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导读: 57个,关于”经典的长难句分析“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Classical analysis of long difficult sentences。以下是关于经典的长难句分析的考研英语句子。


关于”经典的长难句分析“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Classical ysis of long difficult sentences。以下是关于经典的长难句分析的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Classical ysis of long difficult sentences

1、Analytical methods should be validated unless the method employed is included in the relevant pharmacopoeia or other recognised standard reference. 分析方法应验证,除非所采用的分析方法包含在相关的药典或其它的认可的标准中。

2、Analyzes the benefits of using economic models in grid computing, abstracts the type players and the type alternations between the players. 分析了在网格计算环境中采用经济模型的优点,抽象了经济模型中的典型角色和它们之间的典型交互。

3、The Video Content Analysis (VCA) market endured another difficult year in 2010. 视频内容分析(VCA)市场xx年又经历了艰难的xx年。

4、The first chapter is named as "Case introduction". 本文第一部分是对两个典型案例的简析。

5、The example of engineering practice shows the multi dimensioned nonlinear method has more advantage of the local characters than traditional linear one in time field and frequency. 碰摩故障诊断实例表明,与经典线性信号的时域和频域分析相比,多尺度非线性信号分析方法具有明显的局部特徵优势。

6、At the same time, their prediction for 2009 has come down to 1.0 percent from 1.5 percent. 同时,分析师对xx年经济增长率的预估由1.5%下修至1.0%.

7、The rare agate-like structure of diamond is first discovered in Mengyin area, Shandong Province, China and its characteristics and genetic mechanism are discussed. 利用该技术首次发现蒙阴金刚石中罕见的“似玛瑙状” 生长结构,并分析了该典型结构的特征和生长机制。

8、It is essentially a story and can be enjoyed as such. 并不比其他一本伟大的经典小说更难读。

9、The result from traditional statistics shows that the variability available phosphor of meadow albic bleached soil is between moderate and strong degree. 经典统计学分析结果表明草甸白浆土有效磷具有中等至较强程度的变异。

10、Then the author describes how Chinese translators deal with the difficulties in the translation of the series, for instance, humor and long sentences. 然后作者分析了中文译者如何处理翻译中的一些难点,例如幽默和长句。

11、Objective: To amplify and sequence nerve growth factor (NGF) gene from Naja naja atra. 目的:扩增广西眼镜蛇神经生长因子(NGF)的全长基因并进行序列分析。

12、The typical assays shall be close to the actual quality. 该典型分析值应与实际到货品质保持相近。

13、The fifth chapter at first generally introduced principle and structure of vortex precession flowmeter, expanded on the classical theory of vortex precession flowmeter, and discussed its limits. 论文第五章介绍了旋进旋涡流量计的有理和结构,阐述该流量计的经典理论,分析了经典理论的局限性。

14、Equilibrium dialysis is a classical method in studying on the interactions of proteins with organic small molecules. 平衡透析法是定量研究蛋白质与有机小分子相互作用的经典方法。

15、The traditional methods for detecting menstrual blood were reviewed and their obstacles in forensic application were discussed. 本文就月经血鉴定的几种经典方法进行回顾,并分析其应用局限性。

16、Commentators have suggested the drop was caused by continuing concerns about slowing Chinese economic growth in the long term. 评论员分析,此次跌盘由中国经济增长长期低迷造成。

17、The lengths of the double stranded cDNA fragments were about 500 base pairs. 其双链链长,经凝胶电泳分析,约为500碱基对。

18、Influences of sewage discharge on environmental geochemical processes of nutrients were investigated in the Yangtze estuarine and tidal flats. 选择长江口滨岸为典型研究区,分析探讨了排污活动对长江口滨岸潮滩营养盐环境地球化学过程的影响。

19、Thanks for your share. 经典老曲,谢谢分享。

20、And main body consists of Aga vernacular short vowels, Aga vernacular long vowels, Aga vernacular diphthongs. 正文由阿嘎土语短元音分析、阿嘎土语长元音分析、阿嘎土语复合元音分析三部分组成。

21、Methods:Analysis the characteristic of spasm of muscles and vessels, by the nerve and muscles recovery from modem medical, point of view and by classical theory of the TCM. 从现代医学神经肌肉恢复的角度以及从中医经典理论对筋脉拘急的论述进行分析。

22、Mint condition vintage clothing especially unworn stock, is very rare. 崭新的经典服装,尤其是从没穿过的,太难找。

23、Classical music hardly seems like a growth business. 经典音乐很难被视为有增长潜力的商业门类。

24、Analyze the management in weak economy village after the reform of tax by some surveys, find out reasons for difficulties in management, and make some suggestions. 通过典型调查分析了目前经济薄弱村税费改革后运转的情况,并分析了运转困难形成的原因,对如何正常运转提出了一些建议。

25、Economists have marked down growth forecasts for the second half of the year, but they remain in positive territory. 分析师下修了今年下半年成长预估,但仍预期经济将增长.


26、Economic Growth; Input of Science & Education; Cross-spectrum Analysis; Correlation; Contribution Rate; 经济增长; 科教投入; 互谱分析; 相关性; 贡献率;

27、The third part emphasizes "NvJie" which has been regarded as a classic work about women education. 第三部分重点分析《女诫》这部女教经典作品。

28、The newly created plays can rarely reach the level of the classics. 新排的剧难以企及经典的高度。

29、They point to an improving labor market as underpinning growth. 分析师指出,劳动力市场改善将支撑经济成长.

30、Through a typical case study, the calculation results show that the safety factor of energy method is smaller than rigid limit equilibrium method. 通过典型算例分析计算,结果显示,采用能量法进行土质边坡稳定性分析,得到的安全系数要比传统的瑞典圆弧法略小。

31、Song of Solomon is the classic part of Bible. 《雅歌》是《圣经》中经典的一部分。

32、This dissertation will research this classic composition---Rigoletto according to the ensemble in the opera. 笔者将以歌剧重唱作为切入点,对这部歌剧史上的经典之作进行研究分析。

33、"It's difficult when you don't have a good answer even in an ideal world, " says Jesper Roine, an economist who sat on a Swedish commission to examine the future of work. “如果你在一个理想的世界里没有一个好的答案,这就很困难的,”经济学家Jesper Roine在一个瑞典委员会分析工作的未来时说。

34、Analysis result validates long-used empirical design. 分析结果验证了长期使用的经验设计。

35、The nonclassical secretory proteins are factors whose biological functions are of tremendous importance to biomedical research. 这些非经典分泌蛋白是生命过程中的重要分子,对分析和解决生物医学问题具有重要意义。

36、Mid-term and long-term streamflow prediction is of vital importance in flood control, reservoir operation and water resources management. 中长期径流预报是水文预报中的经典难题之一,其在防洪、水库调度及水资源管理中起着十分重要的作用。

37、Changsha incorporated different kinds landscape types because of the advantages of geographical position and the natural scenery. 分析长沙古典园林的形式及特点,可知长沙因其地理位置、自然风景的优势,集各地园林形式于一体。

38、The loading method and process was presented by studying machine deformation of the thin-wall components in end milling. 针对典型薄壁件铣削加工中的变形问题进行研究,分析了有限元分析的加载过程与方法。

39、Results Chi-square did not reveal any difference in the structure of cyclist data correctly, but Round distribution and HOMALS both got the proximately same results. 结果卡方检验难以正确分析周期性数据的构成差异,圆形分布与同质分析的分析周期性数据的结果较一致。

40、Quadratic general rotary unitization design was used to study spatial heterogeneity of soil nutrients with the classical method and geostatistics. 以经典统计学和地统计学为分析工具,在对试验地土壤养分空间变异性分析的基础上进行二次回归旋转组合设计试验。

41、Analytical and simulation results verify the accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed closed-form in OPDM. 经由分析与模拟,最佳封包长度封闭解的准确性与有效性获得充分的验证。

42、Matthews recommends DBAs look for tools that include a function that converts long SQL statements into a format that is easy to p. Matthews 建议 DBA 查找这样的工具,它们包含一项功能,可将长 SQL 语句转换为易于分析的格式。

43、The growth regression on misalignment shows that misalignment has a significant negative effect on economic growth, specifically, overvalue does harm to growth, while undervalue may improve growth. 增长回归分析表明汇率失调对经济增长率有负面影响,高估会降低经济增长率,而低估对经济增长有一定的促进作用,实际汇率波动对经济增长没有显著影响。

44、Basing on Neo-classical economic growth, we demonstrate embodiment technology (management laboring), non-embodiment technology and the contribution distribution according technology. 在新古典经济增长理论的基础上我们论证了按技术分配对经济增长的贡献。

45、Was the well-spring of invention drying up? 分第四句:难道发明的源泉已经枯竭了吗?

46、Farmland Conversion; Economic Growth; Co-integration Analysis; Coupling Degree; Panel Data; 耕地非农化; 经济增长; 协整分析; 耦合协调度; 面板数据;

47、It's more difficult to pin down where it goes wrong. 这个论证更难分析出,哪里有错。

48、OMB Circular on Economic Analysis. 经济分析的OMB循环。

49、Analyze the spindle's performance with different damping core diameter. 对不同长径比的磨杆进行优化分析,将分析结果进行对比。

50、Due to the existance of various errors and outliers , observed geochemical data often deviate from the normal or lognormal distribution and thus are not suitable for classical statistical methods . 由于外总体混入或误差等原因,实际观测到的地球化学数据常偏离正态或对数正态分布,因而难以用经典的方法进行统计分析。


51、With the retrospection of the plans and their significant factors, the necessity and the methods of getting out of the " formularized plans" are discussed. 结合历史回顾与成因分析,在肯定“经典”重大作用的基础上讨论走出“经典”的必要性与可行方法。

52、This is a classic example of Munchausen's trilemma. 这是曼秋森三难理论的经典案例。

53、We can see one variation in one input or output data may result in variation of two data in classic DEA models. It increases the difficulty of Sensitivity Analysis. 从经典DEA模型可以看出,若是输入或输出中的某个数据发生变化,那么在单纯形表中,变化的数据实际上是两个,这无疑会加大分析难度。

54、The synthesize study about CCOS and Stressed lap and Classic method are presented. 分析了CCOS、应力盘抛光和经典法抛光技术的综合运用;

55、Ray-tracing method, which is one of the typical method in room-acoustic computer simulation, is discussed. 对房间声学计算机模拟方法中的经典方法之——声线跟踪法进行了分析。

56、Objective To relax linear assumption of explanatory variable in classical linear model and explore semiparametric regression model. 目的放宽经典线性模型中的解释变量的线性假定和探讨半参数回归分析模型。

57、This background determines that classic sociologists, like Weberian ideal-types method, classified social formation in dichotomy. 作者认为 ,这一特点形成了经典社会学家研究社会的基本分析范式。

58、The principle and algorithm of K- nearest neighbor, Naive Bayes, Support Vector Machine Nerve Network etc. are elaborated. 分析了K-最近邻居、朴素贝叶斯、支持向量机、神经网络等经典分类方法的原理及算法。

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