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导读: 42个,关于”精美的短句“的英语句子42个,句子主体:。以下是关于精美的短句的专升本英语句子。




1、She decked herself out with fine jewels. 她戴着精美的珠宝。

2、The daily said that Goh is not yet proficient in Japanese, but hearing her speak a few words in Japanese, it declared her unciation perfect. 日报报道说虽然高雅拉现在不能精通日文,不过听过她说的几句日文发音完美。

3、 how long are you staying ? 你要呆多久?

4、The refined rooms of the Imperiale come with fine fabrics. 精美的客房离有着优美的装饰。

5、A tall, handsomely printed book, popular especially in the19th century, often having profuse ilrations and short, sentimental texts. 精装书一种大开的、装璜精美的印刷书,在19世纪尤为流行,常载有大量插图及短小而富感伤情调的文章。

6、We will pick the large quality and beautiful material, and will also make each producing process flawlessly effectively. 我们将选择优质的、精美的布料,我们也将完美而精准地进行每一道工序。

7、She also explains that, while humans live only short lives, they have an immortal soul, whereas mermaids live for 300 years but then become foam on the ocean. 并且解释说人类的寿命很短,精神不朽,而美人鱼却可以活xx年,而死后则变成海洋里的泡沫。

8、In other words, if you spend energy trying to resist a fragrant chocolate chip cookie, you'll have less energy left over to solve a difficult problem. 换句话来说,假如你花精力拒绝一块美味的巧克力曲奇,你就没有精力去解决一个难题。

9、March 15 marks the International Consumer Rights Day. Would you share with us your experience of protecting your rights as a consumer? xx月xx日是"国际消费者权益日",您能和我们分享您的维权故事吗?请将您的短信发至106580007835(免信息费),中英文皆可。短信获选刊登的作者均有精美礼品相赠。

10、Internet users are sometimes named the pearl of exciting developments, sometimes even above expectations of a hearty temporary oppose it, for the short two-hour PK forward to the endless big topic. 网友们时而妙语联珠的精彩点评、时而气宇轩昂的美好期望甚至是纵情一时的群起而攻之,都让现场短短的两个小时的PK的话题发扬光大至无穷大。

11、The innermost print statement utilizes a new concept, called string formatting to create a nicely formatted table. 最里面的 print 语句使用了一个名为 字符串格式化 的新概念来创建格式设置精美的表。

12、 i speak english well. 我英语说得很好。

13、The machine can be heated the plastic film and the printed cardboard form a skin package workpiece with in a few minutes. 本机能在极短的时间内,使透明胶卷与印刷精美的纸板加热抽制而成密著包装物。

14、This par three is short and sweet coming in as the shortest hole on the course. 短而精的球洞,是全场最短的三杆洞。

15、Short, exquisite, this is Willa Cather's most perfect novel. 这部小说简短、精致,是薇拉 • 凯瑟最完美的作品。

16、Dorothy Keller, M. Ed. Professor of Fine Arts, Chair, Fine and Performing Arts Department. 精美艺术教授,精美与表演艺术系主任。

17、Whitening set a good 06-11 which kind of whitening essence, whitening essence ranking, whitening Chinese medicine mask formula. 美白套装好用吗06-11哪种美白精华液好,美白精华液排行,美白中药面膜配方。

18、The most polished footage came from 10 splashy short films meant for massive screens in the London venue. 最精美的片断来自于10个原本用于伦敦演唱会大屏幕播放的精彩短片。

19、Nick Thorogood, the managing director of Food Network, said: "This highlights that taking the time and effort to say thanks is still very important to us." 美食联播网的总司理尼克·曹罗古德说:“这凸起标明了对我们来说破费工夫和精神去申谢依然长短常主要的。

20、 i would like a cup of coffee, please. 请给我一杯咖啡。

21、Whitening essence, Amway whitening set a good 06-11 which kind of whitening essence, whitening essence ranking, beauty. 美白精华液,安利美白套装好用吗06-11·哪种美白精华液好,美白精华液排行,美。

22、Exquisite frescos , can Jiapin peerless. 精美的壁画,堪称绝代佳品。

23、We really enjoyed the delicious food and excellent wine. 我们很喜欢这些精美的事物和香醇的美酒。

24、The meeting " short , small , fine , bold ". 会议“短、小、精、悍”;

25、Famous world-wide gourmet cuisine. Excellent daily specials and mouthwatering desserts. 世界著名的美食烹调。精美的美日特色饭菜和令人垂涎的点心。


26、Short passing is quite delicate, and sometimes doesn't work too well with Quick tempo. 短传相对来说比较精确,但如果比赛节奏过快的话,精准度是会下降的。

27、I need to shorten the movie. Making sure it's shortened, but yet compact and exciting and easy to digest. 我必须要缩短影片,缩短的同时还要紧凑精彩容易入戏。

28、Schopenhauer terms the dream a brief insanity, and insanity a long dream. 叔本华这样描述:梦是短期的精神错乱,精神错乱则是长期的梦。

29、Statement implicitly made deep, beautiful sentences law charm finding. Speak in measured tones read fluently, listening to the sweet spirit of vibration. 语句含蓄言理深,文辞优美律韵寻。抑扬顿挫诵顺口,听之顺耳振精神。

30、Thellos article on the bacon, dapper beauty of concise language expression by vivid the comprehension of beauty. 培根的这篇《论美》短小精悍,通过生动简练的语言表达了作者对美的领悟。

31、These, and her armour and shield and scimitar and the two saddles and the rest of the horses' fine furnishings were put into the sacks. 这一卷衣服,再加上她的盔甲、盾牌、短弯刀,以及前副马鞍子和马儿的其余精美设备,都装在几只麻袋里。

32、How beautiful the bronze wares are! 这里的青铜器真精美!

33、 i want to speak with him. 我想跟他说话。

34、Her abaya was beautifully embroidered. 她穿的宽松长袍刺绣精美。

35、The play was nominated as the Critics’ Choice at the Festival for its brilliant translation of dark humour into playful sketches with stunning physical movement. 这场演出在爱丁堡节上被提名为“评论家之选” 因为他通过优美的动作将黑色幽默精彩演绎为有趣的短剧.

36、This is a nice reading, but short. Enjoy! 这是一篇短小精悍的文章,希望您能喜欢!

37、There is currently a US$ 10–15 billion shortfall. 目前短缺100-150亿美元。

38、Beautiful reliefs on the pediment. 山形墙上的精美浮雕。

39、Heading down the garden path isn't just a cliché; it's a phrase that speaks volumes about the wonderful allure of well-planned landscaping. 标题歧途不仅是老生常谈,它是一个短语,充分说明了精心策划的美妙景观的魅力卷。

40、 do you see him often? 你经常见到他吗?

41、A beautiful dagger of his is preserved in the Egyptian Museum. 他的一把精美短剑,目前保存在埃及博物馆。

42、Alligators' heads are shorter and wider than crocodiles'. 美洲鳄的头比一般鳄鱼更短更宽。

43、exquisite embroidery 精美刺绣 ; 朦胧刺绣 ; 精致的刺绣

44、I taste a liquor never brewed,我用精美的珍珠酒杯,

45、The secondary spermatocytes become the spermatid quickly by short time development. 次级精母细胞经短暂的发育过程很快形成精细胞。

46、At the table, the finest (yet classically understated) napery, crockery and glassware complemented the elegant and artistic presentation of the food and wine. 餐桌上铺着精美的台布,看上去典雅而不夸张,精美的陶器和玻璃器皿为优雅、艺术的美食和美酒增添了光彩。

47、Neptune MC-ICP-MS can precisely measure strontium isotopic composition as the TIMS does, even more effective and less time-consuming than the TIMS method. MS可以精确测定锶同位素组成,与传统的TIMS相比,MC-ICP-MS可以获得与TIMS相媲美的数据精度,而且分析时间短,效率高。

48、Finally, I will share three short snappy articles with you that I read recently. 最后,我想跟大家分享做最近读到的三篇短小精悍的美文。

49、This article is short and pithy . 这篇文章短小精悍。

50、 i am wasting my time . 我在浪费时间。


51、This short treatise on Jain philosophy written purely in a missionary spirit throws ample light on the ten universal supreme virtues of Jainism. 这则单纯以传教精神而作的有关 耆 那教哲理的短文为 耆 那教十大至上美德带来了无限曙光。

52、Fine furniture graced the room. 精美的家具美化了房间。

53、Endurance is the ability to maintain energy levels for longer periods of time and strength is your ability to sustain a short burst of energy. Marathons and sprints. 耐力是一种能较长时间保持精力的能力,而体力是能够短时间维持精力的一种能力,就像马拉松和短跑一样。

54、A range of delicious dishes prepared with seasonal squash, melon and fruits, to delight a summer cuisine. 选用时令瓜果、水果精心炮制一系列美味的菜式,带来一夏精彩美味。

55、 i am crazy about her. 我对她着迷了。

56、The beautifulness of personality, demeanour and art fully embodied Chinese unique aesthetic conceptions. “清”的人格之美、风度之美和艺术之美,充分体现了中国的独特的审美精神。

57、The goblin bowed his great domed head in acknowledgement, then flexed his short legs. 妖精低了一下巨大的圆脑袋接受了谢意,然后弯起短短的双腿。

58、GPS, Short baseline, Sample quantity, Precision estimation. GPS定位,短基线,子样容量,精度评定。

59、That could be the motto for Richards' work. 这句话也是Richards作品的精髓。

60、Cheerful received beautiful flower of SMS, the early grated ginger cant see the content of the message, but when she concentrate, can see clearly the SMS. 开朗收到丽花的短讯,初时姜蓉看不到短讯的内容,可是当她集中精神时,便能将短讯看得一清二楚。

61、Dolan suggested euro/dollar will still test $1.44-45 in the short run. Dolan认为,短期欧元/美元仍将测试1.44-45美元.

62、For the interaction experiments between ultra-intense laser and targets, characterizing the laser focusing spot is very important. 超短超强激光焦斑参数的精确测量是深入开展精密物理实验的前提。

63、It was one of Shuya's new friends, Shinji Mimura. Shinji had short hair and wore an intricately designed ring on his left ear. 只看得见短发、戴着精美耳环的左耳垂。三村信史(男子十九号)。

64、Basically he gave very short, concise answers. 他给出的答案大多短小精悍,逻辑清晰。

65、The trees come up to my window like the yearning voice of the dumb earth. 神自己的清晨,在他自己看来也是新奇的

66、The tariff value for crude palm oil is at $504/tonne, for refined palm oil at $543/tonne, crude palm olein at $532/tonne and refined palm olein at $552/tonne. 粗加工棕榈油、精加工棕榈油、粗加工棕榈油精、精加工棕榈油精的关税值分别为每吨504美元、543美元、532美元和552美元。

67、Ma gave Chen a fine porcelain. 马送陈一个精美的瓷器。

68、There are some aethetics elements in the aerobic: beautiful body, beautiful stance, beautiful movement, beautiful music and beautiful spirit. 它的美学要素包括形体美、姿态美、动作美、音乐美、精神美。

69、 are you coming with me? 你跟我一起去吗?

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