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导读: 39个,关于”动物的诗歌“的英语句子39个,句子主体:Animal Poetry。以下是关于动物的诗歌的高二英语句子。


关于”动物的诗歌“的英语句子39个,句子主体:Animal Poetry。以下是关于动物的诗歌的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Animal Poetry

1、I started publishing my first poems in 1959 in the Chicago Review – a pretty good magazine. xx年我开始在《芝加哥评论》上发表我最早的诗歌,这是一份优秀的刊物。

2、Their elegiac poems expressed their self-pity and were the products of the given time and society. 文人挽歌诗往往带有自挽的性质,是特定时代的产物。

3、Poetry is a response to the daily necessity of getting the world right." 诗歌是对世界正确转动的琐事的反应“

4、"Objective correlative" and "unification of sensibility" are the two ways to have impersonal theory realized in poetry. “客观对应物”与“情感统一论”是诗歌非个性化的实现途径。

5、She loves singing, dancing, drawing and all other interesting things. 整个人物的动作也很有趣,像是扭秧歌。

6、Well , just hands for Tan Shiqi and her fabulous song ! 现在就让我们掌声迎来谭诗琪和她动人的歌!

7、These are primal forms of play, if you like, ; that suggest forms of poetic activity; also, spiritual activity. 这是玩最原始的形式,如果你愿意,这种形式显示出了诗歌活动的形式;,还有精神活动。

8、It is a sonnet, too. It's a sort of song of a worker. 也是一首十四行诗,是一个劳动者内心的歌。

9、Name the animals you can hear in the song. 让学生列出歌曲中提到过的动物名称。

10、Any animal caught singing it was given a flogging on the spot. 任何唱这歌的动物都会当场受到鞭笞。

11、There are Motional Distance and Mental Distance between ideas and images in writing and enjoying clical poetry. 意与象在古典诗歌的创作和欣赏中,存在着运动距离和心理距离。

12、An activist, writer and poet Julia shot to fame with her famous Civil War song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic". 活动家,作家和诗人朱莉娅和她的成名作内战著名歌曲“共和国战歌”。

13、Equally, in poetry, the highly personal, performative genre is the only form that could claim real liveliness. 诗歌也是一样,个人主义至上,表演派只能变得生动活波。

14、Poems of other genre are replete with allusions to incidents and personalities drawn from jataka stories. 其他流派的诗歌也充满了引自本生故事的事件、人物。

15、Would you consider your figures as ‘peculiar, terrible somnambulists’, similar to the ones present in Baudelaire’s poem? 你认为你的人物是“独特的可怕夜游者”,这会和波德莱尔诗歌里有的人物相似吗?

16、John Donne is the representative poet of this school and becomes well-known in the literary arena for his subtle use of "conceits" in poetry. 英国诗人约翰·邓恩是这个流派的代表人物,他因在诗歌中精妙地运用“奇喻”的比喻手法而蜚声文坛。

17、In the history of Chinese modem literature, Li Jinfa is a crucial figure in the field of modern poetry. 在中国现代文学史上,李金发是现代诗歌领域一个不可忽缺的人物。

18、Folk rituals of various kinds have nurtured the script-poetry singing tradition of the Yi people. 彝族民间各种大小仪式活动,滋养了其经唱歌诗传统。

19、SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: That was the song "Discoverer. " Like many REMsongs, this one is poetic with a meaning that is not always clear. 雪丽葛里菲兹:这是歌曲“发现者。”像许多快速眼动歌曲,这个人是一个意义并不总是清晰的诗意。

20、They structure Frost's work as a poet and his ongoing inquiry into that work. Frost poems perform a kind of phenomenology of work, of labor. 它们构成了他称其为诗人的工作,和他不断的问询,他的诗歌表现出,劳动的现象。

21、Taking the poetry in Tang as the criterion, he made the detailed standards of creation, targeting at the four themes of the poetry "Farewell", "Chanting", "Advancement", and "Antiphony". 他以唐诗为准绳,有针对性地对“赠别”、“咏物”、“荣遇”、“庚和”四大题材的诗歌提出了详细的创作标准。

22、Song Lian's Poems, just like others' prose, are noted for vivid portrayal of characters. 宋濂的诗歌如他的散文一样,以善于刻画人物见长。

23、The literatus has already discussed in the large extent the Wang Wei's poems, especially the dynamic and tranquility of his landscaping poetry. 对于王维诗歌特别是山水诗的动静问题,文学界已作了大量的探讨。

24、The kids' shrines are filled with Disney characters, e bottles, toys and poems. 孩子们的神龛填满了迪斯尼人物,可口可乐,玩具和诗歌。

25、A structure, or perhaps better to say an environment is created for the reader to respond, to interenact. 也许诗歌所形成的一种结构,或者最好说成是一种诗境,才是读者需要去响应和互动的。


26、I quoted the other day Wallace Stevens saying that poetry should "make the visible a little hard to see." 引用华莱士斯蒂文斯的话来说,诗歌应该模糊事物的本质“

27、" Children's reciting rhymes over son song, teacher questions: "what is the song in small animal, the child answered the teacher shows some small animal puppet. 幼儿念儿歌完儿歌后,教师提问:“儿歌中都出现了哪些小动物,孩子回答教师出示相应的小动物手偶。

28、Some of the poems in this book dramatize, and describe the stylistic changes I'm talking about. 这本书里的一些诗歌生动表现,描述了我所讲的这种风格变化。

29、Make an old Mcdonald's song with new animals. 用新的动物编一首麦当劳的歌。

30、Shenzhen's labor watchdog joined with a domestic poetry magazine Wednesday to launch a poetry competition among migrant workers nationwide. 深圳市劳动和社会保障局联手国内一家诗刊社于xx日向全国农民工发起诗歌征文大赛邀请。

31、More sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth 他的歌声委婉动听,万物之中无可比拟。

32、There are creatures with pointed ears that sing the most beautiful songs. 那里有唱着最美丽的歌的尖耳朵的动物。

33、Run a quick Google search for the types of reptiles and amphibians most commonly found in your area. 在谷歌上搜一下,看看在你居住的区域有哪些种类的爬行动物和两栖动物。

34、Leave out my name from the gift if it be a burden, but keep my song. 假如我的名字成了负累,就将它从这礼物上拭去吧,但请保留我的诗歌。

35、But it received a impetus from the success of the stilo culto of Gongora in poetry. 但是the stilo culto of贡戈拉在诗歌上的成功对其推动甚大。

36、He writes his poems with sharp words and depressed mood which contribute to the formation of his special writing style with the combination of roughness and fineness. 他的动物诗歌创作笔触锋利,基调沉郁,形成其独特的粗犷与细腻相结合的风格。

37、"Clown's Revolution", the work he displayed during Holland Animation Festival, is his special reading of history. 《诗歌工厂》是孙逊在荷兰动画节上展出的作品,也是他对历史的别样解读。

38、The bridge is a hymn, it eulogizes the science strength, the technique is being ingenious and the work honor; 桥梁是赞美诗,它讴歌着科学的力量,技艺的巧妙和劳动的光荣;

39、In the interactive installation Kymapetra we introduce an artistic and poetic approach on these various beliefs. 这件互动装置“能歌之石”以一种艺术,诗意的方式诉说着这些传说。

40、His descriptions of village life were charming, his humor piquant, his verses highly original and some of his characters were salty. 他写出的诗歌是独具一格的,笔下的某些人物也颇有风趣。

41、As for the poetry which merely narrates, or imitates by means of versified language (without action), it is evident that it has several points in common with Tragedy. 至于诗,它只使用诗歌的语言叙述或者模仿(没有动作),但很明显它与悲剧有一些相同点。

42、All Milton has at the beginning of his poetic career is the promise of greatness, the antition of a luminous body of English poetry. 弥尔顿在诗歌生涯开始的时候只有,上帝传达给他必将伟大的希望,和必将成为英语诗人中最耀眼的人物的预期。

43、Tao Yuanming's "take prose as poem" firstly is a method of writing, a technique of poetic art expression, and has no relationship with the "movement". 陶渊明的“以文为诗”首先是一个写作方法问题,是诗歌艺术表现手法,跟“运动”不“运动”实在是没有什么关系!

44、On Monday I stressed that poetry was, for Frost, always a mode of work, and that work was for him a model of poetic activity. 星期一我强调过诗歌对弗罗斯特来说,是工作的一种形式,这种工作对他来说是一种诗般的运动。

45、I copied and sent him a great part of it, which set in a strong light the folly of pursuing the Muses. 我抄了一本,把大部分诗稿送给他并希望他为该书所感动,不要再愚蠢地从事于诗歌。

46、On the damp land, I guide verse and the object of Ai Hao. 在潮湿的土地上,我引领诗歌和哀嗥的物体。

47、In it the animals get to vocalize and we all get a chance to laugh as we sing. 歌中的动物发出声音。我们唱这首歌时都有机会欢笑。

48、In this action-oriented course students will learn to act out some traditional stories and poems through actions and gestures. 在这个以动作为导向的课程中,学生们将学习把传统的故事和诗歌用动作和手势表演出来。

49、Philip Larkin is the most representative poet of the English Movement. 菲利浦·拉金是英国“运动派”诗歌的杰出代表。

50、One of several displayed at the “In Flanders Fields” museum in Ypres bears a lovingly carved poem. 其中的一些在伊普雷的“佛兰德阵地”博物馆展出,像是首精雕细琢的诗歌。

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