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导读: 43个,关于”雪的句子“的英语句子43个,句子主体:Snow sentence。以下是关于雪的句子的三年级英语句子。


关于”雪的句子“的英语句子43个,句子主体:Snow sentence。以下是关于雪的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Snow sentence

1、They climbed the mountain which was crowned with layers of snow. 他们爬上了层层白雪覆盖子的山顶。

2、The early white snow falls softly and seems to heal the landscape. 轻盈、洁白的雪花纷纷扬扬,这场初雪似乎在抚慰大地。

3、In this white snow season. 在白雪飘飞的季节里摇曳。

4、"Little rabbit, rabbit, where are you?" Snow boy rushed into the house without any hesitation. “小白兔,小白兔,你在哪里?”雪孩子冲进屋子里去。

5、The early snows fall soft and white and seem to heal the landscape. 轻盈、洁白得雪花纷纷扬扬,这场初雪似乎在抚慰大地。

6、The ground's white with snow. 地面上白雪覆盖。

7、Argent, whellote or silver - Peace and sincerity. 银色、白色或雪白色-和平与诚笃。

8、They live hily for many years in the palace. 白雪公主随王子来室王宫,从此过得幸福快乐的生活。

9、He boarded the roof himself. 山顶上覆盖着白雪。

10、Today, Snowhite was turning 18. The 7 Dwarfs always where very educated and polite with Snowhite. 今天,白雪公主xx岁了,7个小矮人总是哪里受教育与有礼貌和白雪公主。

11、My family is very hy to watch TV 外面雪很大孩子们正在堆雪人

12、Snow is cold and white. 雪是冷的白色的。

13、Grandpa is afraid of trees catch cold snow, specially gave it a white coat. 雪爷爷害怕大树着凉,特地送给它一件雪白的大衣。

14、The prince opened the casket and lifted Snow White to his chest. 王子打开棺材,把白雪公主抱在怀里。

15、Does snow paint the cloud ? 是雪染白了云?

16、Adding to their woes, an unseasonal snowstorm sent temperatures plunging to below zero and blanketed acres of tsunami debris in white. 雪上加霜,一场与季节不符的暴风雪使温度降至零下,将海啸后的废墟压在皑皑白雪下。

17、As pure and white as snow. 冰清玉洁雪样白。

18、In Snow Country, the image of snow flashes unceasingly while the novel narrates the living and emotional changes of the main characters in this snow-swept country. 《雪国》围绕岛村和驹子、叶子在雪国这个冰雪纷飞环境里的生活和情感变化,“雪”的意象不断闪现。

19、As white as snow" is a good example of a simile. “洁白如雪”是一个明喻的好例子。

20、The tower is surmounted with snow. 塔顶上覆盖着白雪。

21、I liked walking on the fresh snow, and liked playing the soft snow with my snow ss, very interesting! 我喜欢在新雪上行走,也喜欢用雪鞋来玩这些柔软的白雪,很有意思!

22、Snow is cold and white . 雪很冷而且是白色的。

23、That afternoon, we walk the thick snow and walk to parks Taxuexinmei Linghu. 下午,我们踩着厚厚的白雪,步行到菱湖公园踏雪寻梅。

24、The mirror showed the Queen a picture of the Prince with Snow White. 镜子给皇后看和雪白色的王子的一张照片。

25、Or cloud paint the snow ? 还是云染白了雪?


26、He saw his own hands, furred again with snow, holding the rope. 他看到自己的双手,又沾满白雪,抓著绳子。

27、There is snow around. There is ice on the ground. Children can throw snowmake the snowmen. 有雪,地上有冰,孩子们可以打雪仗,堆雪人。

28、When it snows , all the ground is covered with snow. kids running away from home and make a snowman , play snowball . 一到下雪天,地面银装素裹,孩子们从家里跑出来,在雪地里堆雪人、打雪仗。

29、New snow lies deep and white. 新雪深和白色的谎言。

30、Racers get airborne during the men's ski freestyle semi-final cross race at the ski cross World Cup in Grindelwald, Switzerland March 12. 车手在获得男子自由式滑雪半决赛交叉比赛的滑雪空中交叉世界杯Grindelwald,瑞士xx月xx日。

31、Its fleece is white as snowy. 它的羊毛白如雪。

32、We had to pack ski jacket, pants, boots, gloves, hat and goggles. 我们要带雪衣、雪裤、靴子、手套、帽子和护目镜。

33、The bride was attired in white. 新娘穿着雪白的礼服。

34、Bai Cong snow with a part of the guerrillas came to the camp of the Japanese, said sun returns sichuan wild child, with a band of people went to the Ye Guzhuang Bai Cong snow decided to army assault. 白丛雪带着一部分游击队来到日军的营地,孙磊回报说川野希子带着一队人马去了叶家庄,白丛雪决定全军突击。

35、Their white, bushy bodies are cute, look like a tiny snowball. 雪白的身体毛茸茸的,缩起来像是一个小雪。

36、Snow reached to the tops of her boots and covered the shed at the bottom of the garden so that it looked like a snow house. 花园最深处的那间小屋上覆满了白雪,看起来就像一间雪做的房子。

37、Apple blossoms look like snow. 苹果花开白如雪。

38、Go outside to make a snowman, use carrots, sticks, snow, hat, ons and a scarf to make a snowman. 出去堆雪人,用胡萝卜、棍子、雪、帽子、纽扣和一条围巾来做一个雪人。

39、Fascinated by snow's white, fragile, pure and shinning like a crystal, but I really don't like the cold after the snow. 喜欢雪的纯洁晶莹,喜欢雪的洁白轻盈,但是我却很讨厌雪后的寒冷。

40、There are snowy peaks above. 是白雪皑皑的群峰。

41、He let Snow go. 他放走了白雪。

42、The colour of snow is white. 雪的颜色是白色的。

43、Snow assimilates all objects. 雪使万物均呈一片白色。

44、In the story of Snow White, princess snow white and prince can go all well that ends wellcomedy. The dwarfs, the hunter, and dryad cheer about their love. 白雪公主的故事中,白雪公主与王子终成眷属、小矮人、猎人、还有树精都在齐欢呼。

45、I decided to write about crosscountry skiing. 我决定写越野滑雪。

46、My parents' yard. The snow sprinkles on the green leaves. 爸爸妈妈家的小院子也是绿枝缠绕,白雪点缀。

47、Jenny: How beautiful snow white is ! 白雪公主真美!

48、White three, Miaoxiang son to escape by Yukiko tracking. 白三、苗香儿继续逃跑,被雪子跟踪。

49、Its fleece was white as snow. 它的毛白的像雪一样。

50、She doesn't like Snow White, because Snow White is the most beautiful girl in the world. 她不喜欢白雪公主,因为白雪公主是世 界上最美丽的女孩。


51、Blue sky and white snow bright sunshine upon the green pine make the mountain lonely and cool. 蓝天白雪,艳阳苍松,更显大雪山的孤寂冷峻!

52、S.w: I am tried and hungry, oh, there is a little house 白雪:我又累又饿,哦,这里有个小房子。

53、Characters: Storyteller, Snow White, Queen, Mirror, Hunter, seven dwarfs , Prince. 剧中人:讲述人,白雪公主,女王,镜子,猎人,七个小矮人,王子。

54、She dressed up as a clown with a white face and red nose. 她打扮成小丑,雪白的脸,红红的鼻子。

55、Snow White is born on a cold winter day. She is as white as snow. 白雪公主出生在一个寒冷的冬天,因此她像雪一样洁白无瑕。

56、The Prince: Who are you?Tell me, please. (Snow White turns and runs away. ) 王子:告诉我,你是谁(白雪转身跑了。)

57、The trees, the house, on the ground, snow-white. 山上的树木,房子,地面,到处一片雪白。

58、I do not know why the snow is white, but I think the white snow is beautiful, I do not hate. 我不知道雪为什么是白色的,但是我认为白色的雪很美,我并不讨厌。

59、My father was breaking virgin snow between a line of tall trees. 父亲在一长排高大的树之间洁白的雪地上开了一条雪路。

60、Our snow were the seeds for the magic snowbank . 我们的雪是魔法雪堆的。

61、She passed the Salley Gardens with little snow-white feet. 她穿越莎莉花园,踏着雪白的纤足。(玉人雪趾,往渡穿林)

62、Where the treetop's glisten. 树梢白雪闪光。

63、The water of White Water River is from the melted snow water of Yulong snow ced mountain. 白水河的水是来源于玉龙雪山融化的雪水。

64、Snow White Teaches Us How to Sleep Around And Still Get Prince Charming 白雪公主教会我们:到处乱睡也能得到白马王子

65、Look, , the earth a silvery white, like a covered a layer of the quilt, even the roof also become snow-white snow-white. 放眼望去,大地一片银白,像是盖上了一层%“棉被”,就连屋顶也变得雪白雪白的。

66、Some in a snowman, they first good two big snowball snowman's body, and give the snowman on the eyes, mouth… The snowman is ready! 有的在堆雪人,他们先堆好两个大大的雪做雪人的身子,再给雪人装上眼睛、嘴巴巴……雪人就做好了!

67、there was indeed a thing of gold lying on the white snow. 躺在白雪上的东西真的是金子啊!

68、Snowflakes, as light as smoke, as white as silver, kissed the land tenderly. 雪像闪亮的烟火,雪白如银,温和的亲吻着大地!

69、Ali, most knowledge about Snow White, she saw all hesitation, said the snow does have a loved one, is that Mr Black woman, the son of a white horse. 艾丽对白雪的事知情最多,她见众人都彷徨无措,便说白雪的确有一个心爱之人,就是黑婆的儿子白马先生。

70、Lily-like, white as snow. 宛如百合,皓似白雪。

71、The snow white flowers dance with. 给白雪花伴舞。

72、Georgina: How is snow white? 白雪公主怎么样了。

73、And the white snow covered this valley of red huts. 而且白雪覆盖了整个红房子的山沟时。

74、See Ye Lingqing Bai Cong snow is very excited, Ye Lingqing asked why Bai Cong snow will come. 白丛雪看见叶凌青很是兴奋,叶凌青询问白丛雪为什么会来。

75、Snow White And The Seven … 《说说唱唱》白雪公主…

英文句子模板76:Snow sentence

76、Snow White ate the bad le. 白雪公主吃了毒苹果。

77、Is love's bed always snow? 难道爱的冰床只是白雪。

78、At this time, no longer float down yukiko, but snow. 这时,飘下来的不再是雪子,而是雪花了。

79、Snow White is beautiful. 白雪公主长得美丽。

80、Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow. 残破地躺在洁白无瑕的白雪上。

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