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导读: 25个,关于”减压的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:Decompression sentences。以下是关于减压的句子的初三英语句子。


关于”减压的句子“的英语句子25个,句子主体:Decompression sentences。以下是关于减压的句子的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Decompression sentences

1、Intestinal tract decompression through fibro- colonoscope or exploratory laparotomy was an effective method. 纤维结肠镜肠道减压或剖腹肠道减压是有效的治疗和诊断方法。

2、To improve the quality of hydraulic damper and develop new hydraulic damper, we need advanced test-beds which have high stability and precision both in manufacture and repair factory. 为提高油压减振器的制造与检修质量,研制开发新型油压减振器,迫切需要稳定性好、精度高的新型油压减振器试验台。

3、Tanks are equipped with various circuits to control product fill, pressure build-up, pressure-relief, product withdrawal, and tank vacuum. 罐子配备有各种控制产品灌装、压力积累、减压、产品取出和罐子真空的回路。

4、Close the reducing valve of helium steel cylinder and the molock pump of the molecular pump group. 关闭氦气钢瓶的减压阀和分子泵组的直联泵。

5、Objective To study CT findings of cerebral decompresional damage in minimally invasive surgery and decompressive craniotomy . 目的探讨微创和开颅减压术后脑减压性损害的CT表现。

6、The final pieces of casing need to be placed on the relief well to protect it before a so-called "static kill" can begin. 在所谓的”静电终止“之前最后一片需要用来装置在减压井上保护减压井的盒子可以安装。

7、These devices take the form of frangible disks or pressure relief valves. 减压装置以易碎盘或减压阀的形式出现。

8、Reduce pressure with bilevel positive airway pressure. 减少压力,两层正压。

9、The PORV' backup valve is opened to lower the pressure. 减压阀的备用阀门被打开,减少压力。

10、No. 5 Toys, bathroom hardware, domestic hardware, gas regulators, electronics, electrical. 玩具、浴室用品、家具用品、减压阀、电子及电器用品。

11、Oil reducing valve belongs to the pilot valve ton valve. 进口油用减压阀属于先导活塞式减压阀。

12、OR6 series stainless steel pressure reducer, diaphragm vacuum structure, the output pressure stability, suitable for high-volume output needs of the occasion. OR6系列不锈钢减压器 ,膜片式减压结构,输出压力稳定,适用于大流量输出需求的场合。

13、Stress Relief - What do you do when your stressed? 减轻压力——有压力时你会做什么?

14、Note the undercutting of the lamina with bilateral decompression of the thecal sac. 同一患者经皮减压后,注意硬脊膜双侧减压的椎板切除。

15、Methods The slow recompression decompression and the explosive decompression were used to make experiments on 42 rabbits and 10 rats. 方法将42 只家兔和10 只大鼠分组进行慢升压慢减压实验和爆炸减压实验。结果慢升压慢减压对肺不造成明显的损伤;

16、The temperature fall and decompression in great degree is serious depreciation of the energy. 大压差减温减压是能的严重贬值。

17、Based in the decompression, the best method should be choosen to reconstruct cervical stability and intervertebral height. 前路减压包括经间隙椎间盘切除和椎体次全切除减压,减压后必须重建颈椎的稳定性和椎间高度。

18、Those who have used it say that they feel relaxed, stress free. 而使用过“减压橡皮”的人都说他们感到轻松,压力减轻。

19、Stator casing bleeding can cut the flow loss and improve the compressor efficiency. 静子机匣端壁引气能够有效减小静子叶排损失,提升压气机效率。

20、The VPO average molecular weight of vacuum residues and asphaltenes all decreased. 减压渣油和正庚烷沥青质的VPO平均相对分子质量都减小了。

21、The unloader: The unloader that you have serves two functions, a regulator and an unloader. 减压器:你们的减压器有两个功能,作为调节器和减压器。

22、Presents measures for deep topping of vacuum distillation plant (I) in Tianjin Branch Co. 介绍了天津分公司常减压(I)装置减压深拔所采取的措施。

23、But, have you ever though about playing in the sand�?� zen garden sand, that is. 但是,你是否曾想过玩沙子也可以减压呢?也就是禅意花园减压法。

24、As altitude increases , atmospheric pressure decreases , thus exerting less "push" on the water entering the pump suction. 当海拔高度增加,大气压力减少,从而减少了作用于进入水泵的水的压力。

25、You can hang out with friends to help relieve the pressure 你可以与朋友闲逛以帮助减轻压力


26、It is equipped with manometer, pressure reducer and flow indicator. 其上装有压力表、减压器和流量表。

27、The permeation rate and separation factor decrease while increasing downstream pressure. 二次侧压增大,渗透通量和分离因子减小。

28、Now’s the time to relax and reduce your stress. 现在,是 放轻松,给自己减减压 的时候了。

29、Safe and reliable pressure reducer embly and low-pressure whistle. 安全可靠的减压器总成及低压报警哨。

30、Core decompression and drilling decompression were effective methods to treat IOH. 髓芯减压术和钻孔减压术是治疗骨内高压的有效手术方法。

31、GA-1 Reducer is used in quantitative output reducer for gas shielded welding and gas explosimeter . it has performance of pressure- reducing and gas flow control . 型减压器是用于气体保护焊与气体测爆仪的定输出减压器,具有减压、控制气体流量的性能。

32、Reduce stress. Stressed out folks have more memory lapses. 减轻压力。不堪重压的人有更多的记忆缺失。

33、Severing of depressor nerve. 减压神经切断组。

34、The reduced pressure storage reduced pressure storage, low temperature depression, is the fresh cut flowers storage and storage of a development direction. 减压贮藏减压贮藏、低温低气压贮藏,是当今鲜切花保鲜贮藏的又一个发展方向。

35、The Si-Ge intermixing would lead to the relaxation of strain in Ge QDs. 此外,量子点中的矽锗混合会使量子点所受到的压缩应力减小。

36、When diaphragm is below the horizontal line, turn adjusting collar from right to left to increase the reduced pressure - opposite to decrease the reduced pressure. 当隔膜位于水平管道下方,则从右到左旋转调节轴套增加减压- 相反就是减少减压。

37、The exergy loss of primary steam after temperature and pressure reduction is calculated. 背压汽轮机和减温减压器都可以用于用汽系统,提供不同等级的蒸汽。

38、By integral spinning, a tank shell was produced which showed deductions in weight and weld seam by30% and 70% respectively. 用内旋压、无模摩擦收颈旋压方法,试制出整体旋压油箱壳体,减轻质量30%,减少焊缝70%。

39、Separation of high-boiling components of corn polyols by reduced pressure distillation and molecular distillation were investigated. 探讨了减压蒸馏和分子蒸馏分离高沸点组分。

40、Reduce hydraulic control manifold pressure to 5200kpa. 将液压控制管汇压力减小到5200千帕。

41、With the presence of their parent(s), children would feel even more pressed rather than relaxed. 父母陪读并没有减轻孩子们的负担,反而给他们增加了压力。

42、Open water test and cavitation test of standard propeller 4119 are carried out in depressurized towing tank. 本文选用标准桨模4119,在减压拖曳水池进行了常压下的敞水重复试验及减压下的空泡性能试验。

43、If thoroughly decompression, it will be enough to combine with short segment fixation. 若需扩大减压范围,建议彻底减压的同时伴以短节段融合。

44、Building valves - Water pressure reducing valves and combination water pressure reducing valves - Requirements and tests. 建筑阀门。供水减压阀和复合供水减压阀。要求和试验。

45、Cyst decapitating decompression operation; 囊肿去顶减压术;

46、It is a guide for the vacuum deep cut revamping on atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit. 结果表明对常减压装置减压深拔技术改造有一定的指导意义。

47、Objective: The mechanism of hyperbaric Oxygen(HBO) treatment was studied during fast decompression stress and decompression illness in animals. 目的:探讨快速减压应激和减压病时用高压氧治疗效应的机理。

48、If still invalid, can throw decompression, make the engine flameout lever decompression. 若仍无效,可扳动减压拉杆减压,使发动机熄火。

49、The construction of many types of pressure reducing valve, in the past frequently have thin film valve, ton valve, etc. within the spring. 减压阀的构造类型很多,以往常见的排气阀排泥阀有薄膜式减压阀、内弹簧活塞式减压阀等。

50、Vacuum tower can be divided into two kinds on the basis of different production tasks, which are lubricating oil-type vacuum tower and fuel-type vacuum tower. 减压塔视其生产任务的不同,可分为润滑油减压塔和燃料型减压塔两种类型。


51、One sure way to reduce the inertia of the turbine and compressor is to make the turbocharger smaller. 一个确实的减小涡轮和压缩机惯量的方法是减小涡轮增压机的尺寸。

52、What tips and ideas do you have for limiting on-the-job stress? 关于减少工作压力你有什么点子或建议?

53、They were divided into two groups, which are merely suboccipital decompression and suboccipital decompression ociated with reconstruction of cisterna magna. 患者分为单纯的枕下减压组和枕下减压、枕大池重建组。

54、Relief Devices (5 and 7): To protect the container from over-pressurization, it is equipped with two relief devices. 减压装置(5和7):为了防止容器过压,容器上配备了两个减压装置。

55、Can place a bolster or blanket under pubic bone, to soften the pressure; 可以在会阴下方垫上毯子或长枕, 来减缓压力;

56、The invention relates to an atmospheric and vacuum distillation device with a vacuum flash tower and a method thereof. 本发明涉及一种带有减压闪蒸塔的常减压蒸馏方法及设备。

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