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关于”表示强调的句型“的英语句子30个,句子主体:A sentence pattern expressing emphasis。以下是关于表示强调的句型的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A sentence pattern expressing emphasis

1、It's how fast they adjust to the target. 表示着向目标调整的速率

2、that sounds very sensible to me.我觉得这很合理。

3、As progress is made, we should welcome it and offer continued encouragement. 赖斯强调说:“当进展出现时,我们应表示欢迎并继续予以鼓励。

4、The second, a new expression of DSS Model, i. e. Model's Object Expressionis put forward. 第二,提出了一种新的决策支持系统模型的表示方法,即模型的对象表示。

5、i don't think anyone would disagree. 我认为没有人会不同意。

6、Such property-based pointcuts can express a set of join points that matches "every call to a subtype of an Account" without forcing the programmer to enumerate those subtypes. 这类基于属性的切入点可以表示一套与“每个针对 Account 子类型的调用”匹配的连接点,却不必强迫程序员枚举这些子类型。

7、Don't underestimate how bolding certain words or sentences can make an otherwise benign statement one with emphasis. 不要低估加粗的词句会怎样强调了本来平和的表述。

8、The report from WWF said the findings ilrate the pervasiveness of industrial chemicals and underscores the need for tighter chemical regulation. 基金会表示,这样的发现显示工业化学原料的滥用,并强调需要订立更严格的法规加以约束。

9、that goes for me too. 我也是这么想的。

10、I could have put a rho but I want to emphasize the fact that here it is going to be a constant. 我本来可以用ρ来表示,但在这我是想强调,它是一个常数。

11、Amplitude is shown logarithmically to emphasize the function's form . 高度对数显示强调作用的形式。

12、For instance, the Chinese word huar said in a high pitch means flower, but in a dipping pitch means picture. 比如在汉语中,hua用高的声调(阴平,译者注),表示“花”,用降调说(去声,译者注)就表示“画”。

13、UBS AG upgraded the largest maker of chemicals for the construction industry to “buy” from “neutral,” citing a “strong fourth quarter. 瑞银集团把西卡集团的股票评级从中性上调为买入,表示该集团第四季度表现强劲。

14、"The core of the design is a contrast of old and new, in monochrome colours, " added the architect. 建筑师表示:“设计的核心是在灰色调中强调新与旧的对比。”

15、The earth moves around the sun. Shanghai lies in the east of China. 表示格言或警句中。

16、强调过去的动作对现在造成的结果或影响,常与表示不确切时间的副词(如already,yet,just,recently,so far,in the past twenty years,等)连用。

17、The BTYPE column identifies the object type: 'T' for table, 'I' for index, and 'F' for function instance. BTYPE 列显示对象类型:'T' 表示表,'I' 表示索引,'F' 表示函数实例。

18、Neither sad nor disappointed will I be again! 你的那句没错,我的是强调形式,语气更重些。

19、i don't think anyone would dispute with that. 我认为没有人会不同意这点。

20、Chinese passive sentence is a form of sentence structure, which expresses the state that the receiver is processed by an action or effect or state change that an action gives the receiver. 汉语被动句是一个特殊的句式,它或者是表示受事遭受某一动作处置的状态; 或者是表示某一动作给受事带来的影响; 或者表示状态的变化。

21、In fact, Mr. Milevsky goes so far as to say there is too much emphasis on a person’s risk tolerance. 事实上,米列夫斯基先生甚至表示,一个人的风险承受能力被强调得过份了。

22、I want to emphasize today the presentation of them. 我们今天想要强调的就是,他们的表示。

23、I do believe I am the best,and you can make it! 注:believe 前加了do表示强调突出,增强语气!

24、In aspect of means in the grammar of style, the main use of the particle for emphasis and respect. 在语法文体论手段方面,主要使用了表示强调和尊敬的助词。

25、Panasonic said market research had shown that its 50-inch model might sell for $2, 000. 松下表示市场调查显示它的50英寸型号将售2000 $。


26、i'm of exactly the same idea as you. 我的想法与你的完全相同。

27、i think i entirely agree with your view. 我想我完全同意你的观点。

28、But wild type GFP and EGFP are not ideal to detect the transient changes of gene expression regulation. 但野生型GFP及增强型GFP等因半衰期长,稳定性强,对反映一过性转录表达调控的变化不甚理想。

29、He questioned Adam Smith's emphasis on the invisible hand. 他对亚当·史密斯对“无形的手”的强调表示怀疑。

30、I/We do apologize to you sincerely. do表强调,加强语气。

31、i quite agree with you. 我很同意你。

32、Supporters were naturally frustrated at the final whistle, and Benitez insists he understands their disappointment. 球迷自然对最终的赛果表示强烈的不满,贝尼特斯强调他理解球迷的失望。

33、The subtext is that much tougher regulation is required. 这句话的潜台词是,更加强硬的调控是必须的。

34、On your handout there's another quotation from late in Yeats's life that I wanted to emphasize. 在讲义上有他晚年的一句话,我要着重强调。

35、Providing required model data for the presentation layer by consolidating responses from request handlers. 通过加强来自请求处理程序的响应为表示层提供所需的模型数据。

36、So I indicated the molecule. 所以我强调这种分子的表示法。

37、TIME termed the results "a counterreformation of sorts in a Republican-led era that emphasizes deregulation and self-reliance." 《时代》杂志表示,该调查结果"也算是一种反改革,是对共和党执政时期强调放松管制与自力更生的反弹."

38、Yan in a low-key source said. 于欣源低调表示。

39、EM and STRONG are used to indicate emphasis. The other phrase elements have particular significance in technical documents. These examples ilrate some of the phrase elements. EM以及STRONG用来表示强调。其他的短语型元素在技术文档中会有非常大的用处。的例子展示了一些短语型元素。

40、A corporation can have a series of DTDs that represent a consistent set of information descriptions, each of which emphasizes the value of specialization for those new information types. 一个公司可以有一组 DTD,这些 DTD 表示一组一致的信息描述,它们中的每一个都强那些调新信息类型的专门化值。

41、Table 4: Hierarchical representation of the RUP meta-model 表 4:RUP 元模型的分等级表示

42、They tried to protect crops family by family. I understood this and worked to establish a culture that emphasized community. 我对此表示理解,而且致力于创造一种氛围,强调社区重要性。

43、Katakana originated from the radicals of Chinese characters, and is mainly used to express foreign loanwords or emphasis. 片假名源于汉字的偏旁部首,主要是用来表示外来语或强调的。

44、i'd go along with you there.在这点上我同意你。

45、According to these characteristics, the chapter discusses functions of the synonym combination in language useage, which include completing semantemes, emphasizing meanings and harmonizing sentences. 并根据其特点讨论了近义词连用形式在语言表达上有完整语义、强调词义、协调语句等功能。

46、This method of portrayal emphasizes both the regressive nature and the time equivalence. 这种图示方法既强调了海退性质也强调了同时性。

47、i think i'd take your point completely. 我想我完全接受你的看发。

48、i'd like to endorse your opinion. 我赞同你的意见。

49、J&J said the transaction would dilute its adjusted earnings in 2009 by between 2 and 3 cents a share. 强生表示,该交易将令其2009年经调整后的每股盈馀(EPS)稀释0.02-0.03美元.

50、that's just my cup of tea. 这正合我意。


51、" they shouted as the team score d again. 当球队再次得分时,他们大呼 " 好哇!

52、The loger a word, phrase or syllable is stretched out, the greater the emphasis placed upon it. I'll demonstrate. 一个单词、词组或音节持续的时间越长,就越表示强调。我来演示一遍。

53、The furore, he says, “underscores the need to reassure people on what we are doing. 他表示,人们的愤怒“强调了有必要恢复人们对我们正在做的事情的信心。

54、Victorian, in other words, can be taken to mean parent of the modern -- and like most powerful parents, it provoked a powerful reaction against itself. 换句话说,“维多利亚时代”这个词可以用来表示“现代之母”的意思。就像大多数强大的父母那样,它引发了一场强烈的反应。

55、Reinforce demonstration by example; 加强典型示范;

56、The affix-sheng is basically used after numerals in Shaoxing dialect, which indicates the depiction of or emphasis on the relevant topic. 绍兴方言中的词缀“生”主要用在数量词之后,表示对事物的描述或强调。

57、that makes two of us. 我也是这么想的。

58、At a time when the importance of racial harmony has been stressed repeatedly, such a publicised visit may seem rather contrived. “虽然在强调族群融洽的时刻,这么”昭示天下“式的表达方式也许稍嫌刻意。

59、I beg your pardon. I didn't catch you just now . 强调时用升调,意为“请再说一便”,表示没听清楚。

60、Zhou Qiang welcomed the visiting of Vietnamese youth delegation. 周强对代表团一行的来访表示欢迎。

61、We will also highlight the supporting tools demonstrating the services modeling capabilities currently offered by the IBM tools listed in Table 1. 我们还能够强调显示支持性工具,以演示表 1 中列出 IBM 工具当前所提供的服务建模功能。

62、Semantic services enable you to represent semantic models, identify model-to-model relationships, and execute the necessary translations to reconcile data with differing semantic models. 语义服务使您可以表示语义模型,确定模型到模型的关系,以及执行必要的转换以协调不同语义模型的数据。

63、He was all gentleness to her. 4. 利用词汇重复表示强调

64、Examples include online banking pages, store check-out pages, surveys, and user-feedback forms. 典型的示例包括网上银行页、商店结帐页、调查和用户反馈表单。

65、Refrains can also serve to emphasize a particular idea. 叠句也可以用来强调某个观点。

66、Their grammatical function amounts to the words expressing extremeness and degree in Chinese which mainly show such meanings as extent, emphasis, and so on. 其语法作用相当于汉语中表示极端程度的甚词表达,主要用来表示程度或者强调等意义。

67、Giveback (including patents, publishing, and presentations, with particular emphasis on mentoring) 取得的成绩(包括专利、发表作品和演示,特别强调顾问指导)

68、A line under something , such as a symbol, word, or phrase, used to indicate emphasis or italic type. 下划线划在符号,词或词组下的线,用以表示强调或斜体打印。

69、I prais'd it much, the happy life I led in it, expressing strongly my intention of returning to it; 我对那地方和我在那里的愉快生活,大加赞扬,强调表示我打算回去的意图。

70、Statistical views are a powerful new form of statistics that represent relationships among complex predicates or across tables. 统计视图是一种强大的、新型的统计,它可以表示复杂谓词或表之间的关系。

71、CPA's audit report includes an unqualified opinion with emphasis on matter paragraph, a qualified opinion, an adverse opinion and a disclaimer of opinion. 涉及持续经营问题的审计意见类型包括带强调事项段的无保留意见、保留意见、否定意见和无法表示意见。

72、i think i'd accept your view on that. 我想我接受你在这方面的观点。

73、that's just what i was thinking.这正是我所想的。

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