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导读: 31个,关于”句子“的英语句子31个,句子主体:。以下是关于句子的雅思英语句子。




1、It’s very unusual for me to go back through my text and spend extra time reading it all again, fixing typos and changing sentences. 通过回顾我的作品再花费额外的时间再三来阅读,调整风格和改换句子,对我来说是非同寻常的。

2、Since then, Wikipedians have been fanatical about providing sources for facts, with teams of editors adding the label “citation needed” to any sentence without a footnote. 自那时以来,维基一直热衷于提供事实源。针对任何不带注脚的句子,编辑会添加标签“需要引证”。

3、Found in "MENCIUS" is a line which reads. "SHE JlE"(All)comes from the palace for use . " As is known, no expert has ever given a sound explanation to the word "SHE". 《孟子》中“舍皆取诸其宫中而用之”一句的“舍”字,历来注家没有给它一个恰当圆通的解释。

4、The syntax is similar to the IMPORT example just shown in that you specify a registered (and completed) XML schema when invoking the XMLVALIDATE clause. 语法类似于刚刚显示的 IMPORT 示例,因为您在调用 XMLVALIDATE 子句时指定了一个已注册(或已完成的)XML 模式。

5、The last thing I want my child to do is click to buy tchotchkes online with Mom and Dad’s money, under the caption: "This will teach them what things are worth." 我不愿意让我的孩子做的,就是在这句话的前提下:“这会教他们认识事物的价值。”

6、In this exhibition, without subject name, you will see four up-to-date style works of art produced by Chinese and Japanese contemporary artists. 在这个以缺失主语的句子为命名的展览里,我们将呈现四位风格迥异的日本与中国当代艺术家新作。

7、A center part. The line it creates draws focus to the center of your face. In other words, all eyes will be zoned in on your nose. 中分。中分线会使人们的注意力集中在脸的中央。换句话说,所有的焦点都会集中在你的鼻子上。

8、In other words, Princess Kiko, who is 39, with daughters who are 14 and 11, may have felt pressure to lie back and think of Japan. 换句话说,已经有一对分别为14 岁和11 岁的女儿的39 岁的纪子妃已经感到身体压力,想返回日本。

9、The notes concluded with a piece of Confucius-style advice that framed our trip as a test of character: “He who can bear hardship should carry on.” 须知用一句孔夫子风格的忠告作为结尾,把我们的旅行作为个人品性的测试:坚忍不拔,无往不胜。

10、Lexical density, processes distributing, average sentence length, formality, mood distribution and violation of Gricean Cooperative Principle are the parameters to be under statistics. 列入统计的变量包括词汇密度、过程分布、平均句子长度、语体分值、语气分布和对合作原则的违反几项。

11、Finally, the constraint that the modified nominals cannot be bare is explained by the external null D licensing via N-to-D movement. 当这个被修饰的名词是一个光杆名词时,因为要对外部零形式(null)D 进行认可,它必须移出关系子句。

12、He answer'd not one Word, but look'd very grave and sad: I ask'd him what was the matter with him? 我对他说,我们可以动手造一条跟这一样大的船,让他坐着回家。他一句话也没有说,脸上显出很庄重、很难过的样子。

13、I watched her carefully select several leeks and ake mushrooms and ask the clerk, who knew her well, for peanuts and tofu. 我看着她精挑细选了几棵韭葱和一些蘑菇,在跟她很熟的菜贩子那里买了花生和豆腐,两人还聊了几句家常。

14、Apophasis Allusion to something by denying that it will be mentioned, as in I will not bring up my opponent's questionable financial dealings. 阳否阴述通过否认某事物将被提到来加以暗示,如在句子我不想提及竞争对手其令人置疑的财政交易。

15、The table space placement for XML data is determined by the LONG IN clause, which can be specified at partition level, table level, or any combination thereof. XML 数据的表空间位置由 LONG IN 子句决定,其可在分区级别、表级别、或它们的任何组合中指定。

16、Becky thought her father had never looked so tall and so superb as when he walked the floor and stamped his foot and said that. 贝基见父亲踏着地板,跺着脚说这句话时显得十分伟 大了不起,她以前从没见过父亲是这个样子。

17、A detailed review of studies on sentential semantics made in China since 1978 indicates that the research in this area has been developing as follows. 本文从多方面、多角度回顾和综述了xx年以来我国外语界学者在句子语义学研究中取得的成就。

18、Centuries later, Morse codes till draws the attention of geeks. With this you can translate any English sentence into dots and dashes. 上世纪末,莫尔斯电码仍然引起很多极客的兴趣。利用这款应用你可以随意把英语句子转化成莫尔斯信号。

19、Notice in that sentence, he uses those Aristotelian terms, " "form" and "matter" that we spoke about in relation to the Aristotelian regime. 注意看这个句子,他使用那些亚里士多德式的词汇,“形式“和,“物质,那是在谈亚里士多德式政体时所见的词汇。

20、With a swish of his hand and staccato phrase, he shooed a bevy of young locals away, clearing a table for us in the process. 只见他扬手一挥,干脆利落地撇出一句话,立刻就轰走了当地的一群小青年,给我们腾出了一张桌子。

21、Can not know the fans to partite in 2011 Shanghai International Film Festival, we want to go to Jiro and "Purple House " cheer! 英语高手帮翻译看看这个句子:不晓得粉丝可不能够参与xx年上海国际电影节,想去给汪东城和紫宅加油!

22、Before you ask us to bend over and grab our ankles, could you at least kiss our necks or whisper sweet nothings into our ears? 在你要求我们弯下身抓住脚踝时,能不能至少亲吻一下我们的脖子或者轻声说两句甜言蜜语呢?

23、The moonish dame low voice said severals, that person swept peony an eye and turned brain low voice to say severals. 如月的贵妇人低声说了几句,那人扫了牡丹一眼,回头低声说了几句。

24、Look at the claim it's paired with. 看看这句对应的说法。

25、In this case, the whole sentence has been presented as right-to-left and the embedded English sequences have been properly reversed by the bidirectional algorithm. 在这种情况下,整个句子以从右向左的方向被展示并且嵌入的英文序列会被双向机制正确地反向。


26、After all, the same curly braces replace the RETURN statement in a subroutine (function), the ENDIF statement in a conditional and the NEXT statement in a FOR loop. 毕竟,一样的大括号在子程序中用替代了RETURN,在条件语句中替代了ENDIF,在FOR循环中替代了NEXT。

27、One alternative to checking each literal text string is to create a language pr to decipher each sentence to determine exactly what is being asded. 一种选择是检测每一个文本串也就是创建一个语言解释器分析每一个句子来确定到底在问什么。

28、Instead of adding tags (he said/she said) to every bit of dialogue, learn to identify the speaker by showing him/her in action. 不要在每句对话前面加上标签(他说/她说),学着用动作来点明说话人。例子:“把那香喷喷的火鸡端过来。”

29、I had no momentum, I was scared of writing , and I just kept sitting there plotting possible sentences in my mind with my fingers motionless on the keyboard. 我没了动力,我很害怕写下废话,我只是坐在那里,手指放在键盘上,一动不动,想象可能的句子。

30、An expression that does not bear translation. 不要逐字逐句地翻译。

31、Luke 11:30. For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation. 导读: 今日金句:路加福音11:30,约拿怎样为尼尼微人成了神迹,人子也要照样为这世代的人成了神迹。

32、Stephen Chow: Daddy, I want to do" in martial arts scholar. " Ng Man Tat ( excited):" son! We sue Chahar house, the words you waited for 20 years! 周星驰:“老爹,我要上京考武状元。”吴孟达(兴奋地):“儿子!我们苏察哈尔家等你这句话等了整整xx年了!

33、The INHERIT SELECT PRIVILEGES clause specifies that any user or group holding the SELECT privilege on a supertable is to be granted an equivalent privilege on new subtables. INHERIT SELECT PRIVILEGES 子句指定,在超表上保留了SELECT 权限的用户或组都将获准在新表上拥有同等的权限。

34、You western can't understand the connotation from the sentence which like "Do not be attracted by me(brother), brother(me) is just a Ledgend"; 你们西方人并不理解像‘不要迷恋哥,哥是只个传说’这类句子的真正含义,这是东方人解读犀利哥的方式。

35、Margaret, marriedwith two small children, has been working for the last seven years as a night cleaner, cleaning offices in a big building. 皪【句式翻译】 玛格丽特,已婚,带着两个孩子,xx年来一直在做清洁工,晚上给一座大楼里的办公室打扫卫生。

36、Gets a security key identifier clause that references this security token when this security token is not included in the SOAP message in which it is referenced. 获取当此安全令牌未包含在引用它的 SOAP 消息内时引用此安全令牌的安全密钥标识符子句。

37、Rather the sun smiles Chen she a way:"I whatever namely to freely say 1, pour to make you memorize to climb." 宁阳笑嗔她一句道:“我不过是随口说一句,倒叫你惦记上了。

38、I have to read these lines again: "And when they list, their lean and flashy songs grate on their scrannel Pipes of wretched straw." 我需要再读一遍这些句子:,“当他们列举出他们贫瘠而浮华的歌颂时“,亦显示出卑鄙无能的低劣之声“

39、The objective factors refer to the language force in sent ences while the subjective factors to cultural background, personal experience, edu2cation and so on. 客体因素是句子自身体现出的语力, 主体因素涉及阐释者的文化背景、个人经历、教育程度等因素。

40、Darius, who doesn't like school, who is sometimes stupid_and_mostly a fool, said something wise today, though most days he says nothing. 大流士 ,不喜欢上学的他,有时很傻,几乎是个笨人,今天却说了一句聪明的话,虽然大多数日子他什么都不说。

41、If you could have dinner with ANY one person, dead or alive, who would it be? And why? (Please provide a detailed explanation - in complete sentences. ) 如果你能与任何一个人吃饭,死是活,谁将会是什么?为什么? (请提供一个完整的句子的详细解释-。)

42、In addition, the return clause in this query contains conditional logic to determine if an e-mail element is present in a given customer's record. 此外,这个查询中的 return 子句包含一个条件逻辑,用于判断给定客户的记录中是否存在 e-mail 元素。

43、Father's imprisonment, concubine was robbed, a great insult that Sangui rage, said one: "a real man can not protect a woman, what people see Jesus face." 父亲受刑,爱妾被抢,奇耻大辱令吴三桂勃然大怒,说了一句:“大丈夫不能保一女子,何面见人耶。”

44、They stole kisses as they ped into each other in their tiny kitchen. They finished each other’s sentences and shared the daily crossword puzzle and word jumble. 他们在小厨房里错身而过时偷吻;他们说完彼此的半截句子;他们一起玩拼字和字谜游戏。

45、If the framework of a sentence is too rigid, or word choices are too precise, life is ed right out of the writing. It becomes stilted, or wooden, or vapid. 如果句子结构太僵硬,选字太严格精确,文章就会失去生气,变得矫揉造作、呆板,甚至乏味。

46、When you see a new word, look it up. Think about the word——use it, in your mind,in a sentence. 随身携带一本小英文字典,当你看到一个新字时就去查阅它,想想这个字---然后去用它,在你的心中,在一个句子里。

47、I will get hy when you die. (这句总不用翻译了吧)

48、As indicated in the previous tests, the sentence-filling section in the reading part of BEC test has always been the most difficult part for most students. 以往的考试结果表明,剑桥商务英语考试中句子填空是大多数考生感觉最难把握的部分之一。

49、“I would give 2, 000 camels for her, ” the smooth-talking carpet seller said, adding gallantly, “so many women visitors, they are worth only donkeys.” “我愿意给她2000头骆驼,”会说话的地毯店老板说,然后殷勤地加了一句,“女游客多的是,她们只值一头驴子。”

50、To make a conditional logic gate between two ion qubits, we require a coupling between them—in other words, we need them to talk to each other. 要制作两个量子位元间的条件逻辑闸,它们彼此间必须有耦合,换句话说,两者之间要能对话。

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