省略名词和从句先行词的情况在as后面比较常见,比如:

20、Becky thought her father had never looked so tall and so superb as when he walked the floor and stamped his foot and said that. 贝基见父亲踏着地板,跺着脚说这句话时显得十分伟 大了不起,她以前从没见过父亲是这个样子。

21、G. Hematologic changes. Increased platelet turnover is a consistent feature of preeclampsia. The most common coagulation abnormality in preeclampsia is thrombocytopenia. 血液学的改变。血小板循环增加是先兆子痫的持续的特征。先兆子痫最常见的凝血异常是血小板减少。

22、The saying "You can"t see the wood for the trees" is not only a cliche, but is also incorrect. 有句俗话“不能见树不见林”,这不仅仅是一句陈词滥调,而且是错误的。

23、Caramel, peppermint, orange, and even raspberry mochas are also common variations on the delicious chocolate infusion. 融入美味巧克力的焦糖、薄荷、橙子,甚至是莓子摩卡也都是常见的品种。

24、You're describing very uncommon behaviors for a three-year-old--very uncommon. 你正描述的是一个3岁孩子非常少见的行为-很少见。

25、The ideas in this section come from a quote of Confucius found in the Liren Chapter in tile Analects : "When you see worthy ones, strive to equal them." 这一段话的思想,源自《论语.里仁篇》孔子的两句话:“见贤思齐焉,见不贤而内自省也。”


26、' For the woman's response refer to No. 4. 接下来的回答,详见第4句。

27、Also, domestic birth mothers often change their minds about giving up their children. That doesn’t happen as much in international adoptions. 同时,国内收养中孩子的生母常常会因为后悔放弃孩子而改变主意,而这在跨国收养中是相对少见的。

28、He tried to move her….a rarely-seen effort for swallows! 他试图搬动她…. 对燕子来说,这是非常罕见的举动。

29、Besides, liana, vegetable and bamboo were common in the gardens. 此外,藤蔓、蔬菜、花卉、竹子、荷花等也都是园中的常见植物。

30、See: ZZ Top Complex. 见:ZZ 最常见的情结。

31、He often dreams of home. 他常常梦见家。

32、It’s generally tough to develop a seedless fruit—bananas and oranges are rare successes. 培育无籽水果通常是很困难的——香蕉和橙子是罕见的成功例子。

33、The most common of these are wood, coal, lignite, and coconut shell. 其中最常见的有木材,煤,褐煤,椰子壳。

34、On our raft we have witnessed this aberration only too well. 我们在筏子上对这些反常天气见得太多了。

35、A common syntax error is improper nesting of parent and child elements. 一个常见的语法错误是父元素和子元素的错误嵌套。

36、Being abroad, he often dreamed of his hometown-that stream, the house of his family and vegetable field, etc. 在国外时,他常常梦见他的家乡----那条小河、他家的房子、菜地等。

37、Scientists call ordinary matter "baryonic matter" because protons and neutrons are subatomic particles called baryons. 科学家把这些常见物统称为“重物质”,因为质子和中子都属于亚原子结构的重子。

38、Another popular pulse suppression arrangement involves a gas bubble trap as described in the final sentences of para 12. 另一种常见的脉冲抑制装置包括一个气泡疏水器,如第12段最后几句所描述的。

39、Common flour food include noodles, dumplings, wontons, stuffed buns, steamed bread and so on. 最常见的面食有面条,饺子,馄饨,包子和馒头等等。

40、Fermi's suggestion was more than a verbal hypothesis. 费密的见解不仅是词句上的假设。

41、Candida is a common disease of our days. 念珠菌是一种常见的疾病,我们的日子。

42、The electronic buck energy-saving device is commonly used nowadays. 电子降压型节电器是目前市场上常见的节电产品。

43、Excel is the mostcommon spreadsheet software. It has somecommon features of spreadsheet programs. Excel是最常见的电子表格软件,它具有一些电子表格程序共同的特性。

44、Documentation and FAQ: This page provides answers to common and not-so-common OpenBSD questions. 文档和常见问题解答:此页面提供常见和罕见 OpenBSD 问题 的解答。

45、I often can see evil ugly men hold a pretty woman. 我常可以见到恶丑无比的男人拥着一个美若天仙的女子。

46、Most often seen in children between 2 and 3 years-old. 这种情况在2到3岁的孩子中最为常见。

47、For the men, the common traditional outfits are the Kurta Pajamas. 至于男子,常见的传统服装是无领长袖服装。

48、They always met under the bus stop sign. 以前,仓里满和陶子经常在车站牌下见面。

49、It’s not uncommon to see 20-30 offers on one house. 一栋房子有20到30个人出价,这是很常见的。

50、.. Inventing the wheel--it seems, what could be more obvious than a wheel? 发明轮子这看起来,有什么东西会比轮子更常见呢?


51、Producing a single one of these subatomic particles in the proton-proton collisions at the LHC is relatively rare, and generating two or even three at a time is even more unusual. 在大型强子对撞机中进行的质子-质子对撞实验中,产生单个这种轻子粒子的事件相对罕见,而一次产生两个或三个则较为常见。

52、Ion exchange and complexation reaction are the common chemical reactions observed in soil. 离子交换和络合反应是土壤中常见的化学反应。

53、We identified age as the primary predictive factor for all of the common foot deformities. 描述性分析发现扁平足常见于男孩,高弓足常见于女孩,年龄为主要因子。

54、Hearing her remarks, people under all looked up at her, who, however as if unaffected, was still eating the seeds, and keeping rocking her feet. 她这几句话厅上众人都听见了,一齐抬起头来,只见她兀自咬着瓜子,穿着花鞋的一双脚不住前后晃荡。

55、You don't often see script kiddies executing them. 您不会经常见到孩子都可以执行的脚本。

56、It looks the boy always put himself out of the way to meet his girlfriend, but what does he do after he meet his girlfriend? 看上去这个男孩子会常常不辞辛劳的跑过去见他的女朋友,但是他每次见了女朋友之后做什么呢?

57、Nice meeting you. Good-bye. 好的,非常高兴见到你,再见。

58、To study the effects of metal ion on stability of natural red pigment extracted from the fruits of glossy privet, the influence of metal ion on the pigment was mensurated by spectrophotometer . 研究常见金属离子对女贞果红色素稳定性的影响。用分光光度法测定了一些常见金属离子对色素溶液吸光度的影响。

59、A young man who was very depressed asked his best friend for advice, he said, "I want to have a wife so much." 一个非常沮丧的年经男子去找他最好的朋友征求意见。他说:“我非常想要有一位妻子。

60、The most common example is a document that lacks well-formedness. 最常见的例子是缺乏良好格式的文档。

61、Figure 1-15 shows the most common examples of these relationships. 图1-15展示了这些关系的最常见例子。

62、It sees the full tree of peaches and big red, very happy, they threw the corn to pick peaches. 它看见满树的桃子又大又红,非常高兴,就扔了玉米去摘桃子。

63、In daily life, the most common way of cooking them is to fry with sugar. 在平时的生活中,最常见的一种吃法是糖炒栗子。

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