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导读: 26个,关于”表达原因的句型“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Sentence patterns expressing reasons。以下是关于表达原因的句型的六年级英语句子。


关于”表达原因的句型“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Sentence patterns expressing reasons。以下是关于表达原因的句型的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence patterns expressing reasons

1、Methods We constructed two eukaryotic expression vectors which contained the E1 and E2 gene of HCV, and detected their expression in mammalian cells with transient expression. 方法构建两个分别含HCV E1和E2抗原基因的真核表达载体, 用瞬时表达法检测其在哺乳动物细胞中的表达。

2、Objective To construct an eukaryotic expression vector of compound multi-epitope gene of HCV and express the gene in COS7 cells. 目的建立丙型肝炎病毒(HCV)复合多表位基因的真核表达载体,并在COS7细胞中瞬时表达。

3、However, the cadmium induced the DNA damage and the oncogenic protein expression may be the important factors to cause cancer. 氯化镉诱导细胞的DNA损伤和原癌基因表达的增加也可能是镉致癌的重要原因。

4、Objective To improve the immunogenicity of recombinant HBsAg expressed in CHO cells. 目的提高CHO细胞表达的重组乙型肝炎病毒表面抗原的免疫原性。

5、ObjectiveTo study the effect of fluorine on the amelogenin gene expression of mus musculus incisors. 目的探讨氟对小鼠釉原蛋白基因表达的影响。

6、Allergen-induced CD48 expression was independent of STAT-6, IL-13, and IL-4. 过敏原诱发的CD48表达与STAT因子6,白介素13和白介素4因子无关。

7、They transplanted Myc-driven lymphoma cells into wild-type mice and then turned on p53 expression in the lymphoma cells. 他们将原癌基因诱导的淋巴瘤移植到野生型小鼠,然后在淋巴瘤细胞启动p53表达。

8、The endogenous gene expression regulatory units are used to express particular chosen heterologous coding sequences and in particular to express heterologous antigens. 该内源基因表达调控单元用于表达所选的特定异源编码基因以及特别用于表达异源抗原。

9、"A detailed reading of that response, using gene expression data, reveals what type of pathogen the person is reacting to, " Zaas explained in a news release from the university. 泽滋在大学发表一则新闻中解释道:“仔细阅读反应,应用基因表达数据揭示与人起反应的病原型。”

10、Using the principle of mode superposition, the formula is given for finding the modal parameters. 利用振型叠加原理,求得整机的动态特性的模态参数表达式。

11、A cell or tissue antigen that is present in some members of a species and not others and that is recognized as foreign on an allograft. Alloantigens are usually products of polymorphic genes. 是指表达在一个种类内某些成员中而不表达在其它成员中,并能在同种异型移植中当作外来抗原识别的一种细胞或组织抗原,同种异型抗原通常是多态性基因的产物。

12、The modified gene was expressed by IPTG induction and purified by affinity chromatography and cleae in place. IPTG诱导该基因的表达,亲和层析和原位裂解法纯化表达产物。

13、Objective To construct expression plasmid of human motilin receptor. 目的构建人胃动素受体基因的原核表达载体。

14、Methods cDNA microarray chips containing 588 rat target genes were used to identify gene expression profile in synovitis of CIA rats and normal rats. 方法用含588个基因的大鼠基因表达谱芯片研究胶原诱导性关节炎及正常大鼠滑膜基因表达谱。

15、So, red blood cells of most African people do not express the Duffy blood-group protein. Now, the Duffy blood-group protein is essentially necessary for Plasmodium vivax to get into the red cell. 大多数非洲人的红细胞不表达达菲血型蛋白(Duffy blood-group protein),而间日疟原虫进入红细胞是需要达菲血型蛋白的,因此,呈达菲-阴性(Duffy-negative)的非洲人被认为对间日疟原虫有抵抗力。

16、Objective:To construct recombinant baculovirus expression vector containing hepatitis C virus (HCV) core gene and envelope 2 (E2) gene, and to study its expression and antigenicity in insect cells. 目的:构建含HCV全长核心基因和截短的包膜蛋白E2基因的重组杆状病毒表达载体,研究其表达和抗原性。

17、It points out that the space-archetype of courtyard of Chinese traditional folk house comes from the Great Mother's symbolical image and its split promoted the developing of courtyard. 指出中国传统建筑中庭院的空间原型源自“大母神”原型的象征性意象,庭院型制的发展是空间原型分化后相关象征群的意义表达。

18、Hypoxia may be a cause of high expression of leptin in pre-eclamptic placenta. 缺氧可能是子痫前期胎盘组织瘦素高表达的原因。

19、Conclusions The red blood cells may have grossly complete D antigen expression in the DEL individuals carrying RHD1227A alleles. 结论携带RHD1227A等位基因的中国汉族D放散型个体红细胞膜可能表达基本完整D抗原。

20、I'd like to copy many sentences from OCI official document . It would save me many trouble and these sentences are more exactly . 这里从原文档中复制了不少原句,这个省了很多麻烦而且这些表达更为准确。

21、This is what makes cells different, the number and quantity of the genes that they express. 这就是细胞产生差异的原因,即表达的基因在数量和质量上的差异

22、AIM: To construct the recombinant plasmids expressing full-length HCV core protein gene and 3 different deletion mutated hepatitis core protein genes and to express them in E. coli. 目的:构建丙型肝炎病毒(HCV)全长及3种不同缺失突变的核心蛋白基因的原核表达载体,并在大肠杆菌中表达。

23、Each phenotypic cell groups was D1A and D1B receptor positive with very high percent. D1B受体在任何一个抗原亚型的细胞群中均有高比例表达。

24、The researchers also found that osteopontin gene expression triggered the expression of profibrogenic genes. 研究者也发现骨桥蛋白基因的表达触发了纤维蛋白酶原基因的表达。

25、Objective To construct the expression vectors of human cytochrome P450(CYP)4F2 wild type, V81G and V433M Variants and express and purify CYP4F2 protein in E. 目的构建人细胞色素P450 4F2基因野生型、V81G和V433M突变型表达载体,在大肠杆菌中表达并纯化出CYP4F2蛋白。


26、The level of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and type I, III collagen in liver tissue were detected by immunohistochemistry. 免疫组化检测肝组织血管内皮生长因子(VEGF)、局部黏着斑激酶(FAK)、I型胶原和III型胶原的表达。

27、Idleness is the root of all evils. He was ashamed to have made the mistake.(=He was ashamed that he had made the mistake. =He was ashamed because he had made the mistake.) 除了上述的例句外,英语中还有很多或易或难的表达原因的结构。

28、Every night is a night for drink. 人要及时行乐

29、And for that course, Cook is, you will pardon the expression, an executive chef extraordinaire. 因为那个原因,库克,你能原谅这个表达,是一个杰出的执行主管。

30、I can't make love in my own language for some strange reasons. 出于某些说不清的原因,我无法用自己的语言表达爱。

31、Three factors lead to incorrect sentences: poor language ability and relevant psychological ability, too much dependence on context, and mistakes in innovation. 病句之所以存在,原因分三个层面:语言能力和相应心理能力的欠缺,对语境的过分依赖,以及创新表达的失误。

32、It's also unclear whether these gene-expression differences will translate into health differences. 能否将这些基因表达的差异理解为健康差异产生的原因还不得而知。

33、Every night is a night for drink. 人要及时行乐

34、It is a pressing research topic to study the problems and the reasons of farmer's interest expression blockades and to search for necessary countermeasures to resolve them. 探讨转型期农民利益表达存在的问题及其原因,提出克服农民利益表达障碍的对策应成为目前我国“三农”问题中一个亟需研究的课题。

35、Objective: To investigate the expression of MN/CA9 protein in patients with glycogen - rich renal cell carcinoma. 目的:研究MN/CA9蛋白在富糖原型肾细胞癌中的表达。

36、The fused gene of RIP-GST was induced with IPTG, and the expressed production was used as antigen for immunity to rabbit. 还对融合基因RIP-GST进行诱导表达,以表达产物作为抗原免疫兔子。

37、ZFIN manually curates comprehensive data for zebrafish genes, phenotypes, genotypes, gene expression, antibodies, anatomical structures and publications. ZFIN人工精选斑马鱼基因、表型、基因型、基因表达、抗体、解剖结构和出版物的广泛数据。

38、Objective:To construct the prokaryotic expression plasmid included HSV1-TK gene and detect the result of expression, the basis for using bacteria vector in tumor gene therapy was made in this work. 目的:构建含有HSV1-TK基因的原核表达质粒,并对其原核表达情况进行检测,为进一步将细菌载体应用于肿瘤基因治疗奠定基础。

39、The constitutive expression of chitinase genes of the transgenic plant can be effective against pathogens infection. 构成组成型表达几丁质酶基因的转基因植物,可有效地抵抗病原物的侵袭。

40、So we’ve shown that Plasmodium vivax has cleared Duffy negativity. 因此研究表明间日疟原虫已经攻克了达菲-阴性。

41、Conclusions The increased expression of mitochondria thioredoxin reductase may protect the heart against oxidative stress injury. 结论线粒体型硫氧还蛋白还原酶基因和蛋白表达的增加有利于大鼠心肌抗氧化损伤。

42、Although many proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are widely expressed, the mutation of these genes is associated with cancer of specific organs or cell types. 虽然许多原癌基因和肿瘤抑制基因被广泛表达,这些基因的突变与特定的器官或细胞类型的癌有关。

43、The polypeptides can enhance the expression of mRNA of collagenⅠ of osteoblasts. 牛骨多肽能提高Ⅰ型胶原mRNA表达。

44、Objective To construct the eukaryotic expression plasmids of HBV middle envelope protein and HBV E antigen. 目的构建乙型肝炎病毒( HBV)中片段表面抗原真核表达质粒和E抗原真核表达质粒。

45、It is a curse being blessed with so much to offer. 意思是人有能力并不是好事。

46、Human-shaped life size sculptures got the message across to delegates 人们以代表为原型制作了雕塑来传达这些信息。

47、AIM: To construct the melanoma antigen-1(MAGE-1) eukaryotic expression plasmid and express MAGE-1 in mouse melanoma B16 cells. 目的:构建黑色素瘤抗原1(MAGE 1)基因的真核表达载体,并在小鼠黑色素瘤B16细胞中进行表达。

48、Part of the reason is that medical terminology is difficult to express in a second language. 部分原因是因为医药术语在第二门语言中很难表达。

49、The level of vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF)? focal adhesion kinase(FAK)and type I? III collagen in liver tissue were detected by. 免疫组化检测肝组织血管内皮生长因子(VEGF)、局部黏着斑激酶(FAK)、I型胶原和III型胶原的表达。

50、Objective and Methods: To study the antigenicity of the Eglycoprotein B domain of dengue 2 virus by expressing its gene fragment. 目的和方法:通过对登革2型病毒E蛋白B区基因片段的表达,研究B区蛋白的抗原性。


51、The second is because ideas are best remembered when presented in threes. 而另一个原因,就是她的理念被表达为三条,因此最容易被熟记。

52、Glycosphingolipid antigens present on many cell types, including red blood cells. 为糖鞘脂抗原,表达于许多类型细胞表面,包括红细胞。

53、It is a curse being blessed with so much to offer. 意思是人有能力并不是好事。

54、Objective To express EDA gene in prokaryotic cells. 目的诱导EDA基因在原核细胞中的表达。

55、Objective To construct a secreted expression vector on human Sjogren′ s syndrome antigen A (SSA) in Pichia pastoris. 目的:构建表达人干燥综合征抗原A(SSA)的毕赤酵母分泌型表达载体。

56、Objective To increase the expression level of HBsAg in ginseng callus cells. 目的提高乙型肝炎病毒表面抗原在人参愈伤组织细胞中的表达。

57、OBJECTIVE To investigate the molecular cloning of the human tissue kininogenase gene and its expression in Escherichia coli . 目的克隆人胰腺组织激肽原酶基因,构建分泌型原核表达载体。

58、So it's going to express this gene, but you've put a foreign gene in the place of the natural gene, and so the foreign gene gets expressed instead. 所以它就会表达这段基因,但是你已经用一段,异源基因替代了原有基因,因此这段外来基因就被表达了

59、Objective To study the expression of P63 and P53, the relation between the expression of P63, P53 and PCNA, P16 in pancreatic neoplasms. 目的研究P53、P63基因在胰腺肿瘤中的表达及其意义; P63基因表达与P53、增殖细胞核抗原(PCNA)、P16表达的关系及其意义。

60、It is not sure that the constitutive expression of peroxidase genes in the transgenic plant can be effective against pathogens infection. 导入过氧化物酶基因,构成组成型表达的转基因植物,不一定能有效地抵抗病原物的侵袭。

61、Objective To clone human ornithine decarboxylase antizyme (OAZ) mutation gene and express its recombinant protein. 目的构建人鸟氨酸脱羧酶抗酶(OAZ)突变基因,重组至原核表达载体中并表达出重组蛋白。

62、So, in every statement, the condition or conclusion of the axiomatic semantics of expression has the "REASON" . 因此,在每个语句,表达式的公理中的条件部分和结论部分都含有REASON。

63、If they curse humorously, forgive their faux pas for being laid-back. 如果他们幽默地诅咒,原谅他们因为要表达放松的拙举…

64、Objective: To clone, express and identify human SRG gene. 目的克隆SRG基因、原核表达并鉴定。

65、To clone gene of the TRAIL and construct its prokaryotic expression vector. 目的克隆人TRAIL基因,构建其原核表达载体。

66、Objective:To clone and express recombinant HSV-2 antigen in E. coli. 目的: 在大肠杆菌中表达重组单纯疱疹病毒2型(HSV - 2 )抗原。

67、Objective To construct the recombinant plasmid carrying human sTNFR1 cDNA, and express sTNFR1 in E. 目的构建人可溶性肿瘤坏死因子受体1基因的重组质粒,进行原核表达。

68、Objective To construct a prokaryotic expression vector for human heat shock protein 70(HSP70) and melanoma antigen-4(MAGE-4) epitope genes and identify the expressed product. 目的构建热休克蛋白70(HSP70)与黑色素瘤抗原-4(MAGE-4)抗原表位基因的原核表达载体,并对表达产物进行鉴定。

69、The results showed that the primary xylem of the root is diarch, triarch and tetrarchy ; 结果表明:根的初生木质部为二原型、三原型和四原型;

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