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关于”下雪的句子“的英语句子36个,句子主体:Snow sentence。以下是关于下雪的句子的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Snow sentence

1、When it snowing, we will rush out of the warm and comfortable houses, run and play on the ground in snow, enjoying the happiness that belongs to us children. 当它下雪,我们将奔出温暖舒适的房子,跑去玩雪在地上,享受着幸福,属于我们的孩子。

2、Fixed: Footstep sounds now play snow stepping sound in snow when it has snowed. 固定:脚步的声音在雪地里玩雪步声现在当它下雪了。

3、Just because you can drive on snow and ice does not mean we can. Stay home the two days of the year it snows. 你能在雪地中不代表我们就能。一年中唯一下雪的二天你就待在家里休息吧。(南方很少下雪, 一年最多下个二三次, 但几乎每次一下雪就放假一天。)

4、I screamed and ran toward him, falling through the snow. 我喊着朝他跑过去,一下子跌倒在雪里。

5、In Snow Country, the image of snow flashes unceasingly while the novel narrates the living and emotional changes of the main characters in this snow-swept country. 《雪国》围绕岛村和驹子、叶子在雪国这个冰雪纷飞环境里的生活和情感变化,“雪”的意象不断闪现。

6、I have a big one (snow globe) with bears in it. 这句话的意思是:“我有一个里面有熊的大雪球。”

7、Well , a sledge sliding on flat ice. 我们再来看下雪橇在光滑冰面上滑行的例子。

8、I couldn't think of anything but the snow. 除了雪,我脑子里放不下别的东西了。

9、So if it snows the mail will be late therefore it is snowing. 如果下雪,信就会晚,所以现在下雪了。

10、If it snows tomorrow, we will build a snowman. 明天如果下雪,我们就堆雪人。

11、I've taken my niece and nephew there in the snow, 我曾经在下雪的时侯,带着侄子和侄女到那里玩儿。

12、Holly kicked snow from her boots and lowered the hood of her cloak. 霍丽把她靴子上的雪甩掉,放下了她的兜帽。

13、It's snowing. Six kids are singing … 雪在下。六个孩子在唱《平安夜》。

14、You said snowflakes dancing is very beautiful, but you do not have found under the fluttering snowflakes, my tears flashing. 你说雪花飘舞的样子很美,可你却没发现飘舞的雪花之下,我的泪花闪烁。

15、In these conditions, it may be safer to remove crampons and kick steps down. 在这种雪况下,取下冰爪,用靴子踢雪下降可能会更安全些。

16、Several villages have been iso lated by heavy snow falls. 下过大雪后有几个村子与外界隔绝了。

17、Shirley: Next month. 雪莉: 下个月。

18、Our snow were the seeds for the magic snowbank . 我们的雪球是魔法雪堆的。

19、what's the weather like in shanghai tomorrow i don't like the weather in guangdong. 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步!

20、It is cold in winter. It sometimes snows heavily. The children can make snowmen. 冬天天气冷,经常下大雪,孩子们可以堆雪人英文-招财猫问答。

21、Who ters snowflakes? Who melts the ice? 是谁洒下雪花,是谁让冰雪融化?

22、A man walks through blowing snow with his dogs along a beach following a snow storm on December 27, 2010 in Westport, Connecticut. 一名男子牵着他的狗在下雪的海滩上行走,接下来2010年12月27号在康涅狄格州的西港市遭遇了雪灾。

23、It 's snowing, stranger snow or spread to fall down. 下雪了,久违的雪花飘飘洒洒地落了下来。

24、i don't like the weather in guangdong. 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步!

25、At this time, no longer float down yukiko, but snow. 这时,飘下来的不再是雪子,而是雪花了。


26、Keep in mind that your lower body is flexing down toward the skis, weighting your skis down into the snow through the turn. 下身弯曲收缩,在转弯的过程中将板子向下压进雪里。

27、It often snows. 经常下雪。

28、Is there any prince kin's treasure buried under the heavy snow? 它是否曾是王国的守护者,漫天大雪下埋藏着王子的宝藏?

29、After all, I hadn't skied for two years. 如果下雪的话,我就可在公园里滑雪了。

30、"Snow, Snow, Snow, " the ravens called down from above. “雪诺,雪诺,雪诺,” 渡鸦从上面朝下尖叫着。

31、There was no snow; there is very little snowfall during Beijing winters. 没下雪,北京的冬天雪本就下的少。

32、The small fox and Long Xue listens to the down stairs a per, that savor in heart be really ……can not remember clearly a direction not clear, ambiguously take an silk fidgety. 小狐和龙雪听着楼下一句一句,心中那滋味真是……说不清道不明,隐约的带着一丝烦躁。

33、Liz: So I can dig us out when it starts snowing in here. 莉斯:这屋子里下雪的时候把我们俩挖出来呀。

34、Dad brings me to a bamboo below, and then he went to the steps, forced shaking bamboo tree, snowflakes were falling, I have almost become a snowman, but gave me the feeling of snow. 爸爸把我领到一棵竹子,然后他走到台阶上,用力摇那棵竹子,雪花都落下来,我都快变成雪人了,但给了我下雪的感觉。

35、She rushed out of the room with her pajamas, when snow was spitting. 她穿着睡衣冲出了房子,那时正下着小雪。

36、I also made a snowball snow when the shuttle kicking, but play a snowball ter, happy laughter ecd in the campus. 我还用雪做了一个雪球当毽子踢,可是踢一下雪球就散开了,欢乐的笑声在校园里回荡着。

37、It snowed and snowed until the snow seemed permanent. 雪下呀下地,雪好像成了永恒不变的了。

38、When it snows , all the ground is covered with snow. kids running away from home and make a snowman , play snowball . 一到下雪天,地面银装素裹,孩子们从家里跑出来,在雪地里堆雪人、打雪仗。

39、Thee children all came to the downstairs snowball fights, make a snowman. 孩子们都来到了楼下打雪仗、堆雪人。

40、It also experiences snow and Delhi never does . 伦敦还会下雪,而德里从来不下雪。

41、Her father instructed his five children to fetch groceries for elderly neighbors and shovel6) walkways when it snowed. 她的父亲经常教育五个子女帮助邻近的老年人拿生活用品,下雪时铲除道路积雪。

42、We had to pack ski jacket, pants, boots, gloves, hat and goggles. 我们要带雪衣、雪裤、靴子、手套、帽子和护目镜。

43、School lin the afternoon, the snow is next, and turned to snow. 下午放学了,雪还在下,而且变成了鹅毛大雪。

44、And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow, your heart dreams of spring. 好像在雪地下作梦,你的心也梦著春天。

45、Every winter, this giant snowdrift grows right under my windows. 每年冬天啊,我这窗子底下都会堆这么一大堆的雪。

46、Children press white snow hard to make snow. 孩子们将雪捏成雪球。

47、Lies the seed that with the sun's love, in the spring becomes The Rose. 深埋于寒雪下的将在阳光的关爱下,于春天绽放出玫瑰。

48、Kids get sick, snow falls overnight, kids don’t wake up “on time” et cetera. 孩子可能生病,下一个晚上的雪,孩子不按时醒来等。

49、The snow kids again into the fire, and fire fighting, because the snowman is heat, snow water to flow over the entire body. 雪孩子再次冲入大火,与大火搏斗,因为雪人是怕热的,雪水一下流满全身。

50、Snow White looked at, is nian saw immediately loudly exclaimed the child. 白雪见状,立即大声惊呼这孩子是神仙下凡。


51、Go skiing on a snowy day. 在下雪天滑雪。

52、A man in northern Mongolia collects water in the falling snow. 在蒙古北部的一位男子在下雪天收集水源。

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