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关于”激励孩子的句子“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Sentences that motivate children。以下是关于激励孩子的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences that motivate children

1、Sheet electron beam play a vital role for a number of applications, such as: microwave tube, gas laser excitation and plasma chemistry reaction. 从微波管到气体激光激励装置和等离子体化学反应堆,片状或带状电子注对于许多的行业来说是必不可少的。

2、In a magnetic measurement approach, different magnetic excitation fields may be used to excite magnetic target particles differently inthe first and second zone(Z2). 在磁测量方法中,可以使用不同的磁激励场以差别化地激励在所述第一区和第二区(Z2)中的磁靶粒子。

3、But maybe it will spark the boy off, it might give him the incentive to shoot more. 但也许这能让这孩子开窍,这能激励他多多射门。

4、And here is what can happen: People from churches, motivated by God's love, can extend love and hope to children who desperately need someone in their lives. 而以下就是我们能做的:那些来自教会的人们在上帝爱的激励下把爱和希望传递给那些极度需要得到帮助的孩子。

5、Parents who are high frequency readers are more likely to see themselves as primarily responsible for encouraging their children to read than parents who are low-frequency readers (60% vs. 46%). 高频度家长读者比低频度家长读者更有可能把自己看作激励孩子阅读的主要因素(60%∶46%)。

6、Upon witnessing generosity in a child, a parent should resist any impulse to bestow a gift and instead offer praise of the child's character as well as his behavior. 看到一个孩子表现得慷慨大方时,家长应该克制给孩子物质奖励的冲动,仅在口头上表扬孩子的品质和行为。

7、Children easily identify with rewards, so this is a good way to keep their behavior in check. 孩子喜欢受到奖励,因此奖惩制度是训练孩子行为得体的好方法。

8、I'm also willing to bet a lot of teachers will applaud your efforts when you do, and your kids will thank you as well. 我也同样确信,当您这么教给孩子的时候,他们的老师会称赞您,同样,孩子们也会感激您的。

9、Children have always a sympathy in the agitations of those connected with them; 孩子们与同他们相关的人们的激动总是息息相通;

10、To keep them motivated, you can have them try to run a specific distance over a period of time, like 3 miles in a month. 你也可以让孩子试试在一定时间内争取跑到一定的距离,像一个月内跑够3英里,以此来激励他们。

11、Money is fun, and it's almost entirely self-explanatory. (4) The only way to teach kids to adopt a long-term perspective is to give them a short-term incentive for doing so. 金钱是有趣的,而且几乎完全是不讲自明的。教育孩子们看问题要有长远目光的惟一途径,是让孩子们近期内便能尝到某种甜头,从而激励他们去那样做。

12、The man saved the girl from the fiver and her mother was very grateful. 这位男子把那女孩从河里救了出来,女孩的母亲十分感激。

13、Offer a reward after your child has read (X) number of books. 当孩子完成一定遍数的阅读后,即给予他们一定的奖励。

14、Food's more exciting than your kids. 食物比你家孩子更令人激动

15、Some children become irritable, get a skin rash or swollen glands. 某些孩子变为应激性、皮肤疹或腺体肿胀。

16、This type of motivation evolves over time but you can see remnants way back when your kid did homework in grade school or practiced violin without being asked. 这类激励是需要时间慢慢发展的,但是你能够从你的孩子小学时自觉做作业或者练小提琴时看出端倪。

17、In the course of communicating with them we can cultivate their basic communicative ability by activating the language they have acquired by various means. 在与孩子的交流中,激活孩子通过各种途径习得的语言,能培养其基本交际能力。

18、Zhang Ying: Actually, I was with all the kids to dream, and I think this torch will be on our Association, will give all children an incentive, will be back. 张颖:其实我是带着所有孩子的梦想来的,我想这个火炬会放在我们协会,会给所有的儿童一种激励,会带回去。

19、But his legend was united with old Nordic folktales of a magician who punished naughty children and rewarded good children with presents. 但是有关他的传说却跟一个北欧民间故事结合了起来,故事中有位魔术师,他爱惩罚顽皮的孩子,并送礼物奖励好孩子。

20、The lovable crime-fighting robot was an inspiration to a generation of kids -some of whom went on to become robotics researchers. 这个讨人喜欢的机器人用于与犯罪分子作斗争,这种精神激励了整整一代日本孩子——他们中的许多人后来成为了机器人研究人员。

21、And now I'm like baby, baby , baby noo. 我现在就像个孩子,孩子,孩子,不。

22、Pagan, who works in advertising, complained to the school district, saying fast food for high marks was a tasteless way to motivate kids. 在广告行业工作的Pagan向学校所在学区抱怨,说以快餐食物作为激励孩子拿高分的方法是不应当的。

23、He told the boy to watch the circles created by the stone. 他让男孩丢一颗石子到水中,并嘱咐男孩仔细观察石子所激起的水波纹。

24、i owe a lot to my wife and children. 我很感激我的妻子和孩子。

25、"With the proliferation of electronic media, there are many more opportunities for children to be exploited, " she says. “随着电子媒体的激增,孩子们被利用的机会越来越多,”她说。


26、The average ones are those who'd benefit most from an intensive and heavily involved parent like Ms Chua. 普通的孩子指的是那些从一个激烈又老管着孩子的Chua那样的家长身上获益的孩子。

27、Model actions or language, and Motivate the child to engage with motions. 提供动作或语言示范并激发孩子参与(的动机)。

28、For days now, I’ve seen them urging less courageous men on. 很多天来,我都看见她们在激励胆小的男子往前冲。

29、Parents often encourage their children with premiums for good conduct. 孩子们品行优良时,父母常常奖励他们。

30、Lucy Hobbs was not opposed to using dessert as an incentive to good manners, hard work, and compliance with her rules. 为了让孩子们能讲礼貌、努力工作、听她的管教,霍布斯太太并不反对使用甜点心作为一种激励。

31、Encouraging children to entertain themselves in mentally active and imaginative ways and to avoid passive, quick-fix entertainment could also reduce boredom. 鼓励孩子参加激发思维和想象力的活动,避免消极、图一时之快的娱乐方式,也能够减少无聊感。

32、I would learn later that in my area, the thes who coordinate services for children with special needs are also backlogged with children who suffer because of a lack of stimulation. 我稍后才知道,临床医生在针对这些孩子各种特殊需求采取措施的时候,他们导致了这些孩子承受缺乏激励的痛苦。

33、This encourages many homeless people living in Russia to dig for old, empty bottles or tins. 这激励了许多居住在俄罗斯的挖旧的空瓶子或锡罐。

34、Indeed, much of the effort to encourage children to be friends with everyone is meant to head off bullying and other extreme consequences of social exclusion. (克里斯汀是在处理了一个女孩发给另一个女孩的威胁短信之后产生了上述观点)当然了,更多的激励孩子与人交朋友的本意是阻止恃强欺弱和排除社会极端后果。

35、Says Kazdin, "The idea is to do this often enough so you can eventually move away from the prompt and just give the praise." 阿兰·凯兹丁:方法就是要经常的做,这样你就不需要激励,只要表扬孩子的好行为就可以了。

36、Let your kids rest on pillows designed to inspire musical dreams. 让你的孩子们偎依在能激发音乐梦想的枕头上。

37、But I cited because I tell you he really motivated me. 我引用这个例子因为他确实激励了我。

38、That is the constant and ever-recurring exhortation to the farm children of the Liberated Areas. 反来复去总是拿生产来激励解放区的农家孩子。

39、He plunged into the swift current and rescued one child after another. 他纵身跳进了激流, 救起了一个又一个孩子。

40、However, there are ways to build and boost their self-motivation in a way that will be as beneficial to you as to them. 然而,有一些办法可以发展和促进孩子的自我激励意识,它对父母和孩子都有益。

41、If it does something to me, I think it's going to motivate me to play for a long time. 如果要说真对我有什么影响的话,那应该是孩子的降生会激励我打更长的时间。

42、The class teacher is plausibly said, is to "inspire children Endeavour backward" and refused to correct. 而班主任却振振有词地说,这是为了“激励后进孩子奋进”,拒不改正。

43、He said these athletes inspired children to chase their dreams, and will be champions forever. 他说,这些运动员们激励著孩子们追寻梦想,永远都是冠军。

44、Just as you may reward your children when they do their cs with stickers on a chart or a weekly allowance, you deserve a treat when you get your job done as well. 当你的孩子完成了家务,你在表上给他们贴上一个表扬贴纸或者发给他们一周津贴,而当你很好的完成工作,你要像奖励孩子那样奖励自己。

45、Finally, having role models as a motivation to read, whether it be an NHL player reading to a claoom full of kids or a parent at bedtime, is also highly important, says Georgiou. 最后,不管是一名曲棍球(NHL)球员在教室里为所有的孩子朗读还是父母在睡觉前为孩子朗读,作为可以激励孩子阅读的榜样,这都非常重要,乔治奥说。

46、Self-motivated and focused, Scorpios do best in jobs that require tremendous concentration. 自我激励、精力集中的蝎子喜欢注意力高度集中的工作。

47、You're really something, Mary Bth. I hope those kids appreciate you. 你真不错,玛丽。贝思。我希望孩子们能感激你。

48、National Fishing Week is really all about the kids, so let's make it more enticing and give them a reason to go. 全国钓鱼周实际上是为孩子而设的,让我们一起把它变得更加令人激动,并给孩子一个理由来参加。

49、At incentives, Stone will light; do not know her, will be buried gold. 善于激励,石头也会放异彩;不懂赏识,金子也会被埋没。

50、Used to be that sick kids got lollypops after a visit with the doctor. 每次看完医生后,小孩子就会得到棒棒糖做奖励。


51、You can keep a few to give to your kids or grandkids for a job well done. 你可以保留一下给你的孩子或孙子昨晚他们表现好的奖励。

52、A visit to the zoo, a movie and popcorn, or a slightly later bedtime can be good motivators. 答应孩子们游览动物园,看场电影吃个爆米花,或者特批他们晚睡会儿都是不错的激励方法。

53、Would you like give me some advices that which kind of standard of providing educational fund so that can effectively inspirit the children's growth. 跪求各位英语高手将: “您认为以何种标准为尺度发放教育基金能有效的激励您孩子的成长”翻成英文。

54、It comes down to the fact that schools aren't motivating the children, and they are unmotivating because they are far too monolithic and standardized. 它归结为一个事实,即学校没有去激励孩子们,他们之所以没有去激励是因为他们都过于统一和标准化了。

55、But there's no need to be extraant. A visit to the zoo, a movie and popcorn, or a slightly later bedtime can be good motivators. 答应孩子们游览动物园,看场电影吃个爆米花,或者特批他们晚睡会儿都是不错的激励方法。

56、CONDUCT】The children were rewarded for good conduct and punished for bad conduct. 孩子们因行为好而受奖励,因行为坏而受惩罚。

57、The experimental study on an electron-beam-initiated hydrogen fluoride laser with SPG-200 pulsed power generator is introduced. 介绍了利用SPG-200脉冲功率源产生电子束激励氟化氢激光的实验研究情况。

58、The children? - The children? 孩子们吗?-孩子们吗?

59、The results show that the annular array in different combination and excitation condition has radiation characteristics of monopole, dipole and quadrupole of acoustic logging. 实验结果表明,在不同组合和激励条件下,圆弧阵具有声波测井的单极子、偶极子和四极子声源的辐射特征。

60、The children's bad behaviour at last goaded the teacher into angry. 孩子们的不良行为终于激起了老师的愤怒。

61、Sometimes prizes of candy are awaiting the child finding the most eggs. 哪个孩子找到的彩蛋最多,就有可能得到糖果奖励。

62、She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams. 她知道孩子与牙医的预约,孩子的情事,孩子的好朋友,孩子喜欢的食物,孩子害怕的事物,孩子的目标和理想。

63、A little boy came running up and tugged at his sleeve excitedly 一个小男孩跑上来,非常激动地拽着他的袖子。

64、The strange round-shaped object stimulate the curiosity of chidren. 这奇怪的圆形物体激起了孩子们的好奇心。

65、To make flowers grow? To create world peace? 你曾经发现一种激励孩子阅读,养花,使世界和平的方法吗?

66、After children : I am thankful for Velcrotennis ss. 有孩子后:我感激有维可牢尼龙扣的网球鞋。

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