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导读: 49个,关于”感情说说伤感的句子“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Talk about sentimental sentences。以下是关于感情说说伤感的句子的考研英语句子。


关于”感情说说伤感的句子“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Talk about sentimental sentences。以下是关于感情说说伤感的句子的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Talk about sentimental sentences

1、"When we are talking to them they feel their feelings are being hurt, " Father Joe said. “当我们正在谈论他们的时候,他们感觉伤自尊了,”神父Joe这样说道。

2、This is a novel reeking with sentimentalism. 这是一本充满着感伤主义的小说。

3、Sentimental? 感伤?

4、HOWEVER, over the years, there have been a few presents that outright hurt my feelings, that seemed suspiciously selfish, bought simply out of obligation or without any care at all. 然而,在以往的日子里,我也曾收到过一些很伤我感情的礼物。如果说买礼物只是为了完成义务而没有投入任何的感情,这样无疑是自私的。

5、You're hurting my feelings. 你伤害到我的感情了。

6、Regarding his current China trip as at a sensitive moment, Poncelet said the French people were astonished by the attack Jin suffered in Paris, which not only hurt the Chinese but also the French. 介于此次访问处于敏感时期,蓬斯莱说法国对金晶巴黎受袭事件十分震惊,此事件不仅伤害了中国的感情,也伤害了法国的感情。

7、Feeling is like this:when you hurt others, either intentionally or unintentionally, there is always someone to hurt you. 感情就是这样,你伤了别人,无论有意无意,总会有个人来伤你。

8、All said the women are the most moonstruck , why am I also so brittle in the emotion? 都说女子最多情善感,为何我的感情也是这般脆弱!

9、We must avoid wounding their susceptibilities. 我们必须避免伤害他们的感情。

10、People say mean and hurtful things, sometimes intentionally, to hurt the person they love the most. 人们说一些伤感情的事,有时候甚至是故意伤害自己最爱的人。

11、She criticized what she described as the film's cloying sentimentality . 她批评这部影片如她所说的令人倒胃口的伤感情调。

12、My back's wrenched, I guess, " he said." “我感觉,我的背拉伤了”他说。

13、"Seven songs, " said Reiko, sipping more wine and smoking another cigarette. "Those guys sure knew something about the sadness of life, and gentleness. " “七首,” 玲子说着, 呷口酒, 吸口烟。“这几个人对人生的伤感和温情确实深有体会啊。”

14、Well, not that emotional, but I move the heart. 说好了不动情,我却动了心。

15、Kawamura, however, added: "If his comments hurt any feelings, I apologize. 他还说:“如果他的这番话伤害了一些人的感情,我深感抱歉。

16、You hurt my feeling. 你伤了我的感情。

17、McEneaney said that the news is also opening emotional wounds that have taken a long time to heal. Mceneaney说这个消息也正在使长期以来的情感挫伤愈合。

18、Our emotions often water is such a sad merciless. 很多时候我们的情感就是这种落花有意流水无情的伤感。

19、Feeling is, you hurt others, either intentionally or unintentionally, there is always someone to hurt you! 感情就是这样,你伤了别人,无论有意无意,总会有个人来伤你! 缌。

20、The emotional wounds of early childhood leave ineradicable scars. 童年早期的情感创伤留下了难以抚平的伤痕。

21、We will be encounter with frustration for sometimes no matter in the workplaces, routine lives or other cirtances. Some people will be bad losers when facing to the love affairs. 无论是工作,感情,生活或是其它,人难免会碰到种种挫败之事.有些人在“感情上”最输不起,他们内心脆弱,感情上受到的伤害,要花很长的时间让自己恢复疗伤.

22、When visiting the barbers there is no risk of infection unless the skin is cut and infected blood gets into the wound. 一般来说,理发没有感染的危险,除非皮肤受伤,被感染的血液进入伤口。

23、Happy, is looks for a warm person for a lifetime. 幸福,就是找一个温暖的人过一辈子。

24、Be careful that you don't hurt her feelings. 当心别伤了她的感情。

25、I can see your heart, but there is no me. 我可以看到你的心,但那里没有我


26、I could gather, however, that her guide had been a favourite till she hurt his feelings by addressing him as a servant; and Heathcliffs housekeeper hurt hers by calling him her cousin. 无论如何,我可以猜测出来她的向导曾得过她的欢心,这一直维持到她把他叫做仆人,伤了他的感情;而希刺克厉夫的管家又说他是她的表兄,也伤了她的感情。

27、She hurt my feelings. 她伤害了我的感情。

28、If say poised, but also avoid and don't go to grief. 若说泰然,却也避不去感伤。

29、We consider surfing the Internet ( ). 我们认为上网(伤感情)。

30、After coition, all animals are sad, as the Romans used to say. 就像罗马人曾说的那样,豪情过后,任何一种动物都会感觉悲伤。

31、He hurt my feelings. 他伤害了我的感情。

32、The researchers say this is consistent with Salmonella Typhi having become an infectious agent exclusive to humans, with asymptomatic carriers the main source of infection. 这组科学家说这与伤寒沙门氏菌正在成为只能感染人类的感染因子的情况一致,无症状携带者是主要的感染源。

33、Love makes all hard hearts gentle. 爱情把一切冷酷之心变成温柔。

34、I can never understand why people become dewy -eyed and sentimental about the past. 我无论如何也不能理解为什么一说起过去人们就会那么容易动情和伤感。

35、It's not my intention to hurt your feeling. 我并非故意伤害你的感情。

36、But even as he professed a perhaps inflated sense of purpose, he called himself “emotionally fractured” and a “wreck” and said he was “self-medicating like crazy.” 但尽管扬言其目标时或许感觉自我膨胀,他说自己「感情破裂」,是一个「受害者」,又说自己「像疯子一样自行疗伤」.

37、She said it was a real tear-jerker. 她说那是真令人感伤的电影。

38、But an empathetic person — a lot of actors — they feel the darn thing, " she says. 但一个移情的人,比如说很多演员, 他们能感觉到悲伤,”她说。

39、But even as he professed a perhaps inflated sense of purpose, he called himself “emotionally fractured” and a “wreck” and said he was “self-medicating like crazy. 但尽管扬言其目标时或许感觉自我膨胀,他说自己「感情破裂」,是一个「受害者」,又说自己「像疯子一样自行疗伤」.

40、And now I can honestly be sad for her. 老实说,现在我可以为她感到伤心了。

41、He seemed more amazed at his wife's infidelity than angry. 他对妻子的不贞与其说感到愤怒, 不如说感到惊愕。

42、This is a novel reeking with sentimentalism . 这是一本充满著感伤主义的小说。

43、It means that by knowing and preparing the worst result, one can minimize the damage. 就是说先把伤感情的事提前说好了,才能把损失降到最低。

44、Who gives us meet but not concurrently give us forever. 是谁赐我们遇见 却不一并赠我们永远。

45、She smarted under my sharp words. 她被我尖刻的语言刺伤了感情。

46、Friendship often ends in love, but love, in friendship never 友谊常以爱情而结束;

47、Don't say such hurtful things to your friend. 别对你的朋友说这样伤感情的话。

48、She continued in the same rather maudlin tone. 她继续用那种颇带几分伤感的语调说话。

49、Her feelings were harmed by his words. 他的一番话伤害了她的感情。

50、Shakespeare said, "He jests at scars that never felt a wound." 莎士比亚说:“他嘲笑从不感到受伤害的伤疤。”


51、My friends' angry words hurt my feelings. 我朋友们的气话伤害了我的感情。

52、Her feelings bruise easily. 她的感情易受伤害。

53、This is reflected in the tone of his novels is a chant for the ping of time and the sentimental. 这表现在他的小说里的基调就是一种为逝去的日子而咏叹的感伤。

54、I hope l didn't inure her feelings. 我希望没有伤害她的感情。

55、To speak of his death so regardlessly, wounded her feelings. 这样不经意地谈到他的死,伤了她的感情。

56、And all its sad good-byes. 但对这一切我只能伤感的说再见了。

57、If I say leave me alone,actually I need you more than at any time 如果我说我想一个人静一静,其实我比任何时候都需要你。

58、Is very sorry, these words hurt the feelings too much, originally I really don't mean to say to export. 很抱歉,这些话太伤感情,原本我实在不想说出口的。

59、smile is the shortest distance between two people. 微笑是两个人之间最短的距离。

60、Caustic remarks will hurt others' feelings. 说话尖刻会伤感情。

61、You will find ways of disciplining your child and not hurt them emotionally. 你会发现可以教育你的孩子而不伤害他们感情的方法。

62、Be careful not to hurt her feelings. 小心别伤了她的感情。

63、Everything we say [on the other hand] is in good humor. (从另一个角度来说,)我们所谈论的事情都是颇有幽默感的。

64、I have not hurt your feelings? I would not do that for the world. 老伙计,我没有伤害你的感情吧?我是万万不肯伤你的感情的。

65、When giving a colleague lukewarm feedback, Nelson says, "Being indirect spares the person's feelings and helps them save face." 她说,“在给同事不冷不热的反应时,不会直接的伤害他们的感情,帮他们保全了面子。”

66、“I was very connected to that room,” Nolan Jez said wistfully. “我对那个房间感情很深。” 诺兰伤感地说。

67、That would hurt my feelings. 那会很伤我的感情的。

68、Bad business breeds hurt feelings. 生意不成会伤感情。

69、That is a novel reeking with sentimentalism . 那是一本充满著感伤主义的小说。

70、I think she hurt my feelings deliberately rather than by accident as she claimed. 我认为她故意伤害我的感情,而并非像她所说的是出于无意。

71、Don't sentimentalize the past events. 不要伤感于过去的事情!

72、“My heart is heavy because my idol died, ” he said. “我的心情沉重,因为的我的偶像死了” ,他伤感地说。

73、Unconsciously, they didn’t want to “hurt the computer’s feelings”, said N. 很明显,N说,这是因为他们潜意识里不想“伤害电脑的感情。”

74、Ad all its sad good-byes… 但对这一切我只能伤感的说再见了…

75、To hurt China’s essential interests means hurt our feelings most seriously.” Zhang Qingmin says. 伤害了中国的根本利益,意味着极度伤害了我们的感情”,张庆民说道。

英文句子模板76:Talk about sentimental sentences

76、But she laments that she had to choose. 但她略带伤感地说,她必须做出选择。

77、Her unkind remark bruised his feeling. 她的不友好的话伤害了他的感情。

78、He tramped all over his girlfriend's feelings. 他深深地伤害了女友的感情。

79、Benzema said he was feeling some pain and we'll see how that evolves. 本泽马说他感觉到某些部位有些疼痛,我们会关注他的伤情进展。

80、Talk with the children about how they are feeling and listen without judgment. 与孩子谈论他们的感受,并且倾听他们说话,不做判断。

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