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导读: 52个,关于”新年的诗歌“的英语句子52个,句子主体:。以下是关于新年的诗歌的六级英语句子。




1、Interesting. North of Boston, a great book that follows A Boy's Will, is a title that locates these poems in a specific place in northern New England. 很有趣吧,“波士顿以北“是在,“少年的意志之后“,它把这些诗歌的背景设置在新英格兰的北部。

2、So we should form new judgement about Huang and his works. 对黄氏诗歌创作方法及其成就应有新的评价思路。

3、The new mode of expressions of the landscape poetry he established is his tremendous contribution to the development of Chinese poetry . 谢灵运开辟的山水诗新路,是其对诗歌发展做出的重大贡献。

4、The present dissertation focuses on the poetic collection named"Classified Collection of Tang Poems", compiled by Zhang Zhixiang who lived during Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty. 本论文以明嘉靖年间张之象所编诗歌总集《唐诗类苑》为研究对象。

5、His thirty-year's poetry composition related closely to the beginning of the Sung tune. 他的长达三十多年的诗歌创作和宋调的开启紧密地联系在一起。

6、Some 20 years later he included "Song of a Young Sentry" in an anthology of his poems. 大约xx年后,他将这首《年轻哨兵之歌》收进了他的一本诗集。

7、I heard this 19-year-old’s striking poetry in March this year during my visit to Kenya, his home. 去年xx月我访问肯尼亚期间在他家中听了这位xx岁年轻人惊人的诗歌。

8、For theorists of New Criticism, irony is a general structural principle of poems. 在新批评理论家那里,反讽是一种诗歌的普遍结构原则。

9、The agriculture of Xinjiang during Qing dynasty is flourishing, poets created lots of poems about agricultural affairs. 清代新疆大兴屯田,农业发展卓有成效,农事诗就是这一情况在诗歌创作方面的反映。

10、It is found that, from The Book of Songs the earliest Chinese poetry, to the modern China, music has always been playing an auxiliary role in perfecting the art of poems. 在上千年的历史发展中,从第一部诗歌总集《诗经》的诞生,直至中国近代以前,音乐始终起着它对文学不可缺少的辅助作用,也正因为如此诗歌的表现才得以完善。

11、With the renewed interest in the research of the works of Matthew Arnold, some characteristics of Arnold's poetry are studied with the ilration of the poem The Forsaken Merman. 马修·阿诺德的作品重新受到关注。从他的代表性诗歌“被遗弃的雄人鱼”入手,分析了阿诺德诗歌的特点。

12、From the study of these words "Mi Wu", "hao" and "shu" of this poem, we can confirm the purport of the poem, thus properly understanding the social life written in the poem. 从对诗中的“蘼芜”、“好”、“姝”的考释中,可以重新确定本诗的主旨,进而对诗歌所述说的社会生活进行正本清源的理解。

13、In the last years, with verse into the low valley, more people pay attention to modern metric verse gradually. 近些年来,随着诗歌渐入低谷,人们关注的目光逐渐转向了现代格律诗。

14、All this throws new light on the study of Chen Chen's life story and his poetry. 这些都为研究陈忱的生平事迹和诗歌提供了新的材料。

15、This fact has great part to do with poem itself, and with its comments and people's updating knowledge and new focuses. 这跟诗歌文体的局限与开阖有关,跟诗歌评论的视角有关,也跟社会发展下人们的观念更新与关注点的变化息息相关。

16、Ezra Pound put it most succinctly when he defined poetry as "the news that stays new." 埃兹拉·庞德(Ezra Pound)以最简明扼要的语言定位诗歌,称之为"新意永存的新闻"(the news that stays new)。

17、Influenced by the Crescent School of Poetry, Lin Huiyin emphasizes the regularity and orderliness in poems' form, and she also has her own style with diversification at the same time. 林徽因诗歌受新月诗派的影响,讲究形式的匀整和谐。同时,在诗形方面又有着自己的风格,体现出多样化的特点。

18、Kitajima is the new era poetry, but in any event around the island. 北岛是中国新时期诗歌无论如何也绕不过的岛屿。

19、When she was young , she used to store quotations from poems in a notebook. 他年轻时,常常在笔记本里记下一些摘引诗歌的内容。

20、At the very end of the poem, the uncouth swain "rose, and twitch't his Mantle blue: tomorrow to fresh Woods and Pastures new." 在诗歌的最后,这个粗鄙的年轻人吟唱到,“慢慢上升,挥动了他蔚蓝色的丝巾“,向崭新的牧场和森林眺望明天

21、The norm of"faithfulness"re-established, vernacular language used, line arrangement of lines in foreign poetry transplanted, Chinese new verse developed by drawing upon foreign literary resources. 五四时期重构了“信”的规范,白话的使用、诗歌建行形式的移植都有助于中国新诗的发展;

22、Happy New Year to you all. 《新年好》的中文版歌词:

23、They sang the old year out and the new year in. 他们唱歌送走旧年,迎接新年。

24、Frost's poems take the rural lives and natural scenery of the New England area as backgrounds, fresh and natural; 弗罗斯特的诗歌以新英格兰地区的田园生活和自然风光为背景,清新自然;

25、To the poetry, the innovation of imago is the most basis and substantial. 对诗歌而言,意象的创新是最基础、最实质性的。


26、The proposition"cogency"to a certain extent renewed the poetry language research method; 其“中的”一说又在一定程度上更新了诗歌语言的研究方法;

27、He has researched the contemporary and modem literature for many years. He is mainly engaged in the comment on the poetry and prose and also writes them. 多年研究中国现、当代文学,主要从事诗歌、散文评论,也写作诗与散文。

28、Two, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom official document has the innovative tendency, and is that the first uses the punctuation mark regime in the official document; 太平天国的公文有创新的趋向。不仅大胆采用诗歌的体式,而且首创了国号纪年和天历等;

29、The poetry creation of Hunan Period of QuYuan starts a brand-new era in the Chinese poem history, radiating the brilliant spender in the literature long corridors of China and world. 屈原湖湘时期的诗歌创作,开创了中国诗歌史上的一个全新时代,在中国和世界的文学长廊中放射出熠熠光辉。

30、The creativity of poetry translation is also reflected in reading translated poetry, we can pleasingly get into an era in long ago time, or we can pass down our discoveries to era in far future. 诗歌翻译的创造性还体现在,阅读翻译诗歌,我们可以惬意地走入一个距今久远的年代,或将我们的发现寄托给未来遥远的年代。

31、Prepare us for the broadcasting member news, poetry, jokes, music, etc. 演播员为本人们准备了新闻、诗歌、笑话、音乐等。

32、Not only can we not fully understand the meaning Tao Poetry statement, but also Tao poems research is difficult to reach a new level. 这样不仅不能充分理解陶诗语句的内涵,而且对陶渊明诗歌的研究也难以达到一个新的层面。

33、In 1997, Wrote long poem The Mournful Dirge to the memory of Yuanmingyuan artist Zhou Zhanhong. xx年——为纪念圆明园艺术家周瞻弘,作长诗《挽歌》。

34、The ten-years poesy of Du Fu in Chang'an was abundance in content and multiplicity in form. 杜甫长安xx年诗歌创作内容丰富,形式多样。

35、The term neo soul is a to describe a musical blend of 1970s soul-style vocals and instrumentation with contemporary R&B sounds, hip hop beats and poetic interludes. 新时代灵歌用于形容二十世纪xx年代灵歌风格的声线与具有节奏布鲁斯风格、嘻哈音乐以及富有诗意美的停顿融合后的音乐形式。

36、Foulds is a young writer whose star is rising rapidly and he also won the best poetry category this year in the Costa book awards. 福尔兹是文坛里一颗冉冉升起的新星,在今年的考斯塔图书奖中,他还摘得本年度最佳诗歌奖项的桂冠。

37、Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling; it takes its origin form emotion recollected in tranquility. 诗歌是强烈感情的自发的流溢:它源于平静中重新积累起来的情感。

38、The local color poems of the 1990s are culminated in artistry and sentimental enchantment, and the characterization of the poems. 本文认为,xx年代乡土诗是xx年代诗歌中最具艺术品质和感人魅力的文本。

39、The author disagrees the common assumption that " The Lane In the Rain" is artistically lower than My Memory, and tries to shed new light on Dai Wangshu s poems. 一反前人贬《雨巷》、扬《我的记忆》的习惯思维,对诗人的诗歌创作有新的发掘。

40、Imagism in the early 20th century moves the English and Americanpoetry into a new era. 二十世纪初的意象主义运动标志着英美诗歌进入了新的篇章。

41、"New Fu" is the poetry of traditional Sublation Yuefu inherited Yuefu poetry of social concern, at the same time so that the characteristics of a new core Yuefu. “新乐府”是对传统乐府诗歌的扬弃,继承了乐府诗中对社会的关注,同时使这个特点成为新乐府的核心。

42、Massive intervention of the former, the silence of the long-awaited new poetry, poetry in the lively team added popularity; 前者的大举介入,使沉寂已久的诗坛重新热闹起来,为诗歌队伍增添了人气;

43、Huang Zunxian poetry creation to folk literature utilization and to the May Fourth new-vernacular literature construction significances. 黄遵宪诗歌创作对民间文学的运用和对五四新文学的建设意义。

44、During the next two years I sold dozens of poems, letters, jokes and recipes. 在接下来的两年里,我卖掉了几十首诗歌、书信、笑话和食谱。

45、Wenrenyao of the Tang Dynasty, as a part of Xinyuefu, is one form of the various categories of Xinyuefu. 唐代文人谣是文人新乐府的一部分,是文人新乐府诗歌多种体式的一种。

46、He won the Singapore Literature Award (1990), and the Second Xinhua Literature Award. Twice, he has won Poem Awards given out by the Book Industry Development Council. 他是新加坡文化奖(xx年)及第二届新华文学奖得主,也曾二度获得书业发展理事会颁发之诗歌奖。

47、Around 1850 Dickinson started to write poems, first in fairly conventional style, but after ten years of practice she began to give room for experiments. 大约于xx年开始写诗,起初风格传统,但经近xx年的磨练,实验性特征开始在其诗歌中显现。

48、When she was young, she used to store quotations from poems in a notebook. 她年轻时,常常在笔记本里记下一些摘引自诗歌的内容。

49、Through all his crises, Poe produced many stories and poems which appeared in different publications, yet he didn't become famous until 1845, when his poem, The Raven, was published. 通过这些危机,坡创作了大量故事和诗歌,它们见诸于不同报刊,然而直到xx年他的诗歌《乌鸦》发表之后,他才出名。

50、She worked as editor with the monthly magazines "New Port", Tienjin and "Harbin Literature and Art". 曾任天津《新港》文学月刊、《哈尔滨文艺》诗歌、小说编辑。


51、His poem (and song) Auld Lang Syne is often sung at Hogmanay (the last day of the year), and Scots Wha Hae served for a long time as an unofficial national anthem of the country. 他的名诗《友谊天长地久》(一首经常被咏唱的歌曲)成了迎接新年来临的必唱曲目。另一首诗《苏格兰不屈》在很长一段时间里被视为苏格兰的国歌。

52、In 2009, the song poetry and the Pacific, glaring, successively. xx年中旬,歌诗达·炫目号和太平洋号相继下水。

53、It points out the study on the change of poetry 1980s-1990s is a valuable and significant work. 第一部分是引言,指出探讨xx年代到xx年代诗歌转变的意义与价值。

54、At the very end of the poem, the uncouth swain "rose, and twitch't his Mantle blue: tomorrow to fresh Woods and Pastures new." 在诗歌的最后,这个粗鄙的年轻人吟唱到,“慢慢上升,挥动了他蔚蓝色的丝巾“,向崭新的牧场和森林眺望明天“

55、Over three years he stayed in Gemany, he wrote a lot of essays and poems. 在德国xx年期间写了大量的随笔和诗歌。

56、The background music dubbing had four ways: the first, newly-made poem and music were created simultaneously; 《诗经》乐歌配乐的过程有四:一是词、乐均为新制,同时产生;

57、The search for a proper form of Chinese new poetry has lasted for more than one hundred years, but no fixed form has been established yet. 中国新诗虽已有近百年的探求历史,但迄今尚未定形,因此它难以在中国诗歌史上获得恰如其分的定位。

58、This situation continued to the Early Tang Dynasty. So, Palace Style Poetry lasted over one hundred years and was th… 因此,宫体诗在历史上共延续了近一百年之久,成为这一百年间诗歌发展的主流。

59、Their surmounting was the result that they inherited the innovation spirit, the " alive law " as the foundation of poetry writing and the poetry skill of Jiangxi school. 他们的超越是在继承江西诗派创新精神、以“活法”为诗和诗歌技巧的基础上对其反思进而否定后的创新。

60、This new song, which marks a new beginning, therefore signals a new depth in the psalmist's relationship with God. 因此这首新歌,标志着新的开始,也暗示着诗人与上帝的关系有了一个新的深度。

61、It is deep hinting meanings to how to deal with the relation between form and feelings , the relation between imitation and innovation , looking closely at Lu Ji's poetry. 审视陆机诗歌创作的得失,对人们如何处理诗歌创作中形式与情感、摹拟与创新的关系,有着深刻的启示意义。

62、The third chapter discusses Wang Jiaxin and assume the spirit of poetry. 第三章论述王家新及其承担的诗歌精神。

63、It wasn't until 1645 at the age of thirty-six or thirty-seven that Milton would publish his first volume of poems, which he titled simply Poems. 但直到xx年在他36或xx岁的时候,米尔顿才发表了他的第一卷诗歌, 他就将其命名为《诗歌》。

64、Consistent with this view, his works had learned from the Tang Poetry at first, then started to like the poet in Song Dynasty in his middle-aged. 与此相一致,其诗歌创作就经历了早期学习唐人,中年转学宋诗的过程。

65、Almanac has been written on time, all kinds of awards have been perfunctorily reviewed, and special conferences of research on poetry convened annually. 每年都按时书写自己的年鉴,敷衍地评选出各种不同的诗歌奖项,召开若干次关于诗的专门研究会议。

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