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导读: 47个,关于”诗歌“的英语句子47个,句子主体:Poetry。以下是关于诗歌的小学英语句子。




1、The poetry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understlistingditionficwisly since it contains so many obaloneycure references. 艾兹拉?庞德的诗有时候难以理解,由于诗歌中含有许多令人隐晦的典故。

2、Has been hailed as "angry qing" poets, but commonplace attitude in the face of the current state of poetry. 一向被喻为“愤靑”的诗人们,倒是以平常的心态面对当前诗歌的生存状态。

3、MU Dan is not only the poet with the most modernism tendency among the "Nine Leaves School poets, but also an outstanding poet in Chinese modern poetry history." 穆旦不仅是九叶派中最具现代主义倾向的诗人,而且也是中国现代诗歌史上杰出的诗人。

4、I was then writing the poems which came to be published in the volume entitled Kadi o Komal, Sharps and Flats. 那时,我正在写一些诗歌,后来发表在题为《升号与降号》的诗集中。

5、By translating poems with the method of creative betrayal, the new version can possess more value and convey more of the "three beauties" of the original poem. 其诸多诗歌译文创造性地对原诗进行叛逆,实现了译文的增值效果,更好地传达了原诗的“三美”。

6、In Chinese people’s thinking, a traditional poet should be of the capability of painting, calligraphy, poem and music. 在中国的头脑里,传统的诗人应该具有绘画、书法、诗歌和音乐的能力。

7、As soon as he has expressed this epic ambition -Virgil explains that as soon as he's expressed this Pbus Apollo, the god of poetry, stepped in and chided him. 一旦他表达出了这种野心,正如维吉尔写道,诗歌之神阿波罗,闯入诗歌的篇章并指责他。

8、This section will restore the ecological of Nanshe's poetry creation scene, to locate the relationgship of Nanshe with modern poetry. 这一部分将南社还原到诗歌现场,去定位南社的近代诗坛地位。

9、Eavesdropping at doors and peeping round corners, we used to get our full share of this feast of poetry, so plentiful was it, with so much to spare. 我们在门口偷听,在拐角偷看,经常在诗歌的盛宴吃个满腹,有那么多的诗歌,有那么多的富余。

10、Chhabi o Gan, Picture and Songs, was the title of a book of poems most of which were written at this time. 《画与歌》是一本诗集的名字,其中大部分的诗都是这个时期写的。

11、Poems of fairyland excursion is emerged as an important type of Chinese classical poetry as far as Six Dynasty period , which stood among the most important types: pastoral poems and landscape poems. 游仙诗早在六朝就已成为堪与山水诗、田园诗鼎足而三的一个诗歌品种,但它却远未获得与后两者同等的重视,尤其是对唐前游仙诗,一直缺乏系统与深入的研究。

12、Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands (一篇诗歌,交与伶长)全地都当向神欢呼。

13、Narrative poems in female script are the poems spreaded orally far and wide among Jiangyong women which are recorded by female script. 女书叙事诗是在江永女性之间口头流传的民间叙事诗歌。

14、However, it is a pity that their poetical construction theory was overed by radical anti-traditionalist poetry. 遗憾的是,他们的汉诗建设理论被激进的反传统主义主流诗歌史遮蔽了。

15、Even there is someone regards poet Guo Lusheng as poetry soul of the generation, because his poems ever encourage, mould a whole generation people deeply with its dignity and power. 有人把诗人郭路生称为一代诗魂,因为他的诗歌曾经那么深地以尊严、力量、鼓励、陶冶过整整一代人。

16、The poetry of Ezra Pound is sometimes difficult to understand because it contains so many obscure references. 艾兹拉?庞德的诗有时候难以理解,因为诗歌中含有许多令人费解的典故。

17、The two poems discussed here show that the substance of the poetry′s ontological thought lies in the thinking about. 这两首诗显示了诗歌本体性思维的主旨在于对人类生存问题的思索。

18、His poems were distinguished in east-Zhejiang poetic circles during the early Qing dynasty (1644-1910), and played an irreplaceable role in shaping the later east-Zhejiang poetic style. 李邺嗣的诗歌创作在清初浙东诗坛居于重要地位,对开启后世浙东诗风具有不可替代的作用。

19、Zheng's producing up-to-date poems had given great contribution to the development and improvement of poems of Qing Dynasty. 这种具有当代性的诗歌实践为清诗的发展作出了不可磨灭的贡献。

20、He was writing his poetry more and more slowly, but nonetheless his poems from this period published in Death and Entrances (1946) are among his best. 他的诗歌创作虽说越来越不精彩,但他这一时期的发表在《死亡与登场》(1946)的诗歌仍不失为上乘之作。

21、The third chapter elaborates the Wang Zao poetry ideological content. 第三章论述汪藻诗歌的思想内容。

22、Xie Zhen separately from the study of the significance of poetry including the study of his poetry at the history of the status of criticism, poetry appreciation to describe two aspects; 着眼于谢榛诗学研究包括对他在诗学批评史的地位、诗歌鉴赏两方面的论述来彰显其意义;

23、Attaching importance to the skill craft of writing poem is the main cause to French modern poem achieved a positive development. 对诗的艺术性的重视是法国现代诗歌得以健康发展的主要原因。

24、While Modern Age drew to its end, its poets verses started to attract the attention of some people and Hu Xiansu was one of the earl. 事实上,近代接近尾声之时,有人已开始关注这些诗人诗歌,胡先骕即为最早研究近代诗人的学者之一。

25、I have kept the shape of the poem, opened out its sense more clearly, and tried - as Lowell rightly insists one must try - to get the tone. 我保留了诗歌的外形,更为清楚地展现出诗的意念。


26、It wasn't until 1645 at the age of thirty-six or thirty-seven that Milton would publish his first volume of poems, which he titled simply Poems. 但直到xx年在他36或xx岁的时候,米尔顿才发表了他的第一卷诗歌, 他就将其命名为《诗歌》。

27、Their surmounting was the result that they inherited the innovation spirit, the " alive law " as the foundation of poetry writing and the poetry skill of Jiangxi school. 他们的超越是在继承江西诗派创新精神、以“活法”为诗和诗歌技巧的基础上对其反思进而否定后的创新。

28、As soon as he has expressed this epic ambition -Virgil explains that as soon as he's expressed this Pbus Apollo, the god of poetry, stepped in and chided him. 一旦他表达出了这种野心,正如维吉尔写道,诗歌之神阿波罗, 闯入诗歌的篇章并指责他。

29、Second, we discuss its relationships between musical institutes and Singing-poetry. 考察音乐机构与歌诗之关系;

30、These three poets have drawn rich nutrition and milk from the folk poems, so that all the Dongxiang poetry has shown the flourishing vitality at that time. 这三位诗人从民间诗歌中汲取了丰厚的营养和乳汁,使当时整个东乡族诗坛呈现出蓬勃发展的朝气。

31、The most individual and distinctive of Fan Chengda's poems are his geographical poems, which cast the geographical contents perfectly in the form of poetry and integrate science with art. 范成大最富创作个性与特色的诗是地理诗,其熔地理内容与诗歌形式于一炉、集科学与艺术于一体。

32、Kakini Shakti - Goddess of Spiritual Music, Poetry and Art. Kakini女神帕娃蒂-精神的音乐、诗歌、艺术。

33、The symbolist poetry by Li Jinfa, which is under the deep influence of western modern art, is of great fame. 李金发的象征主义诗歌深受西方现代艺术影响,有着很大的诗名。

34、The poetics of negative capability seeks after truth and timelessness while Creeley's poetic measure deconstructs truth and timelessness. “消极能力”诗学观追求真理和永恒,而克里利的诗歌尺度则消解真理和永恒。

35、While carrying forward Yan's poetic thought, Wang surpassed him in the manipulating of poetic form and the expounding of literary dialectics. 王士禛在继承严羽诗学思想的同时,也在诗歌取法方面、文艺辩证关系的阐释方面对严羽诗学进行了超越。

36、Therefore, the proposal of introducing the theory of thing-in-itself into the poetry research is raised, i. e. to treat the poetry research as a research of literature science. 由此,提出了在诗歌研究中引入本体论研究、将诗歌研究作为文学科学研究对待的主张。

37、I started writing because poetry sets me free, sir, and I’m never going to stop, he said, with a smile that barely hid his pride and determination. 我开始写诗因为诗歌能释放我的心灵,先生,我绝对不会停止写诗的,他说,露出他那掩饰不住的自豪和决心。

38、What kind of dishes do we offer / serve on Costa? 我们歌诗达邮轮提供/服务什么菜?

39、Just as poems in the age of romanticism, Schumann s art songs are filled with poetical atmosphere and imagination. 舒曼的艺术歌曲就如同浪漫主义时代的诗人的作品一样,富有诗意、幻想。

40、The imago of God in MU Dan's poems was his fulcrum and balm, which was "outside the body" of the poet. 穆旦诗歌里的“上帝”意象是诗人“人身以外”的一个支点与一份安慰。

41、Pupils also need to be familiar with conventional verse forms and poetry in order to understand why and how many of these poets subvert tradition. 学生们也需要熟悉传统诗体和诗歌,了解为何这么多诗人颠覆传统以及他们如何颠覆传统的。

42、Besides the faith of poetry itself, I am the one who do not have any doctrine, and I will not adulate anything through the composition of poetry. 除了诗歌本身的信仰,我是一个没有什么“主义”的人,我致死也不会通过诗歌写作逢迎什么。

43、The characteristics of the Song Dynasty poems are: In terms of technique of expression they are "poems of verse and poems of discussion"; in terms of content they are characterized by reasoning. 宋代诗歌的特点是:在表现方法上“以文为诗,以议论为诗” ,在内容上有较多的说理。

44、A first tenant farmer imaged in the idyllic poem of Fan Chengda, which has the groundbreaking significance. 他的田园诗中还出现了中国诗歌史上第一个佃农形象,具有开创性的意义。

45、On the other hand, the poems attached to Doctor Zhio have an intertextual connection with Pasternak's early verses. 另一方面,日瓦戈的附诗部分也与帕斯捷尔纳克早期的诗歌形成互文;

46、If Robert Frost as a poet is to be thought of as a life teacher, then some of his poems can be confirmed as fables in the form of poems. 如果将诗人弗洛斯特比作为一位人生导师的话,那么他的一些诗作就被认定是诗歌体的寓言。

47、The present thesis is an attempt to probe into the irrational features in Dylan Thomas's poetry so as to bring to light the true meaning in his fantastically magnificent verses. 本文试图挖掘狄兰诗歌中的非理性主义特征,并借此勾勒他奇异、瑰丽的诗歌面貌。

48、The poetry essentialism in Poetry Classified is Zhong Rong's criticism of the literary style popular at that time and is the dominant proposition of his poetic thought. 《诗品》中“吟咏情性”的诗歌本质论是钟嵘批驳当时不良文风的出发点,是他的诗论思想中最具统摄性的命题。

49、In fact, it has great influence on the poetry all over the country, and it has quite a number of members. 实则湖湘诗派作为影响及于全国的诗歌流派,成员是比较多的。

50、With his outstanding achievements in poetry creation, he became the carrier of the poetic style of the imperial courts and at the same time the initiator of the Fujian poetry of the Ming Dynasty. 其诗歌创作成就尤著,既是元明之际馆阁诗风的传递者,又被认为开明代闽诗之先。


51、Perhaps no person can be a poet, or even enjoy poetry, without a certain unsoundness of mind. 也许无人可以成为一个诗人,或甚至欣赏诗歌,假如他没有一点神经质的话。

52、That is to say, it coexists with poetic language. 这就是说,实用语言和诗歌语言并存。

53、The new mode of expressions of the landscape poetry he established is his tremendous contribution to the development of Chinese poetry . 谢灵运开辟的山水诗新路,是其对诗歌发展做出的重大贡献。

54、Ran Zhongjing is in the present national minority poets continuously the few in number poet who takes the nationality and the region the poetry narration background. 冉仲景是目前的少数民族诗人中一直把民族和地域作为诗歌叙述背景的为数不多的诗人。

55、The poetries of Han Lin have distinctively lyric feature, and it's decided by the author's inside qualities of a poet. 翰林的诗歌具有明显的抒情特色,这是由其内在的诗人气质决定的。

56、Wang Changling advocates here an ideal poem in which emotion and scene are integrated, and such integration is the main characteristic of much of the Tang Dynasty poetry. 王昌龄倡导的是情景交融的理想化的诗歌,这样的交融也是唐代大部分诗歌的主要特点。

57、"Poems Observed " is a large-scale poetry collection chosen and edited by Deng Hanyi (1617-1689) of Huizhou in the early Qing Dynasty. 《诗观》是清初泰州邓汉仪(1617-1689)评选编刊的一部大型诗歌总集。

58、If one hasn t had a complete understanding about ways of image transmission, he cant keep the complete image and charm of poems in translation. 在诗歌的翻译过程中,要保持意象的完整性和诗歌的魅力,依赖于对意象的转化手段作有效的理解。

59、The third part, "creation characteristic of Zhang Jiu-ling's poems ". 第三部分,“张九龄诗歌的创作特色”。

60、Her poetry has a great impact on the poets at the same era with her and afterwards. 阿赫玛托娃的诗歌对同时代及其后来的诗人产生了不可估量的影响。

61、As an artisan, the poet is most concerned with effectively developing the poem's structure, for the artist realizes that the meaning of a text emerges from its structure. 诗人就是艺匠,诗人最关心的是设计有效的诗歌结构,因为艺术家明白文本的意义源自于文本的结构。

62、His purpose is to rebel the art of hazy poetry and show the post - modernism spirits and the values of civilian. 其意在反叛“朦胧诗”的诗歌艺术,凸显后现代主义精神和平民价值观。

63、Woolf was a poetic writer in stream of consciousness who advocated the construction of poeticized fiction which embodied the characteristics of poetry, essays and dramas. 伍尔夫是一位富有诗人气质的意识流作家,她提倡创作一种诗化小说,使它具有诗歌、散文和戏剧的特征。

64、The conspectus: across-the-board summarize and generalize forefather's research on the poesy and poetics theory of B. 导论,全面总结和概括了前人对巴·布林贝赫诗歌和诗学理论的研究情况。

65、In Wang Wei's poetry creation, the scenery poem achievement is highest, also prepares the later generation critics is paid attention. 在王维的诗歌创作中,山水诗成就最高,也备受后世批评家关注。

66、Inspiring, as a type of prosody, is the fossil in the history of Chinese poetry, maintaining the property of primitive thoughts and the heritage of primitive culture. 作为诗歌写作手法的兴,是诗歌史上的活化石,它保留了原始思维的属性和原始文化形态的遗存。

67、Zhou: Through the lines and words of these poems, we have understood the poets' thought bright and clear like the moonlight. 周:透过诗歌的字里行间,我们听懂了诗人皎洁如月光般的透明的心。

68、Nai Xian, who studied poetry in the South of the Yangtze River since childhood and enjoyed high literary reputation during the late Yuan Dynasty, is the only Semuren poet in China's poetic history. 廼贤是中国诗歌史上唯一一位葛罗禄诗人,自幼学诗于江南,在元末之坛享有盛誉。

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