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关于”表达心情好的句子“的英语句子43个,句子主体:Sentences expressing good mood。以下是关于表达心情好的句子的专八英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences expressing good mood

1、According to cross-cultural studies by social psychologist Paul Ekman, the facial expressions are able to read your emotional expressions clearly. 根据社会心理学家保罗·埃克曼交叉文化的研究,面部表情能清晰地反应你的情感表达。

2、When I'm in a bad mood, the only thing that makes me feel better is a good comedy. 当我心情不好,只有好看的喜剧能让我心情变好。

3、Later, Shirish sent Rita a friendship card, which expressed his feelings for her as a friend. 后来,谢瑞什送给丽塔一张友情心意卡,表达他对她的友情。

4、Kathak dancing is very good for expressing certain sentiments. 卡萨克舞蹈是表达某些情绪非常好。

5、Strong interpersonal skill, Good presentation and communication skills. Persuasiveness and confidence. 良好的表达能力和演示沟通技巧。有说服力和自信心。

6、Instead of writing, Tuan expressed his thoughts, mind and love just by a few strokes. 撇开文字,俊仅仅用寥寥几笔来表达他的思想、心灵和爱情。

7、To give some context, it took EA's chart-topping evolutionary simulation Spore a good three weeks to hit the two million mark. 给一些相关情况,电子艺界图表排行榜中进化模拟游戏孢子花了三个星期的好时光才达到200万的区域。

8、Tai. The open entrance displays the hospitality for friends from afar. 入口设计成敞开式,表达“有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎”的热情与好客。

9、Research shows you can observe empathy within the emotional experiences and behavior of infants and small children. 研究表明透过婴儿和幼小孩童的情感表达及行为,你可以观察到同情心。

10、Good presentation skills。有良好的表达能力。

11、Road, expressed the birth of thoughts calm clean air, detached indifferent to the emotional mood; 道的出世思想表达了洁心静气、超然恬淡的情感意境;

12、You know, your mood swings are kind of giving me whiplash. 你知道吗,你心情的变化好像是抽了我一鞭子。

13、The heart has its reasons which reason doesn't know… 这首歌带给我的心情是文字所不能表达的,你呢?

14、Spend, and King, and feeling better! 花好,景好,心情更好!

15、In order to match the melody, the words of pop songs must be selected prudently and the language used must be modified accordingly. 通俗歌曲的歌词为了更有效地配合曲子表情达意,必须精心选择、调整修饰语言。

16、He seemed quite at a loss for words to express his admiration becomingly. 看上去他完全不知道如何恰到好处的表达他的爱慕之情。

17、Alleluia, every person must show love and affection from the bottom of heart. 哈利路亚,每个人都必须发自内心地表达爱情。

18、I send my condolences to his wife and children with all my heart. 我衷心地向他的妻子和孩子传达了我的哀悼之情。

19、This faint trace Jiangnan rain fragrant writing also is voicing beautiful feelings. 这一丝丝江南雨芬芳的文字也表达着一份美丽的心情。

20、To make the students express themselves freely and happily in intimate and familiar Discussion-in-class. 使学生无拘无束、心情愉快地在本课程的讨论中,表达自己的思想感情。

21、Even when she does accept others' bits of kindness, she will hospitably treat them with a nice meal or send them local specialties that she can afford to express her gratitude. 甚至当她不接受别人的位好心,她会热情地对待他们,吃一顿饭或送他们当地的特产,她可以表达她的感激之情。

22、The affectionate message might be arrived by a heart-shaped box of chocolate candies, or by bouquet of flowers tied with red ribbon. 表达爱慕之情可以通过送上一心形盒子的巧克力糖果,或者是一束扎有红丝带的鲜花。

23、Low level expression at diestrus and estrus, and the less expression at metestrus; 动情间期和动情期表达减弱; 动情后期表达极低;

24、The essay is the reverie , the frame of mind in which a man says, in words of the old song, "Says I to myself, says I ." 而作者在随笔中所要表达的那种感想,那种心情,若用古歌谣中的词句来说,就是:“我对我自己说道——我说。”

25、If you care about the ordering of these exceptional cases, you need to modify the expression. 如果担心这些例外情况的顺序,需要修改表达式。


26、That Caroline ran after a man wa off by Linda. 琳达把卡罗琳追求一名男子的情况描绘得恰到好处。

27、In pure feeling on the way home, Li Junxi worried expressed his feeling of displeasure, pure feeling dont understand its meaning, Li Junxi also did not say. 在送纯情回家的路上,李俊熙忧心忡忡地表达了自己不快的心情,纯情不解其意,李俊熙也没有说明。

28、A more understanding, yes rational, but also appropriately emotional person. 一个更加通情达理、有理性,而且恰当表达感情的人。

29、The darker the s of sorrow become the more brightly the lamp of love shines. 表达爱心的最好方平魄帮助比我们更加不幸的人。

30、Study shows that family-based human consumption is expressed through life ritual, festive ceremony and the non-situational rituals. 本研究表明,家庭人情消费是以家庭为中心,通过人生礼仪、节日礼仪和非仪式性情境表达出来。

31、If these words express the desire in your heart, read them as if you are talking to God. 如果这些词句也表达了你心中所想,请读出他们,就像跟上帝交谈一样。

32、Sincere flirts are genuine in expressing their romantic interest in another person, and polite flirts are chivalrous or coquettish towards the objects of their affection. 真诚型调情者感情真挚,向他们心仪对象表达爱慕之情。礼貌性调情者对待他们心仪对象或彬彬有礼或方式更丰富多彩。

33、Humans often use their animals to express their unexpressed emotions. 人类经常用自己的动物去表达他们未表达的情绪。

34、Dear to happy! Good luck will come! TVV expression. 亲爱的要开心哦!好运会来的! TVV表情。

35、Being able to sing songs about an emotion is to triumph over the emotion. 要想在歌曲中唱出一种情感,你必须首先战胜这种情感。(关于表达内心情感)

36、Fine actors can reveal complex feelings in a flash. 好的演员能在一瞬间表达复杂情感。

37、When the mood is bad, with what can the method make the mood ameliorates ? 心情不好的时候,用什么方法可以使心情变好?

38、Rose is the symbol of love, is happy expression of emotion, grant the person's rose, the hand have notes. 玫瑰是爱情的象征,更是美好情感的表达,予人玫瑰,手有余香。

39、Sweater with our design of running Hedgehogs representing the happy time when you walk your dogs. 以「跑动的箭猪」为主题的设计以表达爱犬散步时的愉快心情。

40、After the RT-PCR detection of the total RNA from heart tissue, we found that the CD59 gene and MCP gene were expressed. PCR检测转基因的表达情况,发现在转基因小鼠的心脏组织中有CD59基因、MCP基因的表达。

41、The emoji "Smile" used to represent kindness can sometimes indicate unhappy and dismissive feelings. “微笑” 这个表情曾经是用来传达善意和友好的,但有时它会暗示难过或者轻蔑的情绪。

42、She stresses her inner subtle emotion which is changeable with her cirtances. 易安词重在表达内心的细腻情感,因前后期生活境遇的变化而变化。

43、My last State of the Union address was a joy to deliver. 发表最后一个国情咨文演讲时,我的心情很好。

44、I send my condolences to his wife and children with all my heart. 我衷心地向他的妻子和孩子传达了我的哀悼之情。

45、After reading this news, I felt very hurt and hardly expressed my complex feelings. 读罢这条新闻,我感到很痛心,很难以表达这种复杂的情感。

46、Dov does not express emotions with his face well, but has a warm and delicate heart. 虽然多福的表情设定不能灵活的表达多样的情绪但他有一颗温暖和善良的心。

47、My family join me in offering you our hearty congratulations and best wishes. 我家人和我向您表达衷心的道贺和最好的祝福。

48、It sounds trite, but boys are rarely open with their feelings and getting them to open up can have positive results. 这听上去似乎老生常谈,但男生的确很少愿意表达他们的情绪,而让他们敞开心扉很有好处。

49、Daphne felt as though she had just come from a funeral. 达夫妮的心情糟得好像刚参加了个葬礼似的。

50、These are all excellent examples of how to offer a gift. 以下这些都是表达如何赠送礼物的绝好例子。


51、If you are high empathy, you're more likely to be a nice person than if you're low empathy, suggesting there is some connection between empathetic feeling and liking. 如果你有强烈的移情,你就很可能是一个很好心的人,比移情少的人更好心,这表明移情和喜欢之间,是有一定联系的。

52、Oh, that piece fits well or that goes well off, the psychology behind it." 噢,那件不错,或者这件很好地表达了某种心理。

53、The high-flying founder of an international non-profit, she would have to be patient and let her baby be in control. 琳达很有抱负,自己创办了一家国际非营利机构,她必须有耐心,能好好处理孩子的事情。

54、Those inmost breathings which there found words took hold upon him. 他内心的情感经过文字的表达把他自己迷住了。

55、To show his love for his wife and family a man did what men have always done - he went to work and 'brought home the bacon'. 为了向他的妻子和家人表达爱意,男人只需做好男人一直做的事情——去工作,“挣钱养家”。

56、But they will not overflow the sentiment, will deliver a gift expression by the relaxed mood to love Italy then. 但他们不会滥情,以轻松的心情送一份礼物表达爱意即可。

57、With great emotions I am standing here tonight to express our heart-felt feelings as the parent representative. 此刻我怀着无比激动的心情站在这里作为家长代表表达我们的心声!

58、Does Chinese have some particular expressions of goodwill. 中文里有特定的表达美好心愿的方式吗?

59、Sincere flirts are genuine in expressing their romantic interest in another person, and polite flirts are chivalrous or coquettish towards the objects of their affection. 真诚型调情者感情真挚,向他们心仪对象表达爱慕之情。礼貌性调情者对待他们心仪对象或彬彬有礼或方式更丰富多彩。

60、Ready for a good mood, not depressed and I feel find intrusive. 准备好一份好的心情,不让忧郁和愁思侵扰我的心情。

61、Objective To explore family members' expressed emotion and psychological mechanism of patients with neurosis. 目的探讨神经症患者家庭的情感表达方式及其心理机制。

62、Annie:I don't know how to say good-bye. I can't think of any words. 安妮:我不知道怎么和你道别,我不知道如何表达此刻的心情。

63、Researchers believe the addition of music therapy allows people to better express their emotions and reflect on their inner feelings. 研究者认为,假如音乐疗法,使人们能更好的表达出他们的情感,来反映他们的内心感受。

64、The counting expression reflects the general conditions of the useful power of the centrifugal mill, and it proves the feasibility and reason of the expression. 计算表达式基本反映了离心磨矿机有用功率的总体情况,说明其表达式合理可行。

65、Music is an art of manifestation and timing, whose sound can express the spiritual and emotional changes inside human being. 音乐是表现艺术,是时间艺术,其音响组织能直接表达人内心世界情绪和情感的变化。

66、For instancethere seems to be no better device than letter writing to express deepheart-feltprofound lovea fact underlined by the enormous love letters of great men and women. 举例来说,似乎没有比写信表达内心深,更好的设备,深刻的爱情,这个事实通过巨大伟大的男人和女人的情书。

67、All the arrangements have been made -- an economic hotel, well-timed pit stops, and cultural oddities to keep the kids amused. 所有的事情都安排好了——实惠的旅馆,算好了时间能到达的加油站以及能够让孩子一直都开心的各种奇怪玩意儿。

68、Caring. Compa ion and caring show that you will be a good father and is therefore very attractive. 有同情心。有怜悯同情之心和懂的关盖亚打什么加速度心表明你将是一个好爸爸,因此这也是很吸引人的。

69、The results showed that whether lotus germ water-extraction or ethanol-extraction having scavenging activities on superoxide anion and hydroxyl radical. 结果表明:无论是莲子心的水提液还是莲子心的醇提液都表现出了良好的清除超氧阴离子和羟自由基的能力。

70、She is always a reasonable, and good wife. 她一直都是个知情达理的好妻子。

71、These gut-wrenching reactions from Nadal and Federer ilrate why their rivalry is so consuming – and yet their empathy lends the best kind of humanity to a sporting battle. 纳达尔和费德勒所表现出的攫人心肺的反应,正好说明了为什么他们之间的竞争会如此令人揪心—而他们的同情心也给这项运动带来了人性之中温情的一面。

72、Learning by responding in order to create and express greater self-awareness and compassion. 通过对他人的回应,产生并表达更深层次的自我意识和同情心。

73、At the post race press-conference, winner Reggiani was sure in good mood and thanked the journalists and friends in Chinese. 赛后记者会上,获得冠军的安德烈亚心情大好,用中文说出「早上好」,来表达他获胜的喜悦和对所有关注他的人的感谢。

74、A good mood, A good mentality, The best scenery. 对队员的期望:好心情,好心态,好风景。

75、We are usually faced with a choice between expressions, any of which would be admirable in certain cirtances, but one of which is best for the particular occasion with which we are concerned. 相反,我们面对的往往是不同表达方式的选择,而这些表达方式在某种情况下都不失为不错的格式,只是就我们最关心的特殊场合而言,存在何种表达方式相对更好的问题。

英文句子模板76:Sentences expressing good mood

76、I feel like" describes what you feel in the moment, something you feel like doing. I feel like” 可以用来表达你在这一时刻的心情,表明你想要做的事情。

77、And ‘woot’ is an expression of elation used on internet message boards and forums. “woot”是网民在微博、论坛上表达自己“狂喜”心情的意思。

78、It is easy to buy small plaster models of what you think life is like. 要买到表达生活在你心中的意义的小石膏像是很容易的事情。

79、Good man just, good the eloquence good vernacular speech expression let the kid's growth more fascinating. 好人才,好口才良好的口语表达让孩子的成长更精彩。

80、What's the feeling to be a torchbearer ? 作为火炬手,你如何表达自己的心情?

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