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导读: 31个,关于”唯美的句子“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Aesthetic sentence。以下是关于唯美的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”唯美的句子“的英语句子31个,句子主体:Aesthetic sentence。以下是关于唯美的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Aesthetic sentence

1、Finally, the flower completed its function integration of practical, aesthetic and symbol by undergoing the choice and enrichment. 经过不断抉发、丰富,栀子最终完成了实用、审美、象征的功能整合。

2、As time ped, however, Paco lost interest in Clara’s aesthetic efforts and wanted to have a child. 然而过了一段时间,佩克对克拉拉的审美情趣便失去了兴趣,想要一个孩子。

3、This essay ilrates the aesthetic significance of absurdness from aspects of the cultural background, the cause of forming of the aesthetic category and the aesthetic quality. 荒诞的美学意义与荒诞产生的文化背景、成为审美范畴的缘由以及审美特征密切相关。

4、We do so when we are searching for the perfect house, job, friend, or lover. 我们总是在追逐完美的房子、完美的工作、完美的朋友或者完美的爱人。

5、From these three respects, the first chapter of the article discusses that transcendence is the aesthetic living style of Confucius'. 人生的领悟——生与死三个方面来论述“超越”是孔子的审美化生存方式。

6、Female bodybuilding is the female component of competitive bodybuilding. 女子健美是竞技性健美运动的一部分。

7、Zhang Yuan: Because America is the first one small, so need to find that K. 张远 :因为小美是第一句,所以需要找到那个K。

8、The aesthetic thought of Ingarden also focused on the investigation of the related factors in the course of aesthetic activities. 英伽登的美学思想还集中在对审美活动过程中各种与审美活动相关要素的研究。

9、Elementary school fine arts education is to cultivate students' aesthetic activity, through a feeling of beauty, appreciating beauty, beauty and create beauty. 小学美术教育就是要通过审美活动,培养学生感受美、欣赏美、体现美和创造美的能力。

10、I affirms that Lin Yutang"s aesthetic principle of mean is multiplicate factors and supplement." 第五章从审美的角度切人,确认了林语堂中庸式的审美原则即多元和互补。

11、The aesthetic value of local records is mainly to give people both beauty enjoyment and aesthetic standards. 其美学价值主要在于展示美的内容,达到美的境界,给人美的享受,留下可资借鉴的审美准则;

12、The origin of the Sumerians remains obscure. 根据该词出现的那句话就可以得知这里讲述的是“苏美尔人的起源仍然不清。

13、Children love to play, and later, children love to jump, color and aesthetic ability, clothing appropriate bright-coloured and chic. 到幼儿后期,孩子爱玩、爱跳,有了色感和审美能力,衣服宜鲜艳别致。

14、The aesthetic thoughts of Confucius, which centre on humanity and emotion, put humanity and soul, ideal and reality into the quest for aesthetic appreciation. 孔子以仁学为基点、以情感为主体的美学思想,将人性与心灵、理想与现实俱化入审美追求的流程中。

15、The cicerone is the depicter of the aesthetic information and the coordinator of aesthetic activities. 导游员在旅游活动中是审美信息的传递者和审美活动的调节者。

16、The literature stems from the reality esthetically, the literature ideal also lies in achieves with the reality esthetic dialog, summons the world to produce to US. 文学源于现实,文学的审美理想也在于达成与现实的审美对话,召唤世界向美生成。

17、We should combined the aesthetic education of the library with moral education, cultivate students'aesthetic interests and create the aesthetic cirtances. 图书馆美育教育应同德育教育结合起来,培养当代大学生的审美情趣,创造审美意境。

18、Arts reception can be clified into esthetic reception and non-esthetic one. Meanwhile, esthetic reception can be divided into general reader's enjoying reception and critic's critical reception. 艺术的接受可分为审美接受和非审美接受,审美接受又分为一般读者的欣赏性接受与批评家的批评接受。

19、He is an aesthete now . 他现在是个审美家。

20、The third chapter studies on the aesthetical discourse theory of the dialogism aesthetics. 第三章讨论对话美学的审美语言理论。

21、The children study art in art cl. 这些孩子在美术班上美术课。

22、The training of the students aesthetic feeling and emotion is very necessary in subject teaching. 在语文教学中,对学生进行审美感受、审美情感的训练是十分必要的。

23、The free spirit of aesthetics of Chuang Tsu in fact is the investigation and spread of the ideal character of aesthetics. 'Tao' is its foundation and 'You' is its core. 庄子美学的自由精神,说到底就是以“道”为本,以“游”为中心的对审美主体理想人格的发掘与张扬。

24、The folktales there have the esthetical conformation, art taste value and beauty training function. 冀东民间故事具有美的形态、审美价值与美育功能。

25、Their creations showed their esthetic orientation to regard the weird and the ugly as the beautiful. 其创作表现出以怪异为美、以丑为美的审美取平向。


26、The fullness of face, wide forehead and big round head are the elements forming a baby's beauty. 这种婴儿的体貌美是一种趋向变形、夸张的美,是融合优美和滑稽美的审美形态。

27、The "proper beauty", i. e. the integration of the properness and the language beauty is the highest criteria for rhetoric beauty ap… 得体美“是修辞审美在”四个世界“交融汇合中的高度统一,是修辞审美的最高准则与境界。

28、Aesthetic mentality should be intensified in aesthetic anthropology so as to distinguish aesthetic anthropology from general cultural anthropology and highlight its own aesthetic features. 审美人类学更应强化自己审美的思路,这样才能使自己和一般的文化人类学区别开来,才能突出本学科的审美的特性。

29、The aesthetics pursue of teleplay is "the aestheticization of everyday life". 电视剧的美学追求是“日常生活的审美化”。

30、Our family is really pinching pennies these days trying to save money —— our daughter's going into medical school and the tuition is $24,000 a year. 这句话的意思是:“我们家这些日子真是省吃俭用,想法省点钱,因为我们的女儿要上医学院,每年的学费就要两万四千美元。”

31、This is my aesthetic point of view. 这是我的审美观点。

32、The expiation of aesthetic indicates the tensile force between aesthetic modernity and didacticism modernity. 审美的救赎体现的正是审美现代性与启蒙现代性之间的张力。

33、But prudence can't tell me what sentence to write next. 但审慎不会告诉下一句话该写什么。

34、There is no such thing as the perfect parent. Or the perfect child, for that matter. 所谓的完美父母,或者说完美子女,根本是子虚乌有。

35、Our family is really pinching pennies these days trying to save money -- our daughter's going into medical school and the tuition is $24,000 a year. 这句话的意思是:“我们家这些日子真是省吃俭用,想法省点钱,因为我们的女儿要上医学院,每年的学费就要两万四千美元。”

36、The preference for the artistic form makes Sontag bear a temperament of aestheticism which is explained in detail in her corpus Against Interpretation. 桑塔格对艺术审美品格的偏爱使她具有了一种唯美主义气质,这种气质在其理论文集《反对阐释》中得到了具体的阐发。

37、The fourth chapter studies on the aesthetical experience theory of the dialogism aesthetics. 第四章讨论对话美学的审美经验论。

38、The social influence of the activity is not only embodied in the appreciators' aesthetic concept formed in the course of history, but also in each specific aesthetic progression. 审美活动中的社会影响不仅体现在欣赏者审美观念形成的历史过程中,而且也体现在每一个具体的审美进程中。

39、The key content of the image theory in Wen-Hsin Tiao-Lung is how to build and merge aesthetic image and convert it perfectly. Around the image theory , Wen-Hsin… 如何营构融合审美意象,并完美地传达审美意象,是《文心雕龙》“意象”说的中心内容。

40、Based on these discussions, we will query the traditional thoughts about "Non-Utilitarian Aesthetic Judgment" and the heatly-discussed topic of"Aesthetic Trend of Daily . 由此,对美学界习见的“审美非功利”论以及争执不休的“日常生活的审美化”问题提出质疑。

41、The beautifulness of personality, demeanour and art fully embodied Chinese unique aesthetic conceptions. “清”的人格之美、风度之美和艺术之美,充分体现了中国的独特的审美精神。

42、However, the integration of history and aesthetics, Chinese bronze is the aesthetic sense of the original development of the epitome of traditional Chinese aesthetics. 然而将历史与审美相互融合,青铜器则是中国美学由原始的审美意识发展为中国传统美学思想的缩影。

43、These are the ancient to the jade understanding, it represents the day, represents, the representative, a few words, the jade moral excellence was too perfect. 这些就是古人对玉的认识,它代表天,代表地,代表人,一句话,玉的美德太完美了。

44、Esthetic perception is a positive outcome that the esthetic subject found the esthetic object's "special" mood, sound, light, color, shape or sporting situation. 美感是审美主体发现审美客体“特殊”的情绪、声、光、色、形或运动态势的积极结果。

45、As an aesthetic object, English parody has three aesthetic properties such as creativity, novelty and ociativity. 作为审美对象,仿拟具有创造性、新异性和联想性的审美特点。

46、The difference is purely aesthetic. 差异纯粹是审美的。

47、The monkey comes form South America . It's South American. The monkey lives in the jungle and eats fruit. 猴子来自南美洲。这只是来自南美洲的猴子。猴子生活在丛林,吃水果。

48、The Romance of Western Side reflects the coherence and changes of aesthetic experience. 而《西厢记》恰恰既反映了人们审美经验的一致性又反映出审美的变化性。

49、Jinci embodied its aesthetic value in providing the history of Chi an aesthetic model, the northern genre style. 金词的审美价值主要体现在为词史提供了审美范型上的北派风格。

50、Whether it's remembering to put on sun screen or bringing enough drinking water, you'll want to know some of these useful English expressions. 不论是要记得擦上防晒油或是带上充分的饮用水等等都要张罗,以下这些实用的美语句子将会是您的得力小帮手喔!


51、We consider this synchronous and each inverse process as "aestheticization of consumption"and "consumerization of aesthetic". 我们将这一共时互逆的关系模式概称为“消费的审美化”和“审美的消费化”。

52、The Aristocrats esthetic consciousness is one kind of esthetic pursue, like self-conscious, reflect societys lofty esthetic interest. 贵族化审美意识是一种自觉的、反映社会高雅的审美趣味的美学追求,是文学超越性的具体表现。

53、This article by stating the esthetic realization to music, proves the essence of the esthetic realization. 本文通过对音乐审美意识的阐述,论证了音乐审美意识的本质。

54、Both of the beautiful and the aesthetic perception inseparably arise from the aesthetic creation. 美与美感都是审美创造的产物,二者不可分割。

55、Aesthetic education is mainly about affectivity education, which is decided by the nature of aesthetic activities and aesthetic feelings. 审美教育主要是一种情感教育,情感性是审美教育的显著特点。

56、The view "Aesthetic is the patent of literature, it does not exist in practical writings. " does not conform to the reality. “审美是文学的专利,应用文不存在审美”,此看法不符合实际;

57、Obviously, consumption of aesthetic values is different from consumption of non-aesthetic value. 就其作为审美价值的消费而言,它与非审美价值的消费有明显不同。

58、As the nature of ecological aesthetics, a harmonious aesthetic view is the ultimate pursuit of aesthetics at different stages of the development of manki… 和谐审美观作为生态美学本质,是人类发展不同阶段上审美的最高追求。

59、In order to observe the aesthetic activities and response in the reading process, the theorists of reception-response put forward some models of reader. 接受美学学派为了考察读者的审美过程和审美感受 ,先后提出了各种各样的读者范型。

60、In his perfect house, with his perfect family, and his perfect teeth. 在他完美的房子里,陪着他完美的家人,还有他完美的牙齿。

61、It takes daily life which was denied by the arts'into aesthetics, and makes the daily life become the content of aesthetic activity. 它将原本为艺术所鄙夷的日常生活纳入了审美视野,将昔日的“下里巴人”置于高雅的审美殿堂,使日常生活成了审美活动的对象和内容;

62、The specific features are: ⑴ the aestheticization of economy; ⑵ Cultural turn; ⑶ the aestheticization of everyday life. 具体表现在:⑴经济审美化⑵文化转向⑶日常生活审美化。

63、The aesthetic judgement is the comprehensive use of aesthetic sensation, imagination, emotion and understanding. 审美欣赏能力是审美感知、想象、情感、理解等诸种功能的综合运用。

64、The "proper beauty", i. e. the integration of the properness and the language beauty is the highest criteria for rhetoric beauty appreciation. “得体美”是修辞审美在“四个世界”交融汇合中的高度统一,是修辞审美的最高准则与境界。

65、The visual culture urges the public esthetic sentiment vulgarization and at the same time, makes their tastes deactivation. 视觉文化促使大众审美情趣庸俗化和审美感觉钝化。

66、Simmel's thought of aesthetic culture reflected the tendency of the socialization of aesthetics. 齐美尔的这种审美文化思想折射出“美学社会化”的趋向。

67、Naivete may not be as handsome as Kylin in aesthetic aspect. However, he is the only one cut out for Kylin. 在审美意义上来说,吴邪可能没有张起灵那么帅。但他是张起灵的唯一。

68、The third chapter is to reveal the reason of Confucius' aesthetic transcendence, from "sense of worriness" and spirit of "loftiness". 第三章,从“忧患意识”和“大”之精神来揭示孔子思想审美超越性的原因。

69、In fact, at the levels of ontology and the theory of existence, Master Zhuang and Heidegger are similar in the aspects of beauty and aesthetics, showing that man has common pursuit of aesthetics. 事实上,在本体论与存在论的层次上,庄子和海德格尔在美和审美之间,就存在着相同之处,从而表明了人类有着共同的美学追求。

70、Xiao Gang Palace Poetry aesthetic consciousness of the new changes are reflected mainly in the human body, Dress nuanced characterization and the beauty of women living Modal descriptions. 萧纲宫体诗审美意识的新变,主要表现在对人体、服饰细致入微的刻画和对美貌女子生活情态的描写。

71、150 dollar s is failing. The 88 dollar one never malfuncti oned like this! 150美刀的鞋子脱落了!88美刀的鞋子却从来没有过这样的问题!

72、It is correspondent with the secularized historical deposition and the orientation of age's aesthetism which makes itself show as flat figure, formulaic narration, interesting aesthetism. 与世俗化的历史积淀和整个时代的审美取向相一致,使其在审美上主要表现为人物扁平化、叙事程式化、审美情趣化。

73、You have an eye for beauty. 你很有审美眼光。

74、In Song Dynasty the development of the aesthetic culture reached the summit, while the aesthetic culture experienced a transition. 而宋代是我国审美文化发展的高峰期,也是我国审美文化的转折期。

75、The Professor: Amy is with the head thug. 老夫子:阿美在贼头子那。

英文句子模板76:Aesthetic sentence

76、Its aesthetic characteristic is easily and distinctly found in the colorful and various expressions. 情采纷呈,显一家之“文”:是千恣百态的先秦诸子散文表现的鲜明审美特征。

77、A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart. 真正的审美与心灵美是不可分的。

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