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导读: 44个,关于”20个最高级的句子“的英语句子44个,句子主体:20 superlative sentences。以下是关于20个最高级的句子的小学英语句子。


关于”20个最高级的句子“的英语句子44个,句子主体:20 superlative sentences。以下是关于20个最高级的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:20 superlative sentences

1、Methods An anonymous questionnaire was conducted on 1 040 internet users, who were cer stratified sampled from 20 cl in Changsha colleges. 方法采用分层整群随机抽样的方法,从长沙地区高校中随机抽取20个班级,对所选班级的上网大学生进行现场无记名问卷调查。

2、Look at the Nutrition Facts Label to find out which brands are highest in calcium. 参照营养元素分级表找到哪个牌子钙的含量最高。

3、The higher oil yield and better quality could be obtained with the root age of 20—24 months. 从根龄20—24个月的香根得到的精油产量最高,质量最好。

4、Up till now, more than 20 high-ranking managers from abroad have served at TCL Corp. 迄今为止,已有20多位来自国外的高级管理人才加盟到TCL集团。

5、we must do our absolute best to。.我们必须 竭尽全力做。

6、Pratt touts a 15% to 20% improvement in fuel burn over equivalent engines. 普惠标榜与同级别相比其发动机提高了15%到20%的燃料利用。

7、CloudFlare’s service is available in a free version and a “pro” version with more controls that costs $20 per month. CloudFlare提供免费和高级(每月20美元)两种服务。

8、More than 110 employees, including 20 technicians and 3 senior engineers, senior management staff 12. 现有职工110余人,其中技术人员20人,高级工程师3人,高级管理人员12人。

9、Quadrat launches the first exclusive interior design collection of more than20different products in anodised aluminium. quadrat. 推出首批超过20于种氧级氧化铝高级室内装饰产品。

10、Testing standard is divided into 5 grades. One-star is the basic level and five-star is the highest level. 鉴定标准分为五个等次,一星级为最基础级,五星级为最高级。

11、From these burgesses the first elements of the bourgeoisie were developed. 从这个市民等级中发展出最初的资产阶级分子。

12、But in Linux, the priority range for normal non-real-time processes is from -20 (higher) to +20 (lower priority). 不过,在 Linux 中,普通 非实时进程的优先级范围是从 -20(较高的)到 +20(较低的)。

13、Just over 20 years ago, IBM introduced the PC jr. 20多年前,IBM公司推出了初级个人电脑。

14、The command has a range of -20 (highest priority) to 19 (lowest priority) and the default priority is 0. 这个命令把 程序优先级的值设置为从-20(最高优先级)到19(最低优先级)之间的任何一个整数值,而默认的值是0。

15、The particle size of magnesium corrosion resistance coating has improved, 20-micron-level effect of magnesium is slightly better than 38 micron powder; 镁粉的粒度对涂层的耐蚀性均有提高,20微米级镁粉的效果稍优于38微米级镁粉;

16、) (20) The giraffe is tall. 长颈鹿高 The deer is short. 梅花鹿矮 (21) You are tall. 你很高 xx年级上册

17、Existing staff 342 people, in which senior engineer 1 person, senior economist 1 person, engineers and technicians more than 20 people. 现有员工342人,其中高级工程师1人,高级经济师1人,工程技术人员20多人。

18、Recall that task nice values change the priority of a task (where -20 is the highest priority and 20 is the lowest). 回想一下任务精细值可以更改任务的优先级(这里 -20 是最高的优先级,而 20 是最低的)。

19、Beijing International Hotel is a five-star hotel, which has 1049 tastefully furnished rooms and suites, 20 spacious multi-purpose rooms. 北京国际饭店是一家五星级饭店,拥有1049间高雅的客房和套间,20个宽敞的多效用厅。

20、The Sealine Beach Resort offers 35 relaxing rooms, two spacious suites, 20 elegant chalets, and 20 superior villas. 在该度假村提供35休闲室,两个宽敞的套房,20优雅的小屋,和20个高级别墅。

21、The highest-priority task (nice of -20) received ~120 billion ticks, while the lowest-priority task (nice of 19) received 21 million ticks. 最高优先级任务(精细值为 -20)收到大概 1200 亿个时钟节拍,而最低优先级任务(精细值为 19)接收到21,000,000 个时钟节拍。

22、The shortest are about 65 feet, or 20 metres, high. 最矮小的钻机则只有65尺或20米高。

23、"We can expect to see quakes up to magnitude 4 - such as the recent ones we've experienced - every two years, " Prof Sandiford said. "Magnitude 5 quakes can be expected every 20 years. 他说,“我们可能会感受到高达4级强度的地震,就像最近每两年我们就会经历的,而5级强度的地震估计每xx年发生一次。

24、In this categorization - P1 is the highest priority, P2 is the next highest and so on. 在这个分类中-P1是最高优先级,P2是第二高优先级等等。

25、Jack D. Herrington is a senior software engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Jack D. Herrington 是一位有着超过 20 年经验的高级软件工程师。


26、A bear market is defined as a drop of at least 20% off the most recent cyclical highs, which the indexes had hit in October. 熊市的定位是同最近的最高点相比降幅至少要达到20%,近期股指最高点指的是去年xx月的那个峰值。

27、Now, the company has about 220 staffs, it includes about 40 variety technicians , 6 senior technicians , 20 medium technicians . 现有员工近220余人,其中各类专业技术人员40余人,高级职称人员6名,中级职称人员20余名;

28、How many world-class music bands have you found by 20? 你xx岁的时候建立了多少个世界级的乐队?

29、Here is a list of the 20 most-profitable industries and their average pretax margins 以下是20个利润率最高的行业排名和他们的平均利润率

30、This firm has a strong technical strength of comprehensive disciplines, over 180 are professionals, among which 3 are professorate senior engineers, 20 are senior engineers. 公司有各专业人才180余人,包括3名教授级高级工程师和20名高级工程师。

31、We found the maximum height to be 20 meters. 我们发现最大高度为20米

32、In the men's 90kg final, Russian volnykh sealed the quickest win of the tournament, taking just 20 seconds to topple and immobilise his opponent. 在男子90公斤级决赛中,俄罗斯人瓦林科以最快的时间获胜,他仅用20秒就将对手掀翻并使其动弹不得。

33、Passphrases are recommended to have a length of 20 or more characters. 推荐使用 20 个字符以上的口令句。

34、They remained in production for about 20 years, until they were finally made obsolete by the advent of electronic calculators like the HP 9100. 过了xx年,直到它们完全被更高级的电子计算机如HP 9100所抛弃,他还在生产中。

35、If you don't have lots of table-space, you don't want to have a dinner party for 20. 如果没有宽敞的地方放桌子,最好不要考虑给20个人做晚餐。

36、Peter who was chosen the handsomest boy in the senior class is quite an Adonis. 彼得真是一个美男子,他在高年级班中被选为最英俊的男孩。

37、The precision of the static orientation is better than 20 arc-seconds, improved by an order of magnitude. 静态定位精度优于20角秒,比改造前的仪器提高了一个数量级。

38、He decided to create what he calls a circular management team in which the 20 people who reported to the top handful of managers on the executive committee met once a month. 他决定打造一个循环管理团队,团队由向执行委员会的少数最高级别高管述职的20人组成,每月开一次会。

39、A lower-rated borrower could pay more than 20%. 而较低评级的借款人需要支付比此高出20%的利息。

40、In addition, 14 provinces and regions raised minimum wage levels this year, with the highest at more than 20 percent. 另外,在今年还有14个省市地区提高了工人最低工资标准,最高的地区达20%。

41、The precision of the static orientation is better than 20 arc-seconds, improved by an order… 静态定位精度优于20角秒,比改造前的仪器提高了一个数量级。

42、THE NANO-NAP: 10 to 20 seconds. 纳秒级:10至20秒。

43、Top 20 children's questions which baffle parents 最让父母挠头的孩子提问前20名

44、The highest bidder will get the 20-dollar bill. 出价最高者将得到20美元的钞票。

45、The Duggars' oldest child, Josh, is 20, and the youngest, Jennifer, is nine months old. 他们最大的孩子乔希已经xx岁了,可是最小的一个才9个月大。

46、There are 20 different Shouts, each with three levels of power. 有20种不同的龙吼,每种都有三个等级。

47、The box weighs 20 kgs. 这个箱子重20公斤。

48、The presence of allophanate crosslinks can be proved by the highest molecular weight of 20 series copolymers, followed by 40 ( in Table 2). 脲基甲酸酯交联键可以从20系列的共聚物的分子量最高,其次是40系列的分子量而得到证实。

49、And in Wednesday's Guardian we had a superlative example of repackaged narrative. 并在周三的监护人,我们有一个最高级的例子,重新包装叙事。

50、About half an hour later, both groups were asked to rate the attractiveness of 20 male and 20 female faces on a seven-point scale. 大约半小时后,两组志愿者被要求给20名男子和20名女子在照片上的魅力度打分,最高分为7分。


51、This model is based on 4 sensorial experiences rated by maximum 20 points. 该模型是基于最高20分,分为4个感官评定等级。

52、Once he practiced dancing for as long as 20 hours. 他最高的纪录曾是连续练舞20个小时。

53、是很 困难的 16the recent research has shown that..最近研 究表明。

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