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导读: 55个,关于”中可以用到的句子“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Sentences that can be used in。以下是关于中可以用到的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”中可以用到的句子“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Sentences that can be used in。以下是关于中可以用到的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences that can be used in

1、or they would help, they would tutor elementary school- to high school- aged students, 也可以为他们的孩子辅导功课,从小学到高中都可以,

2、You can add any JSPs you want to include in the application to this subdirectory and they'll be added to the build. 可以把您想在应用程序中包含的任何 JSP 添加到该子目录,它们将被添加到构建中。

3、Some countermeasure examples that I've mentioned in this article include 本文中提到的示例可以采用以下对策

4、With version 4, the NFS code is able to map filehandles to path names, which the mountd protocol does in older versions. 用版本 4,NFS 代码可以将文件句柄映射到路径名,在旧版本中这是由 mountd 协议来做的。

5、The merge statement can be applied on label-based access control (LBAC) tables. merge 语句可被应用到基于标签的访问控制(LBAC)表中。

6、The method can be applied to complicated function of many variance and factor. 该方法可以推广应用到多个变元及参数因子的复杂函数中。

7、In her infomercials, she always used to say something like, "for just pennies a day you can help." 在莎莉的广告片中,经常出现这句话“一天几个便士,你可以做到的。”

8、By using XML tags within the policy, you can modify text, add text to the utility syntax statement, or remove text from it. 通过在策略值使用 XML 标记,您可以修改文本,将文本添加到实用程序语法语句,或者从中删除文本。

9、In addition to serving as a building material for a variety of musical instruments, bamboo’s uses extend to the visual arts. 除了可以做各种乐器,竹子还可以用到视觉艺术中。

10、A new construct called a mediation subflow can be used to encapsulate reusable mediation logic. 可以使用称为中介子消息流的新构造来封装可重用的中介逻辑。

11、You can use either the SQL editor/builder within Data Studio or simply copy-paste an existing statement into the editor. 可以在 Data Studio 中使用 SQL 编辑器/构建器,也可以将已有的语句直接复制粘贴到编辑器中。

12、Strange shapes could be seen in the fog. 在雾中可以看到一些奇怪的影子。

13、Notice that in both cases, the test terminates when an exception is thrown because of a violation of the immutability contract. 可以注意到,在这两个用例中,测试会在抛出异常时终止,这是因为有语句违反了不可变性合约。

14、Get one of those totes or bags that fold up into a small package to slip into your backpack. You can use this to collect your souvenirs. 准备一个可以用来收集你旅途中弄到的纪念品的可以折叠放入你的背包的小袋子。

15、Our method is only reasonable for large-scale texts, like what's available on the Web. 道兹说:“我们的方法只适用于大范围应用的文本,例如从网络上可以找得到的词句。

16、A heterogeneous batch update lets you combine several SQL statements with or without parameter markers into a single network call. 通过异构批量更新,可以将有或没有参数占位符的多个 SQL 语句组合到一个单独的网络调用中。

17、So defined, irony is a wide-ranging phenomenon which can be manifested in a single sentence, or may extend over a whole novel. 即定义为,反语是一种广泛的现象,可以用于一句话中,也可以扩充用于一部完整的长篇小说。

18、The statement CALLER=`basename $0` is used to get the name of the script being run. 使用语句 CALLER=`basename $0` 可以得到正在运行的脚本名称。

19、I should like to see him tomorrow. 句中should不可省略,可用would代替,但不符合“标准英语”。

20、We could do it with a neutron. 我们可以用中子来做。

21、We can learn a lot from the mistakes 我们可以从错误中学到很多

22、This saves processing time, especially in an environment where many users are using the same or similar statements. 这样可以节约处理时间,特别是在很多用户使用相同或类似语句的环境中。

23、Welcome to download pictures to use, You can chat in the network, Can also be used in the message, Also can be used in messages in the Forum, Etc. 欢迎大家下载表情图片。您可以用到网络聊天中,也可以用到邮件中,还可以用到论坛留言中。

24、So by timing the pulses of the x-rays, you can get a handle on the Doppler shift of the neutron star. 你可以运用,中子星的,多普勒顿移,这意味着你可以得到。

25、In the example below you can see how two asynchronous calls (presumably to a database) are in-lined with the constructor of the view-model. 在下面的例子中,你可以看到两个异步调用(可能是到一个数据库的调用)是如何嵌入视图模型的构造函数里的。


26、I've figured out a couple of verses to describe my current feeling. 我想到了两句诗可以用来形容我自己。

27、One situation where you can take "It seems" and use it as a question is 在一种情况中,你可以将“It seems”当成问句来使用。

28、An example of a split-action button displays in the mail application inbox. split-action 按钮的一个例子可以从邮件应用程序的收件箱中看到。

29、They are stored in storage areas that you can reference using the connection and statement handles used during execution. 这些结果存储在一些存储区域中,您可以使用执行期间用到的连接和语句句柄来引用结果。

30、SQL parameters found in your SQL statement are automatically discovered but can also be manually defined. 在您的 SQL 语句中找到的 SQL 参数是自动发现的,但也可以手工定义。

31、Examples can also be found in European intellectual history. 类似的例子可以在欧洲思想史中找到。

32、In other words, if 10 defects existed, you'd find 7 to 9 of them. 换句话说,如果存在 10 个缺陷,那么您可以找到其中的 7 到 9 个。

33、This statement can also be embedded in application programs. 这条语句还可以嵌入到应用程序中。

34、I'll use it in a sentence for you. 我可以用它来给你造句。

35、You can see the effect of this statement in the sample run. 你可以在运行实例中看到这句话的效果。

36、To load data from the data file /data/americascust.dat (created above) into the base table customer, use the INSERT statement as follows 要将数据文件 /data/americascust.dat(此前已创建)中的数据加载到基表 customer,可以使用 INSERT 语句(如下所示)

37、You can integrate Lotus Sametime Entry into your email environment to see contextual awareness and to start IM sessions from your email. 可以将 Lotus Sametime Entry 集成到电子邮件环境中以便查看上下文的识别性和开始从电子邮件启用 IM 会话。

38、In fact, you can use SQL UPDATE statements to change the values of statistical columns in updatable catalog views. 实际上,您可以使用 SQL UPDATE 语句来更改可更新编目视图中的统计列。

39、If I use the credit card payment, total points what can exchange gifts… 如果我用信用卡付帐,可以累计积分,积分可以换礼品,这句话…

40、There are different opinions among people as to ____ .Some people suggest that ____. 俗话说(常言道)…

41、You can use all of the savepoint statements within stored procedures. 您可以在存储过程中使用所有保存点语句。

42、More such examples are available in Section 8.2.4 here. 在这里的8.2.4 部分中可以看到更多的例子。

43、Once installed in DB2, this product can be invoked by calls to stored procedures within SQL statements. 安装了 DB2 之后,可以通过在 SQL 语句中调用存储过程来调用这个产品。

44、Application contexts can be configured in a hierarchy where a child application context can see beans defined in a parent, but not vice versa. 应用程序上下文可以在一个分层结构中配置,在其中,子应用程序上下文可以看到父应用程序上下文中定义的 bean,但反之则不行。

45、Divide among serving plates and season with pepper to serve. 分装到盘子中,洒上胡椒就可以了。

46、As a parent, you can play a helpful role in assisting your child search for jobs. 作为父母,在子女找工作中,你可以起到很有帮助的辅助作用。

47、You can do this using either INSERT statements, or loading data into a table from a tab delimited text file. 为此,可以使用 INSERT 语句, 也可以从以制表符定界的文本文件中将数据导入表中。

48、But you can use a filetype:xml clause in the search box. 但是可以在搜索框中使用 filetype:xml 语句。

49、This statement is vulnerable to SQL injection - quotes in $_GET['username'] are not escaped and will be concatenated as part of the statement text, which can result in malicious behavior. 这条语句就容易受到 SQL 注入的威胁 —— $_GET['username'] 中的引号没有转义,因此将被加入到语句文本中,这样可以导致恶意的行为。

50、These handles are the ones to which RPCs can be made. 可以对这些句柄发出 RPC 调用。


51、Most Chinese chopsticks are made of bamboo, though today, you see more and more wooden and plastic ones. 大部分中式筷子是用竹子制成的,尽管今天你可以看到越来越多的木筷子和塑料筷子。

52、Just like any other built-in function, table functions can be used in a SQL SELECT statement. 就像其他的内建函数一样,表函数也可以在 SQL SELECT 语句中使用。

53、Canners can can what they can can, but can not can things that can't be canned. 罐头制造商能将可以装到罐子里的东西装到罐子里,但他不能将不能用罐子装的东西装到罐子里。

54、Is it possible to summarize the point of your article in 2-3 sentences? 你文章中的观点是否可以用2-3句话总结?

55、You can type the statements directly in the DB-Access text entry screen, or you can use your preferred editor. 您可以在 DB-Access 文本输入界面中直接输入语句,或使用您喜欢的编辑器输入语句。

56、When neutrinos interact with electrons or nuclei of those water or oil molecules, they give off a flash of light that sensors can detect. 当中微子与那些水分子或油分子的电子或原子核相互作用时,会发出传感器可以检测到的闪光。

57、You'll then find dwcorba1. ear in the dist subdirectory. 然后可以在 dist 子目录中找到 dwcorba1.ear。

58、You can use commas (, ), colons ( or semicolons (; ) in your writing, but they should never be used instead of a full-stop. 我们在句中可以使用逗号、冒号、分号,但绝对不可以使用以上标点符号代替句末标点。

59、This allows them to be used naturally in XSLT's xsl:for-each and other processing settings. 这样就可以方便地在 XSLT 的 xsl:for-each 语句或者其他处理设置中使用。

60、If I could just come in here. I couldn't help overhearing. 我可以插句话吗?我无意中听到。

61、Innovation centres can help do this. 创新中心可以起到帮助作用。

62、So from this example you could see how to guide your action with your thoughts. 所以大家可能从这个例子当中看到怎么用思想去指导行为。

63、The underuse and misuse of relative clauses in Chinese learners' English writing can be accounted for by differences in the relative construction of the two languages. 中国英语学习者在写作中对于关系分句的使用不足或误用可以从关系结构在两种语言中的不同表现中得到解释。

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