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关于”感恩的句子“的英语句子54个,句子主体:Thanksgiving sentences。以下是关于感恩的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Thanksgiving sentences

1、The "First Thanksgiving" in 1621 was actually a harvest festival. 第一次感恩节发生在1621年,为了庆祝农业丰收。

2、Lesley Spoor and Chris Lassiter got engaged the night before Thanksgiving. 莱斯利和克里斯在感恩节前夜订婚。

3、People have to gratitude, gratitude, to give love and regret. 人要知恩图报,感恩,才能让付出爱的人无悔。

4、(Laughter.) Pumpkin will be the honorary Grand Marshal of Disneyland's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pumpkin将成为迪斯尼乐园感恩节仪仗队的大元帅。

5、Yes, Thanksgiving flowers rain, because rain nourishing his growth; goshawk Thanksgiving sky because the sky let him fly; mountain Thanksgiving earth because the earth so that he high-rise. 是的,鲜花感恩雨露,因为雨露滋润他成长;苍鹰感恩长空,因为长空让他飞翔;高山感恩大地,因为大地让他高耸。

6、Ben Gunn's last words came back to my mind. 我想起了本·葛恩最后说的那句话。

7、In 1776 Thomas Paine penned these words; 在1776,汤玛士培恩写下这些字句;

8、It's going to be the most magnificent Thanksgiving dinner we ever had. 这将是我们参加过的最盛大的感恩节晚餐。

9、The more you develop an attitude of appreciation for God, your family, and other people, the healthier you are emotionally. 你为神,为你的家人,为其他人而心存感恩,你对神的感恩越多,对你的情感就越有益。

10、As it turns out, the bottle was a much-appreciated gift from a grateful patient. 最后证明,这个珍贵的瓶子是由一个感恩的病人送来的。

11、appreciate my parents' bringing me to this world. 感谢在我生命中出现的每一个人

12、、Acknowledge what you’re grateful for. 学会对生活感恩。

13、Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day, We bow our hearts to You and pray. 天父,在这感恩的日子里,我们向袮谦卑献上我们的心,并向袮祷告。

14、Congressman Ron Paul, thank you so much for your time. 国会议员罗恩·保罗,感谢您抽空来我们节目。

15、Thanksgiving is a time when I tell you that I love you. 今天是感恩节,我要对你说我爱你。

16、My child , the gold is for you to count your blessings ; the black is for you to let go. “孩子啊,”上帝说,“给你金盒子是要你感恩,给你黑盒子是要你释怀啊。”

17、In the front room they were preaching the Diamond Sutra. In the back room they were preaching the Gratitude Sutra. 在前面的屋子里念的是金刚经,后面的屋子里念的是感恩经。

18、Most of the class might be considered economically 3)disadvantaged, but still many would celebrate the holiday with turkey and other traditional 4)goodies of the season. 班上大多数孩子的家庭并不富裕,但很多人仍然会吃火鸡及其它传统的应节食物来庆祝感恩节。

19、I will be home for Thanksgiving so save a little turkey for me. 我会回家过感恩节,请留点儿火鸡给我。

20、With gratitude, with a kindness heart, to do service work, then you won't feel weary or tired. 用感恩的心,用报恩的心,来做服务的工作,便不会感到倦怠与疲累。

21、Or check out your local food bank, which will ensure that the people in your own neighborhood have enough to eat on Thanksgiving day—and every other day of the year. 或者你也可以查看本地的粮库状况,确保周边的人们可以在这个感恩节甚至是以后的每一个感恩节都不挨饿。

22、She and the Molinas are going to spend Thanksgiving with their cousins. 她和Molinas一家人准备与亲戚一起过感恩节。

23、Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. 应当充满感恩进入他的殿门,满口赞美进入他的院子; 要感谢他,称颂他的名。

24、 Acknowledge what you’re grateful for. 学会对生活感恩

25、That’s how Shaun Stewart felt when he started receiving brochures from colleges. 这就是肖恩斯图尔特感觉时,他从大学开始接受小册子。


26、On Thanksgiving, I spent some time taking stock of my life and the world around me and, as we're supposed to do over the holiday, giving thanks for all the joys -- little and big -- in my life. 在感恩节期间,我花了些时间盘点纵观自己的生活和周围的世界,这正是我们在感恩节时该做的,对生命中的喜悦不论是小是大都充满感激。

27、 Acknowledge what you’re grateful for. 学会对生活感恩。

28、i am so grateful that i have you all with me on this thanksgiving day. 盼望能和你一起共度感恩节。

29、But we should be thankful. 但是我们应该感恩的。

30、"Happy Thanksgiving to you!" POTUS said to one man, broadly smiling. 总统微笑的对其中一个人说:“祝你感恩节快乐!”

31、I will be home for Thanksgiving, so save a little turkey for me. 我回家过感恩节,留点儿火鸡给我。

32、We pigged out on the turkey and pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving dinner. 我们感恩节晚餐的时候拼命的吃火鸡和南瓜派。

33、They held a grand farmhouse ritual to appreciate the grace of sheep to send seeds. 人们举行了盛大的农家祭祀仪式,以感激神羊的送之恩。

34、Listen, Julia and I just decided to go to Reno over Thanksgiving. 听着朱莉娅和我决定去里诺过感恩节。

35、Thanksgiving is a time when I tell you that I love you. 今天是感恩节,我要对你说我爱你。

36、Wish all of you in Gold Typhoon a 'Happy Thanksgiving Day! ' 祝金牌大风公司里所有成员感恩节快乐!

37、Thanksgiving today, quickly pick up your cell phone, edit your greetings it, in order to give you a reference, I will first send you one, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, ah. 感恩节的今天,快点拿起你的手机,编辑你的祝福语吧,为了让你有个参考,我先向你发送一条,祝你感恩节快乐啊。

38、You want to thank your family. 你要感恩你的家人

39、Everyone knows tryptophan as a buzzword you hear a lot around Thanksgiving. 一到感恩节,色氨酸象漂亮的口号,人人都知道。

40、A big Thanksgiving Day dinner is a tradition in our family. 在我们家,作一顿丰盛的感恩节晚餐是一个传统。

41、acknowledge what you’re grateful for. 学会对生活感恩。

42、The kids sang and danced to "The Thankful Heart. " Praise God, though it was cold that day, our hearts were warm. 孩子们准备了一个歌舞《感恩的心》给我们,那天很冷,我们的心却很热,感谢上帝。

43、Offer your service with a heart of gratitude, as if repaying a kindness, then you wont feel weary or tired. 用感恩的心、报恩的心,来做服务的工作,便不会感到倦怠与疲累。

44、Thanksgiving is just days away, a time to feast with family. 感恩节,是与家人共进晚餐的时刻,才过去几天。

45、Unix and C are embedded in the deep structure of the Internet and the entire networked computer domain. The world owes Ritchie an awful lot. Unix系统和C语言已经根植于英特网和所有的电脑中,全世界都欠里奇一句感恩。

46、I'm grateful for being born me - for my house, car, family, health and the feeling of joy with which I pursue each and every day. 我对我现在所有的感到感恩—我的房子,车,家庭,健康,和我每天所追求的快乐的感觉。

47、This article continues the Thanksgiving tradition of discussing math trivia. 本文继续在感恩节讨论数学的细小运用的传统。

48、Acknowledge what you’re grateful for. 学会对生活感恩。

49、The broadening views of family are expected to have an impact at Thanksgiving. 放宽了的家庭观念估计会对感恩节产生影响。

50、appreciate every person in my life 感谢每一次微笑


51、Along with this, I'd like to wish all of you and your families a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season. 当然在"大发感想"之余,我首先要祝大家以及你们的家人在感恩节和将至的圣诞季过得愉快健康,因而想分享一下我的五条经验方法,让大家尽情享受感恩节而无后顾之忧.

52、Gradually, you will know that gratitude will help you enjoy peace of mind. 慢慢的,你会知道,知恩,心安,感恩,心宽。

53、His next two Thanksgivings were hosted by a college staffer. 他接下来的两次感恩节则是由一位学院职员接待。

54、They had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner featuring roast turkey. 他们吃了一顿以烤火鸡为特色的传统的感恩节晚餐。

55、My friend Jennie Tostch invited me to her grandparents home for Thanksgiving. 我的朋友珍妮·托希邀请我去她 姥姥家过感恩节。

56、Gratitude and greed go not together. 贪婪的人不懂得感恩。

57、I will be home for thanksgiving ,so save a little turkey for me . 我会回家过感恩节的,所以请留点火鸡给我啊。

58、Gratitude isn’t meant to be something you pull out once a year, use a little bit, and then stuff into a closet until next Thanksgiving. 感恩不只是每年一次地抽出一点点时间来做这件事情,然后等到下一个感恩节的时候再从遗忘中找回。

59、It wasn't until June of 1676 that another Day of thanksgiving was proclaimed. 直到1676年6月份才再次宣布感恩节的日期。

60、 I am so grateful that I have you all with me on this Thanksgiving Day. 盼望能和你一起共度感恩节

61、A 1941 congressional resolution moved it to the fourth Thursday to assure a longer post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas shopping season in years when there are five Thursdays in November. 1941年,国会通过议案,决定把感恩节挪到11月的第四个星期四,以确保在11月包含五个星期四的年份里感恩节后和圣诞节前有一个较长的购物时段。

62、He offers seminars to help people 'change a complaining voice to an appreciative heart.' 他开办培训班,帮助人们“把一肚子怨气转化为一颗感恩的心”。

63、Section 5-6, King David to God to express their confidence and gratitude! 第5-6节,大卫王向神表达自己的信心与感恩!

64、In addition, Thanksgiving Day's traditional food also has the sweet sweet potato, the corn, the pumpkin cake, the jam of red berry moss and so on. 此外,感恩节的传统食品还有甜山芋、玉蜀黍、南瓜饼、红莓苔子果酱等。

65、Yesterday is Thanks-giving Day, but I did not stay with my dearest father. I feel so sorry for that. 昨天是感恩节,但是没有等我的爸爸,对此我感到很内咎。

66、Learn how to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey using a deep fryer with instructions and an introduction in this free cooking video on how to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey. 了解如何炸至感恩节火鸡用油炸锅,并指示在这个自由和烹饪影片介绍如何炸至感恩节火鸡。

67、Thanksgiving dinner is a big project, with the turkey in the oven and all the burners in use for side dishes . 感恩节大餐是一个大工程,烤箱中架着火鸡,还要用上所有的炉子来做配菜。

68、It took us two days to prepare our Thanks-giving feast. 我们花了两天时间准备感恩节大餐。

69、Most people return small favours, acknowledge middling ones, and repay great ones with ingratitude. 许多人对小恩小惠给予回报,对一般的恩惠则表示感谢,但对大恩大德却忘恩负义。

70、Thee world needs love? The world is grateful Only gratitude can know love! 世界需要爱吗?这个世界恰恰需要感恩。只有感恩才能懂得爱! 儴。

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