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关于”花的诗句“的英语句子59个,句子主体:Poems of flowers。以下是关于花的诗句的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poems of flowers

1、Eg:It is this poetic attitude, achievements of the legendary Li Po decent life, ages birth to poems sung one song after another. 例句:正是这份诗意的态度,成就了李白不俗的人生传奇,孕育了一首首传唱千古的诗篇。

2、As innocent as flowers, unaware of the time sweeping past like a river -- in the final prints he wrote, with a fine brush pen, a line from an ancient poem. 在照片上,他用美工笔写下了一行古代诗句——如花美眷,似水流年。

3、The biggest stone which sculptured the poem of "A Night Mooring By Maple Bridge". 身后是最大的刻有枫桥夜泊诗句的碑文。

4、Would you please introduce one of the drinking poems written by Du Fu? 你能告诉我几句杜甫写的饮酒诗吗?

5、Ancient tablets at the Yi Song Pavilion containing Yun Donju s poems have corroded. 一松亭里刻有尹东柱诗句的石碑已被风雨侵蚀。

6、The sense of ownership of a poem: ask vast earth, who advocate ups and downs? 最有主人翁意识的一句诗:问苍茫大地,谁主沉浮?

7、I love the phrase "clobber Scriptures" that you use to describe verses that get held up to condemn certain people or actions. 我喜欢那句“撞圣经”,你用诗句来形容行动得到举起谴责某些人或某些。

8、I think these lines at this point -- I'm going to read them again. 我认为这些诗句--我得再读一遍。

9、Poets, who can not afford flowers, express themselves by flower-like words instead. 诗人是买不起花来表达,故而用花一般的语言表达的人。

10、Poetry is the art of language. The birth of a good poem should be the course of polishing words, sentences and meanings. 诗是语言的艺术,一首好诗的诞生,应当经过炼字、炼句、炼意的过程。

11、Do not — Dylan Thomas again — go gentle into that good night. 再次奉上迪伦·托马斯的诗句:绝不向黑夜请安。

12、Simon and Garfunkel have taken turns singing alternate verses of the vocal. 的意思是 西蒙和加芬克尔采取轮流演唱的声乐候补诗句。

13、And the poets indeed he been busy with it; for it is, in effect, the thing which is figured in that strange fiction of the ancient poets, which seems not to be without mystery; 诗人们也真的常说这句话,因为这句话实际就是古诗人常述的那个奇谈中所表现的——而这个奇谈又似乎非无深义的;

14、Plum-blossom , each tree was a poem in itself. 梅花,每一树梅花都是一树诗。

15、The great Robert Frost has a line about that. 伟大诗人Robert,Frost就写过这样一句话:

16、The bird flies downwind. I'm writing a little haiku in my head. 小鸟顺风飞行,我在脑中写下一首绯句诗.

17、The voice of wayside pansies , that do not attract the careless glance, murmurs in these desultory lines. 路边的蝴蝶花,不会招徕漫不经心的一瞥,只得把零乱的诗句低声吟哦。

18、I am oppressed by a poetic situation yet even in tears I fail to express the conflict of my emotions. 我呢,没出息的,白白被这些诗境困着,连想以哭代替诗句来表现一下我的情感的搏斗都不能。

19、Is that true for everybody? Or it was just poetic ? 每个人都是如此么?还是说,这只是一句听上去像诗的屁话?

20、A chance reading of fourth Century the Greek poet palladas a poem, which sentences are: Oh, will soon be sleeping underground; 偶然读到四世纪希腊诗人巴拉达思的一首小诗,其中两句是:人呵,不久将沉睡地下;

21、How pleasant to know Mr Lear who had written such volumes of stuff! 认识李尔先生又该多高兴他写下了这么多的诗句。

22、But I could no longer sit and look into the fire, and the pertinent words of a poet recurred to me with new force. 可是我再不能坐着凝望火焰了,有一位诗人的切题的诗句对我发生了新的力量。

23、The poor child, torn by a feeling which she hardly understood, turned to the other two girls who came upstairs just then. 原来,红娘子、大腹皮、花槟榔、刘寄奴,是血味中药丸,现在联成了两句诗,这意思就再也明白不过了!王寡妇终于给女儿冲喜结婚了。

24、I have read Tagore's poetry, such as Gitanjali, Stray Bird, Gardener and Crescent Moon, many lines of which remain fresh in my mind. 泰戈尔的《吉檀迦利》、《集》、《园丁集》、《新月集》等诗集我都读过,许多诗句让我记忆犹新。

25、The apt citations and poetic gems have adorned his speeches. 贴切的引语和珠玑般的诗句为他的演说词增添文采。


26、China is a kingdom of poetry in the country, but also flowers. 中国是诗的王国,更是花的国度。

27、"The Birth of Venus" was inspired from a phrase in "The Venice Kingdom". It is said Venus was created from an ocean bubble. 主题取材于诗人波里齐阿诺「维纳斯王国」中的诗句,相传她是从海的水泡中诞生。

28、A verse form Psalms knifed into her mind;"put not your trust in princes." 《诗篇》里的一句话挤进她的脑海:“不要信任君王。”

29、You may need to put that verse on your refrigerator. 你也许需要将这句诗贴在冰箱上。

30、It seems to me that Constance also knew about the verses . 看起来康斯坦斯也打听到诗句的事。

31、Persons who can write such poems now are already very rare. 能写出如此诗句的人,现在已经是凤毛麟角了。

32、Zheng Ban Qiao has read two lines of verse see off: Produce a family not stampeding the yellow tail dog, the wall does not hinder the green flowerpot increasingly. 小偷听了,转身就溜。郑板桥又念了两句诗送行:出户休惊黄尾犬,越墙莫碍绿花盆。

33、His verse actually had a physical impact on the world. 他的诗句能对外界产生具体的影响。

34、Yes, this is the famous Song Dynasty poet Wang's "Plum" This is a poem of praise are not afraid of cold plum blossom, the indomitable spirit of its own opening. 对呀,这就是宋朝著名诗人王安石的《梅花》这首诗赞美了梅花不畏严寒,独自开放的顽强精神。

35、Ovid , the Greek poet, said that, and he was right. 这句话是希腊诗人奥维德说的,他说得没错。

36、Remember the poet Rilke had such a poem:" what is the victory at all, hold out mean everything". 记得诗人里尔克有这样一句诗:“有何胜利可言,挺住意味着一切”。

37、Butterfly image of the poet to praise the "fly the flowers", Acacia tree flowers is "static Butterfly. 诗人形象地赞美蝴蝶是“会飞的花朵”,这合欢树的花朵则是“静止的蝴蝶”。

38、Crowds gathered in a nearby park and tied bouquets, portraits and poems to the gates of her former home, Kensington Palace. 人们聚集在追思仪式附近的一个公园,并在戴安娜生前居住的肯辛顿宫铁门前劄上花束、肖像和诗句。

39、The obvious limitation of his criticism is that he has such Nan Dynasty complex that he fails to acknowledge the specialty of Tang poems. 其明显的局限是有过重的南朝情结,对唐诗的特质缺乏认识,而摘句评诗也存在失误。

40、The height people will reach is usually a mountain or a tower. Ancient literary figures have left many poems depicting the activity. 所谓登高,人们通常会登上高山或者高塔,古代的诗人也为此做了许多流传至今的诗句。

41、Japanese poets have great affection for plum blossom and oriental cherry. 梅花和樱花是深受日本诗人青睐的名花。

42、I've figured out a couple of verses to describe my current feeling. 我想到了两句诗可以用来形容我自己。

43、China is in the realm of poetry, but also spent country. 中国是诗的王国,更是花的国度。

44、She spent much of her life behind locked doors, refusing visitors and producing poem after poem in her room. 她花了很多她的生活背后锁上大门,拒绝访客和生产后,诗诗在她的房间。

45、And the poets indeed have been busy with it; for it is, in effect, the thing which is figured in that strange fiction of the ancient poets, which seems not to be without mystery; 诗人们也真的常说这句话,因为这句话实际就是古诗人常述的那个奇谈中所表现的——而这个奇谈又似乎非无深义的;

46、The poem continues effortlessly through hundreds of lines as well turned and sbish as the famous. 诗人轻而易举地把这首诗继续写下去,洋洋数百行,行行都象下列名句一样精巧、神气十足。

47、China is the kingdom, but the flower kingdom. 中国是诗的王国,更是花的国度。

48、The seven-character quatrain is one of the most representative forms of the Tang poetry. 七言绝句是唐代诗歌中最具代表性的体裁之一。

49、I think the beauty of this poem is in the abundance of color words: brilliant white, blue, green, grey. 我觉得这首诗的美在于色彩词汇的丰富:白花花,蓝,绿,灰。

50、Looking at the lively little girls in front of me and the pure pear flowers, I could not help thinking of a poetic sentence, “The pear flowers were blooming all the way!” 我望着这群充满朝气的哈尼小姑娘和那洁白的梨花,不由得想起了一句诗:“驿路梨花处处开”。


51、This sculpture had no known connection to Mr. Rankin, but it did quote from poet Edward Morgan — whose poem inspired the first sculpture. 这个雕刻品与伊恩·兰金没有关联,但是它引用了诗人埃德温∙摩根的诗句——第一个雕刻作品中提到的诗人。

52、In the English Renaissance, Andrew Marvell, a metaphysical poet, in his poem The Garden , created a garden which is sweet, natural and harmonious. 英国文艺复兴时期诗人安德鲁· 马维尔 ,作为一位玄学派诗人 ,在《花园》一诗中创造了一个甜美、自然、和谐的“花园”。

53、There is nothing more poetic than a flowering cherry tree . 没有什么能比花团锦簇的樱花树更富有诗意了。

54、Includes Butchart Gardens, BC Ferry. 包括宝翠花园、卑诗渡轮。

55、Such as "Yun-quarter length of the orthographic Plum, " a poem: "cut straight to even the whole tree. 如《次韵张季长正字梅花》有诗句:“插瓶直欲连全树”。

56、The apt citations and poetic gems have adorned his speeches . 贴切的引语和珠玑般的诗句为他的演说词增添文采。

57、Early modern Chinese length narrative poetry is the embryo of modern narrative poetry. 早期现代长篇叙事诗是现代叙事诗最初的花朵,不可多得的菁华之作。

58、I don't know who came up with this statistic but I love it: nearly three out of every five lines in Paradise Lost are enjambed - they embrace the practice of enjambment. The meaning or the sense of a verse paragraph is diffused throughout a series of lines. 不知道是谁得出这个数字,但我很喜欢:,《失乐园》中将近五分之三的诗句是连结的,-它们全都连结在一起,一段诗的意思或感觉,贯穿在这段诗的一系列诗句当中。

59、We can learn the main imageries of the poem are flowers and dream, and the main theme is the sentimentality of an attractive concubine to come and leave promptly. 从《花非花》这首诗的语言意象及其构思特征入手,结合诗人生平作品进行研究,可以得出该诗关键意象是花和梦,主题是感伤美人如花来去匆匆。

60、Watson's performance was read; there were some beauties in it, but many defects. 华生的诗读了出来,里面有些佳句,但是缺点很多。

61、“I could if I wrote her a poem,” I replied. “我能做到,只须为她写一首诗,”我回敬了一句。

62、Haibun is the Japanese name for 17th Centurey poet-monk Basho Matsuo's poetic-prose travel journals which were studded with haiku. 俳文(haibun)是个日文名称,源于17世纪僧侣诗人松尾芭蕉(Basho Matsuo)的嵌有俳句的诗文云游日记。

63、That prompted the idea of writing story lines from which each villa design could bud. His narrative for one home, called Bending Paths, begins in a meditative vein 建筑就是一首诗,每个别墅都可以设计成为花的蓓蕾的样子犹如诗里的诗句,他诠释的“家”,叫做弯曲小径,这来自于他一次对树叶的静想。

64、However, he does not support parody but advocates the natural balance of all the lines instead. 但他并不主张摹拟,而是力求诗句的自然匀稳。

65、Enjoy the traditional English garden, with trees and flowers mentioned in the poet's works. 欣赏传统的英国式花园,观看莎士比亚诗剧作品中的花草树木。

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