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导读: 50个,关于”对未来的憧憬句子“的英语句子50个,句子主体:A vision for the future。以下是关于对未来的憧憬句子的高考英语句子。


关于”对未来的憧憬句子“的英语句子50个,句子主体:A vision for the future。以下是关于对未来的憧憬句子的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A vision for the future

1、New Chelsea signing Salomon Kalou is relishing the prospect of playing for the Premiership champions. 切尔西新签约的球员萨勒蒙·卡劳对他在英超冠军的未来进行了一番憧憬。

2、This is an attitude which has led me to forget our past misunderstandings and look to the future. 他们的态度使我遗忘我们曾经所发生的误解,让我憧憬未来。

3、I thought I would go abroad, but then Torino came, " said Sereni who is looking forward to the new Torino adventure." “我原以为我会去国外发展,但是都灵邀请了我”塞雷尼很憧憬他在都灵的未来。

4、I'm here to listen, to share ideas and to jointly, as one of many , help shape our vision for the future. 我来这里倾听,来分享意见与合作,作为北约组织联盟国的一员,来帮助塑造我们的未来憧憬。

5、Fantasy and ideal vision but end the deadlock. 幻想与理想的憧憬只能无可奈何的搁浅.

6、I just a naughty child, always longing, hope the wing. 我只是顽劣的孩子,总在憧憬着,希翼着。

7、All those activities not only reveal the real life style and this life psychology in the Song Dynasty, but also reflect contemporaries' pursuit of happiness and prospect. 通过这些活动的进行,不仅展现了宋代人的真实生活状态,更是反映了当时人对幸福的不懈追求以及对未来的美好憧憬。

8、Two titans of the British museum world, Sir Nicholas Serota and Neil MacGregor, last night sketched out their visions for the museum of the future. 昨晚,大英博物馆界的两个巨人,Sir Nicholas Serota和Neil MacGregor描绘了他们的对博物馆未来的憧憬。

9、What are you imagining? 你在憧憬什么?

10、Girls express their longing for a bright future by graceful movements as "rubbing shoulders", "slightly shrugging shoulders", "bending waists" and " putting up hands and rubbing arms". 姑娘们则常用“揉肩”、“轻抖肩”以及“下腰”、“扬手揉臂”等优美的动作,抒发她们对草原美好未来的憧憬与遐想。

11、Have no pride of wasting time, have a plenty of to the glorious future longings! 有的是没有虚度年华的自豪,有的是对美好未来的憧憬!

12、Think of all the time ahead, don't hesitate, continplate, no its not too late. 憧憬未来,不要踌躇,疑虑,这还不算太晚。

13、The great man has a vision of the future that enables him to put obstacles into perspective. 伟大的人物善于憧憬未来,这就使得他能够以长远的观点看待眼前的障碍。

14、With Alibaba's platforms, people are improving their lives today, and (www. mingrenzhuan. com)have hope for a better tomorrow. 通过阿里巴巴这个平台,人们能够改善他们现有的生活,并且能够憧憬一个更好的未来。

15、The action of Look up has two meanings . What we are looking up at is the appearance of CNPV solar-cell panel , The second meaning is to show the people's expectation . 仰望的本身是光伏太阳能电池板的外观形式,也是人们憧憬未来的表现手法。

16、Find your life's vision and purpose and live it while you are single. 当你还单身的时候,找到并践行你对生活的憧憬和目标。

17、The room's style exemplifies his ideal of beauty and plainness. 这个房间的风格表明了他对美与质朴的憧憬。

18、For example "Digital get down" reflects how J. C feels about the internet frenzy and "I'll be good for you" is based on Justin's feeling about a would-be girl friend. 例如,《堕落》反映了查塞兹对疯狂上网的感觉,《我为你而高兴》则基于贾斯汀对未来女朋友的憧憬。

19、That glowing vision of the future extends to their overall outlook for the economy, according to the College Explorer Study. 大学拓展研究显示,大学生对于未来会强烈的憧憬延伸到了他们对经济的整体看法。

20、Lady with the attachment to send it away, full of longing Jinniu usher. 带着依恋送走银鼠,满怀憧憬迎来金牛。

21、More than any other technology today, ScanScout brings this vision of the future closer to reality. 和当今其他的技术对比,ScanScout对未来的憧憬更贴近现实。

22、Downhearted, you always put hope is ignited, when again I hope looking forward to the future, but you will once again choose to disappear; 心灰意冷时,你总会及时的把希望点燃,当我再次满怀希望憧憬未来,你却会再一次的选择消失;

23、Rapid advances in technology mean cyborgs, or human-like robots, are no longer a vision of a distant future. 科技的迅速发展意味着电子人(或类人机器人)不再是遥远未来的憧憬。

24、I'm sitting here, wating for you. 我知道我还在憧憬你的来临。

25、Over the past has become history, it will far away, let's not even starting today, the shoulders, to a glorious future vision to the sky to the statement. 过去的已成为历史,它将远离而去,让我们今天连起双肩,把辉煌的未来憧憬,向天空对言。


26、Perspective is a good thing to learn. 憧憬是一件需要学习的好东西。

27、She dreams that she can go abroad for advanced study one day. 她憧憬将来有一天能出国深造。

28、I met them the day they moved in, and I saw what they brought w ith them -beautiful dreams for the future and quiet hopes for a better life no tjust for themselves, but for their children, too. 我在他们搬来那天起认识的他们,我看到他们带来的――对美好未来的憧憬;为更好生活的向往,为自己更为了孩子。

29、Nice plans - shame about the people presently living on the site of this vision of the future. 好计划——对现在居住在这种未来憧憬之地的人感到羞愧。

30、Lai snow and MoLing days feel happiness, two people together to look forward to the future. 莱雪和莫凌天都感觉到幸福,两人一起憧憬未来。

31、For the coming new year, let us expect together. SNSD must be into the new world and creating a new future. 新的xx年里,对于未来的憧憬,我们翘首以盼,共同期待。

32、Together, we can look forward to a bright future, both in Chemicals and in Coatings. 齐心合力, 我们,不论是化学品部还是涂料部,都可以憧憬美好的未来。

33、Let's look forward to having a brilliant future! 让我们一起憧憬锦绣前程吧!

34、I grew up in the Midwest, which shaped my expectations of the world. 我在米德韦斯特长大,这里影响了我对世界的憧憬。

35、Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. 借鉴昨天,活在今天,憧憬明天。

36、They have tired of the false promises and grand illusions of radical extremists,” he said, and reject their “hateful vision” in favor of a better future. 他们厌倦了激进极端分子的虚假许诺和虚无缥缈的幻想",决然摈弃极端分子的"仇恨思想",憧憬更美好的未来。

37、I'm here to listen, to share ideas and to jointly, as one of many NATO allies, help shape our vision for the future. 我来这里听,来分享意见与合作,作为北约组织联盟国的一员来帮助塑造我们的未来憧憬。

38、Each of you is a witness to that potential, in what you have learned and achieved here, and in your own hopes for the future. 诸位在这里学业有成,诸位对未来充满憧憬,在座的每一位都是这种潜力的见证。

39、Heart is living in tomorrow, Present is dejected here; In a moment, passes sorrow, That which passes will be dear. 我们的心儿憧憬着未来,现今总是令人悲哀,一切都是暂时的,转瞬即逝,而那逝去的将变为可爱。

40、This celebration is the first scale in an interval of a century to come where we shall rejoice, summarize, reflect and anticipate. xx年庆典,仅仅是乐团百年基业的第一个刻度,纪念,庆祝,总结,反思,正是 缘于对美好未来的更多憧憬和高远的展望。

41、I am looking forward to the future , but I have no reasons to shirk my today-duty. 我憧憬未来,但我没有任何理由逃避今天的责任。

42、Being had to triumph, being lacked to hope. 有你,喜洋洋,你不在,不胜憧憬。

43、You must have a clear vision of your life. 你必须对你的人生有一个清晰憧憬。

44、Can spell out with a floor tile the personal longing to domesticity . 用一块一块的地砖可以拼出自己对家庭生活的憧憬。

45、Today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. 如今,过上好日子的人把过去当成幸福的回忆,并憧憬未来(对未来充满憧憬)。

46、We don't know what the future is, but at least we're had a vision of a chance. 我们都不知道未来是什么样子,诚惶诚恐,但至少我们就有了憧憬的机会。

47、I met them the day they movedin, and I saw what they brought with them - beautiful dreams forthe future and quiet hopes for a better life not just forthemselves, but for their children, too. 我在他们搬来那天起认识的他们,我看到他们带来的――对美好未来的憧憬;为更好生活的向往,为自己更为了孩子。

48、For the UK, as we contemplate a lost decade and hope of a better one to come, now is exactly the time to chart a better course. 对于正在反省过去xx年的损失同时憧憬未来有所改善的英国来说,现在正是制定更好发展道路的黄金时期。

49、Mainland students are eager to study at HKIEd. 内地高考生对教院的学习生活充满憧憬。

50、Often looking forward to your dream, I love no less. 每每憧憬对你的梦想,我的爱毫无逊色。


51、Following the painting work from the students of old Yang Jia Zhen Primary School are shown, the colorful painting represents the longing and hope to the new "Sunshine Primary School". 下面是杨家镇小学的孩子们亲手制作的一幅幅“阳光小学”绘画作品,五彩缤纷的画作表达了孩子们心中对未来“阳光小学”的憧憬和希望。

52、We hear much of visions and I trust we shall continue to have visions and dream dreams of a fairer future for the race. 关于对未来的各种憧憬,我们听得多了。我相信我们会继续憧憬未来,为人类的前途编织更美好的梦。

53、Hyypiä eyes the European Cup before the 2005 final with AC Milan in Istanbul. xx年,伊斯坦布尔,海皮亚憧憬对阵米兰的欧冠决赛。

54、Our little romatic friend formed visions of future for herself. 我们的小朋友一脑袋幻想,憧憬着美好的未来。

55、Thank you join me in looking forward to the future and success; 感谢你我一起憧憬未来与成功;

56、Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. 借鉴昨天,活在今天,憧憬明天。

57、The expectationfuture, palely will look at the life. 憧憬未来,淡看人生。

58、Tanggu District, photographers who use their old cameras recorded his hometown Tanggu 60 years of development and change, as well as a beautiful vision of the future development of the motherland. 塘沽区的老年摄影爱好者们用手中的相机记录了家乡塘沽xx年来的发展变化,以及对祖国未来发展的美好憧憬。

59、Hope there was too for the future, with improving education perhaps it would never get this bad again. 人们也开始对未来憧憬起来,把教育提上去,也许情况永远也不会这么糟了。

60、Having faith in this vigorous hotel, we're looking forward to a glorious future of Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel. 上海扬子江万丽大酒店旺盛的生命力让人一如既往地对她充满信任与憧憬。

61、Today is the first day of spring . It`s a time when people feel energetic. 今天是立春的日子,也是让人感到充满了新的憧憬。

62、Fortyfourth street side of each figure are like you 第四十五封 我也憧憬过也怕后来没结果

63、While the first job, in addition to bring a fresh and boundless vision for the future, it is more like a grindstone, in repeated sharpen make us the workplace needs. 而第一份工作,除了带来一时的新鲜感和对未来的无限憧憬之外,它更像是一块磨刀石,在反复磨砺中把我们打造成职场所需要的样子。

64、Youth, also hard to avoid has a vision and heartbeat. 青春岁月,也难免有憧憬和心动。

65、We should learn from yesterday, cherish today and hope for tomorrow. 我们应该感悟过去,珍惜现在,憧憬未来。

66、Young men see vision, old men dream dreams. 年轻人憧憬未来,老年人梦忆往事。

67、The attitude of positive realism combines the mindstate of the visionary, with that of the realist. 积极的现实主义态度是把憧憬未来的思维状态和现实主义结合起来。

68、Ideal not only to the dreams of the future, but also need a solid action, like climbing a mountain, step by step forward. 理想不只是对未来的憧憬,还需要扎扎实实的行动,像登山一样一步一步前进。

69、Live in the present, don't waste your life in the past or in the future. 活在当下,别在怀念过去或者憧憬未来中浪费掉你现在的生活。

70、Some people were starry-eyed about their investment plans. 一些人士不现实地憧憬他们的投资计划。

71、And, at our balcony table, as darkness gathered and the birds fell silent, we sat and raised our glasses to the shared past, the present, and what is yet to come. 坐在阳台上的桌子边上,看夜幕慢慢落下,听着鸟鸣逐渐稀疏,一起举杯分享过去的时光,憧憬未来。

72、Not so much the recall the past and not too much about the future, dependable, without good now. 不要过分地追忆过去,不要太多地憧憬未来,踏踏实实、无怨无悔地过好现在。

73、In the beginning after their graduation, they resolved to roost themselves in Jiangzhou metropolis and was expecting a promising future and a splendid blueprint in their mind. 毕业之初,两人立志扎根江州这个大都市,对未来充满憧憬,不断地在脑海里勾画着生活的宏伟蓝图。

74、Several fresh-faced youths idealistically enlist in the army, only to find disillusionment and death. 几个稚气未脱的青年,满怀憧憬,应征入伍,结果却发现梦想破灭,处处都是死亡。

75、A smile discreetly appears as memories past and thoughts of the future travel through my soul. 历历回忆,对未来的憧憬浸润我的灵魂,我悄然微笑。

英文句子模板76:A vision for the future

76、For some time now, he had felt drawn in that direction, drawn to more than the fact that a tremendous prize, the rich, lush city of Lut Gholein, lay some distance within. 现在有些时候,他都憧憬着那个方向,憧憬着比现实来得更为丰富的巨大奖赏——富饶、繁盛的鲁。高因,就在遥远的彼方。

77、So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun, look to the future now, it's only just begun. 我要关注“终于到了说圣诞快乐的这一天。所有人在尽情玩耍,憧憬未来。而节日的庆典才刚刚开始”。

78、Live in the moment, don't miss the past or for the future waste your life now. 活在当下,别在怀念过去或者憧憬未来中浪费掉你现在的生活。

79、Liverpool have extended Krisztian's contract until 2012 lately and this shows that they consider him as a good prospect for the future. 利物浦已经延长了克里斯坦斯安的合同到xx年,这显示他们已经都考虑他的未来憧憬。

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