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导读: 42个,关于”诗的押韵“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Rhyme of poetry。以下是关于诗的押韵的小学英语句子。


关于”诗的押韵“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Rhyme of poetry。以下是关于诗的押韵的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Rhyme of poetry

1、Blank verse: it is the heroic language of Shakespeare, of Milton, of Wordsworth. 无韵诗:它是英雄的语言,是莎士比亚,弥尔顿,沃兹沃斯的语言。

2、Ms. Li placed fifth in the Intel Science Talent Search and was awarded thirty thousand dollars. 李诗韵在英特尔科学奖中名列第无,并获得了叁万美元的奖金。

3、Please choose "the most appropriate answer" to complete the poem based on the "structure, context, and rhymes" of each poem. 请根据每一首诗的结构、上下文及韵脚,选一个最适当的答案填入诗中空格中。

4、The differences between examination-oriented poems and poetic prose and non-examination-oriented ones lie in their rhyme schemes and repetition of words. 应试诗赋与非应试诗赋的比较特征主要表现在限韵和多用叠字上。

5、Theory of "intrinsic rhythm" of poetry is the way to avoid disadvantage of theory of "natural rhythm and rhyme". 诗的“内在韵律论”是救治早先“自然音节论”的偏颇的药方。

6、I have been trying during the intervening moments since the Soviet respond a Russian Poem in you honour to translate it into English in such a manner that it might rhyme. 刚才苏联代表在发言中念了一首献给你的诗,我就一直在设法把这时候诗译成一首有韵的英文诗。

7、His play has endless charm, is implicit and poetry-rich. 他的剧作含蓄蕴藉,韵味无穷,富含浓郁的诗情。

8、The original version was one of the best emotional, harmonious poems. 原诗确实是感情真挚、音韵和谐的“乐府”佳作。

9、His rich work, celebrating wine, women, and the beauty of nature, is characterized by a fairy-tale beauty and musicality unattained by other poets. 他丰富的作品关于美酒、女人以及自然美景的如童话般美妙并押韵的描述是其他诗人都无法企及的。

10、So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. 早期的英语可能不太好理解。

11、Because of the differences of language and culture, the beauty of the original poem is very difficult to be transmitted into a poem of another language. 但由于语言、文化的差异性,在译诗中很难完全移植原诗的意境、音韵美。

12、And forever has no end. 永永远远,永无止境。

13、The fact that The Zhou-Dynasty Sacrificial Songs are short in length, with no stanza divisions and no rhyme schemes in style as well is deeply influenced by the then music of the serial bells. 《周颂》篇幅短小、不分章节、多不押韵等诗体风格的形成就受到了当时编钟制度的深刻影响。

14、Weng Xianliang, on the other hand, advocates casting away the restraints by rhymes and form in poetry translation and concentrating on the conveying of images. 而翁显良先生则是散体译诗的大手笔,主张抛却诗的韵律和形式的束缚,再现原诗的意象。

15、As a historical work of rhyme occupying an important position in the cultural and ideological construction of the Qing emperor, the All-rhyme Poem is worthy of recognition and research. 《全韵诗》实际上是一部韵文的史籍,在清高宗进行的文化总结、思想建设中居于重要地位,值得予以重视和研究。

16、The landscapes in Fangqian's works were usually ue in shape and color, yet full of mystery, painted in an subjective point of view, and in a unique tone of music and poems. 方倩笔下的风景往往形色迷离、气韵灵动,带有浓郁的主观色彩,弥漫着一种独特的音乐与诗歌的韵味。

17、And if you find such a friend, 如果你找到了这样的朋友,

18、Your friendships are a gift, So be sure to thank all My friends. 没有友谊是无用的,

19、Such as "Yun-quarter length of the orthographic Plum, " a poem: "cut straight to even the whole tree. 如《次韵张季长正字梅花》有诗句:“插瓶直欲连全树”。

20、The composition of this poem is very skilful, full of lingering charm . 这首诗的机抒很是巧妙, 颇具韵味。

21、Prior to 1694 metrical psalms were all that were sung in our English churches. xx年前,在英国教堂只会听到韵律诗篇。

22、The unique style of the Russian poetry consists in its meter and rhyme. 俄文诗的独特之处在于它有自己独有的、别具一格的格律和韵律。

23、are two hugely popular personal care brands around the world. “娇韵诗”和“欧莱雅”是两家全球最大的个人护理品牌。

24、They have the common characteristic of alternation between dialogue and stanzas. 在对话和韵诗之间他们有一般的特点。

25、The best version is to achieve the best approximation with the original poem form on the basis of conveying the content and nuances of the original poem. 在传达原诗内容和神韵的基础上,同时达到与原诗形式最佳的近似度,才是上乘之作。


26、"Every man, that writes in verse is not a Poet" (Ben Jonson). “并非每个以韵文写作的人皆是诗人” (本·谅生)。

27、There are a number of stanzas (gàthà. ) tered all over the Mahaparinibbana Sutta. 在大般若涅磐经中分散着很多韵诗和偈子。

28、When viewing ads, potential buyers were confused as to why and how they would want to look like the models using Clarins products. 当潜在客户观看广告的时候,他们就会产生疑惑,到底自己为什么要用“娇韵诗”产品呢? 自己如何使用“娇韵诗”产品才能像这些模特呢?

29、Meige is a book of Yi epic which possess the style of epic and Yi people's unique ethical character. 《梅葛》是一部彝族史诗,具有史诗的韵味和彝族独特的民族性格。

30、Selena Li is from Fair Oaks, California. 李诗韵来自于加利福尼亚州的费尔奥克斯。

31、Here, this image of the lines of trees and the metrical regularity of that verse that describes them. 这里,排列成行的树的画面和,诗里韵律的规律描绘的画面。

32、Suzhou gardens are famous for their cultural style and verve poetry. 苏州园林以其独具的神韵诗意、高逸的文化格调,而享誉海内外。

33、I believe that your peculiar harmonic rhyme that is my one-line poems. 我相信,你那奇特的谐韵,就是我的另一行诗章。

34、Ballad meter is usually iambic. The number of unstressed syllables in each line may vary. The second and fourth lines rhyme. 民谣的韵脚往往采用抑扬格的形式,每一行中非重度音节的数目不等,二、四行押韵。

35、You feel happy and complete, 你会快乐,觉得人生完整,

36、If you don't have an ear for a meter, carry on writing free verse or prose. 如果你对韵律不敏感的话,那就继续写自由体诗或散文吧。

37、Rhyme of Sui and Tang Dynasty, as one of the important research data of medieval unciation, has always been valued by scientists phonology. 隋唐诗人的用韵作为中古语音的重要研究资料之一,历来被音韵学家所重视。

38、On the other hand, Clarins has struggled when trying to target male consumers. 不过另一方面,“娇韵诗”在争取男性消费者的时候也颇费了一番周折。

39、It's in response to what seems to have been an aesthetic reaction to the poem that the printer of Paradise Lost asked Milton, went back to Milton and asked him to append a note to the book's second printing -- to append a note that explains why the poem rhymes not. 这是弥尔顿对《失乐园》的出版商的答复,出版商问弥尔顿关于此诗的美学问题,他找到弥尔顿,让他给此诗的第二次印刷附一个,注解--附个注解解释这诗为什么不押韵。

40、I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. 我恨你恨到恶心,恨你让我的诗压韵。

41、Your have a forever friend for life, 你拥有了一个真正的朋友,

42、Fabliau: a medieval verse tale characterizedbycomic ribald treatment of themes drawn from life. 故事诗:中世纪的韵文故事其特征为来源于生活的滑稽粗俗的主题。

43、Because each new stanza introduces a new set of rhyming sounds, the Shakespearean sonnet is well-suited to English, which is less richly endowed than Italian with rhyming words. 每个诗节都转换韵脚 这一改变很好的适应了英语的语言特点 因为英语在韵脚方面没有意大利语丰富.

44、These rhymes in poems include not only the mutual rhyming of clical poems, but also the phenomena of Jie Yun and Chu Yun of later style poems(they are mainly the poems during Song Dyn… 借、出韵现象也是诗人实际语音的流露,我们从韩诗的用韵情况就可得出这一结论。

45、The pursuit of traditional culture in general (internal) and the line to form the ink Interest (explicit) integration, namely: poetic and "Qiyun, " "charm". 总体上追求传统文化(内在的)与以线造型的笔墨意趣(外显的)融合,即:诗情画意和“气韵”、“神韵”的表现。

46、Your have a forever friend for life, 你拥有了一个真正的朋友, And forever has no end. 永永远远,永无止境。

47、Yazi U. S. special, Clarins, Yun Miao these three which is the best? 雅滋美特,娇韵诗,蕴妙这三个哪个最好呢?

48、Reading aloud, one can first feel the rhythm distinctively, then this reader will be alerted to the message while the rhythm changes. 朗读这首诗,第一个感受可能是感到它的韵律特别,继之会在韵脚变化时警觉地注意到那里的意味。

49、Word Weng, Methodism and the Japanese monk who Junsuke last shots poem ("o-pay sign the book" Grand early release articles Volume II "and the shots Rhyme" Poetry Notes). 字时翁,理宗淳祐末曾和日僧静照诗(《邻交徵书》初篇卷二释大观《和静照诗韵》诗注)。

50、Once published, his work became famous for the absence of rhyme at the end of each line. 他的诗作一发表就因其每行末尾不压韵而名声大噪。


51、The most striking feature in its poetical form is the use of alliteration. 最醒目的特征以它的诗形式是头韵的使用。

52、These three stanzas are also said to have been added by the reciters. 这三段韵诗中据说也已补充到诵文中。

53、Languages are endowed with the aesthetics of rhymes, which can be chiefly divided into alliteration, onance, rhyme and echoism. 语言具音韵美。常见的音韵手法有头韵、腹韵、尾韵和拟声。

54、If you turn and walk away, 你转身走开时,

55、It has been pointed out that the stanza is older than the preceding prose page in the Sutta. 据说韵诗与前面佛经之中的段落相比要老一点。

56、Selena Li, a 17-year old first-generation Chinese-American from Sacramento, California, is working on a more effective treatment for liver cancer. 例如,李诗韵(Selena Li)的研究就是这样。xx岁的李诗韵是第一代美籍华人,来自加州萨克拉门托。她正在研究治疗肝癌的一种更有效的方法。

57、Chief Cographer of Dance Drama Poem Painting 《The Spiritual of Man Minority》 and the drama won "Wenhua Great Prize". 大型舞蹈诗画《满风神韵》总编导,该剧荣获“文华奖”。

58、I think there are really three strong metrical accents in a row there. 我想这行诗中,有三个重音韵。

59、He and Li both plan to be physicians and medical researchers. 布瓦维尔和李诗韵都打算当医生和医学研究者。

60、His editorial helloghlights confounding variables in the studies. 他的案语强调了研究中娇韵诗瘦腿的混杂变量。

61、Chu verses, Han rhymes, all the brilliant poems converged into a chorus of praise for central Anhui; 楚风,汉韵,诗书华章汇成礼赞皖中的大合唱。

62、The poem has such aesthetic features as formal regularity, prosodic harmony, syllabic distinctiveness and concise diction. 形式整齐,声韵和谐,音节鲜明,语言洗练,是《老马》这首诗的美学特征。

63、I love your translation: accurate, rhythmic and clear. An excellent match! 我喜欢你的翻译:准确、韵感和明晰。与原诗绝配!

64、The category of "Qiyun" reflects the characteristic of poetic thinking of the aesthetic culture of ancient China. 气韵范畴显现出中国审美文化的诗性思维特征。

65、Because you need not worry, 因为你无需再忧虑。

66、The new free verse focused only on free language but not " verse" on its initial stage, which caused serious " depoeticization" in such aspects as language, rhyme, structure and techniques. 草创期白话新诗只重白话,不重“诗”,并由此带来了严重的“非诗化”倾向,语言、音韵、结构方式、创作手法上都有明显的表现。

67、Do you know the rhyme "Thirty days has September, April, June, and November…?" It helps many people remember which months of the year have 30 days. 你知道“九、四、六、十一有30天……”这首押韵诗吗?它帮助人们记住xx年中哪些月份有30天。

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