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导读: 30个,关于”保护牙齿的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Sentences for protecting teeth。以下是关于保护牙齿的句子的六年级英语句子。


关于”保护牙齿的句子“的英语句子30个,句子主体:Sentences for protecting teeth。以下是关于保护牙齿的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentences for protecting teeth

1、For example, if you are a dentist who blogs, one of your readers problems may focus on taking care of their children’s teeth. 举例来说,如果你是一个牙医,那么你的读者在博客中关注的问题可能就是如何保护他们孩子的牙齿。

2、When the guardian angel eats it, it is said, that a strong tooth will grow. 传说如果守护神吃了牙,孩子们就会长出强壮的牙齿。

3、Dental experts recommend for the United States who need straightening teeth with braces cosmetic dental centers in the formal, only to ensure the safety of orthodontics and corrective dental effects. 口腔专家建议求美者,带牙套矫正牙齿需在正规口腔美容中心进行,方可保证牙齿矫正的安全性以及矫正牙齿效果。

4、The child has just learned to tie his ss, but he knows to protect the wound to avoid infection, but also a day to brush two teeth to protect the teeth. 这孩子刚学会系鞋带儿, 但他都知道要保护伤口以免感染, 同时还要一天刷两次牙来保护牙齿。

5、All patients should receive a dental examination and ropriate preventive dentistry before bone-modifying agent therapy and maintain optimal oral health. 所有的患者在接受骨保护剂治疗之前都应行牙科检查并预防性地进行牙科护理,保持良好的牙齿健康。

6、If your teeth show these signs, your dentist can give you a mouth guard. 如果你的牙齿出现这些症状,你的牙医会给你一个口腔护卫。

7、Wearing a dental guard or splint at night is usually the next step for bruxism. 佩戴护齿牙夹板是治疗夜间磨牙症的第二步。

8、Schneider now worries that without such teeth, any post-Copenhagen accord might prove too feeble to protect the planet. 施耐德如今担心没有牙齿,任何后哥本哈根协议根本无力保护地。

9、Toothpastes don't just clean teeth anymore. They have special ingredients for preventing decay, plaque control, tartar control, whitening, gum care or helping sensitive teeth. 牙膏并不清洁牙齿,他们只是含有特殊物质预防龋坏,控制菌斑,增白,保护牙龈或者保护改善牙齿过敏。

10、Un, lifestyle choices such as what we choose to eat and drink, and how we look after our teeth can, over time, create a smile we are less than hy with. 但是,平常我们生活中吃的、喝的东西慢慢地就会在牙齿上留下牙渍,常常使我们不能开怀大笑,应该怎么保护牙齿呢。

11、The jaw held teeth, and deep inside those teeth lay what was left of the dead man’s DNA, his genetic code. 颌骨托着牙齿,牙齿的深处保留着死去男人的DNA,他的基因密码。

12、The dental caries lesion forms when these acids start to dissolve a tooth's outer protective layer, the enamel. 当这些酸溶解牙齿外层的保护层-釉质层,龋坏就开始了。

13、Glister formula, promoting tooth-shaped calcification As, to help repair the early small boring spot, more effective in preventing tooth decay; 健齿配方,促进牙齿钙化形成,帮助修护早期小蛀斑,更有效防止蛀牙;

14、It had fallen out at school and was carefully placed in a plastic tooth shaped container on a string. 他在学校掉的牙,那颗牙齿被小心地保存在一个牙型小塑料盒里,盒子穿在一根绳上。

15、There is little evidence to support the effect of tea on dental plaque inhibition but evidence to support the contribution of tea to fluoride intakes and thus theoretical protection against caries. 亦有少量数据证实饮用清茶可以抑制牙斑形成,增进对氟的吸收在理论上可以保护牙齿,减少龋齿的发生。

16、Negate your risk and stay healthy with studious, daily brushing and flossing. 因此每天都要认真地刷牙和保护牙齿来消除患病的风险并且保持健康。

17、The prince's tooth is loose! 王子的牙齿松动了!

18、So we started looking into dental insurance. 所以我们开始留意牙齿保险。

19、Promote good oral health from the start with Gerber Tooth & Gum Cleanser, a safe way to keep your baby's teeth and gums cleaner and healthier. 宝宝口腔卫生从嘉宝婴儿吞咽可指套式牙刷牙膏组入手~ 呵护牙齿牙龈,保洁、健康又安全!

20、She is the patroness of dentists, and is depicted holding pincers containing her tooth or with a gold tooth on a necklace. 她是牙医的守护神。在画中她手持钳子钳着自己的牙齿,或是戴着一条有金色牙齿的项链。

21、When the ivory of teeth not much time left, to Crown, you must hit the nail in the teeth, coronary heart on doing, necessary to make teeth denture supporting parts. 当牙齿的齿质剩下不多时候,若要做牙冠,则必须在牙根内打钉子,做上冠心,以做出牙齿必要的假牙支撑部分。

22、Theobromine ears to help with repairing enamel and protecting teeth from further erosion by acids. 可可碱似乎能修复牙釉质并保护牙齿免收酸性物质的进一步腐蚀。

23、Conclusion: To reduce the microleakage, it might be recommended to restore the endodontically treated posterior tooth using a bonded amalgam coronal-radicular technique. 对后牙进行粘结银汞桩核的修复可以有效的保护经过牙髓治疗的牙齿。

24、Fluoride helps protect your teeth from the acid that is released when this hens. It does this in two ways. 氟能够通过两个途径在细菌新陈代谢是你口腔成为酸性的时候保护你的牙齿。

25、The invention provides a bit block for the electroconvulsive therapy, which is capable of protecting teeth and preventing glossoptosis. 一种保护牙齿且防止舌后坠的电痉挛治疗用牙垫。


26、Saliva helps protect teeth and gums from bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis. So a perpetually dry mouth is more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. 唾液可以保护牙齿免受引发牙齿腔洞和牙龈炎的细菌感染,所以长期干燥的口腔更易患这两种疾病。

27、Outer layer of the tooth enamel and ivory to protect the pulp quality. 牙齿的外层有珐琅质及象牙质来保护牙髓。

28、Objective:To study and evaluate the effect preventing dentine hypersensitivity by using GlumaTM or Fluor Protector on the prepared vital pulp abutment teeth of the crown. 目的本实验评估体外脱矿环境中氟保护漆对覆盖义齿基牙的防龋作用,为临床预防覆盖义齿基牙龋坏提供参考。

29、Nowadays, fluoride and dental plans have just made them a huge pain. 而现在(护齿的)氟化物和牙齿护理计划只给它们带来了巨大的痛苦。

30、Ann: Don't you think it is funny? People should be reminded to protect their teeth. 你不认为这很可笑吗?人们要别人提醒保才去保护的他们的牙齿。

31、However, they also increase mouth acidity which erodes dental enamel - the tooth's hard protective coating. 但是,这同样会由于增加了口腔酸性而腐蚀牙齿的保护膜,牙釉质。

32、Use a plastic tray in teeth whitening procedures with information from a general dentist in this free video on dental care. 利用这个免费的视频牙齿护理美白牙医与一般塑料托盘信息的程序牙齿。

33、Objective To observe the process of care with the practice of dental sealant, high retention rate of the sealant. 目的。观察护理配合进行牙齿窝沟封闭过程的实践,探讨高保留率的窝沟封闭术。

34、Conclusion Restoring posterior tooth crown longitudinal dehiscence is one of the effective methods to keep the sick tooth. 结论:用全冠修复后牙牙冠纵裂是保存纵裂牙齿的有效方法之一。

35、Brushing teeth, gargle to clean mouth, dental protection is only a complement to it. 刷牙、漱口对清洁口腔、保护牙齿仅是它的补充。

36、Objective: To investigate effect of sandwich restoration on repairing tooth deface and preserving the gingival. 观察夹心板修复体恢复牙齿形态功能与维护牙龈健康的效果。

37、Rotting teeth and gums. 腐烂的牙齿和牙龈。

38、Cleaning is the most basic step in dental care and, with its unique design and patented technology, the Glister Advanced Toothbrush is the perfect choice. 结合独特设计及专利技术的全新第三代健齿全护型牙刷绝对是您洁齿护齿的好帮手。

39、It is very fortunate that with Dental Implants, missing and loose teeth can now be substituted with man-made implants. 幸运的是,您缺失的牙齿,包括因牙松动而无法保留的患牙都可以通过牙齿修复技术来进行弥补。

40、Kept X-ray suker-tooth-film a invariable distance. 保持X线管—牙齿—胶片的距离不变。

41、Many feline dental problems develop within the tooth , where you can not see them, and usually start with the formation of the plaque and tartar. 很多猫咪的牙齿疾病产生于牙齿内部,不易被发现,牙病通常是从牙斑和牙石的形成开始的。现在每种口味的麦顿猫粮都有利于保持猫咪的牙齿健康。

42、Based upon the growth layer groups in cementum and dentine of the tooth, the age of the huge Sperm Whale was estimated at 29 years. 根据对牙齿磨片牙骨质和牙齿齿质上的生长层组判断,其年龄约为2 9龄。

43、New Perioe Children's Toothpaste contains unique and gentle Fluoride protection formula to prevent cavities effectively, designed for children with sweet teeth to promote strong and healthy teeth. 全新倍瑞傲儿童牙膏含氟化物和特别温和护齿配方,有效防止蛀牙,并精心呵护,让宝宝的牙齿健康又坚固。

44、Even their number of teeth is mixed; a bottlenose has 88 teeth, a false killer whale has 44 teeth, and a wholphin has 66. 甚至连它们牙齿的数目都是,宽吻海豚有88颗牙齿,伪虎鲸有44颗牙齿,而鲸豚的牙齿数目是66。

45、Brushing, flossing, and twice-yearly dental check-ups are standard for oral health care, but there are more health benefits to taking care of your pearly whites than most of us know. 刷牙,使用牙线,以及每年2次的牙齿检查是口腔卫生保健标准,但是保护你珍珠样洁白的牙齿的好处远比我们知道的还要多。

46、A white spot ears on the enamel where the tooth has started to weaken inside. 牙釉上有个白色斑点,对牙齿内部的保护就减弱。

47、Doctor: You will wear a temporary plastic bridge to protect your teeth during that time. If there no delays it will take three ointments to finish your case. 医生:这一个星期,我会做暂时的塑料牙来保护你的牙齿。如果没有特殊情况,你要来三次。

48、Having sealants put on teeth before they decay will also save time and money in the long run by avoiding fillings, crowns, or caps used to fix decayed teeth. 在牙齿遭受侵蚀前就涂上保护胶,从长远看,能够通过避免填充、修补牙冠等修复受损牙齿的需要来节省时间和金钱。

49、Incisor teeth into the cat and canine and the molars. 猫的牙齿分为门齿、犬齿和臼齿。

50、Visiting a dental hygienist isn't just good for your teeth – it could also protect your heart, researchers claim. 研究表明,看牙医不仅对你的牙齿健康有好处,还能帮助你保护心脏。


51、South Korea latest popular nano shields health toothbrush, subtle, brush teeth brushing clean health care deeply effect is better! 韩国最新流行纳米护齿保健牙刷,微细刷毛深入牙缝,刷牙清洁保健效果更好!

52、Living teeth not only need to be replaced periodically toothbrush, and the special consultation of meticulous care. 活生生的牙齿不仅需要定期更换牙刷,且特需精心护理的。

53、Remember: only toothbrush just have good quality brush net shields health care function! 切记:只有品质好的牙刷才具有刷净护齿保健作用!

54、A prototype noise-canceling device that silences the could make dental care more ealing. 新型牙钻降噪设备可能会使牙齿护理更具吸引力。

55、Xylitol natural ingredients, to the comprehensive protection of the teeth, moth Glister. 天然木糖醇成分,能全面保护牙齿,防蛀健齿。

56、Fluoride (said like floor-eyed ) protects teeth from tooth decay and helps heal early decay. 氟化物保护牙齿不被侵蚀,且帮助修复早期的侵蚀。

57、tooth (teeth) 牙齿 I have a loose tooth.  我的一颗牙齿松动了。

58、Objective: To study the denture retention of periodontitis patients and to preserve the remained teeth which had light periodontal lesion by using of elastic denture with periodontal splint. 目的:探讨利用弹性义齿联合牙周夹板,解决牙周病患者的义齿固位及保留轻度牙周损坏的余留牙。

59、My mom says,”You must go to keep your teeth healthy. 我的妈妈说,“你必须保持你的牙齿健康。”

60、We don't just want you to clean your teeth. We want to help you keep them. 我们不仅要您清洁牙齿,我们还要帮助您保持洁齿。(牙膏广告标题)

61、Dental care can prevent early tooth loss and bladder or kidney infections. 牙齿的护理可以防止过早掉牙和膀光或肾感染。

62、White protective layer formation, long-term protection of the teeth, reduce plaque regeneration. 形成亮白保护层,长效的保护牙齿,减缓牙石再生。

63、Sealants are protective coatings placed over the tops of chewing teeth — molars and premolars. 封闭剂在是牙齿咀嚼面上覆盖一层保护材料--在磨牙或者前磨牙。

64、Investigate and judge statistics separately in tooth lack state to oral cavity, tooth calculus deposit degree, tooth flexible degree and if or not has been cleaned and mode health care. 分别对口腔内牙齿缺失状况,牙结石沉积程度,牙齿松动度及是否曾作洁齿保健措施进行调查并进行统计学判断。

65、With a careful patient evaluation, the ridge dimension and configuration can be effectively maintained using the ridge preservation procedure. 病患于拔牙前经过仔细的评估后,采用齿槽嵴保存术可以减少拔牙后齿槽骨的吸收,并有效的维持齿槽嵴的外形。

66、As the need for dental care increases, dentists continue to rely heavily on their hygienists for cleaning, X-rays, and preventative care. 由于牙齿保护的需求增加,牙医要继续更多地依赖他们的牙齿护理人员进行牙齿清洁,X光影像和牙病预防。

67、Don't you think it is funny? People should be reminded to protect their teeth. 你不认为这很可笑吗?人们要别人提醒保才去保护的他们的牙齿。

68、Fluoride is the best defense against tooth decay! 氟化物是防止牙齿受侵蚀的最好防护物!

69、The nurse used a microscope then tweezers and pulled out the tooth. 护士用了一台显微镜,然后又用了镊子,挖出这颗牙齿。

70、it's your teeth. Did you get your teeth whitened? 是你的牙齿。你去漂白牙齿了吗?

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