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关于”清明节的古诗“的英语句子20个,句子主体:Ancient poems on the Qingming Festival。以下是关于清明节的古诗的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Ancient poems on the Qingming Festival

1、From ancient times to present, Guangfu is the land of rosewood carving. Since Ming & Qing Dynasties, it has become renowned far and near. 光福自古是红木雕刻之乡,早在明清时期便已闻名遐迩。

2、The residences are all Siheyuan (quadrangles) made of black bricks and grey tiles with clear axes and bilateral symmetry. 城内古居民宅全是清一色青砖灰瓦的四合院。轴线明确,左右对称。

3、The theory of poetry in Ming Dynasty mainly centers on three questions, that is, of style, of returning to the ancients, and of defining poems in Tang or Song dynasties. 明代诗话所阐述的诗学理论,主要集中在格调说、复古论、分唐界宋之争这三个问题上。

4、"Homer's Epic" is the important work in the development of civilization of ancient Greece and even the entire western world. 《荷马史诗》是古希腊乃至整个西方世界文明发展中的重要著作。

5、The city a large number of the Ming and Qing residential and garden, Doosan Street, and some streets still basically maintained the Ming and Qing era of style. 歙县城池始建于明朝,现保存有古谯楼及部分城垣。城内有大量明、清住宅及庭园,斗山街等一些街巷还基本保持着明、清时代风格。

6、Popular to eastern Inner Mongolia, Kerchin style performers use the pads of their fingers to press the strings generating a light, muted tone. 土尔古特演奏法流行于内蒙古的西部,以指甲从弦侧触弦发音,音色清晰、明亮,宜于奏出丰富的泛音,富有草原特色。

7、The ancients have already know the tomb-sweeping day is a good season, is a martyrs for an outing outing family drinking party day. ⊙、古人早已经知道清明是一个好时节,是一个祭扫踏青郊游亲人聚会饮酒作乐的好日子。

8、Is a history of deep, ancientyun ji , a beautiful ancient village millennium. 是一个历史渊深、古建蕴积、山清水秀的千年古村落。

9、A number of ancient sites and gardens dating back to Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties have been well preserved. 迄今仍保留着我国唐、宋、元、明、清以来的若干古迹和富有特色的园林。

10、Through this important window the anthologies of Song poems in Qing Dynasty, we should witness the historical process of the Song Dynasty' s poetry in Qing Dynasty. 透过清人所编宋诗选本这一重要窗口,可以观照出清代宋诗学的历史进程。

11、YANG Yun-fu's Poems on Luanjing(the capital in the Yuan Dynasty) unfolds before the readers a picture of fresh and glorious prairies of Inner Mongolia. 《滦京杂咏》有许多描写蒙古大草原清新壮丽风光的诗篇,还有不少受人称道的风韵之作。

12、Ancient chronicles, epics and medieval foreign writers' notes bear all evidence that the Slavs were extremely fond of music. 古代编年史,史诗和中世纪的作家外国纸币承担一切证据表明,斯拉夫人都非常喜欢音乐的。

13、The maturity of learning case style between the Ming and Qing dynasties marks the maturity of ancient Chinese academic style and also one of the creations of ancient Chinese historiography style. 明清之际学案体的成熟是中国古代学术史体例成熟的标志,也是中国古代史学体裁的一大创新。

14、Classical Chinese poetry, with terseness in language, implicit emotion, abstruseness in ideorealm, and distinctiveness in rhythm and rhyme, has been praised as the treasure of Chinese culture. 中国古诗以其凝练的语言、含蓄的情感、深邃的意境以及鲜明的节奏和韵律被誉为中华文化的瑰宝。

15、The village of Tangmo grew as time passed from Song and Yuan dynasty, and developed in Ming and Qing dynasty. 唐模古村经宋、元发展,到明、清时期逐渐强盛。特别是清初最为鼎盛,这与历史上徽商的发展时间基本上吻合。

16、Various Han through Qing Monuments. 汉代到清代的各式古迹

17、In the "purity" aesthetic concept, there permeates some features of seven writers keeping puritys realistic critical spirit which is really valuable. “清”在《静志居诗话》中是一个比较重要的批评术语和美学观念 ,与魏晋和明代“七子派”的“清”的内在精神相比显示出一定特色。

18、While farming , i studied ancient Chinese philosophies, yuanqu, and novels and stories of the Ming and Qing dynasties. 我一边工作一边学习中国古代哲学、元曲和明清小说。

19、Except for Fa Shishan's Wu Men Shi Hua, Mongolian Chinese Literary Commentators Written a lot of Preface and Postscript. 清代蒙古族汉文文论中,除了法式善的《梧门诗话》等文学理论巨著以外,蒙古族汉文文论家用汉文撰写了大量的序跋文。

20、This course reflected that the aesthetic accumulation in traditional ideology of poetry had its rational and undeniable significance. This course also precipitated the cont… 这个过程,反映出传统诗歌思想中的审美积淀实有其不容否定的合理意义,也体现出明人格调论在清初诗坛的继续延伸。

21、UNSECON said, "The Ancient City of Pingyao is an outstanding examples of a Han Chinese city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties." UNSECON说:“平遥古城是一个突出的例子的汉族城市的明清时期。

22、Deep and shallow, with the solid texture of fabric, village style of the classical Chinese Ming furniture, blending Chinese and Western, fashion and beauty. 深与浅,实木质地与布艺、乡村风格里加入中国明清古典家具, 中西合璧,时尚又古朴。

23、The fraud novel , which was an important genre of Chinese classical novels, originated in Tang dynasty and flourished in Ming or Qing dynasty. 小说是中国古代的一种重要小说类型,起源于唐,兴盛于明、清,对中国古代小说的各种文体、各种类型都有所渗透。

24、Guide not only to Ming City famous for medicated bath spa, plateau and dynamic Qinghai. 贵德不仅以明清古城闻名,也因高原药浴温泉而名动青海。

25、In ancient times people do not see the moon, moon Ceng Zhao of old people. 不见古时人,曾照古时人。


26、Pingyao, which has experienced many changes, now becomes the most complete ancient town of Ming and Qing dynasty. 平遥古城历尽沧桑、几经变迁,成为国内现存最完整的一座明清时期中国古代县城的原型。

27、Secretary under the town, who had been hailed as "little Shanghai", the "pearl of the river water" reputation. 问题补充: 下司古镇,曾被人誉为“小上海”、有“清水江上的明珠”之美称。

28、In the old days, Ching Ming was celebrated 3 days after the Cold Food Day but Cold Food Day was shorted to one day and then abandoned. 在古早清明节是庆祝3天之后,寒食一天,但寒食一天缩短了1天,然后被遗弃。

29、Song Bolus Western Region poems have their own distinctive characteristics at the end of the Qing Dynasty. 清末诗人宋伯鲁的西域诗有自己独有的特点。

30、Is to study the Qing important reference book of poetry. 是研究清诗的重要参考书。

31、Zuo Zongtang of the Qing Dynasty made a cup of Fuliang tea, read a Song Yuan Ming poetry, really Sae shifters also" plaint;" 清朝左宗棠“泡上一杯浮梁茶,读上一首渊明诗,真的野人归隐也”的感叹;

32、Xu Can was well-known as a woman writer during the late Ming and early Qing period, who was spoken highly by people living in the Qing Dynasty and looked up to as Li Qingzhao. 徐灿是明末清初的著名女词人,清人对其评价甚高,认为可与李清照并峙千古。

33、The temple had been preserved and constructed in Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. 以后唐、宋、元、明、清各代都进行修建,从古到今人们都热爱和平寺。

34、Combination of poetics in form and utility in connotation is the distinguishing ethnic feature of ancient Chinese literary theories. 形态的诗性化与内涵的功利主义相结合是中国古代文论鲜明的民族特色。

35、Walking in the town Qingshi street, as if into the Ming and Qing Dynasties history. 信步在古镇青石铺就的街巷中,仿佛走进了明清社会的历史画卷。

36、In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, some of the intellectuals enjoyed writing the groups of poems about the shatters . 明清时期一些文人热衷于写“落花”组诗,反映出一股“疏离”心理潜流在滋长。

37、Dai Liang, an adherent of the Yuan Dynasty, praised Tao's loyalty and righteousness highly and wrote a volume, Poems in Reply to the Tao's. 元遗民诗人戴良推崇陶渊明的忠义气节,作有《和陶诗》一卷。

38、Lee Ci-ming and Fan Zeng-xiang poetry in the late Qing Dynasty, famous figures, and reflect before and after the beginning of the Qing Dynasty poetry. 李慈铭与樊增祥身处的晚清诗坛,名家辈出,与清初诗坛前后辉映。

39、The levels of the selenium in serum and wool in German mutton merino were significantly lower than those in Mongolian sheep(P<0.01). 测定结果表明,德美肉羊和蒙古羊血清和被毛硒含量极显著低于蒙古羊(P<0.01);

40、However, the old saying that “ moderation is the key to life” can definitely be used in this example especially. 然而,古语有言:生活关键在于适度。正好可以清楚的说明这个例子。

41、On design style, classic pure and fresh quietly elegant and contemporary Ming Yan are lively develop incisively and vividly. 在设计风格上,古典的清新淡雅和现代的明艳欢快都发挥得淋漓尽致。

42、Gu Lin is not only a famous literator in the middle of Ming Dynasty, but also one of the most important revivalistic poets in the middle Ming Dynasty. 顾璘身为明代中期文坛上的一个文学大家,也是明代中期诗歌复古派的重要成员之一。

43、According to the investigation, there are 40 ancient big iron pillars remained in China. 据查,我国古代存留至今的大铁柱,还有40根,分别铸造于唐、宋、明、清各代。

44、Two basic exhibitions"Chongming Island History and Ancient Boats"and"Chongming Folk"in the museum have definite themes, clear context, informative contents and rich exhibits. 博物馆内现有“崇明岛史与古船”、“崇明民俗”两个基本陈列,其主题鲜明,脉络清晰,内容翔实,展品丰富。

45、This knowledge will provide a clear perspective and help us to understand correctly the ancient Chinese artistic spirit. 厘清“气韵”的含义对于我们正确地把握和理解中国古代艺术精神,将起到正本清源、明晰分理的作用。

46、Bian Gong's status among "former Seven", in the Ming Dynasty, is not high, but his theory of literature, and the actual creation express the fresh style, which won later generations praise. 边贡在明代“前七子”中的地位并不高,但他诗学理论中复古的“尚奇”色彩及实际创作中的清远风格却获得后人的褒奖。

47、The tea-horse trade on this road began from Tang Dynasty, developed at Song Dynasty, flourished at Ming Dynasty, and declined at Qing Dynasty. 这条古道上的茶马贸易始于唐,兴于宋,盛于明,衰于清。

48、It's purpose is to help people know the general regularity of those appellations and differentiate them correctly so that they can avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding. 对此现象进行逐类诠释说明,有助于人们了解古代人名称谓的一般规律,正确分辨古诗文中人名的特殊称谓,避免曲解或误解。

49、Residential House: Tongli Town deserves its reputation of a 'museum of ancient architectures' as there are good many houses and temples dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. 住宅楼:同里镇不愧为'古文物博物馆'。这里有很多明清时期的古建筑和庙宇。

50、Among them, major sites are the architecture of Ancient Times and Modern Times, the ancient inscriptions on tablets and the traditional street networks formed in Ming and Qing Dynasties. 主要有古代、近代建筑、古碑刻以及由南门湾、花街、南正街、儒林街和肖家巷组成的明清传统街道网。


51、These imitations of Qing-dynasty-style buildings are of quiet elegance and classic beauty. 这些仿清建筑,幽雅别致,古色古香。

52、Zhang - walled castle preserved ancient building , there has been quite magnificent, Ambilight, generally are relics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. 张壁古堡保留下来的古代建筑颇多,金碧辉煌,流光溢彩,大体都是明清遗物。

53、The representative style of XIE Tiao, with his easy language, marks the most typical achievement with his evident personality as a talent. 其代表诗人谢朓清丽高华的 诗风,则标志着当时最典范的创作实绩,他平易浅近的语言风格,昭示了一代“杰才”的显 明个性。

54、Chinese literature of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, ancient Chinese novels and literary theory. 研究领域是元明清文学、中国古代小说和文学理论。

55、This clearly shown how ancient Greeks acquried Egyptian art during the Archaic era. 这清楚地说明了古风时代希腊人是如何欣赏埃及艺术的。

56、The latter Ming dynasty time lofty solemn opinion the sketch is in the Chinese classical literature history one kind of special literary style. 晚明时期的清言小品是中国古典文学历史上一种特殊的文体。

57、Table has green tea, has the hands of Ascott. 桌上有清茶,手中有雅诗。

58、Bridges in the town are distinctive and old, built during Ming and Qing Dynasties . 镇子里的桥造形独特,古老优雅,都是明清年间的建筑。

59、Meanwhile, it also shows that the thematic structures and information can be adopted as one of the standards to evaluate the English translations of ancient poems. 说明主位和信息结构可以作为分析评价古诗英译文的标准之一。

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