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导读: 48个,关于”最美的诗“的英语句子48个,句子主体:The most beautiful poem。以下是关于最美的诗的专业英语句子。


关于”最美的诗“的英语句子48个,句子主体:The most beautiful poem。以下是关于最美的诗的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The most beautiful poem

1、A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself, What a man can be, he must be. 音乐家当作曲,美术家当绘画,诗人当写诗。如果要最终获得自身安宁,应身在其职,当谋其事。

2、To study the poetic beauty in The Analects can help us reraise the poetic … 研究《论语》的诗性美,有助于我们重新评估《论语》的诗学价值。

3、As a unique stylistic feature of the literature , poem brings us music beauty , visual beauty , image beauty and symbolic beauty . 诗歌作为文学的一种独特形态,具有音乐美、视觉美、意象美和寓意美的文体特征。

4、Pursuing the poetic and aesthetic living of life is the prominent characterics of Chinese ancient aesthetics. Traditional scholar-officials thought about and practised the poetic life through art. 追求人生的诗性生存及生活的审美化、艺术化是中国古代美学的突出特征,传统士大夫们通过艺术去思考人生的诗化、去实践人生的诗化。

5、On one hand, the poems of Wang Wei employ the skills that embody the landscape's beauty of line, composition of picture and colors, that is " merge the picture into the poems"; 这一方面是指王维诗中用以表现山水景物线条美、构图美和色彩美的技法,即所谓的“融画入诗”;

6、As a child, my favorite 8)hymn was: "Weary of earth and 9)laden with my sin." 孩提时,我最喜欢的赞美诗是:“尘世可厌,重负罪孽。”

7、Safeguarding the rights of others is the most le and beautiful end of a human being. " - Kahlil Gibran, "The Voice of the Poet"" 守卫他人的权利是人类最神圣和美丽的事情。“ - 卡希尔•吉布兰, ”诗的声音“”

8、Beauty is non-reality. It is being of poetic quality. 美在非现实性,美就是诗意栖居。

9、A poem lovely as a tree. 美如玉树的诗章。

10、Tianhan s drama works absorb the psyche of poem and try to remain the aesthetic value and aesthetic meaning of poem. 田汉的话剧作品吸收、融化了诗的内在魂魄,力图在话剧中留存诗的审美本质和审美意义。

11、He was rough and strong, and could take on any number of enemies. But he was also a very highly educated scholar who could write poetry as well as the best poets of his day. 他粗犷强壮,能以一当十同时他又是一个杰出的、受过良好教育的学者,他写的诗可以和那个时代最好的诗歌媲美。

12、Desires can be sublimated into fine poetry. 欲望可以升华为美妙的诗。

13、Pure and elegant Kérastase Hair Care Zone offers you an extraordinary styling experience and care from the world-class professional brand. 干净、素雅的卡诗护发区,让您在美发的同时体验国际专业品牌最奢华的护发礼遇。

14、Poetics is a distinct genre that involves poets articulating their aesthetic perspective. 诗学是一种关于诗人表现其美学观点的独特样式。

15、I guess the poems of a noted Chinese poet Hai Zi are the most representative and impressive. 我觉得,中国著名诗人海子的诗是最有代表性的,也是最令人印象深刻的。

16、Sophocles said: To never have been born, may be the greatest boon of all. 希腊悲剧诗人)索福克勒斯说:「不出生在这个世上,也许是最完美的结果。」

17、And just because of those poems, she is considered as "the greatest and most creative poetess" and "the greatest poetess after Sho in the West". 正因为这些诗作,她被誉为“最伟大、最具创造性的诗人”和“西方自萨福以来最伟大的女诗人”。

18、URGELLING, India-He drank wine, cavorted with women and wrote poetry that spoke of life's earthly pleasures. 他喝着酒,和女人跳着舞,写着述说生命最纯美的诗。

19、There are beautiful prose poetry offered in our Prose and Poetry section. 在“散文诗”这个栏目里有许多美妙的散文诗提供。

20、Yazi U. S. special, Clarins, Yun Miao these three which is the best? 雅滋美特,娇韵诗,蕴妙这三个哪个最好呢?

21、If Tongchuan the development of a magnificent history of the poem, then the new district development and construction is of course the minister of the most beautiful poetry movement! 如果说铜川发展的历史是一部气势恢宏的长诗,那么新区开发建设无疑是这部长诗中最华美的乐章!

22、One of the first books printed in the colonies was the Bay Psalm Book, the standard hymnal of the time. 海湾圣诗集》是最早在殖民地区印刷的图书之一,它是当时的标准赞美诗集。

23、   诗人创造美 The poet creates the beauty。

24、The author tries to demonstrate artistic relationship between poems and paintings from Wang Wei's artistic works. 文章以王维诗为切入点,论证诗与画之间的审美关系;

25、Only faith, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. 只有信仰,诗歌,爱和浪漫,才能揭开这层帘子,为我们描绘后面最惊人的美丽,最崇高的乐趣。


26、It then summarizes the specific connotations of Ai's concept of "poetry as beautiful prose". 文章最后总结出艾青的“诗的散文美”的具体含义。

27、The virtues endorsed by the poetic tradition of which Aristophanes is the great representative here the great inheritor and representative the virtues of this tradition were the virtues of a warrior culture of war-like peoples and men at war. 诗学传统赞同的美德,亚里斯多芬尼斯是,最佳的代表性人物,最佳的继承人与代表性人物,这项传统的美德,是战士文化的美德,关于好战人士及战场上的人。

28、Misty poetry is the resuscitation of traditional poetics, by no means of new esthetics principle growing up. “朦胧诗”是“传统诗学精神的复苏”而非“新美学原则的崛起”。

29、Since love is the most romantic 、the deepest and the most tenuous poem, we are from here and end from some where unknown. 既然爱情是心里最美、最沉重和最缥缈的诗篇,就从这里开始,从未知的位置结束。

30、Now get your hymn book and sing your favorite hymn of desperate faith. --Rev. 现在拿起你们的歌本子,唱你们所最喜爱的,那些赞美危急中信心的诗吧:——蔡特威克

31、They're invariably cited as among the most beautiful and exquisite lines in Paradise Lost but on some level they've proven the bane of scholars because they can't be squared with any of the poem's theological message. 它们被单调地引证为,中最美最细致的诗句,但在某些层面他们证明了学者的祸害,因为它们并不能与诗歌所传达的神学信息相一致。

32、Then you have these psalms and prayers. 然后有很多的赞美诗和祈祷。

33、Look at the last stanza. 看这首诗的最后一段。

34、Poetry should have an aesthetic standard in common, which requires the real reflection of the inner world. 诗,应有共同的审美标准:诗所抒写的内心世界,贵在真诚,而此“真”又应同善与美有联系;

35、He puts forward special category of poetic aesthetics, which becomes the best ilration of aesthetics in prosperous Tang Dynasty and important category of Chinese poetic aesthetics. 其《河岳英灵集》“序”、“集论”在“选”、“评”两方面都有重要建树。他提出了“兴象”的诗美学范畴,成为对盛唐诗美的最好说明、阐解,也成为中国诗美学的重要范畴。

36、Dylan Thomas is one of the most prominent and most influential poets in Britain and the United States since the 1940's. 狄兰?托马斯是xx年代以来英美诗坛最重要、最有影响力的诗人之一。

37、Furthermore, sharing sensuous beauty and affective beauty of image through grasping the aesthetic isomorph between Tang poetry and other artistic forms helps to achieve aesthetic equivalence. 而通过了解唐诗艺术与其他艺术形式在美学特征上的互通性来感受唐诗创作中意象传达的感官美和情感美,有助于翻译过程中审美对等的实现。

38、   9诗人创造美 The poet creats the beauty。

39、His poems, drawing the essence of romanticism, aestheticism, mysticism, symbolism and metaphysics, have experienced several significant changes and at last evolved into his own unique style. 一生创作颇丰,其诗吸收浪漫主义、唯美主义、神秘主义、象征主义、玄学诗的精华,几度变革,最终熔炼出独特的风格。

40、So that workers in May, writing the world's most perfect lines. 让劳动者的xx月,书写出世界上最完美的诗行。

41、Edmund Spenser is one of the great forerunners of the poetic altar of the English Renaissance and is hailed as"the poets'poet". 埃德蒙·斯宾塞是文艺复兴时期英国诗坛的伟大先驱之一,享有“诗人之诗人”的美誉。

42、Tofind the most beautiful chapter in life, we need lots of scenes to decorate our boring mood. 在生活中发现,最美丽的诗篇,我们需要源源不断的风景,去装饰平乏已久的心境。

43、He had hated the crowd so, and here all that was finest and most sacred of him had been thrown to the crowd. 布里森登是那么仇恨群氓,而此刻他所有的最优秀最神圣的东西却被扔给了群氓,每天诗里的美都遭到宰割;

44、The most remarkable achievement is her prose, which is full of the eal of the lyric poem and landscape picture, namely the unique artistic charm. 她一生都在写作散文,成就也以散文最为显著。她的散文作品满蕴着抒情诗的韵味和风景画的明丽―诗画美,具有独特的艺术魅力。

45、People in this figure statue ----------Sings the hymn. 人们对这数字神像-----唱赞美诗。

46、Intellectual writing and folk writing are two ways to transcend misty poetry and also germinated new aesthetic principle. “朦胧诗”是“传统诗学精神的复苏”而非“新美学原则的崛起”。

47、The language of poetry brings the poetic nature of language into full play. 诗的语言在语言中最具“思辨性” ,最大程度彰显了语言的诗意本性。

48、It was a late recessional, one of the last in Asia. 唱一首退场赞美诗已经为时甚晚啦--这是最后撤出亚洲的几个点之一。

49、Poetic mood inherently decides the creation and explanation, and also decides the aesthetics nature of Chinese Poetry. 兴内在地决定著诗的创作和表达,决定著中国诗的审美特性。

50、The eightysecond seal is that I have seen 第八十三封 最美的情诗


51、Wang Yucheng's aesthetic roach and style of poetry played a creative role model in literati of the Song Dynasty, and therefore made a profound influence to the formation of the Song poetry. 最终使他的诗歌形成了平易清丽和沉郁峻拔兼具的诗风。王禹偁这种审美取向和诗歌风范对宋代文人的创作起到了示范作用,也因此对宋调的形成产生了深远的影响。

52、With reearance of the history, Eighth Route Army tries to convey the beauty of sight, emotion, and senses to audience, forming an epic style of"epic in history, and history in epic". 《八路军》在再现历史的同时,力求向观众传达视觉之美、情感之美、理性之美,形成一种“史中有诗,诗中有史”的史诗风格。

53、The poem beginning This world is sweet was the one he considered to be the keynote of the whole series and so he placed it at the beginning of the volume. 他认为以“这世界如此甜美”开头的那首诗是整组诗的基调,所以就把它放在这本诗集的最前面。

54、Its tragic beauty, at the art level, manifests the beauty of hazy mood, the beauty of artistic ambience as well as the beauty of poetic er. 《红楼梦》的悲剧美在艺术上表现出朦胧美、意境美和诗意美。

55、On the artistry, they kept on searching in the beauty of poetry form, especially on Qilv. 其次,在艺术技巧上,对诗歌的形式之美进行进一步的探索,尤以七律方面的成就为最。

56、Thus the most outstanding poet always desires to be made a poet laureate . 因此最杰出的诗人总希望获得桂冠诗人的尊号。

57、They handed patients hymnals and distributed programs. 他们拿着病人的赞美诗集和安排任务。

58、And the more modern "poet" unilaterally the poetic Word. 而当代“诗人”多把诗意片面地理解成文字美。

59、Xinghai held a strong and intense interest in music, while arts, calligraphy, poetry and theory of social science were at the same time his life-long likings. 星海的兴趣最强烈最集中的是音乐,同时也具有广阔性,美术、书法、诗词、社会科学理论等,都是他所热爱的。

60、"The waters of Danjiangkou are fresh and sweet.My heart is linked to the new migrant's heart," proclaims one of the most poetic exhortations. 一条最有诗意的标语写道:“丹江口的水美又甜,我与新移民心连心”。

61、得不到的美才是最美的最长久的美用英文怎么说 得不到的美才是最美的最长久的美 Beauty is the most beautiful and lasting beauty.

62、Poetry is the record of the best and hiest moments of the hiest and best minds. --P. B. 诗歌是最快乐、最高尚的心灵最美好、最幸福的时刻的记录。

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