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导读: 37个,关于”基本五种句型例句“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Examples of five basic sentence patterns。以下是关于基本五种句型例句的考研英语句子。


关于”基本五种句型例句“的英语句子37个,句子主体:Examples of five basic sentence patterns。以下是关于基本五种句型例句的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Examples of five basic sentence patterns

1、Approximately 30% of 61 cytologically abnormal samples was infected with three different HPV types, and over 13.8% of the samples has at least 4 different HPV types. 在细胞学异常的样本中,三种HPV混合感染的比例达到样本总数的30%,五种及以上HPV混合感染的比例高达13.8%。

2、For this example, you want five partitions. 对于本例,您希望有五个分区。

3、Example : In some contexts, IF characterizes an if-statement. 例如,在某些上下文中,IF表示一种 条件语句。

4、In the article, a new quisa-LIGA technology based on LIGA is discussed by giving an example of the fabrication of a drivable micro gear. 本文以一种微齿轮传动结构的制作过程为例,探索了一种基于LIGA 的新型准LIGA 技术。

5、In this article, we delineate five principles underlying investigative negotiation and show how they apply in myriad situations. 这本文章中,我们总结了调查式谈判的五项基本原则及相关无数的实例应用。

6、Figure 1 models the basic course of action for the "Enroll in Seminar" use case. 图 1是 “参加研习班”用例的基本行动过程的模型。

7、Methods108 M. tuberculosis clinical isolates from sputum specimens were detected by PCR-SSCP and the traditional drug susceptibility testing. 方法108例病人痰标本用PCR-SSCP方法检测了五种耐药基因和传统的药敏试验,并与临床疗效进行比较分析。

8、Dumbbell-shaped compounds for building the first one and 3-aryloxy-1,2-epipropan as basic building-blocks for building second one have been synthesized. 合成了组装第一种分子梭的哑铃型化合物及组装第二种分子梭的基本砌块3-芳氧基-1,2-环氧丙烷。

9、Have you seen the roughs for the new book? 例句1。你看到那本新书的草稿了吗?

10、Eg: Long-drama is in Gansu province where a new opera drama. 例句:陇剧是甘肃省一个新兴的地方戏曲剧种。

11、Finally, a numerical example is served for demonstrating the essential feature of the developed multi-round bilateral negotiating framework. 最后,用算例说明了所发展 模型的基本特征。

12、We present our experiences in treating five patients and we also reviewed the relative literature. 本文报告五例风湿性关节炎造成各种肌腱断裂的重建经验及文献回顾。

13、Example 8-2 shows how a script can become more complicated by using a conditional statement. 例8-2展示了如何通过使用一个条件语句来使脚本变得复杂。

14、An essential use case model, often referred to as a business or abstract use case model, models a technology-independent view of your behavioral requirements. 基本用例模型,通常称为 商业或 抽象用例模型,对行为需求的与技术无关的视图建模。

15、The statement is basically accurate, but a lot of campaigning is prose, too: putting together the nuts and bolts, going through the required rituals, and responding to the press. 这句话基本上是正确的,但很多竞选活动也是散文:把基本的具体细节整合起来,参加必需的例行公事,回应媒体。

16、The Exchange Fund was established by the Currency Ordinance of 1935 (later renamed the Exchange Fund Ordinance). 外汇基金根据xx年《货币条例》(已易名为《 外汇基金条例》)设立。

17、To demonstrate, Listing 4 shows a test of the most basic Ajax request possible: the clic XMLHttpRequest-based example from Wikipedia. 为了进行演示,清单 4 测试了最基本的 Ajax 请求:来自 Wikipedia 的典型的基于 XMLHttpRequest 的示例。

18、There is a spirit:drops of water outwear the stone; just like the Chinese old saying, if you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron rod into a needle. 例句:有一种精神滴水穿石。就像中国有句古话,只要工夫深,铁杵磨成针。

19、Like most SQL statements, this example follows the standard SQL syntax of SELECT column(s) . . . FROM table(s) . . . WHERE condition(s). 跟大多数 SQL 语句一样,本例遵循 SELECT column(s) . FROM table(s) .

20、That is basically the next example, right here. 这基本上就是下一个例子了。

21、The first six types are largely self-descriptive (see the Lua novelties section above for the exceptions); the last two need some explanation. 前 6 种类型基本上是自描述的(例外情况请参见上面的 Lua 特性 一节);最后两个需要一点解释。

22、One example: it does not pay off to invest resources into developing a tool for migrating five state-charts in a UML model. 举一个例子:移植 UML 模型中的五个图表并不需要花费太多资源用于开发一种工具。

23、EC2 is a great example of a basic platform. EC2 是基本平台的好例子。

24、And in the basic scheme both the client and the supplier are routines. 在这个很基本的模型里,客户端和服务端都是例程。

25、You need a basic understanding of UML modeling to follow this article and complete the example. 您需要对 UML 模型有一个基本的了解,以顺利完成本文的学习以及实例的应用。


26、Fundamental concepts of metabolic genotype, metabolic phenotype, metabolic redundancy and robustness are defined and examples of their use given. 定义了代谢基因型、代谢显型、代谢冗余和鲁棒性的基本概念,并给出了它们使用的例子。

27、It includes five models: growth stage model, shape development model, dry matter accumulation model, nutrient absorption model and yield model and so on. 本研究包括五个子模型,即生育期子模型、形态发育子模型、干物质积累子模型、养分吸收子模型、产量形成子模型。

28、The fifth part points out some inappropriate or misused Chinese characters and misquotations. 第五大部分提出这本书的词句不妥之处,及许多错字,以及引用诗文的错误。

29、Example: Don’t put yourself out for us! 例句:请不要为我们忙吧!

30、This research started from the study of readability, reviewed the examples mainly from their clarity. 本文从易读性研究出发,把清晰度作为考察例句的主要标准。

31、Take dhave the CASEs I give you. 把我给你们的例句都记下来。

32、Did you believe him when he said he had given up smoking? A leopard cannot change its spots. 例句:他说戒烟你真的相信吗?江山易改,本性难移啊。

33、Additional alleles were detected from 37 samples, new alleles were detected from 3 samples. 14 samples were found loss of heterozygosity, and 83 samples were found part loss of heterozygosity. 变异的类型包括增加等位基因、基因型变更、完全杂合性丢失和部分杂合性丢失,其中增加等位基因37例,基因型变更3例,完全杂合性缺失14例,部分杂合性丢失83例。

34、In this case, you should update the DFT_QUERYOPT, using the following UPDATE statement, to 5 本例中,您将使用下列 UPDATE 语句将 DFT_QUERYOPT 更新为 5

35、And the basic proportions of the two structures are surprisingly alike. 而这两种构造的基本比例也惊人的相似。

36、Cancer today, for example, is largely a treatable disease. 例如,癌症现在已基本上是一种可治之症;

37、Hengjiang is a clic externality. 横江就是一个典型的外部成本例子。

38、In designing the legend, karst water is igned two or three basic colours and the different shades of colour are used to distinguish the degree of water storage capacity. 在图例设计中、岩溶水常按以上两种类型采用两种基本色调,并按颜色深浅区别其富水程度。

39、So here are the five basic premises. 这里有五个基本前提。

40、Examples of a capability pattern from the base RUP include "use-case based requirements management" and "validate build." 来自基本 RUP 的性能模式的例子包括“基于用例的需求管理”和“有效构建”。

41、It's a step toward unraveling why this liquid can produce 15 types of ice, for example. 例如,这也是朝揭示为什么液体可以产生十五种冰类型迈出了一步。

42、Mechan-ics model, basic formulas , basic measures and an example to use the method are given, which is significative in theory and applicable in engineering. 提出了该方法的力学模型、基本公式、基本方法和算例。具有理论意义和工程应用价值。

43、Alan's always getting scragged at school. 例句1。艾伦在学校里总受欺负。

44、Methods 489 cases of various extrapulmonary tuberculosis were examined with 92-3 TB and 92-3TBL. 方法用92-3TB与92-3TBL培养基对489例各种肺外结核感染标本进行结核菌及L型培养。

45、Introduce several basic types of semi-solid state forming technique and ilrate their forming process with examples. 介绍了半固态成形工艺的几种基本类型,并举例说明成形过程。

46、Your text outlines five types of e-commerce marketplaces. 你的文字概述了五种类型的电子商贸市场。

47、And three kinds of spatial data model: Pillar model, TIN face model and section model, were built up for these three kinds of rock-m. 对应3种基本结构单元,建立3种空间数据模型,即:柱体模型、TIN面模型与断面模型。并通过模型实例验证了构模方法与空间数据模型的可行性。

48、Further more, some cases from workshops and research labs are discussed, and the "communities of practice" is organized to test applications of the Q-SECI model. 在此理论基础上,本文通过对知识管理实证案例的探讨,尝试提出一种基于“实践社群”的应用方案来检验Q-SECI模型的合理性。

49、Chapter 5 gives an actual case to show the procedure of valuing the equity of non-listed companies in China with DCF models. 第五章以一个真实的案例演示了应用贴现现金流模型评估我国非上市公司股权价值的基本过程。

50、This form of the disease affects about fifty percent of those with the Relapsing-Remitting form of MS. 大约百分之五十的复发缓解型多发性硬化症病例都会发展成这种类型。


51、Bad: Is the feature helpful to you? 坏例句:这个功能对你有用吗?

52、Jane: Did you also get fork? 例句:珍妮:你也买了餐叉吗?

53、In other words, in the example, every instance of capital "A" is replaced with lowercase "a," "B" with "b," and so on. 换句话说,在本示例中,每个大写“A”的实例都将替换为小写“a”、“B”替换为“b”,依此类推。

54、The management personnel of an enterprise need to have insights for recognizing talents. 汉英例句 企业的 管理人员需要有巨眼识英才的本领。

55、Your design can sometimes dictate which choice you make; for example, extending base types with subtypes is clearly a more object-oriented approach. 您的设计有时可以支配您的选择,例如,以子类型扩展基本类型则更加趋向于面向对象方法。

56、The mutation (GGG→AGG) in codon 971 was found in 2 patients with type 2 DM and 1 normal subject. 第971位密码子AGG基因型在2型糖尿病病人和正常人分别为2例和1例。

57、The utility model is suitable for various small vehicles, such as motorcycle and beach vehicle. 本实用新 型可应用于各种小型车辆,例如摩托车、沙滩车等。

58、The Xingyi kungfu crossing fist is one of the five basic punching maneuvers used in Xingyi. 兴义功夫交叉拳的五种基本冲压兴义使用演习一。

59、Among the 84 samples, 82/84(97.6%) cases could be designated definitely, and 33/84 (39%) cases could be typed to allelic level. 在全部84例移植病人及家系成员标本中,有82 /84例( 97.6 %)标本可明确判定结果,其中有33/84例( 39%)可直接指定等位基因型别;

60、But, again, no example sentences are provided. 不过,同样没有提供例句。

61、Do you know jack ? 那例句的 "Do you know jack ?" 又是什麽意思呢?

62、The above definition is set in roman; th is example is in italics . 定义用的是正体字排印的,本例句用的是斜体。

63、Taking a case study as an example, a statistical model is set up on the basis of detailed investigation of seepage around the dam site. 本文以水东水电站为例,在分析了坝址渗流量基本特征的基础上,建立了统计模型。

64、In this case, the script presents only the first five alternates. 在本例中,脚本仅提供前五个替代单词。

65、The samples of one gene, two genes, three genes and four genes methylation in tumor tissues was 16 (40%), 11 (27.5%), 7 (17.5%) and 1 (2.5%) in tumor tissues. 肿瘤组织中,含有一种基因甲基化的为16例(40%),含两种基因甲基化的为11例(27.5%),含三种基因甲基化的为7例(17.5%),这四种基因全都甲基化的为1例(2.5%)。

66、For example: Our ship put in at Talien. 例句:我们的船在大连进港。

67、Like this one on the fundamentals of copywriting, for example. (例如像基本知识的答案这样的例子)。

68、But in this case, we created our downstream view with print statements in the servlet. 但是在本示例中,我们使用 servlet 中的 print 语句创建下行视图。

69、The attribute types can be basic (for example, Integer, String) or complex data types (for example, the user-defined types like Order and CreditCard) 可以将属性类型定为基本类型(例如,Integer 或 String)或复杂数据类型(例如,用户定义的类型,如 Order 和 CreditCard)。

70、The relationships between five different pollen embryoid types and plant regeneration were also reported here. 本文也报道了五种不同的花粉胚状体类型与植株再生的研究。

71、An example of this would be the contribution of FGFR2 point mutations in a variety of cancer types. 其中一个例子是FGFR2基因的点突变所导致的多种类型的癌症。

72、Presto, sample sentences and usage examples. 转眼间,就能看到例句和用法示例。

73、The production of dileptons in the intermediate m region in QGP has been studied on the basis of a relativistic hydrodynamic model. 推导了一种自旋固体火箭的流体动力学模型,并通过实例对模型进行了验证计算,计算结果与实际情况基本吻合。

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