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导读: 59个,关于”描写蓝天的句子“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Sentences describing the blue sky。以下是关于描写蓝天的句子的托福英语句子。


关于”描写蓝天的句子“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Sentences describing the blue sky。以下是关于描写蓝天的句子的托福英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences describing the blue sky

1、Caption :Like many Chinese cities, Shanghai is heavy with humidity and pollution. You'll rarely sees crystal-clear blue skies here, but the muted sunlight creates a cool, monochromatic mood. 描述:像许多中国城市一样,上海经常有雾和大气污染,难得一见湛蓝的天空。

2、"Angels are so beautifully descriptive, " Lipp said. Lipp说,“天使被描述的太美丽了。

3、Description: The plant grows to about 1 meter in height and produces long thin purple- blue flowers. 描述:植物生长到1米左右的高度和生产细长紫蓝色的花朵。

4、Besides the pale blue sky, white clouds and plateau landscape, what impressed me most is the feeling of being touched. 只记得当时最深的感触,除了城市里永远无法企及的蓝天白云和高原地貌之外,就是一种无法描述的感动。

5、The blue sky kissing the sea, the sea against the blue sky, I put the blessing written in the sky blue. 蓝天吻着海洋,海洋偎着蓝天,我把祝福写在蓝天碧波上。

6、Conservationists describe the Coral Sea as "a stunning blue-water highway, full of oceanic predators." 环保人士把珊瑚海描述成“一条亮丽的蓝水公路,充满了海洋掠食者。”

7、The word 'glaukos' means gleaming, bluish green or gray, perhaps describing the appearance of a blind eye if glaucoma (cataract) derives from it. Glaukos词意思是发光,蓝绿色或灰色,或许描述了瞎眼的样子,是否青光眼(白内障)就来自它。

8、Everyday is shiney day ! 冲绳是天天天蓝…

9、White houses, blue blue sky, blue & white, white & blue, was not I in…Greece? 白房子,蓝天,永远的蓝和百,难道…不像我最爱的希腊吗?

10、Besides kids, there are some nurses here, mid-aged women or young girls. 这里有孩子,事实上这些孩子才是蓝天真正的主人。

11、What Brahman is cannot be described in words. 梵天是无法用语言来描述。

12、When one tries to describe a particular sensory quality, he typically resorts to reference to public things—describing a color as orange or heliotrope, a smell as like that of rotten eggs. 当人们试图描述某个特殊的感觉性质时,典型的做法是诉诸公开的事物,例如,把某种颜色描述为橘子的颜色或天芥菜的颜色,把某种气味描述为像臭鸡蛋的气味。

13、Man: white clouds in the blue sky around, depicting a moving frame. 男:白云在蔚蓝的天空中飘荡,描绘着一幅幅感人的画面。

14、In order to investigate the colour characteristics of the blue sapphire from Madagascar, the GemDialogue systerm is used for describing and grading the blue sapphire samples. 为了了解马达加斯加蓝色蓝宝石的颜色特征,采用GemDialogue颜色系统对其进行了描述与分级。

15、The design method of a photoinduced plasma Fresnel zone plate antenna is described. 本文描述一种光生等离子体菲涅尔波带板天线的设计方法。

16、David Martines describes the "structure" as living quarters with red and blue stripes on it. 据马丁内斯描述,该建筑是带红蓝条相间的住所。

17、When I was a child, I imagined flying into the blue sky some day. 我还是个小孩子的时候,就曾想将来某一天能飞上蓝天。

18、For instance - Under the blue sky. 比如说蓝蓝的天空下。

19、Ground was broken for the new house on a blue-and-gold day in December. 在xx月的一天,蓝蓝的开空洒下金色的阳光,新盲房子的地基也破土动工了。

20、The azure sky and the red sun remain unchanged, but can we meet again after this departure? 蓝蓝的天在红红的太阳下面,曾经的日子别后是否相见?

21、When it rains the sky or blue? 下雨时天还是蓝蓝的吗?

22、This does not mean that we can sit down today and outline the future course of the universe with anything like certainty. 这并不意味着我们今天可以坐下来,以肯定的方式去描绘未来的蓝图。

23、I love the blue sky. 我爱蓝蓝的天。

24、Use a blue ball-point pen. 请用蓝色原子笔填写。

25、The puma's twisted face continues to look at the blue sky with sightless eyes, Ah sweet divine and indescribable verdurous paradise planted in mid-air! 美洲豹扭曲的脸继续用盲眼看着蓝天,啊美妙神圣不可描述的茂密天堂植根于空气中!


26、Eternality-in that cool morning, the blue sky was telling stories in memory with easiness. 那个清晨,蓝蓝的天穹平静,从容的述说着曾经……

27、Accumulating all skills, depicting imperial magnificent blueprint! 厚积薄发,描绘帝豪壮阔蓝图!

28、The sky is blue and the air is clean. 天是蓝蓝的,空气是干净的。

29、Now, staffs of Saifeiya still do not stop their progress and are describing their new development blueprint today. 今天,塞飞亚人依然没有停止他们前进的步伐,新的发展蓝图还在精心描绘。

30、Astronomers, in communicating their work, have a natural ally in beautiful images. 天文学家们,在描述他们的工作时,拥有一个天生的盟友来描画美丽的图案。

31、German writer, August Koch was the first to write about the beauty of the Blue Grotto cave on the coast of the Island of Capri. 德国的冬天,August Koch 是第一个描述位于capri岛上的蓝洞洞穴的美丽的人。

32、I asked again for a more detailed description, beyond "a nice blue four-door." 了解“漂亮蓝色四门车”后,我又一遍询问更详细描述。

33、Most of the lyrics are descriptions about gres, horses, camels, cows, sheep, blue sky, clouds and rivers. 长调歌词绝大多数内容是描写草原、骏马、骆驼、牛羊、蓝天、白云、江河、和湖泊。

34、The weather is clear with blue clouds. There are some swallows flying. 气候晴朗,天上的云很蓝,有一些燕子在飞。

35、Although the sky is blue in June, there are bluer skies ahead. 虽然xx月的天很蓝,但更蓝的天还在后面。

36、Blue the sky. 蓝蓝的天。

37、Blue skies, in other words, will remain a challenge. 换句话说,蓝天将依然是一种挑战。

38、I think you describe the dream of paradise look like Pointing to draw … 袁惟仁我想起你描述梦想天堂的样子手指著远方画出一栋一栋房子…

39、Green and the other is sky blue. 这里有蓝色的大海,湛蓝的天空。

40、The sky is blue, the blue was transparent, blue was intoxicating; 天是蓝的,蓝得透明,蓝得醉人;

41、"Gold Mountain Zhuhai, the Son of Heaven South Bank" is about the early years after the downtown of Guangzhou description. “金山珠海,天子南库”是人们对广州开埠后繁华的描述。

42、The sky a ears blue to us on a clear day, because the atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmo here separate the su white light into its many colors, and ter them throughout the atmo here. 晴天,我们看天空是蓝色的,因为大气中氮原子和氧原子将mbsky 蓝色天空太阳的白光分解成许多种颜色,分散在大气层中。

43、Half the subjects saw jellybean names that were common descriptives: blueberry blue, cherry red, chocolate brown, marshmallow white, tangerine orange and watermelon green. 半数的研究对象选择了普通描述型名称的软糖:蓝莓蓝,樱桃红,巧克力褐,葵花白,橘子橙和西瓜绿等。

44、Then Blue Beard said, "Come and live in my house for some days. " So they went and lived in Blue Beard's house. 于是,蓝胡子说:“那么来我家住几天吧,”她们于是到蓝胡子的家里住了下来。

45、She is described as being about 140cm tall, with a slim build, blonde hair and blue eyes. 她被描述为身高约140厘米,一身材苗条,金发,蓝眼睛。

46、These orange and blue represent electron microscope images of co-polymers. 这些橘色和蓝色的球描绘了聚合物的电子显微镜图像。

47、"Angels are so beautifully descriptive , " Lipp said. 他说:“天使都被描述的那么美。”

48、Blue as the sky, sombre and lonely. 蓝蓝的天空,暗暗的很孤独。

49、Choi Ha floating blue sky. 天上蓝蓝飘彩霞。

50、Then there is a hat of cloud in the blue sky floating over their heads. 这时候,蓝蓝的天空飘来了一顶云帽子。


51、Women look at the same swatch and declare it to be periwinkle blue . 女人看着同一块斯沃琪手表却会把它描述成浅紫光蓝色。

52、The electronic athletics's behind has the blue sky equally …With white clouds. 电子竞技的背后一样有蓝天……和白云。

53、I was surrounded by sky-blue silk and polished lacquer . 我被天蓝色的绸子和光亮的漆器包围着。

54、With the blue above, and the blue below. 上有蓝蓝的天,下有蓝蓝的海。

55、He described how he labored with her and convinced her; and how she almost died for joy when she had d to where she actually saw the blue speck of daylight; 他描述了他费尽口舌去说服她,等她摸索到能看见蓝色天光的地方,她简直高兴死了;

56、His wife corks her eyebrows every morning. 他的妻子每天早晨用软木炭把眉毛描黑。

57、Nick is wearing a blue hat today. 尼克今天戴着一顶蓝帽子。

58、Describes the research status of low-molecule blue phase and the research progress in polymer-stabilized low-molecule blue phase and polymer blue phase. 简述了小分子蓝相的研究现状及聚合物稳定的小分子蓝相和聚合物蓝相的研究进展。

59、Seeing children play can make even the bluest day brighter. 看到孩子们甚至可以使最蓝的天光明。

60、Days blue, ground, a hope boundless. 天,蓝蓝的,地,一望无边。

61、Blue sky, a cloud shadow is invisible. 湛蓝的天空中,连一片云的影子都看不见。

62、A handsome summer in Hainan with blue water and sweet coconut. 一位俊秀的夏天在海南有蓝色的水和甜椰子。

63、Sky blue, the fall gr fragrance is in heart's heaven. 天蓝蓝,秋草香是心中的天堂。

64、meters long whale record weighed 170 tons of 150 . The scientists believe that NMML meters long whale estimated more than 180 tons will. Now scientists have NMML accurate measurement of the largest weighs 177 tons. 蓝鲸是须鲸中最大的一种,最长者是1904到xx年间捕于南极海域的一头雌鲸,长33.58m,体重170吨。

65、The azure sky, the blue sea, they simply merged into one color. 湛蓝的天空,蔚蓝的大海,简直是水天一色。

66、Diffraction of light due to backlighting effects, the sky bright side, should not shoot the blue sky. 叶子好! 谢谢分享。有的照片的蓝天不蓝,可能是因为逆光、或侧逆光拍摄引起的。

67、Through the skylight, we can see the blue sky and white clouds. 透过天窗, 你可以看到蓝蓝的天空白云飘。

68、Commenting on the first view from space he reported, "The sky is very dark; the Earth is bluish. 他在报告中是这样描述从宇宙所看到的第一眼的:天空很暗;地球很蓝。

69、I was surrounded by sky-blue silk and polished lacquer. 我被天蓝色的绸子和光亮的漆器包围著。

70、I was visited at night in my dreams by a man in blue—a blue suit, a blue shirt, a blue tie, blue ss, but no hat. 有天晚上一个蓝衣男人出现在我的梦境,他穿着蓝色的西装,蓝衬衣,系着蓝领带,脚上是蓝色的鞋子,但没戴帽子。

71、Green mountains, blue sky. 翠绿绿山,碧蓝蓝天。

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