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导读: 52个,关于”较难的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Difficult sentences。以下是关于较难的句子的八年级英语句子。


关于”较难的句子“的英语句子52个,句子主体:Difficult sentences。以下是关于较难的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Difficult sentences

1、Another adage that brings some cold comfort to an old timer is "the more things change, the more they stay the same" (forgive me if I have used this one before). 还有一句对老手不会起什么安慰作用的格言是“江山易改,本性难移”(如果我以前用过这句格言,请您谅解)。

2、But they said it is difficult not to talk in begging. 又有人说,跟人讨饭不说句话那太难了。

3、If you ask him to name a favorite career experience he struggles to narrow it down. 若问他最难忘的工作经历,他很难用几句话就说得清楚。

4、Remember how mad that made Tony?”Both boys yelled with laughter. 你还记得那句话使托尼多么难过的吧?" 哥儿俩都大笑起来。

5、And he added in his own mind, "For the martyr here below." 在他心里,他还加了一句:“也为地下的这位殉难者。”

6、Japanese prose was still in its infancy in Murasaki's day, so her syntax can be opaque. 在紫式部所处的时代,日本的散文创作依旧处于萌芽状态,因而书中所用的句法晦涩难懂。

7、We'll read this paragraph first and then explain the difficult sentences and language points. 我们先将这一段读一遍,然后在解释难句和语言点。

8、And, by the way, how hard is it to send a hand-written thank-you note afterward? 顺便说一句,面试结束后写一封感谢信应该不难吧?

9、So it was difficult to obtain seeds by backcross. 但受精指数仍然较低,很难获得回交。

10、When you have only a sentence or two, there's nowhere to hide. 当你只能说一两句话的时候,就很难话里藏刀了。

11、As harry potter's faithful fans, I subjectively speak words, harry potter, an indescribable of good-looking. 作为哈利波特的忠实影迷,我主观地讲句,哈利波特,真是难以形容的好看。

12、The heart is the most difficult to understand 人心最难懂

13、We asked the teacher to explain the difficult sentences again. 我们要求教师再解释(explanation)一下这些难句。

14、A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. —Proverbs 17:17 金句: 「朋友乃时常亲爱;弟兄为患难而生。」(箴言17章17节)

15、But even if they are as strange as Greek to you, you should try to listen and understand. 即使这些词句像希腊语般晦涩难懂,你还是应该尽力去聆听和理解。

16、It seemed as if Federer had finally cracked when, his mouth crumpling, he just managed to get the words out: "God, it's killing me." 费德勒在最后似乎要崩溃了,他的嘴嗫嚅着,艰难地挤出一句:“天哪,我太难过了。”

17、Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity? —Job 2:10 金句: 「难道我们从上帝手里得福,不也受祸吗?」(约伯记2章10节)

18、The elements that are used broadly are easily taken as relational while the specific name of a place is hard to be taken as relational unless it functions as the subject of place. 表意比较概括的处所成分容易关系化,专名较难关系化,除非它在关系小句中充当处所主语;

19、each of your words is like a feather in the wind. 年长女说道,“你要永远记住,你的每句话就象是风中的羽毛,覆水难收。

20、These words, passed down from the ancients, will carry me through every adversity and maintain my life in balance. 这句话,传自远古时代,它们将陪我渡过难关,使我的生活保持平衡。

21、Three hardest utterances I need you ! Sorry ! Don't be mad! 三句难以启齿的话:我需要你!对不起!别生气啦!

22、I really felt sorry for my roommate Dora at the party last night. 这句话的意思是:"我昨晚在聚会上真为我的室友多拉感到难受。

23、It turns out he killed a few trust funds around here. By the way, this knot is ridiculous. 他在这儿得罪了一些信托基金。顺便说一句,这个结还真难解。

24、"To be yourself"—this words, as all moral maxims, is easier said than done. “成为你自己!”——这句话如同一切道德格言一样知易行难。

25、The conclusion is that: interrogative sentences do bring difficulties for simultaneous interpreting and influence the output of interpreting; 最后得出结论:疑问句确实会为同声传译带来困难,会影响到翻译质量;


26、She wants to offer a piece of advice: University students having a hard time finding jobs, little white-collar workers, don't be dejected. 其实她要奉劝奉劝一句,难找工作的大学生、小白领们,不要气馁。

27、A brother in his need, dark hour. A kindly word in grief. That proves a friend indeed. 在你的弟兄需要的时候,伤恸、困难的时候,一句亲切的话就足以证明朋友的真心。

28、This is very hard at first, but the more you practice, the better your phrasing will become. 一开始这是很困难的,但是你练习的越多,你的句式听起来越棒。

29、You know, Fauchelevent, what you have said: `Mother Crucifixion is dead. 您知道,割风,您先头说过:受难嬷嬷死了,我补上了一句说,马德兰先生埋了。

30、Bottom line: ZTE's high-flying days have hit a major speed p, with an even sharper slowdown likely in 2011. 一句话: 中兴的高歌猛进时代暂告一段落,xx年增速放缓势在难免。

31、We'll read this paragraph first and then explain the difficult sentences. 我们先将这一段读一遍。然后再解释难句。

32、198 Don't you think we should add a sentence here like this? 难道你不觉得我们应该在这儿加上一句话?

33、These words, passed down from the ancients, will carry me through every adversity and maintain my life inbalance. 这句话,传自远古时代,它们将陪我度过难关,使我的生活保持平衡。

34、I know from my own experience how difficult the work can be. 从我自己的经验我明白这项工作会有多难。这句话怎样翻译成英文?-招财猫问答。

35、For Mr. Gilb, a writer who has a hard time moving on to the next sentence if the previous one is not perfect, the stroke also threw his literary future into question. 对于吉尔先生这样的一位前句不够完美就很难继续下一句的作家来说,这场中风也使得他的文学前程成为悬念。

36、Because of complexity of NCL(natural Chinese language), it is very hard to completely understanding NCL in open fields. 由于自然汉语本身的复杂性,在开放领域内很难实现对查询语句的完全理解。

37、Mr. Son declined to comment, saying only, “She has to make a hard decision.” 孙正义拒绝就此发表评论,只说了一句:“她必须作出艰难的决定。”

38、"Do not you want to know who has taken it?"cried his wife impatiently. “你难道就不想知道是谁租了吗?”班尼特太太按捺不住的嚷了一句。

39、I feel sorry for Mary - Jim has been playing fast and loose with her affections too long. 这句话的意思是:我真是替玛丽感到难受,因为吉姆长期来对她的感情毫不介意。

40、Children acquired the compound sentence from easiness to difficulty gradually. 儿童复句由易到难逐步发展起来;

41、This is but an inarticulate way of saying, "We have not much, but we make the most of what we have." 有一句很难表达的话是这样说的:我们有的东西不多,但件件物尽其用。

42、As for apes, they would hardly make headlines any more if they were found to be adept at composing limericks. 至于说猩猩,即便他们是写五言绝句的好手,恐怕也难上报纸头条了。

43、Isn't, in other words such an unreflective attachment ? to one's own bound to result in injustice to others? 换句话说,这样粗心大意的情感附属,难道不是将不义强附到他们身上吗?

44、"It's all right. " said his father, "Don't be afraid. Don't you know the words: Barking dogs don't bite?" “没关系。”爸爸说,“不用害怕。你难道不知道那句话:‘汪汪叫的狗不咬人’吗”。

45、Difficulties: Chinese students tend to get low scores on the writing section. Test-takers need to develop logical skills, a large vocabulary, and an understanding of sentence structures. 难点:中国学生往往在写作部分分数较低。考生需要提高他们的逻辑思维能力、词汇量和对句子结构的理解。

46、But words are more impalpable than bricks reading is a longer and more complicated process than seeing. 不过词句要比砖块难以捉摸,阅读要比看更费时、更复杂。

47、The way she said ' Poor man! ' is impossible to render. Marguerite took the six one-thousand-franc notes. 讲这句“可怜的人!”的语气真是难以形容。玛格丽特接过六张一千法郎的钞票。

48、As indicated in the previous tests, the sentence-filling section in the reading part of BEC test has always been the most difficult part for most students. 以往的考试结果表明,剑桥商务英语考试中句子填空是大多数考生感觉最难把握的部分之一。

49、Yesterday I read something:You gave your life's blood in war, but in peace, you couldn't take a single step. 昨天读到一句话:战争中你流尽鲜血,和平中你寸步难行。

50、Those are shelves . She washes the clothes every day . 难道机器人没有洗衣服吗?这是个反问句。


51、Those were the last words Dianne and Gary Cronin heard their daughter say as she struggled to breathe. 这句话是黛安和盖瑞的女儿因呼吸困难,挣扎著说的。

52、If you dare say another word, you'll die a horrible death. 如果你敢再说一句话,你会死得很难看。

53、She can not even repeat what you tell her a moment before. Parrot can do better than her. 当你对她说话时她很少能重复你的语句,连鹦鹉式的模仿都感困难。

54、Three hardest utterances :I need you! Sorry! Don't be mad! 三句难一启齿的话:我需要你!对不起!别生气!

55、Chinese have a saying to describe an extremely difficult task: “bi deng tian hai nan,” roughly put, “more challenging than reaching outer space. 在说明一件事很难办的时候,中国人有句俗语叫“比登天还难”,大致的意思是“比去外太空都要有挑战性”。

56、Frame every so-called disaster with these words ''In five years, will this matter?". 所谓的灾难往往是用“在xx年内,将这个问题……?” 这样的词句构建的。

57、And ifthe sentence were meaningless it’s hard to see how it could be true—which itclearly is. 如果这句话是无意义的,那么很难说它到底是对的还是错的。

58、It's hard to know again what the melody is or what the phrase is here. 还是很难听出,这里面的旋律或者乐句

59、The student spent almost an hour trying to puzzle out the meaning of this difficult sentence. 这个学生花了近一个小时思索出这难句的意思。

60、A word once spoken cannot be taken back, even with a team of four horses. 一句话说出了口,就是套上四匹马拉的车也难追上。

61、Leading and following are very different skills, and following well is every bit as difficult as leading well. 这句话的大意是,跟随者识别花样和引带者变换花样都是很难的技术。

62、Plasticized melt - spun HMWPE fiber is hard to draw to high strength because of high HMWPE content and more molecular tangle in as-spun fibers. 高相对分子质量聚乙烯的增塑熔纺,由于聚合物浓度较高,大分子缠结多,纤维超拉伸比较困难,难以达到高强度。

63、Heed my words here: Willy-nilly, no-schema, non-organized data is a recipe for disaster! 请注意我这里的一句话:杂乱无章、无模式、无组织的数据是造成灾难的因素!

64、At the time to bid farewell, the two could hardly tear themselves apart from each other, and kept talking. 可以给你看一个例句。分手时辰他们俩难分难舍,又说了好多惜别的话。

65、In other words, don't take the problems and troubles in this life tooseriously. 换句话说,不要把今生的困苦和患难看得过重。

66、The teacher was asked to explain the difficult sentences again. 教师被要求再解释(explanation)一下这些难句。

67、He answer'd not one Word, but look'd very grave and sad: I ask'd him what was the matter with him? 我对他说,我们可以动手造一条跟这一样大的船,让他坐着回家。他一句话也没有说,脸上显出很庄重、很难过的样子。

68、Although the indentation of the statements makes the structure apparent, nested conditionals become difficult to read very quickly. It is a good idea to avoid them when you can. 虽然语句的缩进会让代码结构看着比较清晰明显,但嵌套的条件语句读起来还是有点难度。所以建议你如果可以的话,尽量避免使用嵌套的条件判断。

69、To find out the modifier in the attributive clause is always a difficult problem in its translation. 定语从句的修饰对象一直是翻译中经常遇到而难以把握的问题。

70、What is that adage ' You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink! ' 这就是那句格言“牵马到河易,逼马饮水难”说的道理。

71、You all know the expression, ? "Don't cry over spilt milk." Right? 你们都知道有句话叫做,“覆水难收“,对吗?

72、Yes, I often feel this sentence that deep unspeakable taste, one can find whenever and wherever possible and you chat with the person really hard. 是的,我常常体会到这句话里那种深深的难以言说的滋味,找一个能随时随地和你聊天的人真的很难。

73、One can only hope that the “Don't shoot the messenger” adage is still popular in the international community. 我们只能幻想在国际社会里,那句“不为难报信者”的箴言仍然被接受。

74、Japanese prose was still in its infancy in Murasaki’s day, so her syntax can be opaque. 在紫式部所处的时代,日本的散文创作依旧处于萌芽状态,因而书中所用的句法晦涩难懂。

75、Well read this paragraph first and then explain the difficult sentences and language points. 我们先将这一段读一遍,然后再解释难句和语言点。

英文句子模板76:Difficult sentences

76、In fact, one sister would like to advise to advise, work hard to find college students, small white-collar workers, do not be discouraged. 其实姐奉劝奉劝一句,难找工作的大学生、小白领们,不要气馁。

77、Did you believe him when he said he had given up smoking? A leopard cannot change its spots. 例句:他说戒烟你真的相信吗?江山易改,本性难移啊。

78、When you're twenty-five years old, sometimes it's hard to worry about rainy days off in the future. 这句话的中文意思是:当你只有xx岁的时候,你恐怕很难为将来的需要担心。

79、Unfortunately, as the saying goes, a leopard cannot change his spots. Many deal breakers listed by the study support this cliché –you cannot change them easily. 悲催的是,常言道:江山易改,本性难移。这项研究列出的许多分手原因都印证了这句话——人很难改变。

80、Incredible as it seemed to him now, he had fallen in love with her while she recited from the more ponderous passages in The Ring and the Book. 现在看起来那一切竟难以置信,他爱上他竟是因为她能背出《项链与书籍》中的冗长沉闷的句子来。

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