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关于”骂人的句子“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Swearing sentences。以下是关于骂人的句子的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Swearing sentences

1、Mother used to scold the boy without a moment's thought. 母亲过去常常不加考虑地乱骂孩子。

2、First a car comes screeching to a halt inches away from him, but still the dog leads on, then a bicyclist almost wipes them out and curses as he goes by. 开始一辆汽车吱嘎一下停在了几英寸外,狗仍然带着盲人在走,后来一个骑自行车的差点把他们撞飞,并咒骂了盲人几句。

3、You should ease up on the boy and stop scolding him. 你对这男孩子应该宽容一点,别再骂他了。

4、And so he went on scolding to his den beneath. 他就这么骂骂咧咧地回到他的窝里。

5、A five-year-old child blaspheming his neighbors, for instance, might pique the parents to punish the misdoer. 假定一个5岁的儿童咒骂邻居。这会激怒家长采取暴力措施惩罚做错事的孩子。

6、I wanted to lean my head back into his old lap and let him pour his eloquent curses into my ears forever. 我想把自己的头往后靠,谛听他的责备,以他动人的咒骂注入我的耳中。

7、He cursed to himself, and in a few minutes came out with a lighted candle, and proceeded to their room. 他自言自语地咒骂着,几分钟后他拿着一根点着的蜡烛出来,向他们的屋子走去。

8、Xiangzi had been brought up in a northern village where cursing was taboo. 祥子生在北方的乡间,最忌讳随便骂街。

9、To educate a child, we'd better reason more and scold less. 教育孩子应该多劝谕,少责骂。

10、i curse your buying instant noodles without getting flavoring bags. 我谩骂你一辈子买便利面没有调料包。

11、I was physically influenced by the atmosphere and scene, and my ears were filled with the curses the maniac still shrieked out; 我确实深受这种气氛和景色的感染,而我的耳朵却充斥着疯子尖叫着的咒骂声。

12、R is for Respond with consideration – don’t apportion blame and condemn, don’t make it about the other person being wrong. 体贴回应 – 不要责备或咒骂,不要指责成对方的错。

13、The windowpane was broken by the child; he will certainly be scolded. 窗上的玻璃叫那个孩子打破了,他肯定要挨骂的。

14、He always swears and blasphemes when he's drunk. 他酒醉后总是骂骂咧咧亵渎神灵。

15、She retrained herself from scolding her child until the guests left. ; 她强忍住不责骂孩子,直 到客人都走了。

16、He was happy to combine in the same imprecation the two things which he most detested, Prussia and England. 他以能那样把他最恨的两件东西,普鲁士和英格兰,连缀在一句骂人的话里而感到自得。

17、Their tongues were unloosed ; a conflagration of grins, oaths, and songs exploded. 一个个的舌头全灵活了,一阵笑谑、咒骂、歌唱的大火延烧起来了。

18、If the students swore constantly, they could keep their hands submerged for an average of two minutes. 如果学生不停的咒骂,他们平均能保持他们的手浸没两分钟。

19、Swearing actually is demonstrably beneficial, according to scientists in a different preposterous news story entirely. 根据一贯前后颠倒的不同故事,咒骂实际上是确确实实有益的。

20、"You call me old witch, do ye, you deceiver!" says she, "when ye ought to ha' been calling me mother-law these last five months!" ‘你骂我老巫婆,你敢骂我,你这个,’她悦,‘这五个月来,你该叫我丈母娘才对!’

21、You should ease up the child and stop scolding her. 你管孩子太严了,不要总是责骂她。

22、YangManLi overheard their quarrel, back of son scold, absolutely don't need son outside is the woman! 杨曼莉偷听了他们的吵架,背后对儿子骂,绝对不需儿子在外有女人!

23、The kids playing stickball gathered to curse the driver who had made them ter, but now were watching with awestruck interest. 那些玩儿童棒球的孩子们刚才还咒骂那个把他们吓散了的司机,这时也在旁边看热闹,觉得又怕又有趣。

24、He jumped his son out. 他把他的儿子痛骂了一顿。

25、The boy was smacked down by his parents. 这孩子被父母责骂一顿。


26、As he played nearby, I was overexerting myself and practically cursing all the trees for having made such a mess. 他在一旁玩耍,而我一边辛苦地捡着树叶,一边咒骂这些树把我们的院子搞得这么糟。

27、After about ten minutes of this, Flossie gave me a short but blistering scolding (seasoned with her one pet expletive) and went back upstairs to whatever it was she normally did around there. 大约10分钟后,弗洛西很严厉地把我批评了一顿(中间还时不时蹦出她咒骂时最爱说的一句口头语”),就又上楼做自己的事了。

28、Prince daily and ZhangLiHua flirting, bender. 太子每日与张丽华打情骂俏,饮酒作乐。

29、Why do you show off?” a student blamed him in English contemptuously. 臭显摆什么呀?” 一个同学轻蔑地用英文骂了姜浩一句,姜浩敏感地问:“你说什么?”

30、The chat areas will be staffed with operators to provide assistance and prevent abuse. 这里的交谈区是安全的且有管理员提供协助及防止咒骂。

31、When he slowed to a stop at a yellow light, the woman hit the horn, cussing and screaming in frustration and gesturing angrily. 当那名男子因黄灯减速停车时,她却大按喇叭、气愤地叫嚣、咒骂他,并作出愤怒的手势。

32、Heathcliff groaned a curse, and strained Catherine closer: she never moved. 希刺克厉夫哼出一声咒骂,把凯瑟琳抱得更紧,她一动也不动。

33、The old woman rained down curses on our heads. 那老婆子把我们骂得狗血喷头。

34、See nomads children not to bite, more can't beat and scold. 见到牧民孩子不要大声斥责,更不能打骂。

35、Cups and platters flew, sausages tered everywhere, and a dozen Manderly men came cursing to their feet. Some grabbed up knives, platters, flagons, anything that might serve as a weapon. 杯子碟子四处翻飞,香肠洒落了一地,许多曼德利的人不停咒骂,有些则抓起刀碟酒壶,任何可以用作武器的东西。

36、She always scolded her children, but they knew her bark was worse than her bite. 她动不动就骂她的孩子们,但孩子们都知道她是刀子嘴豆腐心。

37、Jack would argue and eff all day long. 杰克常会整天争论不休骂骂咧咧。

38、She always scolded her children , but they knew her bark was worse than her bite. 她动不动就骂她的孩子们,但孩子们都知道她是刀子嘴豆腐心。

39、At the time the ship's company were worried about her squawking expletives when meeting the Royal couple. 当时舰员们担心她在觐见女王夫妇时会发出咒骂。

40、The deadlock continued for 20 minutes. The more I cursed him, he issued more bills. 就这样僵持了20分钟,我越咒骂他,他就开越多罚单。

41、Its owner tried to scold me, but the attempt was not a success, we both laughed so. 书的主人想要责骂我,却没骂出口,我们两个一笑了之。

42、Debating against him is no fun, say something insulting and he looks at you like a whipped dog. 跟他辩论真无趣,你骂他几句,他却像是一只挨打的狗一样看着你。

43、This is an incantation that can spell anybody. 这是一句能迷惑住人的咒语。

44、Black mule denounced ErNian, also looked for oil meat. 黑骡子怒骂二娘,还找过油肉证明。

45、The woman shrieked and railed , and demanded that someone defend her and chastise the soldier. 妇女开始大叫并且咒骂这个大兵,希望能够有人出来主持公道,惩罚这个家伙。

46、I think he swore: but I didn't mind him, I was straining to see the bairn,' and she began again to describe it rapturously. “我想他咒骂来着,可我没管他,我就是要看看孩子,”她又开始狂喜地描述起来。

47、Relatives have scolded him, saying he is irresponsible. 亲戚们数落他,骂他是不孝子。

48、Researchers suggest swearing can speed up heart rate and increase people's aggression levels while simultaneously reducing their sensitivity to pain. 据分析,人在咒骂时的心率增加,表现得更具攻击性,对疼痛的忍耐力也有所增强。

49、The boys were calling the old lady names as she hobbled up the street. 老妇人 跚蹒着在街上走时,男孩子们谩骂她。

50、For business owners, this word is the one most likely to inspire headaches and fits of cussing. 对于企业主,这个字是一个最容易激发头痛及适合的咒骂。


51、For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death 摩西说,当孝敬父母。又说,咒骂父母的,必治死他。

52、All the girl on him in the class. 班上的女孩子们都喜欢和他打情骂俏。

53、Then said Abishai the son of Zeruiah unto the king, Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? let me go over, I pray thee, and take off his head. 洗鲁雅的儿子亚比筛对王说,这死狗岂可咒骂我主我王呢?求你容我过去,割下他的头来。

54、10For Moses said, 'Honor your father and your mother, ' and, 'Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.' 摩西说:'当孝敬父母,'又说:'咒骂父母的,必治死他.'

55、Then you Gaima I unfilial descendants. 这时,你该骂我不孝子孙了。

56、Kobe cussed at his teammate and no one mentions that Jordan often came to fists with teammates. 科比曾经咒骂他的队友,然而从没有人提到乔丹也经常与自己的队友发生争执。

57、You know that woman who stands on her doorstep (or in line at the supermarket, or at the park, or in a restaurant) cursing at her children? 你知不知道当一个女人站在家门口(或是在超市排队时,或是在公园,或是在饭店里)咒骂她的孩子们的样子?

58、Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me. 小子,去年你骂得我好恨啊!

59、"A couple of slackers, " Kevin said, shoving two rolls of sushi into his mouth. “这两个懒鬼,”凯文骂骂咧咧,一下子塞了两个 寿 丝到嘴里。

60、For every man who tried to rub her head, there were three who muttered maledictions under their breath when she went by. 相对于每一个试图揉她脑袋的人来说,就有三个人在她经过时低声咒骂。

61、Don't fight or say rude words.不打架不骂人。

62、” “ 吃蚂蚁, 骂那些失业者, 像疯子一样爱你.”《两小无猜》 Friend.What happened to your ss?

63、Growling the foulest imprecations, he crawled along the sand till he got hold of the porch and could hoist himself again upon his crutch. 他咆哮着发出最恶毒的咒骂,爬在沙地上,一直爬到了门廊前,抓着门柱子,用拐将自己的身体重新撑了起来。

64、He swore at the boy who dropped ink on the book. 倒翻在书上的孩子臭骂了一顿。

65、Mrs. Logan scolded her son for eating in the car. 络根太太骂她孩子在车里吃东西。

66、I am such a piece of s*** that he can abuse me; he wouldn’t dare do it someone else. 我就是这么个...以至于他可以咒骂我;而他不敢对其他任何人做相同的事。

67、"You are like a little kid, people feed you , you'll eat it! ". 洋人骂人无智,“你象个孩子一样,人家给你粪,你也吃!”。

68、a student blamed him in English contemptuously.Jiang asked sensitively, “What are you saying? 一个同学轻蔑地用英文骂了姜浩一句,姜浩敏感地问:“你说什么?”

69、we change.Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts. 不论你的生活如何卑贱,你要面对它生活,不要躲避它,更别用恶言咒骂它。

70、White people were pointed at in the street and called "foreign devil". 白种人走在街上都会被指着骂“洋鬼子”。

71、To support this Han brat ? I've heard nasty stuff about two of the three people he insulted. 支持姓韩这小子吧,他骂的三人中有两个我听着都不顺耳。

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