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导读: 50个,关于”例句的缩写“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Abbreviation of example sentence。以下是关于例句的缩写的高二英语句子。


关于”例句的缩写“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Abbreviation of example sentence。以下是关于例句的缩写的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Abbreviation of example sentence

1、   EBD/EBV─制动力分配装置 EBD为英文缩写,其全称是“Electric Brake force Distribution”。

2、When you see the abbreviation SFRS, you'd know this is Swiss Franc:such as. 当你见到SFRS的缩写词,这是瑞士法朗,例如。

3、PIXEL - short for picture element; 像素– 图像元素的缩写;

4、The scribe has been guilty of the grossest errors, in addition to abbreviating some verses and omitting others. 在抄写犯了最严重的错误,除了一些诗句和缩写省略等。

5、Interestingly enough, you'll find that many of them are dead-on descriptions of the actual works. 很有意思的是,你会发现这其中大部分“缩写”经常准确得要死,实际著全凭那么一两句话就可概括。

6、You can include descriptions, examples, abbreviations, stewardship, synonyms, and related terms. 您可以包括描述、示例、缩写、管理属性、同义词及相关术语。

7、But Lista always thought that abbreviated for "Love". 但她认为那是“爱”的缩写。

8、Sort for agricultural crime. The theft of crops and /or farm equipment. 的缩写词,偷盗庄稼和/或农场设备的犯罪。例句。

9、A long story may be condensed into a few sentences. 一个长篇故事可缩写成几句话。

10、J2EE is a veritable alphabet soup of technologies, each described by a catchy acronym. J2EE 是一个真正的各种技术缩写词的大杂烩,每种技术用一个容易记住的缩写词来描述。

11、Tick out the wrong abbreviations and correct them. 勾出不正确的缩写并在横线上写出正确的。

12、If an entity has a defined abbreviation property, the corresponding table is named according to the abbreviation property. 如果一个实体定义了缩写属性,那么对应的表根据缩写属性命名。

13、You: is it the abbr. of another word? 这个是别的单词的缩写么?

14、The postal abbreviation for Kansas is KS. 堪萨斯州的邮政缩写是KS。

15、Esquire can be abbreviated to Esq. Esquire可缩写成Esq.。

16、In this example, the first query uses the * shorthand to select all columns from the bigdog.products table. 在本例中,第一个查询使用 * 缩写选择 bigdog.products 表中的所有列。

17、You must avoid taking sweet foods, e.g. cake, chocolate, and ice cream. 你必须避免吃甜食,诸如蛋糕、巧克力和冰淇淋。

18、The act of abridging or the state of being abridged. 缩写的行为或被缩写的状态。

19、The first example is the notation I am using in this demonstration, the second example is the abbreviated notation, and the third example gives the full command statement without any abbreviations. 第一个示例是本文中使用的表示法,第二个示例是缩写表示法,第三个示例是不使用任何缩写的完整命令语句。

20、The neurotomies include 11 musculocutaneous nerves, 15 median nerves, 37 tibial nerves, 6 obturator nerves, 11 sciatic nerves, 2 profound peroneal nerves. 共行肌皮神经缩窄11例,正中神经缩窄15例,胫神经缩窄37例,闭孔神经缩窄6例,坐骨神经缩窄11例,腓深神经缩窄2例。

21、In other words, in the example, every instance of capital "A" is replaced with lowercase "a," "B" with "b," and so on. 换句话说,在本示例中,每个大写“A”的实例都将替换为小写“a”、“B”替换为“b”,依此类推。

22、For example, English to Portuguese is signified by the string abbreviation enep. 例如,通过字符串缩写词 enep 表示由英语翻译到葡萄牙语。

23、Most often, an alias abbreviates literals. 别名通常只是单纯的缩写。

24、In North America, outlet connections are usually designated by a three-digit number preceded by the letters CGA, the acronym for the Compressed Gas Association, for example, CGA 350. 在北美,排气口接头通常由在字母CGA之后的三位数字指定名称,例如CGA 350。CGA是压缩气体协会的只取首字母的缩写。

25、WAN广域网(Wide Area Network) ABS─防抱死制动系统 ABS英文全称是“AntiLock Brake System”。


26、For example, Cassandra is designed specifically to provide linear write scalability across multiple nodes for storing huge quantities of data. 例如,Cassandra 专门用来为存储大量数据提供跨多个节点的线性写入可伸缩性。

27、KIA is the abbreviation for Killed In Action. KIA是行动中死亡的缩写。

28、Pixel: A contraction of picture elements. 像数: 是图像无素的缩写。

29、The abbreviation for credit is Cr. “贷方”的缩写是“Cr.”

30、RRD is the acronym for Round Robin Database. RRD是环形数据库的缩写。

31、Abbreviation of Thin Film Transistor. 薄膜晶体三极管的缩写。

32、Abbreviations like B.C. and A.D. are usually capitalized. 像B.C.和A.D.这些缩写字一般都要大写。

33、In the example above, we use a custom date format, displaying months using 3-letter acronyms. 在上面的例子中,我们使用了一个定制的日期格式,以三个字母的 缩写的形式表示月份。

34、With a few exceptions, abbreviations and acronyms should not be used in element, attribute, and type names. 除了几个例外,在元素、属性和类型名称中不应使用缩写词和首字母缩略词。

35、是Father and mother l love you.的各单词首字母缩写

36、And, furthermore, he started to abbreviate. 此外,他开始使用缩写词。

37、For example, this allows organizations to tune the search engine to search for the complete spellings of common enterprise acronyms. 例如,可以让搜索引擎搜索常见的首字母缩写词的全拼形式。

38、I do not take spelling or grammatical shortcuts, because that obfues good writing. 我不使用拼写和语法上的捷径(缩写,简写),那会把好的写作搞得很不清楚。

39、I recently wrote an LZW compression and decompression procedures. 我最近写的一个LZW的压缩与解压缩程序。

40、SMS slang can be broken up into two basic categories: acronyms and contractions. 短信俚语基本有两种:首字母缩写和缩略。

41、The abbreviation for debit is Dr. “借方”的缩写是“Dr.”。

42、Of course "let's" is a contraction. 当然,“let's”也是一种缩写。

43、A long story can be condensed into a few sentences . 一个长篇故事可以缩写成几句话。

44、More glossaries with collection of blogging terms, acronyms and abbreviations. 更多的写博客术语,只取首字母的缩写词,和缩略词的术语表。

45、Clearly, the exceptions listed here are specific to the retail industry; other industries are likely to permit other abbreviations. 很明显,这里列出的几个例外是特定于零售业的;其它行业可能允许有其它缩写词。

46、The common abbreviation is "kr". 一般缩写为“kr”。

47、Odd text characters and acronyms. 文本字符晦涩和缩写。

48、Just like with naming tables, avoid using abbreviations, acronyms or special characters. 就像表名需要避免缩写,全字头缩写或者特殊字符。

49、It is seldom acceptable to abbreviate words in formal writing. 译缟在正式写作中,缩写单词很少被接受。

50、Use your spouse's initials and your anniversary, like "TFB0602." This one guarantees you won't forget an anniversary card, either. 使用您配偶名字的缩写和你们的周年纪念日,例如“TFB0602”,这还能确保你不会忘记写周年纪念卡呢。


51、The identifier casing rules take precedence over acronym casing rules. 标识符大小写规则优先于首字母缩写词大小写规则。

52、Do not abbreviate, and do spell all words correctly. 不要使用缩写形式,并要保证拼写正确。

53、   EBA─电子刹车辅助系统 EBA英文全称是“Electronic Brake Assist。

54、shmily是英文see how much i love you 的缩写,

55、Indents are used to enhance readability. 多用缩进来提高语句的可读性。

56、2 cases had encephalatrophy. 2例提示脑萎缩。

57、In the 8 cases, stenosis was found in aortic arch in 4 patients, and in thoracic aorta in 4 patients. 结果8例主动脉缩窄中,主动脉弓缩窄4例,胸主动脉缩窄4例。

58、topo: Short for toponym (see the GeoNames documentation). topo:toponym 的缩写(参见 GeoNames 文档)。

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