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导读: 37个,关于”感情的句子“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Emotional sentences。以下是关于感情的句子的初中英语句子。


关于”感情的句子“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Emotional sentences。以下是关于感情的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Emotional sentences

1、Emo culture - Why the long fringe? 情绪文化——为何要长长的流海?

2、Emotion regulation teaching model is an emotional teaching pattern, aiming at developing student's eagerness and fondness of study. 情绪调节教学模式是一种充分人性化,以培养学生乐学好学为目的的情感教学模式。

3、His affections were turned from his wife. 他对妻子的感情转移了。

4、Who listens with her heart even when her child is grown and understands the feelings that she once herself had known? 是谁在用心倾听孩子,哪怕孩子已经成年,理解孩子的各种情感,那些情感,她也曾体验?

5、Surprisingly, they did not go very involved, very emotional about it. 惊喜的,他们没有陷进去,没有对它感到很情绪化。

6、Bobo "Not emotional, zero emotional, neutral, of ue-boundary" these are my view of your work. Do you agree? “无情绪化的,零度情感的,中性的,含糊界限的”——我对你作品的这种看法,你认同吗?

7、She was sentimentally attached to this house. 她对这栋房子的感情很深。

8、How long have you been feeling depressed? 你感觉情绪低落有多久了?

9、Random smiling is an example of my resolution to act the way I want to feel: while people suppose that feelings inspire actions, in fact, actions also inspire feelings. 无目的微笑不不过是我决心去做的一个例子而已,我想感受:如果人们假定情绪能影响行为,反过来,行为也能影响人的情绪。

10、Every villager elected the stones to hit Tessie, as if they found the person who can let them abreact their emotion. 后半句主要是说好像他们找到一个人可以让他们发泄情绪一样。

11、Teach the children to regulate their own emotions: kids are mutable and difficult to control; so parents should play to the score, and train elder children to control their own emotions. 幼儿情感易变,难于控制,家长应见机行事,对年龄稍大的孩子,要训练他自己控制情绪。

12、Such behavior is regarded as "all too human", with the underlying assumption that other animals would not be capable of this finely developed sense of grievance. 这样的行为被认为是“人之常情”,这句话的潜台词就是其它动物不会将这种不满情绪发挥到如此地步。

13、This work has many characters, is a win by affection, love and moving feelings book. 这部作品有很多主人公,是一部以情取胜、以情感人的情绪书。

14、To Zhu Note here, Mencius, the main type of poetry, psychological and emotional psychological directly with the population the same no longer exists. 到朱注这里,孟子式的诗意主体心理情绪同百姓心理情绪的直接同一不再存在。

15、Irregular bowel movements cause irritability and quick temper. 没有规律的排便会导致情绪变得烦躁,而且性子急。

16、All of us have feelings and emotional reactions to certain things in life. 我们所有人总会对生命中的某些事情存有感情和 情绪反应。

17、UI is important because it affects the feelings, the emotions, and the mood of your users. 用户界面非常重要,因为它影响到感觉,情绪,当然是你的用户的情绪。

18、Giving their kids some time, they will overcome their emotion. 给孩子多一点的时间,谈就会克服自己的情绪。

19、Katzenberg: I'm an emotional person. [This acquisition opportunity] needed to be a business decision, not an emotional decision. 卡岑伯格:我是个情绪化的人。(收购机遇)必须是一个商业决策,不能感情用事。

20、Comparison strengthens it. 而攀比则强化了这种情绪。

21、If the mother was depressed and therefore not emotionally engaging with the baby, those babies are at risk because those babies are not learning about themselves. 如果婴儿母亲情绪抑郁,没有对孩子投入太多感情陪伴,这些婴儿则有风险,因为这些孩子不能认知他们自己。

22、I sensed an odd mix of fatalism and optimism, which both run counter to my own views. 我感觉到其中掺杂着宿命情绪和乐观情绪,但与我的想法背道而驰。

23、Bringing awareness to our emotions helps us to have straightforward or uncomplicated emotions. 正念专注于我们的情绪感受能帮助我们的情绪感受变得单纯而不复杂。

24、This, although sounds very cool, is the cause of much of Leos ' pain. 听起来很神,可这却是狮子座负面情绪的根源。

25、Over-Emotional Sims experience greater mood swings than other Sims when both good and bad things hen to them. 过度情绪化的市民不论在好或坏的事情发生时,都有着比一般市民更大的情绪起伏。


26、Europe is already facing a growth of neo- Luddite sentiment — visible in things like opposition to genetic engineering. 欧州已正在面临新的勒德分子情绪的增长。与遗传工程相反,勒德分子的事情是可以看见的。

27、Smaller toothed whales are know for there feelings, or emotions for other animals. 小齿鲸据说对别的动物有情感或情绪。

28、Was I too stupid?Frustrates the feeling is a repugnant thing. 是我太愚蠢了么?情绪沮丧是一件很反感的事情呢。

29、These few lines have been long praised for their fusion of the autumn scenes with the feelings of the parting lovers. 这几句唱词既写了秋天的景色,又写了离人的感情, 情景交融,一直为人们所称道。

30、Emotional investing never ends well. 情绪化的投资向来没有好下场。

31、Communicable feelings in literary works are cross-infections among different psychological feelings that will make colorful emotions and infections of literary images. 文学作品中通感现象是心理感觉之间的交叉使文学形象的情感色彩或情绪感染得以强化的一种方法。

32、Women are more emotional so touching, saying I Love You, and doing things for us are acts of love. 女人比较情绪化,容易感动,对我们说“我爱你”,为我们做事情都是爱的表现。

33、Furthermore, the negative impression of emotions, benevolent leadership and positive impression of emotions predicted athletic burnout. 负面情绪感受、才德领导以及正面情绪感受可以有效运动员竞技倦怠。

34、virtue is a great wealth of parents. 母权子之情是世界上最神圣的情感。

35、This may cause them to have feelings of detachment and blunted emotions. 这可能会导致他们有感情,支队和减弱的情绪。

36、The ability to perceive emotion, integrate emotion to facilitate thought, understand emotions, and to regulate emotions to promote personal growth (Mayer &Salovey, 1997). 酝酿情绪,利用情绪激励思维,理解情绪,并能够调控情绪来促进个人发展的能力。

37、The administrators should pay much attention at the emotion and Emotion Regulation of employees, and they should keep tracing after the of emotion of employee. 管理者应重视员工的情绪与情绪调节,并就情绪做后续情绪追踨。

38、Is this person emotionally mature and centered or still lugging around some trunk-sized baggage? 这个人情绪成熟、以情绪为中心的,还是仍然背着一些重重的(情感)包袱呢?

39、Negative feelings and moods are contagious as well. 负面情绪和心情也是有感染力的。

40、But though the legislative wheels have yet to start turning, the mood has already shifted. 但是虽然法律的轮子还没有开始转动,情绪老早就变化了。

41、Like in Goong, my character is a prince who is kind and emotional. 像在宫里面我演的王子是仁慈且情绪化的,但这次我的角色是个坏人。

42、But the emotional high and low mania is different from the normal emotional changes a pathological state. 但躁狂症的情绪过高与过低则是一种不同于正常情绪变化的病理状态。

43、You've got to learn to loosen up at company socials . 你得学会在公司的工作圈子里(情绪)放松一些。

44、Facial expressions don't merely reflect emotions; they also influence emotions. 面部的表情不仅仅反映人的情绪,还能影响人的情绪。

45、Since they didn't get their emotional or physical needs met as children, they end up feeling empty. 因为他们没有得到他们的情绪或生理需要满足孩子,到头来感觉空洞。

46、Because of oneself very the mood is changed, the affection that engraves meaning him suppress sometimes so, so good? 因为自己很情绪化,所以有时刻意压制自己的情感,这样好么。

47、Bottled-up feelings eventually come pouring out as anger, the only" acceptable" emotional display for men. 受压抑的情感最终会化为愤怒一—泻而出,这是男人惟一可以被“接受”的情绪表现。

48、We experience a primal feeling of panic. 我们主要感受着一种恐慌的情绪。

49、Realize that the emotions of victims will roller-coaster and moods can change unexpectedly. 要意识到,幸存者的情感会起起伏伏,他们的情绪会意想不到地变化。

50、Play the motions through my head, you know that I'm faking. 你知道我在假装扮野,在动用脑子闹情绪。


51、“It's more about iceberg-mood,” says Seaman via e-mail. “这更像是冰山的情绪”,希曼在电子邮件中这样说。

52、Strive to communicate your feelings without being aggressive or defensive. 沟通感情时尽量不要有任何攻击或抵触的情绪。

53、Electronics firm Neurowear has created a set of ears that arently respond to the wearer's emotions via a sensor on the forehead. 日本电子公司Neurowear研制出一种猫耳造型头箍,名为“Neocomimi”,可通过传感器对佩戴者的情绪变化作出反应。

54、The later you wait to have this discussion, the more likely your child will be to form misconceptions or become embarrassed about or afraid of physical and emotional changes. 你把这类谈话推迟得越久,你的孩子越可能形成一些错误的想法,或者对于身体和情绪的变化感觉难为情甚至恐惧。

55、I wish to thank you for the incomparable hospitality for which the Chinese people throughout the world. 我要感谢你们无与伦比的盛情款待。中国正是以这种热情好客而闻明世界的。(在定语从句前拆译)

56、You gauge the tiger's mood and put the leash on the tiger. 你得考量一下老虎的情绪,然后用链子把它套住。

57、But moods can change rapidly. 但情绪往往变化无常。

58、Subdivided from this general one are the targets of process and achievement, the former involving 3 sub-targets in emotion, behavior and sensibility; 前者包括情绪目标、行为目标和感受目标三个子目标;

59、Nobody carries a grudge better than this sign. 没有哪个星座比蝎子更容易产生怨恨情绪了。

60、It includes the preparations of primary emotions, emotions among teaching materials, and emotions of students. 教师在德育教学中的情绪准备内容包括:备主导情绪、备教材内容中的情绪、备学生的情绪;

61、As trivial or unfounded as a child's worry may seem, the fear feels real to your child and it's causing him or her to feel anxious and afraid. 如同可看出孩子的担心一样,一点点的或不成形的恐惧情绪能让孩子感觉真切,并使他们感到急噪和害怕。

62、Kids with emotional overexcitability experience a more intense range of emotions – whether hy, sad, or angry – than a regular kid. 具有兴奋情绪的儿童比一般的孩子能体验到更多的情感——是否高兴,难过,或者气愤。

63、In other words, emotional eaters get a big boost from eating chocolate, while people who exhibit dietary restraint do not (though since this is only a correlation, we can't say why it's hening). 换句话说,情绪性的饮食者在吃完巧克力后情绪高涨,而饮食节制的人则不会(不过这只是一种相关性,我们无法解释其原因)。

64、Other aggrieved drivers have previously used axes or paint. 在他之前,还有一些心情不爽的司机曾经用斧子和油漆来发泄自己对照相机的不满情绪。

65、Encourage emotions, purify thoughts, release spirit and relax body. 激励情绪,净化思绪,释放心灵,身心舒松。

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