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导读: 42个,关于”超甜的短句“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Super sweet short sentence。以下是关于超甜的短句的五年级英语句子。


关于”超甜的短句“的英语句子42个,句子主体:Super sweet short sentence。以下是关于超甜的短句的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Super sweet short sentence

1、My friend's handpicked longans from a farm. Super sweet! 朋友到农场摘的龙眼,树上熟,超甜!

2、She really goes for miniskirts. 她确实喜欢超短裙。

3、The kernels were ery and sweet with a crisp bite, far better than the usual supermarket specimens. 它的果实像黄油一样,很甜,而且咬起来脆脆的,比超市卖的好多了。

4、Most of waveband of ultra-short laser is concentrate on mid-infrared and infrared, but there are more potential applications of short-wavelength and broadband frequency laser. 大多数超短脉冲激光器输出波长范围均集中在近红外和中红外波段,而短波长宽频带超短脉冲激光具有更大的应用潜力。

5、Drink less sugary drinks and more Mattoni mineral water. 少喝超甜的饮料,多喝玛朵尼自然矿泉水。

6、Objective To explore the clinical effect of ultrashort wave plus gal vanoionivation I-or ultrashort wave plus intermediate frequency electrotherapy on chronic laryngitis . 目的:探讨超短波并直流电碘离子(I-)导入或超短波并中频电治疗慢性喉炎临床疗效。

7、Last thing I need's another eode. Keep conversation short and sweet, because… 能不能来段插曲,也许可以让对话又很短又很甜。因为……

8、But being very overweight or being underweight shortened lives. 但是严重超重和偏瘦的寿命则缩短很多。

9、They wear singlet and mini skirt. 她们穿着背心和超短裙。

10、Extra large and tender roasted chicken thigh fillet. Dressed with mayo sauce. Lightly sweet and spicy. 精选超大无骨鸡腿肉烤制,鲜嫩多汁,甜中带辣。

11、Are these hot-pants on sale? 这些女式超短裤在拍卖吗?

12、In other words, even in a trade scenario, Carmelo Anthony has all the power. 换句话说,即使身处交易漩涡中,甜瓜也处于完全的主导地位。

13、In order to meet the needs of the markets, Guangxi Regional Seed Company introduced a new variety of crop- No. 5 super Australian sweet maize from Australia. 为了满足市场需要,广西壮族自治区种子公司从澳大利亚引进了超甜玉米新品种澳甜5号。本文重点介绍了澳甜5号超甜玉米的配套栽培技术。

14、There are many desperate voting deeds during the Supergirl Contest. 例句超女比赛中有很多砸票行为。

15、Uses the ultra supple shortplush; 采用超柔短毛绒;

16、Due to ultrashort laser pulse possesses ultrashort duration and superhigh peak power, it is widely applied to physics, chemistry, biology, and other fields. 超短脉冲激光具有超短的时间间隔和超强的峰值功率,它在物理、化学、生物等学科领域具有广阔的应用前景。

17、In most supermarkets, you can find the beautiful and succulent wax apple. 在许多超市里,您可以看到色美味甜的莲雾。

18、EX:Miniskirts are in again. 超短裙又流行了。

19、Miniskirts are starting to come back. 超短裙又开始流行了。

20、People with short hair should use no more than 6ml of sham, medium length 8ml, and long 10ml. 短发的人使用的洗发香波不应超过6毫升;头发中等长度的人不应超过8毫升;而长发的人不应超过10毫升。

21、Miniskirts in Vilnius, 1965, Marius Baranauskas. xx年,立陶宛维尔纽斯的超短裙。

22、Large spontaneous magnetic field is produced during the interaction of ultra-short and ultra-intense laser with solids. 超短超强激光与固体靶相互作用产生强的自生磁场。

23、In the short period of six days we haudio-videoe gone an extended distance than the world-renowned"Long Mingignment". 在短短的六天里,我们跨越的旅程超出了誉满天下的“长征”。

24、It's during those brief spells of non uniform motion that her ageing races way ahead of the grandfather's. 就是在这短短的非匀速运动的时间里,她变老的速度就超过了她的祖父。

25、Then and then, time to have a super sweet sleep and dream. Good night, everyone! 然后,该是到了睡个超甜的觉做个超美的梦的时候了。大家晚安!


26、Number of replies to short pings that took over a second 对短 ping 包响应超过 1 秒的个数。

27、Elaborated long-term, metaphase, short-term and super- short-term trade reach corresponding electrovalency and settle accounts method. 阐述了长期、中期、短期以及超短期交易及相应的电价和结算方法。

28、Ultrashort Wave Electrotherapy Machine is an instrument which utilizes high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave to act on human's organism for treatment. 简介超短波电疗机是利用超短波的高频电能作用于人的肌体进行治疗的仪器。

29、She has long, slender legs and wears very short shorts. 她很高,修长的腿上穿着超短裤。

30、Another kind is smallish and ultrathin model. 另一种是短小超薄型。

31、Compared with the results of the normal high-strength concrete short columns, the result shows that the fiber can increase the ductility of super-high-strength columns obviously. 将试验结果与普通高强混凝土短柱试验结果相比较,结果表明在超高强混凝土短柱中掺入纤维是解决超高强混凝土短柱脆性大、延性差的一个有效的途径。

32、Short timeouts and quick retries 短时间超时与快速重试

33、Happy you and me in the New Year opened a Christmas fruit。平安夜,静悄悄,平安短信翩翩到,看完短信感觉妙,以后天天甜甜笑,顺顺当当日子好,平平安安乐逍遥!

34、How much is the super-translucent liquid foundation? 粉底瓶【例句】那瓶超透明的粉底液是多少钱。

35、This super-sweet hoodie is perfect for a chilly day. 这种超甜美的连帽衫是一个寒冷的一天。

36、other one is kind of a sweet, cute, happy time, and that wasmore of a shock value, " says Greenawalt. 每一个都是甜美、可爱、快乐的时光,更是超级惊选。

37、The phrase 'to take it on the chin' means to accept bad news without bitterness or upset, but when you are an overweight manager you may have to modify the xpression. 短语“to take it on the chin”意为平静地接受坏消息,不过从身体超重的经理口中说出,这句话就得改一改了

38、Application is ultrashort also have better curative effect. 应用超短波也有较好疗效。

39、Ultrashort pulsed Bessel-Gauss beam; 超短脉冲贝塞尔-高斯光束;

40、Rice dumplings in black bean paste - refreshing, sweet and utterly delicious. 汤团在黑豆糊中--很清新,甜甜的,超级好吃。

41、The star of this week is Wang Jiayu from Cl one, Grade five. With black, short hair and two charming dimples on an honest face, she gives a great impression on every teacher. 一头乌黑的短发, 一对甜甜的酒窝, 一张纯朴的笑脸,在老师的心中留下了深刻的印象,她就是王佳玉。

42、New supershortlived particles are called resonances . 新超短寿命粒子叫做共振态粒子。

43、Delicate pink add fruity and lovely corallite bead, such acting the role of article sleeve of tie-in and bubbly bubble, falbala, exceed short miniskirt, bobby baby temperament adds cent sweetly! 娇嫩粉红色加上圆润可爱的珊瑚石珠子,这样的饰品搭配起泡泡袖、荷叶边、超短迷你裙,芭比娃娃气质甜美加分!

44、The mind-searching period should be short, a minute at most. 省察内心的时间要短,最多不要超过一分钟。

45、A serving or less of fatty or sugary foods per day, including sugary drinks. 包括饮料在内,每天不应食用超过一人份的脂肪或甜食;

46、Dressed in his superhero outfit, Underdog flies over Capitol City, protecting its citizens and keeping a close eye in particular on a beautiful dog named "Sweet" Polly . 身着独特的超人行头,超狗飞越了国会大厦,保卫着市民们的安全,尤其是漂亮的小狗“甜心”波莉。

47、One of the most high-profile victims of dumping by text was Kevin Federline, who reportedly received news that pop singer Spears was filing for divorce while being filmed for a television show. 被发短信甩掉的“最大牌的”受害者之一是凯文•费德林,据爆料他是在录制电视节目时收到流行歌星“小甜甜”的短信要求离婚的。

48、The single cross hybrid super-sweet corn Etianyu No. 4 was bred by Wuhan Trade-wind Crop Sciences Co. , Ltd. in 2003. 鄂甜玉4号(商品名“信甜501”)是武汉信风作物科学有限公司于xx年组配而成的超甜玉米单交种。

49、Jenny is more than a working partner for Chen now, after only a few months. 现在,尽管只相处了短短数月,但珍妮和陈燕之间的感情已超出工作伙伴关系。

50、Sharper ociate between the shorts and windbreak , the vivid green color intersperse the sweet spring in the air with embroidering. 短裤与风衣的组合率性俐落,嫩绿色泽与绣花点缀甜美春意。


51、VHF radio communication is one of the main communication methods of offs fishing, and VHF radio is the major communication equipment used in offs fishery communications. 超短波无线通信是近海渔业的主要通信方式之一,超短波电台是近海渔业通信中使用的主要通信设备。

52、Now the girls really go for miniskirts. 现在女孩确实喜欢超短裙。

53、Cloying: Describes ultra-sweet or sugary wines that lack the balance provided by acid, alcohol, bitterness or intense flavor. 反胃的: 形容超甜或甜葡萄酒缺乏由酸,酒精,苦味或者强烈香料味所提供的均衡度。

54、Short shorts are a trend that can't seem to go away. 超短裤的潮流不像要离开我们的样子。

55、what’s your favourite fruit . 它们甜甜的。

56、If the number of m texting messages from a phone number reaches 200 within an hour or 1000 within a day, the phone's message service will be suspended for a week. 同一手机号码一小时内群发短信数超过200条,一天内超过1000条,该号码的短信功能将被暂停一周。

57、In the case of overloading, vehicle load monitoring device control on-board short message terminals to send a short message reporting the situation of overloading. 在车辆超载的情况下车辆载重监测装置启动车载短消息终端以短消息形式发送超载信息;

58、This is a short introduction to writing HTML. 这是一篇关于编写超文本标记语言(HTML)的简短指引。

59、Temperatures above 40 ℃ are to be be avoided, even for bried periods! 避免超过40℃。即使短时间也不可!

60、I'm often asked about the "new" sweetener showing up on supermarket shelves called Stevia. 我经常被问及超市货柜上的一种新的甜味剂,它叫做甜菊。

61、The order of the day in that genre is "short and sweet". 的命令,在这一天体裁是“短期和甜”。

62、Sparrowhawks pounce on their prey by accelerating over short distances. 雀鹰能在超短距离通过加速来冲向它的猎物。

63、Yes, they are blonde bombshell with long legs and miniskirts. 是的,她们都是金发尤物, 长腿,穿超短裙。

64、one of the most high-profile victims of dumping by text was Kevin Federline, who reportedly received news that pop singer Spears was filing for divorce while being filmed for a television show. 被发短信甩掉的“最大牌的”受害者之一是凯文?费德林,据爆料他是在录制电视节目时收到流行歌星“小甜甜”的短信要求离婚的。

65、Ultrashort Wave Electrotherapy Machine is an instrument wh ICh utilizes high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave to act on human's organism for treatment. 超短波电疗机是利用超短波的高频电能作用于人的肌体进行治疗的仪器。

66、For the interaction experiments between ultra-intense laser and targets, characterizing the laser focusing spot is very important. 超短超强激光焦斑参数的精确测量是深入开展精密物理实验的前提。

67、Hey, look at the mini-skirt on the mannequin. 嗨,看模特身上的那件超短裙。

68、Walking in the crowd, missing that sweet but short time so much. 走在人群中,格外思念那段甜蜜却短促的相逢。

69、The circulating extraction of polysaccharides and betaine from Cistanche deserticola enhanced with ultrasonic wave were investigated. 研究了循环超声强化提取肉苁蓉中多糖和甜菜碱的工艺条件。

70、Features a soothing blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and ultra pure Shea er. 甜杏仁油,霍霍巴油和超纯净牛油果混合充分深层护理。

71、The sweet corn is growing very fast. 超甜粟米生长十分快。

72、GG carelessly pared off to open a miniskirt of MM. 一个GG不小心刮开了一个MM的超短裙。

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