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1、The background music for the recitation is a variation of the song "Ode to Red Flag". 《红旗颂》的变奏是诗朗诵的音乐背景。

2、Theres one more thing. Take this book of poems and memorize one for me. Next time you pay me a visit, I want you to recite. 还有一件事。你把这本诗集拿去,背下其中的一首。下次你再来看我时,我希望你背诵给我听。

3、In the poem, “The Place Where Clouds Are Formed,” the lines “with the back of his gloved hand he wipes the window, / ‘is it coming yet?’” 在诗歌《云彩形成的地方》(The Place Where Clouds Are Formed)中有这样的诗句:“他用带着手套的手背擦拭窗户,它要来了吗?”

4、She learned the poem many years ago, but she recited it word for word. 她是许多年前学的这首诗,但仍能一字不漏地背出来。

5、Recites a lot of old poems. 背过很多老旧旳诗。

6、This poem should be fetched over. 这首诗应该背出来。

7、I learned the poem many years ago, but I recited it word for word. 我在很多年前读过这首诗,现在还能一字不差地背出来。

8、I encourage my child to remember stories, poems, and songs. 表扬孩子会背诗、讲故事和唱歌曲。

9、Essentially, it is poetesses that depend on or deviate from the male-centered culture. 从本质而言,它体现了女诗人对男性中心文化的依附或背离。

10、Each boy-student and each girl-student in this class is extremely fond of reciting poetry. 这个班的每个男生、每个女生都特别善于背诗。

11、You are required to learn this poem off by the end of the week. 你必须在周末时将这首诗背熟。

12、Teacher:Now let's recite the poem we learned last week. Any volunteers? 现在背诵上周学的那首诗。谁自告奋勇?

13、To my amazement, he was able to recite the poem from memory. 令我大为惊奇的是,他把这首诗从头到尾背了出来。

14、Others argue that given the royal context of the psalm, the psalmist must have been referring to a military crisis. 因着诗篇有王室的背景,也有释经家认为诗人指的肯定是军事上的危机。

15、that Pbus Apollo was actually eavesdropping on the poet's discourse. 关于阿波罗是否在背地里偷听诗人的演说。

16、Now let's recite the poem we learned last week. Any volunteers? 现在背诵上周学的那首诗。谁自告奋勇?

17、English Metaphysics Poetry and Chinese Xuan Poetry are similar not only in the term of name but also background. 英国十七世纪的玄学派诗歌与中国东晋时期的玄言诗不仅在名称上非常接近,在历史背景上亦有相似之处。

18、The child could reel off many poems of the Tang Dynasty at the age of five. 这孩子五岁时就能把许多唐诗倒背如流。

19、According to the New Critics, it does not reside in the author, the historical or social context of the poem, or even in the reader. 根据新批评家的观点,诗的意义不在作者之中、不在诗的历史或社会背景之中,甚至不在读者之中。

20、I want to memorise this poem. 我想背下这首诗来。

21、Chapter Two, The study on the cultural background and the standard to select poem . 第二章,《才调集》产生的文化背景与选诗标准。

22、When you feel rejected and alone, remember Psalm 27. 当你觉得被遗弃和孤单时,请背诵诗篇廿七篇。

23、Picturesque es and mesasdot the background landscape. 在背景的景色中散步着如诗如画的山峦。

24、The Farming Poetry in The book of songs is the outcome of the agriculture culture in the Zhou dynasty. 《诗经》农事诗是周代农业文化背景下的产物。

25、The fourth chapter searches the common and the difference between Chinese and Western intellectual factors in poetics on the background of their traditional source. 第四部分在中西诗学知性因素传统渊源的阔大背景中探寻中西诗学知性因素的融汇和差异;


26、It wasn't long before he learned those poems by heart. 没过多久他就背会了那些诗。

27、Take this book of poems and memorize one for me. 你把这本诗集拿去,背下其中的一首。

28、The French girl tried in vain to memorize the three Chinese poems. 那个法国小姑娘怎么都没有把那三首中文诗背下来。

29、The agreement of poems and paintings does not only mean the summary of the art regulation, it also has its deep cultural background and historic background. 中西方的“诗画一律”说都有其深刻的文化背景和历史背景,并不仅仅是对艺术规律的总结而言。

30、The boy learned the poem by heart. 这男孩背下了这首诗。

31、The formation of eulogistic poems has special cultural background: the prevailing of "Poems" and historic culture provided the context for the creation and acceptance of eulogistic poems. 咏史诗的形成有其独特的文化背景:《诗》、史文化的传播培育了良好的咏史诗创作与接受的话语环境;

32、The second chapter to explore the context of poetic thinking. 第二章探讨维柯诗学思想的背景。

33、Then he launched into an emotional recitation of a poem by Su Dongpo from the Song Dynasty. 然后,他开始背诵苏东坡的一段诗歌。

34、From his poems we can see that with the double cultural backgrounds of Han and Tibetan Minority , Alai is expressing his feelings to peoples mental world in a poetic way. 在对他的诗歌阅读中,可以发现,阿来依托汉藏双重文化背景,对家园进行着诗意的表述。

35、This thesis investigates Graham's search for self in her different periods in a diachronic way and in a perspective of Merleau-Ponty's poetics of sensibility. 本文以梅洛·庞蒂的感性诗学理论为背景,从历时的角度探寻诗人在各个阶段对自我的追求。

36、Introduce the idea and culture background of Gongti poesy , and the relation between it and Liang dynasty society. 包括宫体诗的思想文化背景;宫体诗与梁代社会风气的关系;

37、Structuralist poetics has formed the theoretical background of literary competence. 结构主义诗学则是文学能力的理论背景。

38、I am the only one who is chosen to recite the poem. 我是唯一一个被抽到背诗的人。

39、First is the background of LanTing poems. 第一,《兰亭诗》产生的背景。

40、Chapter two is the background of the foundation of Jiaoyuan Poetry Club. 第二章:蕉园诗社成立的背景。

41、The boy soon learned the poem by heart. 这男孩不久便能熟背这首诗了。

42、The teacher told us we have to learn the poem by heart. 老师告诉我们要把这首诗背下来。

43、The three-year-old boy knows this poem backwards. 这个3 岁男孩对这首诗倒背如流。

44、And his proposals for the reform of poetry, especially Homeric poetry, represent clearlya radical departure from Greek educational practices and beliefs. 而他建议改革诗学,尤其是荷马诗学,清楚地代表着彻底地背离,希腊教育实作与信念。

45、By poetic narrative, we mean that narrative discourse draws near to being poeticized, which is characterized by a challenge of the traditional narrative principles. 诗性叙事意指小说叙事的诗化倾向,它表现出了对传统叙事语法的背离。

46、'It all came different! 'the Mock Turtle repeated thoughtfully. 'I should like to hear her try and repeat something now. Tell her to begin. “这首诗全背错啦,”素甲鱼沉思着重复说,“我想再听听她背诵点什么东西,让她开始吧。”

47、She spent much of her life behind locked doors, refusing visitors and producing poem after poem in her room. 她花了很多她的生活背后锁上大门,拒绝访客和生产后,诗诗在她的房间。

48、Behind the annotations on the resentful poems by the traditional scholarship of the Book of Songs, exactly the Confucian poem teaching, which is tender and gentle, is working. 在传统《诗经》学对怨诗诠释的背后是儒家“温柔敦厚”的“诗教”在起作用。

49、If you know sth. about the author's family background, you will appreciate the poem on an even profounder level. 如果你对诗人的家庭背景有一些了解,你就会在更深的层次上理解这首诗。

50、She could repeat many poems from memory at the age of five. 她五岁时就能背诵很多首诗。


51、Amy knows her poem by heart. She recited it without even glancing at her notes. 艾美把她的诗背下来了。她甚至连小抄都没看就把它朗诵出来。

52、Ran Zhongjing is in the present national minority poets continuously the few in number poet who takes the nationality and the region the poetry narration background. 冉仲景是目前的少数民族诗人中一直把民族和地域作为诗歌叙述背景的为数不多的诗人。

53、Soon he learned this poem by heart. 他很快就把这首诗背下来了。

54、This background cannot be disregarded by the history of poetry. 这是一个不能被诗歌史忽视的背景。

55、This article start with the background of acceptance of HAN Yu's poems in Song Poetry, tending to think and study in this academic subject. 文章从宋诗接受韩诗的背景分析入手,展开对这一学术课题的理论思考与研究。

56、With poetic insight, Gander explores the nature of attraction, betrayal, and loyalty. 与诗意的洞察力,甘德探讨了吸引力,背叛的性质和忠诚。

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