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1、Once when this word came out, it always brought people a feeling of "read person's innumerable'." 这句话一旦出口,则总让其他人感觉到“阅人无数”。

2、A blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass. 盲人不会感谢你送的镜子。(送礼要知受礼人的需要。)

3、To safeguard your children and family members from HSI infection, please take appropriate preventive measures at home according to the guidelines prepared by the DH. 为保障贵子弟和家人的安全,以免感染人类猪型流感,请根据衞生署编印的《人类猪型流感》单张,在家中采取预防措施。

4、Thus, if someone were to utter the sentence "I am simply a body stuck in a pod somewhere being fed sensory information by a computer" that sentence would itself be necessarily false. 因此,如果有人要说出“我只是一具被困在壳中,接收着电脑传输的感官信息的人体”这样一句话,那这句话本身就必然是错误的。

5、Today speak this sentence, their books on sixth sense, feel the seriousness of the situation. 今天说出这句话,言路凭借第六感觉,感觉到事态的严重性。

6、He seemed magnetic, as he poured out his final injunctions. I could feel something of his magnetism even where I stood. 末了,他又叮咛几句,更是魅力摄人了,连站在那么远之外的我都能感受到。

7、Collars on a shirt or jacket convey authority. 衬衫或夹克的领子给人以权威感。

8、The European felt energetic while the others felt bloated! 欧洲人觉得精力充沛可是其他人却感觉肚子发胀。

9、Somebody else did it for me. They all thanked me, and I was shamed. 别人代我表示,孩子都感谢我,我真感到羞愧不已。

10、In other words, what you bring into your life is a vibrational match to who you are. 换句话说,你带进你生活中的东西与你是什么样的人心电感应般的相称。

11、Quantum nonlocality is one of the amazing properties in quantum theory. 量子非局域性是量子理论中令人感到奇妙的特征之一。

12、tagline should perhaps have been a question mark instead. 这句标语后面的感叹号或许应被一个问号所替代。

13、It's not certain, of course, that a man invented it, but the odds are good, since so many males — far more than females — would be helpless without it. 当然,不能确定就是一个男人发明了这句话,但是可能性还是很大的,因为没有这句话会感到不知所措的男人要远远多过女人。

14、Pity is one of the virtues of a woman over a man, the only thing she wants to feel. 怜悯是女子胜过男子的德性之一,是她愿意让人家感觉到的唯一情感。

15、Infected mosquitoes transmit the virus from person to person. 受感染的蚊子在人与人之间传播病毒。

16、Flower flower with the wretched dog to worship, let little hu and others moved. 花花与抱来的狗娃子对拜,让胡小个子等人感动莫名。

17、A recent clinical study in Vietnam showed that H5N1 patients had higher levels of cytokines and chemokines—molecular messengers involved in inflammation—than patients with seasonal flu had. 最近越南的临床研究报道,H5N1感染病人比普通流感病毒感染产生更高水平的细胞因子和趋化因子——参与炎症的分子信使。

18、There are intangibles one feels rather than sums up; my life has been a long, winding thread, a yet uninterrupted sentence, somber, clear, and sparkling at times. 比所谓的总结更实在的是一些无形的感触吧。我整个的人生就是一条迂回的长线,一条连贯的句子,有时阴沉,有时清朗,有时火光四溅。

19、It's iron lady, it inspires us, he says. 这是铁娘子,能让人产生灵感。他说。

20、One is almost tempted to add : There is nothing about which men cannot feel sbish . 几乎很想加一句:没有什么东西不都引起人的势利感。

21、Conceited, capable, charismatic and a mass-murderer. 性格自负,能力过人,极具感召力的一个刽子手。

22、In the early days of the swine flu outbreak, doctors took swabs and tested people for swine flu. 在猪流感爆发的早期,医生用喉拭子为人们测试猪流感。

23、For example, to hold up one's nose expresses a basic human feeling-pride people can hold up their noses at people, things, and places. 举个例子,台高鼻子表达了人们基本的感觉-高傲。人们可以对另外的人,东西,还有地方抬高自己的鼻子。

24、She said scornfully. Her words more or less made me feel uncomfortable. 她的这句话让我或多或少感到很不痛快。

25、By connecting the sensor to a computer, a person wearing the device can use sniffs to select letters on a screen to build up words and sentences. 通过将传感器与电脑相连,人可以可以带着这个设备在吸气时选择屏幕上的字母,从而打印出词和句子。


26、I've always been attracted to tall women. 我总队高个子的女人有好感。

27、If rich emotional without private feelings, it will be like a prodigal lover, go with the flow, lack of personality within the picture. 若只有丰富的情感而没有私人感情,那么就好象一个情场浪子般,随风飘,图像里都缺乏个人的感受。

28、A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays. And confident tomorrows. 一个人要对于昨天的日子感到快乐,对于明天感到有信心。

29、I am a sentimental singleminded person 我是个感情脆弱忠诚老实的人. 对女孩子说的吧,伙计?

30、Talking about the mordern arts, few people know it more than Tom does。(感觉这句原文有语病)

31、Thinks my wife and and family support. 感谢这段时间妻子和家人的支持。

32、These are the cute children make so soulful and feelingful musics. 这些就是制造出这么多感人动人音乐的可爱的孩子们。

33、In other words more sunlight, less wind or a higher average temperature didn't make people feel happier. 换句话说,更多的阳光,更少的风或者更高的平均温度并不会使人们感到更快乐。

34、After having a house, you do not need to take too much care of it … 楼主用词造句都没得说,但是总体感觉第一人称和第二人称用的多了些,不知道…

35、People who deceive others and hence feel duper's delight often cannot hide their feelings. 那些在欺骗他人从而感受到的快乐的人经常无法掩饰他们的感觉。

36、Most patients I know grow to hate this ubiquitous, if heartfelt question because it puts the burden back on them. 大多数我认识的病人都越来越讨厌这句非常普遍的话,这个衷心的问题会使病人感到负担。

37、A girl likes a man with mystery. 女孩子喜欢有神秘感的男人。

38、He got a bitter pleasure from saying this. 他说这几句话有不胜辛酸,一吐方快之感。

39、She shot an admonitory glance at her son, who said: "Immensely, sir. 她向儿子投去敦促的目光。儿子说:“感激不尽,大人。

40、My idea of a real woman is someone who can make a young man feel mature, and old man youthful and a middle-aged man feel completely sure of himself. 在我看来,一个真正的女人,能使年轻的男人感到成熟,使老年的男人感到年轻,使中年男子感到十分自信。

41、There is no profound life experience and emotion as a basis, how can it really write the poem down through the ages to come. 没有深刻的人生体验和情感作基础,怎能真正写出流传千古的诗句来。

42、I have a woman's body and a child's emotions! 金典,我想成为一个拥有男人的身体,和一个孩子的情感的人!!!!!!

43、When you are in mid-thought, you link your sentences in ways that signal to your listener that you are not done talking, you are only taking a breath. 如果一件事还没说完,你连结句子的方式会让听的人感觉到你还没说完,只是先喘口气。

44、In fact, I know, I was only that the man, no one will care about my feelings, may really be a sentence, life such as tea, ice! 其实我也明白,我只不过是那的路人甲,没有人会在意我的感受,可能真是应了那句话,人生如茶,冷暖自知!

45、The sheer cacophony of the cered consonants in this line sets off -or has the potential to set off -- a powerful cer of feelings. 这句诗中辅音全然不和谐,使人觉得,或者有意向让人觉得-,有力量的层叠之感。

46、Mrs. Geller: Do you know what it's like to grow up with someone who is critical of every single thing you say? 从小到大一直有个人对你说的每句话都挑毛病,那种感觉你知道吗?

47、These few lines have been long praised for their fusion of the autumn scenes with the feelings of the parting lovers. 这几句唱词既写了秋天的景色,又写了离人的感情, 情景交融,一直为人们所称道。

48、'Duper's delight' is the delight that people feel when they deceive others. ‘的快乐’ 是指人们在欺骗别人时感到的快乐。

49、All men are ss about something. One is almost tempted to add : There is nothing about which men cannot feel sbish. 人人都有势利之处。人们几乎很想加一句:任何东西都可引起人们地势利感。

50、A thickly bearded man can seem to be hiding something. 大胡子男子会给人一种试图在隐瞒什么的感觉。


51、A mensch is someone who is a refined and sensitive person. 正人君子意味着一个人的高尚和感性。

52、Angelic women, men, children, and cherubs provide readers with heavenly inspiration. 天使般的女人,男人,孩子,和小天使读者提供了天上的灵感。

53、I could feel something of his magnetism even where I stood. 末了,他又叮咛几句,更是魅力摄人了,连站在那么远之外的我都能感受到。

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