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关于”音乐的句子“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Musical sentences。以下是关于音乐的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Musical sentences

1、Each musician is an active member of the symphony. 每个音乐家都是交响乐中活跃的一个分子。

2、I have a lot of musician friends so I’m really in a circle of musicians. 我有很多搞音乐的朋友,因此我真的是在音乐人的圈子里。

3、His compositions of different genres include Orchestral work, traditional chamber, mixed chinese and western ensembles, electronic music, dance music were performed in public. 他的作品种类包括管弦乐、室乐、混合中西作品、电子音乐及跳舞音乐,并公开发表。

4、But it was his collaboration with music engineer David Cockerell that helped revolutionise electronic music. 他与电子音乐师大卫·考克柔的合作帮助电子音乐实现了大变革。

5、Music should have mistakes in it. 电子乐成为一种音乐真是个错误。

6、The musically versatile young girl enrolled to study folk music at the Chinese Conservatory of Music in Beijing at 16. 16岁时,这位在音乐方面多才多艺的年轻女子考上了中国音乐学院,学习民族音乐。

7、music: What's your favorite kind of music? song/music:描述一个童年时候你喜欢的音乐或者一首歌。在早期教育里教孩子音乐对孩子有什么好处?

8、I'm Steve Ember. Today, we play new music from jazz musician Trombone Shorty… 我史蒂夫灰烬。今天,我们发挥新的音乐,从爵士乐音乐家长号矮子…

9、The cross-over genre mixes the electric sounds of pop music with classical piano. 跨界风格的音乐是将流行音乐的电子元素融入古典音乐。

10、To amplify(music)by electronic means. 从摩城音乐到电子乐都有。

11、Because of that, many music teachers and educators advocate taking up a musical instrument at a young age. 正是由于孩子们喜欢音乐,许多音乐教师和教育家都主张让孩子们从小练一种乐器。

12、The child has a bent for music. 这孩子爱好音乐;这孩子有音乐天赋。

13、The st plays country music. 这个电台播放屯子音乐。

14、I love all kinds of music like: Blues, Jazz, Country music, pop music, folk music, hip-hop, classical music? 我喜欢各种各样的音乐例如:蓝调音乐、爵士乐、乡村音乐、流行音乐、民乐、街舞、古典音乐。

15、He composed music for many music theatre pieces, confronting acoustic instruments with electronica, and creates generative compositions for art installations. 他曾为多齣音乐剧作品创作音乐,并以电子音乐对抗声乐器乐,并为装置艺术设计自动作曲系统。

16、Cope and Emily Howell engage in a musical conversation involving certain compositions or statements, where Cope will label certain musical statements "yes" or "no." 柯普和埃米利 豪厄尔之间会有一个音乐性质的人机对话,内容包括特定的函数和语句,然后柯普会给这些特定的音乐语句标上“对”或“错”。

17、A symphony concert will debut in the Water Cube during the National Day holiday. 例句十一时期,水立方将举行交响音乐会的首演。

18、Esquire magazine named her the best voice in the history of pop music. 君子杂志称她的嗓音是流行音乐历史上最好的声音。

19、Let’s take the example of the musician. 拿一个音乐家来当例子。

20、There was music as I put rake to leaf. 耙子与叶子一接触就奏出了音乐。

21、History of Japanese Rap Music: Street Dance, Club Music, Pop Market. " In Global Noise." 日本的饶舌音乐史:街舞、乐部音乐、行音乐〉摘自《全球靡音》。

22、His large oeuvre spans from delicate pop songs to electronic music and to dream-like grand orchestral pieces. In addition to these, he also wrote numerous amount of music for the movies. 他创作了大量的音乐作品,除传统音乐作品以外,还涉及流行音乐及电子音乐。

23、In England, a new music form emerged, called trip hop, a mixture of jazz, hip hop and electronic music (for example, music played on computers). 在英国,一种新的音乐形成了,叫做神游舞曲,这是一种融合了爵士、嘻哈和电子音乐(例如,用电脑制作的音乐)的音乐。

24、In music appreciation teaching, teachers should pay attention to the music, enjoy music in teaching music and learn music in appreciation. 在音乐教学中教师应关注音乐欣赏,使音乐欣赏课在音乐中欣赏音乐、在欣赏中学习音乐。

25、Traditional Chinese Music Instruments Concert, one of the concert series of the Sixth Music Festival of CCOM, was held tonight at our Concert Hall. 昨晚“第六届音乐节开幕式音乐会”的乐音才止,今晚,我院民乐系专场—中国青年民族乐团音乐会又在学院音乐厅奏响民族音乐的绚丽乐章。


26、A Traditional Chinese Music Instruments Concert, one of the concert series of the Sixth Music Festival of CCOM, was held tonight at our Concert Hall. 昨晚“第六届音乐节开幕式音乐会”的乐音才止,今晚,我院民乐系专场— 中国青年民族乐团音乐会又在学院音乐厅奏响民族音乐的绚丽乐章。

27、He acquainted his son with good music. 他使儿子熟悉美好的音乐。

28、Electronic music is a loose term for music created using electronic equipment. 电子音乐是在音乐的自由期间使用电子乐器创作而成。

29、Water responds to music and records geometrical patterns within due to the molecular music playing. 水会响应音乐,并由于分子音乐的演奏而记录其中的几何形图案。

30、The truth in it is similar to the imitation of musical phrases, such as the sounds of water, wind and bird in the natural sounds. 这其中的道理有些类似于音乐中某些模仿自然声音的乐句,比如流水声,风声,鸟儿的叫声。

31、Children dance to music until the musics tops. 孩子们随着音乐跳舞,直到音乐停止。

32、KN: Any kind of music but most of it is Japanese pop . 柜子:各种种类音乐,不过大多数是曰本流行音乐。

33、Electronic music and raw sound effects fill the air. 电子音乐和原始的音效在空气中回荡。

34、Chen Xiaoyong is a German music composer, originated from China. Lots of thinking of electronic music, especially the space thought of electronic music, can be seen in his works. 陈晓勇是旅德华裔作曲家,在他的音乐创作中我们可以发现大量电子音乐思维的踪迹,尤其是电子音乐中的空间思维。

35、"Seven beat country music society", a student organization in Wuhan Conservatory of Music, is the Girls Band of university students. 武汉音乐学院的学生社团“七拍国乐社”,是该院的大学生女子乐坊。乐社创始人屠乐是武汉音乐学院民乐系大三学生。

36、Yanzi , band lead singer, music pioneer explorer, music drama starring. 燕子,乐团主唱,先锋音乐探索者,音乐舞台剧主演。

37、Ethnomusicology; Chinese Music; Chinese Ritual Music; Music of China's Ethnic Minority; Narrative Music. 民族音乐学; 中国音乐; 中国仪式音乐; 中国少数民族音乐; 说唱音乐。

38、Manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and digital recording products. 制造业者电子的音乐乐器和数位录音的产品。

39、The so-called electronic music, that is, electronic synthesizers, music software, computers and other electronic sounds generated to produce music. 所谓电子音乐,就是以电子合成器,音乐软体,电脑等所产生的电子声响来制作音乐。

40、ANNOUNCER (V. O. ): And now… sock music! 现在是…“袜子音乐”!

41、she said it was not that surprising that children studying music improved in musical listening skills more than children not studying music. 她说,毫无疑问学习过音乐的孩子在听音乐技巧上比没学过的孩子强。

42、Think of one line. Think of a group of lines Here's one sound. 想想一行乐句是什么样的,一组呢,这是一个音

43、According to its own characteristics, the development of creation of Electroacoustic music is closely related to the development of the technology of Electroacoustic music. 电子音乐的发展是和电子音乐技术的发展密不可分的,这是由于电子音乐其自身的特点所决定的。

44、Music bellows from his insides. 他的肚子是音乐的风箱。

45、And it's more electronic music, showcasing different electronic music. 会有很多的电子音乐,展示不同的电子音乐。

46、Music bellows from his insides. 来自他的肚子的音乐风箱。

47、Music hall organ, piano, 29 -inch TV, VCD, audio and all kinds of musical instruments. 音乐室有电子琴,钢琴,29寸电视机,VCD 机,音响及各类音乐器材。

48、A History of Japanese Rap Music: Street Dance, Club Music, Pop Market. " In Global Noise." 〈日本的饶舌音乐史:街舞、乐部音乐、行音乐〉摘自《全球靡音》。

49、Children of the night. What music they make。黑夜中孩子的声音是他们缔造的美妙音乐。

50、The music of Le Tigre combines the loud, hostile guitar of punk music with electronic drums, piano and other aggressive sounds. 老虎乐队的音乐将朋克音乐中喧嚣狂暴的吉他和电子鼓、钢琴以及其他强劲的音乐元素有机地融合在一起。


51、It can also be heard in many Western musical styles descended from Africa, such as blues, jazz, and hip-hop. 在许多西 方的音乐形式里,如布鲁斯,爵士及嘻哈音乐,我们都能够找到非洲音乐的影子。

52、I have no definite music style and mix rock drums with symphonic orchestra and ethnic voices with electronic sounds. 我没有明确的音乐风格和混合岩石鼓与交响乐团和民族的声音与电子声音。

53、HITS OF THE 1950s, Vol. 1 (1950): Music! Music! Music! 1950年的热门乐曲:音乐!音乐!音乐!

54、It'll probably be electronic. 有可能是电子音乐。

55、Through African music, children are exposed to unique rhythms and instrument timbres. 透过非洲音乐,孩子沉浸在独特的节奏与乐器音色中。

56、My hobby is music and electronic organ. 我的爱好是音乐和电子琴。

57、Much of the music today involves church music, also referred to as spirituals or gospel music. 今天他们的音乐掺入了许多教堂音乐,教堂音乐也被称作心灵音乐或福音音乐。

58、So while children who study music for two years demonstrate better verbal memory than children who have not studied music, children who continue to study music 因此,学过两年音乐的孩子,他们的非文字记忆比没学过音乐的孩子要强得多,而继续学习音乐孩子的记忆会随之提高。

59、The main points of Confucius' aesthetics of music were rooted in the particularity of music and the musical phenomenon of his time. 孔子音乐美学思想的几个要点都植根于音乐艺术自身的特殊性和当时的音乐文化现象。

60、The child has musical talent [a gift for music]. 这孩子有音乐天才。

61、The characteristics can be fully demonstrated by those musical forms, such as the music that is played in Wa Zi Gou Lan(the place where dramas and operas play), tea shop and pot. 市民音乐以世俗化、平民化的独特个性在各个社会阶层的音乐活动中得到繁荣发展,瓦子勾栏音乐、茶坊酒肆音乐、节庆音乐活动等音乐形式可以充分地说明这些特点。

62、The music from the show The Lion King was used to summarize some of the technical distinctions between typical western music and the non-western music. 《狮子王》的音乐被用来总结经典的西方音乐和非西方音乐之间的一些技术区别。

63、I love all kinds of music like: Blues, Jazz, Country music, pop music, folk music, hip-hop, classical music… 我喜欢各种各样的音乐例如:蓝调音乐、爵士乐、乡村音乐、流行音乐、民乐、街舞、古典音乐…

64、At the end of this phrase, the music modulates from C to G. 这个乐句结束时,音乐从C调转为G调。

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