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导读: 25个,关于”爱国的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:Patriotic sentences。以下是关于爱国的句子的专业英语句子。


关于”爱国的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:Patriotic sentences。以下是关于爱国的句子的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Patriotic sentences

1、Love the motherland and the people. Study hard and make progress everyday. 热爱祖国,热爱,好好学习,天天向上。

2、Mei Lanfang loved his country very much. 梅兰芳爱国情浓。

3、British multi-millionaire said he would challenge a rulingthatordered him to pay his former wife what is believed to bethebiggest divorce award in English legal history. 一位英国百万富翁说他不服判决。该判决要求他付给前妻据信是英国司法史上最高的离婚补偿。

4、Respect, protect and defend our national emblem, is our country citizen obligations, is also love the motherland, love the great Chinese nation of specific performance. 尊敬、维护和捍卫我国国徽,是我国公民的义务,也是热爱祖国、热爱伟大的中华民族的具体表现。

5、Green is the national color of Ireland. 绿色是爱尔兰的国色。

6、Jiaozi(chinese Dumpling) is a traditional chinese food , which is essention during holidays in northern china. Chinese dumpling becomes one of the most widely love food in china. 饺子(饺子)是一种传统的中国食品,这是在假日北中国。中国的饺子成为最广泛的爱的食物在中国。

7、Peter H. L. Chang, as a great patriot, not only practised his patriotic idea but also made much of the education of patriotism. 指出张学良作为一位伟大的爱国者,不仅自己践行其爱国思想,而且高度重视爱国主义教育。

8、Old Are you Chinese , deary ? 亲爱的,你是中国人吗?

9、The Chinese customer loves Western brands. 中国的顾客爱吃洋品牌。

10、A: I really like Chinese food. 我真的很爱吃中国菜。

11、In China, “Knot” means reunion, friendship, peace, marriage, love, etc. 在中国,“结”代表着团结、友爱、和平、婚姻、爱情等。

12、The cream of society might even send their favored sons and daughters to acquire intellectual and social finesse in academies abroad. 精英阶层甚至将爱子爱女送到国外学府学习知识和社交技巧。

13、Education in patriotism should merge into tourism teaching to inspire the students' ardent love for our country. 将爱国主义教育融会于旅游专业教学中,激发学生热爱祖国的热情。

14、The people not only have the right to love their country, but also to love their country. 不仅有权爱国,而且爱国是义务,是一种光荣。

15、Germans tend to like their Western neighbors far more than they are liked by them, but they look down on their Eastern neighbors, particularly Poles. 德国人对他们西边邻国的喜爱远大于其邻国居民对他们的喜爱,但是他们瞧不起东方邻国,尤其是波兰。

16、Chinese legal commenters state that the law in China regarding the recognition of foreign judgments is evolving. 中国的法律评论家认为中国有关承认外国判决的相关法律正在改变。

17、She is an ardent patriot. 她是热忱的爱国志士。

18、Patriotism and hatred of the enemy have multiplied by the only such a patriotic heart can lead to victory. 爱国心再和敌人的仇恨有乘法乘起来只有这样的爱国心才能导向胜利。

19、For even if I cannot bear playing second fiddle patriotic ashes, and I am also patriotic. 平生爱国不甘后人,即使把我烧成灰,我也是爱国的。

20、Love deeply LinZhenHai largeness of generation son, the resolution sacrifice himself, preservation lover. 深爱着林振海的佳代子,决议牺牲本人,保全爱人。

21、The school is also introducing choolbased national education curriculum to nurture students' love of Hong Kong and our country. 本校亦将引入校本国情教育以培养学生爱港及爱国的情怀。

22、Jane Eyre is a representative work of Charlotte Bronte who is an English critical realist writer of the 19th century. 《简爱》是19世纪英国批判现实主义文学作家夏洛蒂勃朗特的代表作。

23、Er hat zwar die Bank of China ausgeraubt, bleibt aber patriotism. 他虽然抢了中国银行但还是爱国的。

24、Next I'll go to a new view of patriotic, namely, patriotic wisdom of "peace is precious". 然后笔锋一转,提出爱国的新角度,即“以和为贵”的爱国智慧。

25、You could not remain within the Kingdom without love, and since the Kingdom is love, you believe that you are without it. 没有爱,你无法存留于天国内,因为天国是爱,因此你相信自己不在天国内。


26、Did the love of liberty, or good judgment on public affairs, depend upon one's wealth? 对自由的热爱,或对公共事务的良好判断力,取决于人的财富吗?

27、China is vigorously seeking settlement of dispute with its neighbors through peaceful negotiation. 中国积极寻求通过和平谈判解决与邻国的争议问题。

28、I love our beautiful motherland. 我热爱祖国的锦绣山河。

29、The title of our speech is love our country, love our school, from you and me. 今天国旗下讲话的题目是:爱国爱校,从你、我做起。

30、Motivate the students' love for our homeland. 激发学生的爱国热情。

31、Chinese students studying abroad and overseas Chinese also launched a patriotic activity. 在国外的中国留学生和华侨也展开了爱国活动。

32、I fell in love wth the kind people, the beautiful culture, and of course the great food. 我爱上了中国,爱上了中国文化,当然还有中国美食。

33、AP Britain's Queen Elizabeth II visited Ireland 17, Ireland from British rule to become self-name visits since the first British monarch of love. 据新华社电英国女王伊丽莎白二世xx日到访爱尔兰,成为自爱尔兰脱离英国统治以来首名访爱的英国君主。

34、Love the motherland, the first thing to understand the motherland; Don't understand, you can't say love. 爱祖国,首先要了解祖国;不了解,就说不上爱。——任继愈。

35、He is an ardent patriot. 他是个热忱的爱国志士。

36、I hate patriotism. 我恨爱国主义。

37、Patriotism is deeply rooted in the instincts and emotions of human being. Patriotism is magnified by the filial piety. 爱国主义深深扎根于人的本能和感情之中。爱国之情则是放大了的孝心。

38、The kingdom of God is a kingdom of love; and love is never a stagnant l. (Henry W. DuBose) 神的国是爱的国度;而爱绝不会是一滩停滞不动的池水。

39、Love the motherland above all. ⊙、爱祖国高于一切。

40、Polanski now lives in France with his wife, French actress Emmanuelle Seigner, and their two children. 波兰斯基现在居住在法国,他的妻子,法国女星艾曼纽爱莉塞根纳,和他们的两个孩子。

41、The King opened a small cupboard and Edward started to cry. 国王打开一个小柜子,爱德华哭了起来。

42、Qu Yuans love for the homeland and Bangguo, is the source of the Chinese nations patriotism. 屈原对故土邦国的热爱,是中华民族传统爱国思想的源头。

43、The emperor was overcome with grief, and vowed to keep his beloved wife's memory alive forever. 国王郁积于心,发誓要将对爱妻的回忆永远地保留下来,于是,他决定为她建一座永恒的爱情丰碑。

44、In 1917, his parents moved to China, and settled in Tianjin in 1920, a decision that was to change Epstein's life. xx年,伊斯雷尔·爱泼斯坦的父母移居中国,并于xx年在天津定居,这一决定改变了爱泼斯坦的一生。

45、Sentence was ped. Edouard was to abandon his art and study law. 判决下来了,爱德华必须放弃他的艺术去学习法律。

46、Yet another [Charles Grley of Iowa] asked whether [judges should] ever look to foreign laws for good ideas or get inspiration for their decisions from foreign law, she said. “另一位爱荷华州的查尔斯.格拉斯利问到,‘法官是否本来就应当看看外国法有没有好的规定’,或者‘从外国法中获得作出判决的灵感’”。

47、Who are the real patriots? 到底谁是爱国者?

48、Badmintom is a popular hobby in China. It is also my hobby. 羽毛球在中国流行的爱好,也是我的爱好。

49、This is sings popularly method the patriotism song, the song melody exquisite, resounding powerful, expressed people's patriotic heart, has brought honor to the spirit of patriotism. 这是一首通俗唱法的爱国主义歌曲,歌曲旋律优美、高亢有力,表达了人们的爱国之心,弘扬了爱国主义精神。

50、In matters of particle physics, then, patriotism is pé. 爱国主义在粒子物理学领域是过去时了。


51、I am people's son,I love my country and people. 我是的儿子,我深爱着我的祖国和。

52、Ji Xiangloves hot pot more then Pizza. 小吉爱吃比萨,但更爱吃咱中国的火锅。

53、I saw the Chinese army is burning on their heart - love! 我看到了中国子弟兵们身上正在燃烧的心—爱心!

54、We were watching the children raising the national flag, and saw it rising slowly in the wind, which aroused our patriotic minds. 我们在观看孩子们升国旗,看到国旗在风中徐徐升起,这唤起了我们的爱国之心。

55、We love dancing as well as singing. "…"is a most popular song in Yichang, which was given an award by a national project. 我们宜昌孩子爱唱歌也爱跳舞,《雀尕飞》就是一首人听人爱的歌曲,还获得过全国五个一工程奖呢!

56、Empire-builders love railways. 帝国建造者热爱铁路。

57、Dear Motherland, be thou my bed 亲爱的祖国,你是我的 床筵

58、I am the real desh bhakt. 我是真正的爱国者。

59、Love the country, do it no harm. 以热爱祖国为荣,以危害祖国为耻;

60、I can see King Edmund. 我看见国王爱德蒙。

61、To study the connotation of patriotic act will be helpful to our better understanding of patriotism education, and of the basis for establishing a unified line of patriotism. 研究爱国行为的内涵有助于我们更好地开展爱国主义教育,理解新时期爱国统一战线建立的基础。

62、I love my country deep. 我深深地爱着我的祖国。

63、Which country love baseball? 哪国爱棒球?

64、King Edward IV died in 1483. He had two sons, Edward and Richard, and the elder of these, Edward, became king on his father's death. 年英王爱德华四世亡故,身后留下两个儿子,爱德华和里查德,长子爱德华在父亲死后成为国王。

65、That is the essence of patriotism. 这是爱国主义的精华。

66、Just because someone dosen't love you the way you want them to , dosen't mean they don't love you with all they have . 爱你的人如果异国按你所盼望的方法爱你,那并不代表他们异国经心全意地爱你。

67、I am people's son,I love my country and people. 我是的儿子,我深爱着我的祖国和。

68、I am a substitute of God's family, filial child, patriot, saint and divine son and daughter. 我是神的家庭、孝子、爱国者、圣人和圣洁的子女的代身。

69、The reason that Chinese men emphasize their wives' appearance has something to do with their so called self-respect. 中国男人重视自己另一半的相貌,与中国人爱面子有直接关系。

70、During the holiday, from seeing and hearing by ourselves, we have loved our motherland more deeply and strengthened the determination to serve our motherland. 假期里的所见所闻也让我们更加热爱祖国,坚定了报效祖国的决心。

71、It is quite a good chances for me as a FIBA referee to gain experience, however, I had been 'favor' as patriotic referee, not even me, most of the Malaysian referee were involved. 这对我身为一名国际裁判无非是个累积经验的好机会,然而,我却被冠上了爱国裁判的荣衔,不只是我,几乎所有大马籍裁判都一样。

72、To celebrate our motherland's 61th birthday, all people used different ways to express their own feelings of love for the motherland . 为了庆祝祖国妈妈61华诞,全国都用各自不同的方式表达了自己对祖国的热爱之情——“祖国妈妈我爱您!”

73、Although their patriotic acts differ sharply in content, they have come down in one continuous line. 两人爱国的内容,显然有很大的差别,然而其爱国的精神却是一脉相通的。

74、China stands for non-interference in others' internal affairs and negotiated solutions to international disputes. 主张不干涉别国内部事务和谈判解决国际争端;

75、Because we affectionately love our country , this pieceful land to bring me up, people always love their motherland, do not go too fast, drop your chil. 因为我们太热爱我的祖国,热爱这片生我养我的土地,永远热爱自己的祖国,祖国请不要走的太快了,别丢下您的儿女及灵魂!

英文句子模板76:Patriotic sentences

76、They nominally dislike the English, but I have yet to meet an Irishman who really loathes the English. 爱尔兰人礼貌而谦虚。爱尔兰人名义上讨厌英国人,但是我没见哪个爱尔兰人真正讨厌英国人。

77、People not only have the right to patriotism and patriotic is a duty, is a kind of glory. 不仅有权爱国,而且爱国是个义务,是一种光荣。

78、Both his family education and the Chinese traditional patriotism helped to foster his intense patriotic feelings. 陈寅恪的强烈爱国情感的形成,既有他的家庭亲属的影响,又有中国爱国传统文化的影响。

79、Be it hereby proclaimed: Ever since the Lukouchiao Incident, all our patriotic countrymen have been firmly waging the War of Resistance. 为布告事:自卢沟桥事变以来,我全国爱国同胞,坚决抗战。

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