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导读: 58个,关于”解释原因的句型“的英语句子58个,句子主体:A sentence pattern that explains why。以下是关于解释原因的句型的高考英语句子。


关于”解释原因的句型“的英语句子58个,句子主体:A sentence pattern that explains why。以下是关于解释原因的句型的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:A sentence pattern that explains why

1、The thesis testifies that the cause of BSR and blanking zone can be explained with different models. 本论文证明BSR以及空白带产生的原因可以通过不同的模型进行解释。

2、How do you explain the reason of this accidence? 你如何解释这次事故的原因?

3、Explain the reason why do you choose the street fashion products? 你选择潮牌的原因是什么并且简单的解释?

4、No one explained, we waited for two hours. 没有人解释原因,我们等了两个钟头。

5、将来完成进行时 the future perfect continuous tense

6、As we know, the few measured parameters will lead to multiplicity of inversion and interpretation. 测量参数少是造成反演解释多解性的原因之一。

7、an explanation concerning sources or causes of profit differentials between firms 对企业间利润差异的来源或原因做出解释

8、Lily: To explain to Rufus the real reason I've been lying to him? 跟Rufus解释我跟他撒谎的真正原因?

9、The classical ABC model illustrated the molecular mechanism of floral development, and explained the floral organ mutants of homeotic gene. 经典的ABC模型有效地解释了花器官发育的分子机制,可以广泛地解释因同源异型基因的突变而引起的植物花器官变异。

10、Please confirm and explain why. 请证实并解释原因。

11、Susan Candiotti explains why in this report on Sarah. 苏珊·参迪特会解释莎拉在这一报告中的原因。

12、I’ll explain why in a future column. 我将会在未来的栏目里解释其原因。

13、It never rains but it pours.要么不下雨,一下就是倾盆大雨。

14、) It never rains but it rains continuously for weeks there. 那个地方要么不下雨,一下就连续下几个星期。

15、The opening ceremonies' Musical Director explained why on Beijing radio. 开幕式的音乐总监在北京的电台上解释了原因。

16、The causes are often explained in terms of a diathesis-stress model and biopsychosocial model. 原因往往是在一个素质应力模型和生物-心理-社会医学模式的角度进行解释。

17、Heart explain why it changed its name to him and get married. 素心向他解释改名原因和嫁人的事。

18、Because atomic theory explains things. 因为原子理论能够解释一些现象

19、Some The causes of the tritium's yield is higher than the neutron, high cramming deuterium rate in the Palladium and the "Heat after death" and so on are explained. 解释钯中含氘率高和氚与中子产额比高的原因。最后指出“死后热”现象也可用双中子态模型解释。

20、Doctor Nbwembwe Kabamba was the one to explain. 卡班巴医生解释了其中的原因。

21、A large operator explained to me why: shirts wear out rather faster than say, suits; 一家大型经营商向我解释了原因:衬衣的磨损率远高于西服;

22、The study shows that pragmatic principles have larger explanatory coverage to anaphor than syntactic stipulations. 研究表明运用语用原则解释照应现象比句法规定具有更强的覆盖面和解释力。

23、过去将来完成进行时 the past future perfect continuous tense

24、This is the reason that / which he explained to me for his not attending the meeting. 就是他向我解释的他没有参加会议的原因。 (五)but 有时也用作关系词引导定语从句。

25、For some inexplicable reason, in this field less is considered more. 出于某些不能解释的原因,在战场上少的被当作多。


26、Microsoft explains their reasoning for releasing Volta as an "experiment" as 微软解释了将Volta以“实验品”的形式发布的原因

27、The reason is the changes in the sun's alignment. 原因被科学家们解释为太阳的同向排列。

28、I don't believe the cause that he accounted 我不相信他解释的原因。

29、现在完成进行时 the present perfect continuous tense

30、This time-lag is difficult to explain, but there are three. 这种时滞现象很难解释,但可能有三个原因。

31、Then, briefly explain the extenuating circumstances as to why you did what you did. 然后,简短的解释你之所以会这样做的原因。

32、RESULTS and CONCLUSION The burst release is usually not effective and welcome, it should be well controlled by studying the initial release problem thoroughly. 结果和结论突释通常是不受欢迎的,随着对突释原因的深入了解,突释问题应能得到解决和控制。

33、过去将来进行时 the past future continuous tense

34、But if I want to explain why it does what it does. 但是如果我想解释产生的原因和方式。

35、We were feeing more puzzled than ever when he began to explain. 他开始解释起请我们来的原因时,我们感到从所未有的不解。

36、过去将来完成时 the past future perfect tense

37、过去完成进行时 the past perfect continuous tense

38、Of the original release "The body has 'Yi' and", "Yi" is usually interpreted as "escape", "lost" or "hermit" This being so, difficult to understand the meaning of the whole sentence. 原释“其身已‘逸’及”,“逸”通常解释为“逃逸”、“散失”或“隐逸”,若此,全句含义费解。

39、Ron found it difficult to determine the reasons for these events. 荣发现他难以解释出这些事情的原因。

40、He explained the reason why he was made to catch the offenders. 他解释他被要求抓违章者的原因。

41、She also recruits Homer and Shakespeare to the cause. 她也引用了荷马和莎士比亚来解释原因。

42、At the same time, the Mohist "category" can not be interpreted without "similarity", because both "essential attribute" and "similarity" can not be missed when wet… 在用“本质属性”解释“类”的同时,不能降低甚至排除用“相似性”对“类”的解释,因为这两方面的解释在理解《墨经》的逻辑类型时都不可或缺。

43、For reasons that I will shortly explain, name this directory wasp/. 将该目录命名为 wasp/,我随后会解释这样做的原因。

44、Let me explain to you why . 让我给你一个解释一下原因。

45、Gene for gene hypothesis is the genetic explanation for plant-pathogen interaction. 基因对基因假说是植物一病原相互作用的遗传学解释。

46、"So the keystone is a preuve de mérite, " Sophie said. 兰登解释说:“这就是楔石出现的原因。

47、Herd mentality explains why fads get so popular. 从众效应解释了时尚会流行原因。

48、The young man explained why they stopped us. 他解释他被要求抓违章者的原因。

49、How else can you explain the popularity of Crocs? 我们还能想出什么其他原因来解释Crocs的流行吗?

50、Well, I can kind of explain it; there are a couple of factors. 或许我能解释,其中的一两点原因


51、Glymour, C. "Learning Causes: Psychological Explanations of Causal Explanation. " Minds and Machines 8 (1998): 39-60. 原因的学习:因果解释的心理解释〉,《心智与机器》第8期(xx年)39-60页。

52、So just explain what you did and why again. 请再解释一下你的选择及其原因

53、If we knew why, we could explain a lot. 如果我们知道原因,我们就能解释很多事情。

54、In apology he explained why he was late. 他歉疚地解释自己迟到的原因。

55、In addition, the possibility of presence of BHC isomers with different contents in different cropland is also explained in this p… 同时解释了不同类型农田包气带中六六六异构体含量差异的原因。

56、A theoretical model is established for interpreting production well logging data in horizontal wells and its principle is denoted. 建立了水平井生产测井数据解释的理论模型,阐述了解释原理。

57、"Edge" in Sanskrit as "reasons", and "because" with the co-called "karma. “缘”在梵语中解释为“原因”,和“因”一起合称为“因缘”。

58、It well explained the hardness initiation of the debris flows in the research area. (4) Proposed initial pattern of the min waste debris flow. 很好解释了研究区矿渣型泥石流“不易”发生的原因。(4)提出了矿渣型泥石流起动模式。

59、I think there's actually a reason for this aberration. 我认为有一个原因能解释这种异常。

60、The model can be used to explain the dehalogenation mechanism. 该模型可用于解释卤代芳烃化合物还原脱卤的机理。

61、Almost any deficit can be explained as volitional. 几乎任何缺陷都可以解释为意志方面的原因。

62、How will you explain the root for this accidence . 你如何解释这次事故的原因?

63、Carmen A. Saenz explained the cause. 萨斯博士解释了原因。

64、That would explain the high number of people who got sick. 这也许能解释为什么这么多人得病的原因。

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