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导读: 52个,关于”爱情的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Love sentences。以下是关于爱情的句子的中考英语句子。


关于”爱情的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Love sentences。以下是关于爱情的句子的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Love sentences

1、It made many of us, who were unfavored by the goddess of romance, become ashamed and resentful. As a result, Xiao Que's romance became the target of discussion and mockery. 这个事情令我们中间许多没有爱情成果的同学感到惭愧而愤愤,所以小缺的恋情成了大家议论甚至嘲笑的话题。

2、I don't love to talk slow, if I told you that you are very enthusiastic. 我慢热也不爱说话,如果我对你很热情说明你重要。

3、The truth is, you can't always be liked if you do your job property. 而实情是如果你想把工作做好的话,你就必然不讨人喜爱。

4、When a woman with all the love and moral rectitude, she is sympathetic to the needs! (La Roche Chicago) 当一个女子具有全部的爱情和德性时,她是需要同情的! (拉罗什福科)

5、The explanation which would seem to fit one case does not apply in a dozen others, and the very best thing, to my mind, would be to explain every case individually without attempting to generalize. 这个解释似乎只适合一份份单独的爱情,而不适用于其它众多的例子。在我看来,最好的做法就是单独解说每一份爱情,而不要企图归纳爱情。

6、I thought it was about a girl who hungers for love. 我以为是有关一个女孩渴望爱情的片子。

7、Love is blind. 蔚爱情是盲目的。

8、Love is blind , but friendship is clairvoyant. 爱情使人盲目,友情醍醐灌顶。

9、And then it increases gradually, surpasses the love in the love marriages at about five years. 但是随着时间的沉淀,大概xx年后,包办婚姻的爱情甚至超过了“两情相悦”中的爱情。

10、Friendship, % do not lose to any kind of love. 友情,不输给任何一种爱情。

11、Meshwork sensation . love or hurt ? 网络的爱情是爱还是伤害?

12、In the face of love, a woman. Don't set too low. 在爱情面前,女人的架子千万不要摆得太低。

13、You can't drop the whole thing just to keep up appearances. 不能为了爱面子就不办这件事情了。

14、Are you confused love, friendship when love, even viciously slander no emotion. 是你自己迷乱情迷,把友情当爱情,还要恶语中伤得不到的情感。

15、Favoritism, at its best, can lead to a sense of self confidence; in its worst form it can lead to moral corruption. 偏爱,最好的情况下,能给孩子以自信心;而在最坏的情况下,会造成孩子道德的缺失。

16、If you take it as a promise that never change, your love will walk away definitely! 如果你只把它当成一种海誓山盟的话,那爱情一定会走。

17、Love is like an hourglass, with heart filling up as the brain empties. 爱情如砂漏,当脑子倒空时心却满满的。

18、I heart - love no longer fit. My tears - will never cry for love. 我的心- 再也装不下爱情。我的泪-再也不会为爱情哭泣。

19、The tender love scenes Behind the footlights made Emma Breathless with envy. 戏台上那些情意绵绵的爱情场面使爱玛为之神往。

20、My love story? 我的爱情故事?

21、Love what you do and where you do it. 热爱你做的事情和你做事情的地方。

22、Passionate love is a quenchlethirst. 热烈的爱情。

23、The truth is, you can't always be liked if you do your job properly. 而实情是如果你想把工作做好的话,你就必然不讨人喜爱。

24、I love you. If you have to give a time-limit to this love, I hope it is 10 thousand years. 我爱你.如果非要在这段爱情前加上一个期限的话,我希望是一万年。

25、But as the saying goes, "good things never come easy", and love is the best of all things. 但是俗话说“好事多磨”,而爱情就是最美好的事物。


26、"Yes, " she replied sorrowfully , and yet with a strange thrill of affection. “是的,”她回话时心里感着悲哀,却又带着一种奇异的爱情的激动。

27、Yep, what goes straight up, must come straight down. Only this time, backwards. 此时应该做的事情用一句话来形容,就是“直来直去”――只有倒车下山才是可取的。

28、Love is self-giving. 爱情是无私的。

29、Love is like a bowl of soup, hot searing; ⊙、爱情就像一碗汤,太热会灼人; 太凉会拉肚子;

30、Passions burn in the mind and the body of a Leo lover. 狮子座的爱人从思想到身体都充满热情。

31、That could not say the words, that road sentiment, cannot express that love with many languages. 那说不完的话,那道不完的情,用再多的语言都表达不完那爱。

32、What can the zodiac reveal about the Gemini love-habits? 更重要的是,黄道带对双子座的爱情观有何影响?

33、After all, this child is the crystallization of her love and Peng gang. 毕竟这个孩子,是她与彭刚爱情的结晶。

34、Three hair said: some people love, just a "when mood". If the other party wrong will this mood as long-term love, is itself childish. 三毛说: 某些人的爱情,只是一种“当时的情绪”。如果对方错将这份情绪当做长远的爱情,是本身的幼稚。

35、There are strict guidelines that must be followed if someone dies intestate – in other words without a will. 未立遗嘱死亡的情况有严格的指导方针,换句话说,如果未立遗嘱。

36、A word from Melisandre, and she would walk into the fire willingly, embrace it like a lover. 只要梅丽珊卓发句话,她就会欣然步入火焰,像情人一样拥抱它。

37、Love is the affection of a mind that has nothing better to engage it. 爱情是出自内心的喜爱,没有任何别的东西比爱情更好地占据整个心灵。

38、Abandon:You love, my love, agree in opinion two dependencies, sugary love forever, I drifted between aroma! 醉爱情迷:你醉爱,我情迷,同舟共济两相依,柔情蜜意永相随,香气飘然散心间!

39、A careless word may kindle strife. A cruel word may wreck a life. A timely word may level stress. But a loving word may heal and bless. 口无遮拦会引发争执。一句无情的话语会毁掉一生。适时温语可以消弭压力。但是,只有关爱之声才能疗伤和祈福。

40、Love is cold, wet sand between bare toes. Love is a capitalistic sell-all for novels, Top-40 pop songs, summer movies, and greeting cards. 爱情是光脚丫里冰冷潮湿的沙子,爱情是小说、流行歌曲排行版、夏日电影和问候卡上的常客。

41、Love eis a sweet tyranny, because the lover endures his torment willingly. 爱情是甜蜜的虐政,情人心甘情愿地受它的折磨。

42、I love drawing animals and mythology, especially dragons, and have a special passion for birds. 我爱画动物和神话,尤其是龙,我也对鸟有特别的热情。

43、Their coupling was the great love in divinity, because the gods gave them a precious gift, their child Cupid. 他们的结合是神界里最伟大的爱情,正因如此上天赐给他们一件最能象征爱情的礼物,那就是他们的孩子丘比特。

44、Because "peacockish" abandon "love" say "love" will Luxurious houseboat flyblown. 因为“虚荣”嫌弃“爱情”说“爱情”会将自己的 豪华游艇弄脏。

45、In other words, when these thoughts come, you say "I'm sorry, I don't have room for you. 换句话说,每当负面情感来临,你说“对不起,这里没有你们待的地儿。

46、Likes the side knowing the circumstances of the matter seriously, China's old saying many are makes sense very much. 爱过方知情重,中国的古话很多都是很有道理的。

47、Love is free, and free love is the most real. -- Tennyson. 爱情是自由自在的,而自由自在的爱情是最真切的。——丁尼生。

48、The 30-foot rule also applies to affection. 这个30英尺惯例也适用于表露对孩子的喜爱之情。

49、The so-called love, just we wishful thinking. 所谓的爱情,只不过是我们一厢情愿。

50、Their love as the other words description: perhaps the past marriage, is perhaps the afterlife, in this life wrong meet, but increase the grievances of a fruit. 他们的爱情正如那句话说形容的那样:也许是前世的姻,也许是来生的缘,错在今生相见,徒增一段无果的恩怨。


51、Love is a sweet tyranny, because the lover endures his torment willingly. 爱情是甜蜜的虐政,情人心甘情愿地受它的折磨。

52、I Swear: I'll be protecting you and accompanying you, my lover! 当我还在寻找爱情的时候。你却把爱情象狗一样的牵着。

53、So is amatory love. 爱情,是免费的。

54、Love is eternal, love is easy to be old, sincere friendship enduring as the universe. 亲情不灭,爱情易老,真挚的友情天长地久。

55、Love is magical, and it can last, if we remember our differences. 爱情是奇妙的,如果我们记住彼此的不同,爱情必可长久。

56、The ring was important to her as an emblem of their love. 他送给妻子一枚戒指,作为爱情的信物。

57、Your jobs a joke, you're broke, your love life's D. O. A. (dead on arrival) 你的工作只是一个笑话,你破产了,而你的爱情胎死腹中。

58、Romantically, it's a warm and affectionate month when you'll feel more playful and demonstrative than usual. 感情方面,这是温暖而又充满情爱的一个月,你会比往常更爱玩也更容易动感情。

59、Love is , and it can last, if we remember our differences. 爱情是奇妙的,如果我们记住彼此的不同,爱情必可长久。

60、If the atom's are identical, in other words, if it's a mole of the same stuff, I don't have a way of distinguishing between those two. 如果原子是相同的,换句话说,如果我们有一摩尔全同的物质,我们没有办法区分这两种情况。

61、But, true of if the words of the what I expected, the love is apparently the peace is thin. 但是,真的如我所愿的话,爱情似乎太平淡了。

62、True love doesn't have a happy ending . because true love nover ends. 真正的爱情没有幸福的结局。因为真正的爱情从不会结束的。

63、Love at the sundown is the starting of true of affection! 夕阳的爱情才识真情的开端!

64、My topic is moods. 我的话题是情绪。

65、The fellow turned a keen , watchful face on the inquirer. 这个小伙子把脸转向问话的人, 表情敏锐而机警。

66、Description: Francis Ng, Lo Lan and William So speak Hakka in the movie, "Bakery Amour". 吴镇宇,罗兰和苏永康在“爱情白面包”电影里讲客家话…

67、Love should also be subtle , without enslaving the ones fallen into her arms. Not a bit less nor a bit more… 爱情也可以是淡淡的。这样,才不至成为爱情的囚徒,为爱情所缚;就是那样,不多、不少,只是淡淡的……

68、Love is like a play, your friendship, I have to show. 爱情就像一场戏,你的友情客串,我却倾情演出。

69、And then it increases gradually, surpasses the love in the love marriages at about five years. 但是随着时间的沉淀,大概xx年后,包办婚姻的爱情甚至超过了“两情相悦”中的爱情。

70、Sit down, and listen while I tell you all about it in a few, but, I hope, pretty vigourous sentences. 你坐下,听我用几句我想是直接了当的话把事情给你讲明白。

71、Unkindness destroys love. 粗暴毁爱情。

72、Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment, Chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie。幸福的爱情只能持续一段时间,而忧伤的爱情却能持续一生。

73、What about love? 什么是爱情?

74、In order to your happiness, I would be willing to give up everythingincluding you. 爱情使人忘记时间,时间也使人忘记爱情。

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