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导读: 54个,关于”加油的短句“的英语句子54个,句子主体:。以下是关于加油的短句的初中英语句子。




1、Avoid small fuel fills – Fuel evaporates every time you open the fuel cap. 汽车加油时每打开加油孔,就会有汽油挥发。

2、Maybe it would help if gas pumps came with bigger hoses so that filling up would go faster and we’d spend less time watching the meter. 或者,如果加油站使用更大的输油管加快加油的速度,这样我们盯着计价器的时间也可以短点。

3、I am always here to support and encourage you along the way. (我会一直在这里支持你、鼓励你。

4、China refuels ! Beijing refuels ! Jintai refuels ! 中国加油!北京加油!金泰加油!

5、I must try and face problems properly – I am not scared of it. (我必须尝试着勇于面对困难—我并不害怕。

6、Fill the gas tank lest it run out of the gas on our way to the suburbs. 要去加油站把油加足以免在去郊区的路上油不够了。

7、Currently, pipeline and vehicle are the main two roaches used to refuel fighter on the ground. 使用管道和加油车为战斗机压力加油是现行的两种主要地面加油保障方式。

8、China, we can go through all these. Rescuing, saving support, Olympic, world economy resession, inflation, all these, we can survive! 中国,加油,救援,支援灾区,奥运会,世界经济延缓,通货膨胀,加油,加油,加油!

9、Don’t let one failure discourage you, try again. (不要因为一次失败就气馁,再试一试看。

10、Mom:Fill the gas tank lest it run out of the gas on our way to the suburbs. 要去加油站把油加足以免在去郊区的路上油不够了。

11、Results show that the main causes of low induction period of cracked naphtha are the high diene number and low phenol content. 结果表明,二烯值大、酚含量低是加氢渣油催化裂化汽油诱导期短的主要原因。

12、Using the infrared heating theory, it can accelerate the volatilization of the attenuant of the paint and shorten the time for drying. 使用红外线加温原理,加快涂料稀释剂的挥发和油漆的化学反应,缩短涂料等候干燥时间。

13、Mixing AMSOIL motor oils with other oils, however, will shorten the oil life expectancy and reduce the performance benefits. 与其他混合油AMSOIL机油,但会缩短寿命的石油,减少的性能优势。

14、Remove the oil filter cap and add engine oil a little at a time, check the dipstick. 拧下机油加油口盖并一次加少量机油,检查量油尺。

15、Try to cheer up. We all support you the same. (试着振作起来。

16、No matter what hens, don’t be discouraged. (无论发生什么事,都不要气馁。

17、It is mainly used for short, medium and long oil alkyd resins, tall oils. 制造长、中、短油性醇酸树脂、松脂、安尔油和干性油。

18、Come on, girl-put it in there, one more out! 加油,姑娘们,加油!再打一个出局!

19、John is getting his car filled up at a gas station. 约翰正在加油站将车加满油。

20、The soot formed during fuel combustion is one kind of exogenous contaminant. The excessive content of the soot not only short the service life of diesel engine oil but also increase the parts's wear. 柴油机机油外来染物之一是柴油燃烧过程形成的烟炱,过多的烟炱含量不仅缩短柴油机机油的寿命,而且增加零部件的磨损。

21、Where there is shale, there is likely to be oil. “哪里有油页岩,哪里就有石油”,作者这句话为的是说明。

22、These planes could be refueled in the air by tankers . 这些飞机可在空中接受加油飞机的加油。

23、为理想加油努力 For an ideal refueling efforts;Ideal for refueling efforts;Ideal fuel for the efforts

24、Don’t look so blue and cheer up. (别那么垂头丧气,振作起来.)

25、You need to take the bull by the horns. (你需要勇敢地面对困难。


26、Learn how to add jalapeno to guacamole with expert cooking tips in this free easy Mexican cuisine video clip. 了解如何加入这个自由轻松的墨西哥菜以牛油果酱短片胡椒与专家烹饪技巧。

27、And a lot things about gas stations and refueling. 还有一大堆跟加油站,或帮车加油有关的话题。

28、Yet Mr Kadono acknowledges that because of increased refining elsewhere in Japan, the overall supply of fuel was never short. 不过,角野也承认,日本在其他地方加快建设炼油厂,总体而言,燃油供给应该并不短缺。

29、Oil in the tank is delivered into the pressure distributor by the vane pump. 求助一句话:“叶片泵将油箱里的油供给压力分配器。”

30、The developments of gasoline engine oil inside and outside China are described. And SH 10W/40 gasoline engine oil is developed by using hydrogenated oil as base oil and proper packing agent. 简要介绍国内外汽油机油的发展,以加氢油为基础油,加入适量复合添加剂,研制出SH 10W / 40汽油机油。

31、During the manufacture of soy, using cellulase to raise output and flavour of soy, quicken fermentation inversion, shorten production period. The result is obvious. 在生产酱油中,使用纤维素酶,提高酱油产量,增加酱油风味,加快发酵转化,缩短生产周期,效果较为明显。

32、Tanker cells commonly had three, six, or even more tankers plus receivers flying in formation. 加油单元通常有3架、6架,或者是更多的加油机加上受油机一起编队飞行。

33、I must get the car filled up at a gas station. 我必须到加油站给车加满油。

34、The properties of hydrofined oil as base oil and its receptivity on additives were investigated. The quality of HM anti-wear hydraulic fluids formulated by hydrofined oil was evaluated. 主要对加氢油作为液压油基础油进行了性能考察,并考察了加氢油对添加剂的感受性。对用加氢油调制出HM抗磨液压油,进行质量评定。

35、The testing process was used CD40 lubricating oil and CD40 lubricating oil ending nano-Cu additive. 试验结果证明纳米铜添加剂能够有效改善柴油机的磨合质量,缩短磨合时间。

36、Car is main vehicle for products short journey. 汽车是短途运输油料的主要工具。

37、'Two days wrong! ' sighed the Hatter. 'I told you er wouldn't suit the works! ' he added looking angrily at the March Hare. “错了两天!”帽匠叹气说,“我告诉你不该加奶油的,”他又生气地看着xx月兔加了一句。

38、This article compares the fuelling process between the typical self-suction pump and modern immersible pump-based fuelling in fuelling stations. 介绍了传统加油站采用自吸泵型加油机的加油工艺和近年来采用潜油泵加油机的加油工艺,并进行了对比。

39、When air refueling, the accelerator place above flies before the receiver, the mountain accelerator and receiver's Staff of Bank t coordinates completes refuels the work. 空中加油时,加油机在受油机前上方飞行,山加油机和受油机的t行员协同完成加油作业。

40、If the supplier refuses this method then send a crew onboard the bunker barge in order to monitor closely sampling procedure carried out by suppliers from start to end. 如果加油方拒绝,就要派一个船员到加油船上去严密监控加油方从加油开始到加油结束的整个取样工作。

41、The regeneration of waste lubricating oil was tested in a short-path distillation unit with activated white clay as adsorbent. The quality of regenerated oil met the requirements of new oil standards. 采用短程蒸馏加白土补充精制工艺对废润滑油再生进行试验研究,再生润滑油达到了新润滑油技术指标。

42、The tanker fueled in Bahrain. 油轮在巴林加过油。

43、We tanked up at the filling station. 我们在加油站给汽车加满了油。

44、This truck is used to transport and refuel light fuel like gasoline, kerosene, diesel into engineering equipment. 型加油车主要用途是运送及对机械设备加注轻质燃油,诸如汽油、煤油、柴油等。

45、They just go ahead strong into it with a bunch of friends from college. 他们就是和一群大学里的朋友,一头扎进创业的生涯里去了。

46、GREASE bottom of pan with shortening or cooking spray. 油脂的底部或煮锅缩短喷雾。

47、Oil heat electric heater and that electrical heating oil heat furnace, the difference between the traditional fuel gas heating furnace and furnace. 导热油电加热器又叫 电加热导热油炉 ,其区别于传统的燃油加热炉及燃气加热炉。

48、Results showed that the addition of diesel flow improver into diesel oil leaded wax crystals to become shorter and small and inhibit formation of wax crystals network. 结果表明,柴油流动性改进剂的加入,使柴油中的蜡晶变短变小,阻碍蜡晶相互连接搭桥成网。

49、We filled up with diesel at the petrol station. 我们在加油站加满了柴油。

50、Oil should be changed more frequently during cold weather, particularly when short-trip operation predominates. 在寒冷的季节,特别是经常短途行驶,应增加换油次数。


51、To pressure the oil sample alternatively in specified test gap may shorten the test time and guarantees inspection of electrical equipment for oil charging. 利用规定的试验间隙,对多个油样进行交替加压,可以缩短总的试验时间,为加快充油电气设备的检修提供了条件。

52、Consequently the post-combustion duration shortens and the fuel economics increases. 而且随喷孔总面积的增加,喷油持续期和燃烧持续期均缩短。

53、Power shortages remain an almost daily occurrence and long lines greet drivers buying fuel. 电力短缺每日可见,司机为加油而大排长龙。

54、China refuels , Beijing Olympic Games refuel . 中国加油,北京奥运加油。

55、This aircraft refueller is mainly used in the airport to fuel the aircrafts. It can implement the functions of gravity refueling, pressure refueling and oil pumping. 型飞机加油车主要用于在内往返油库与为飞机实施加油,可实施重力加油、压力加油及抽油。

56、In India, ice cream is called kulfi and made from almond milk flavored with cardamom and rose water. 在印度,人们把冰淇淋叫做“kulfi”,是在杏仁奶中加入豆蔻和玫瑰水调制而成的。加入炼乳和奶油会使制作时间缩短。

57、Using condensed milk and cream makes for a quicker process. 加入炼乳和奶油会使制作时间缩短。

58、The oil sands in Canada and Venezuela are extensive, but the Canadian operations to convert the deposits into transportable oil consume large amounts of natural gas, which is in short supply. 加拿大和委内瑞拉的油砂数量比较大,但是加拿大将这些储藏转化成可运输的石油的工作耗费了大量的短缺天然气。

59、Previously to the foundering, by the way, the oiler had worked double-watch in the engine-room of the ship. 顺便提一句,在船沉之前,加油工在拖船的机器房值了双班。

60、I must face the music and accept responsibility. (我必须勇于面对困难,承担责任。

61、He will come on time even though it rains. 即使下雨,他还是会准时来的。

62、By enhanced heating and controlling the injection interval of the port fuel injector, the formation of carbon deposits (on the )port fuel injector was accelerated and the test time was shortened. 该试验装置通过对喷油器强化加热、控制喷油器的喷油间隔时间,强化了喷油器结焦积炭的形成条件,缩短了试验时间。

63、Persist up every day and struggle refueling tanker! ! ! 坚持天天向上、奋斗加油加油!!!

64、A short takeoff/vertical landing variant of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II takes on fuel from a KC-130 tanker near Fort Worth on Aug. 13. xx月xx日,洛克希德·马丁公司一架短期起飞/垂直着陆型的F-35闪电II需要燃料,正巧,一架KC-130加油机在沃斯堡附近,结果在空中成功为其加油。

65、He tried to play down my part in the work and play up his own. 他极力贬低我在这工作中的作用,而拼命抬高他自己的份量。

66、ATTENDANT: Under the sign for the gas station, there will be a smaller sign that says "Self-Serve" or "Full-Service. 加油站服务员:在加油站招牌底下,有一个小标示写着“自助加油站”或“服务加油站”。

67、You wait to answer it until you pull into the gas station, where another set of video surveillance cameras records the activity. 您将在汽车加油的时候抽空回复短信,而此时您的行为又被加油站的监控记录下来。

68、Mixing AMSOIL gear oils with other oils, however, will shorten the oil life expectancy and reduce the performance benefits. 与其他混合油AMSOIL齿轮油,但会缩短寿命的石油,减少的性能优势。

69、To investigate the impact of the products of heated cooking oil on accelerating the aging process of Drosophila Melanogaster. 食用油加热产物有明显缩短果蝇寿命的作用。

70、AT89C2051 monolithic computer based multi- function gas station monitoring and control aratus can complete the fixed quantity filling, fixed Money filling or Random filling as per demands. 以AT89C2051单片机为核心的多功能加油站运行测控装置,可以对机动车实现定量加油、定额加油和随机加油。

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