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导读: 38个,关于”超甜句子“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Super sweet sentence。以下是关于超甜句子的八年级英语句子。


关于”超甜句子“的英语句子38个,句子主体:Super sweet sentence。以下是关于超甜句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Super sweet sentence

1、10They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb. 都比金子可羡慕,且比极多的精金可羡慕。比蜜甘甜,且比蜂房下滴的蜜甘甜。

2、Not only for honeyed words. 不只是甜言蜜语。

3、Parting is such sweet sorrow. 离别是甜蜜的凄楚。

4、Love is a sweet cup. 爱情是甜蜜的苦酒。

5、21)he is very hy and sweet. 他又高兴又甜蜜。

6、A flattering speech is honeyed poison. 讨好的话是甜蜜的毒药。

7、Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. www. 68mn. net 蜜糖是甜的,但蜜蜂会螫人。

8、I'm often asked about the "new" sweetener showing up on supermarket shelves called Stevia. 我经常被问及超市货柜上的一种新的甜味剂,它叫做甜菊。

9、It has a mild peppermint taste with a sweet honey after taste! 有点轻微的薄荷味,带有甜甜的蜂蜜味。

10、Hyeong-min % wants sweet love. 亨珉希望甜蜜的爱情。

11、Illumina Unwooded Chardonnay has green le aromas, with melon and peach on the palate. 青苹果香气的霞多丽,带桃子与蜜瓜的青甜。

12、other one is kind of a sweet, cute, hy time, and that wasmore of a shock value, " says Greenawalt. 每一个都是甜美、可爱、快乐的时光,更是超级惊选。

13、And i hope could spend commonness and treacly life with you . 并与你一起度过平凡又甜蜜的日子。

14、Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. 68mn. com蜜糖是甜的,但蜜蜂会螫人。

15、She instantly added, changing her sweet and ambiguous tone into a categorical and clear one, completely destroying my wishful thinking. 她随即补充一句,语调由甜蜜暧昧变得斩钉截铁明白无误,并彻底摧毁我的一厢情愿。

16、The mother's breath is aye sweet. 母亲的气息,永远甜蜜。

17、Fine words er no parsnips. 甜言蜜语没有用。

18、Our life is sweeter than honey. 我们的生活比蜜甜。

19、Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. 18fu. net蜜糖是甜的,但蜜蜂会螫人。

20、Mitcham, Judson. The Sweet Everlasting. 《永恒的甜蜜》。

21、Sweet blue hyacinth twisted over my soul. 甜蜜的蓝风信子在我心灵盘绕。

22、The relationship between petty people is as sweet as honey. 所谓“君子之交淡如水,小人之交甜如蜜”;

23、I bite away at this zongzi until I reach the middle and am met with an entirely new palate of flavors, this time sweet and savory. 我享受着粽子的美味,突然发现了中间和刚才完全不同的味道,蜜枣粽甜甜的很可口。

24、Everything about her was sweet, pale, like honey . 她浑身上下都是甜蜜蜜,软绵绵的,象蜂蜜那样。

25、Ying Zi: "Honey Life in the Alleyway of Beijing", Youth Information, 2009,11,6. 颖子:《私藏北京小街巷里的甜蜜小日子》,《青年时讯•双城》xx年xx月xx日。


26、We all live in honey. 我们的生活比蜜甜。

27、Mandy rolled her shoulders, sank into that honeyed post-class ache. 曼迪蜷着肩膀曼迪蜷着身子,陷入甜蜜的课后疼痛。

28、I wish you a hy hy wedding, sweet, a harmonious union lasting a hundred years! 祝你们永结同心,百年好合!新婚愉快,甜甜蜜蜜!

29、Cheng Xi and Tang Zheng sweet took pictures, and to the two original rented house. 程曦和唐正甜蜜的照了相,又到两个原来租住的房子。

30、We are the sweet, cold water and the jar that pours. 我们是甜蜜,清凉的水,也是泼水的罐子。

31、Two people hy life together, a carefree life leisurely envy others. 两人幸福甜蜜生活在一起,日子过得悠然自得羡煞旁人。

32、Honey is sweet, but the bee stings. www. 18fu. net 蜜糖是甜的,但蜜蜂会螫人。

33、Examples include cantaloupe, honeydew, and casaba. 种类如哈蜜瓜、蜜瓜和冬甜瓜。

34、If it is the spacial distance , missing is treacly , entering into dreams with smile in your face. 如果是空间的距离,思念便是甜蜜的,甜蜜的带着微笑入梦。

35、I go over endlessly in my thought our kisses, your tears, your delicious jealousy. 我脑子里不停地回想着咱们的吻、你的泪、以及那甜蜜的醋意。

36、Leon sweet coax her. 李昂甜蜜哄她。

37、You are all the brave heroes after going through hunted house, trick or treat? Take some candies, comfort your little scary hearts! 勇敢闯过去“鬼屋”的孩子都是勇士,恶作剧还是招待呢?吃点糖果甜甜蜜蜜,安慰一下恐惧的小心灵吧!

38、Sweet joy befall thee! 愿甜蜜的快乐降临你身上!

39、To see my sugar-sweet. 去看我的小甜蜜。

40、Love is a sweet torment… 爱綪諟一种甜蜜的痛苦…

41、Also have honeysweet love. 也有爱情甜如蜜。

42、My one-sentence take on the campaign was a line from a gospel song I’d heard in Anthony Mangun’s church: The darker the night, the sweeter the victory. 我对这次竞选的感受只有一句话,那是我在安东尼.曼根教堂听到的福音歌曲中的一句歌词:“夜晚越黑暗,胜利就越甜蜜。”

43、Sweet summer sweat. 甜蜜夏日,香汗伶俐。

44、An unmarred, sweet moment shared. 分享珍贵甜蜜的瞬间。

45、Nothing but money, is sweeter than honey. 只有钱, 比蜜甜。

46、But what cared I for delays or difficulties, Valentine, as long as you confessed that you loved me, and took pity on me?If you will only repeat that avowal now and then, I can endure anything . 我感谢你那句甜蜜的话,我只要求你能时时重复一下那句话,因为它可以使我忘掉其他的一切。

47、And sweet to remember. 回想起甜蜜无比。

48、Honey - nature a super - nutrition a treatment, sweetener and aphrodisiac, has a long history. 蜜- 这种自然界拥有的超级营养作为治疗物、 甜料和壮阳剂, 已经有很长的历史。

49、Stevia (Steviarebaudiana, honey herb) is a source of stevioside that is a natural sweetener. 甜叶菊(Steviarebaudiana,蜂蜜药草)是甜菊糖甙的一种天然甜味剂。

50、Finally authors used it as a material to synthesize the superior sweetness perillartine by the oximation reaction. 以此紫苏醛为原料,通过肟化反应合成了超级甜味剂紫苏葶。


51、Effect of seed priming combined with chemical treatment on improving seed vigor of super sweet corn (Zea mays L. saccharata Sturt) was investigated. 本文对改善超甜玉米活力的方法进行了探索。

52、Rice dumplings in black bean paste - refreshing, sweet and utterly delicious. 汤团在黑豆糊中--很清新,甜甜的,超级好吃。

53、There are 15 kinds of sweet agents in food processing authorized in National Standard GB2760-96 Sanitary Standards of Using Food Additives. 国标GB2760-96《 食品添加剂使用卫生标准》规定可用于食品加工的甜味剂包括甜蜜素、 安赛蜜、 甜味素、 异麦芽酮糖醇、 木糖醇、阿力甜等15种。

54、sweet sweet sweetie 甜蜜的甜心 she is the angel in my life. 她是我生命里的天使

55、Sweetie, Sweetie, your smile is as sweet as honey Like the flower blooming in the spring breeze Bloo… 甜蜜蜜你笑得甜蜜蜜好像花儿开在春风里开在春风里在哪里在哪里见过你你的笑容这样熟悉我一时想不…

56、Dream the sweetness coming on. 梦见那些甜蜜来到。

57、Before you ask us to bend over and grab our ankles, could you at least kiss our necks or whisper sweet nothings into our ears? 在你要求我们弯下身抓住脚踝时,能不能至少亲吻一下我们的脖子或者轻声说两句甜言蜜语呢?

58、The single cross hybrid super-sweet corn Etianyu No. 4 was bred by Wuhan Trade-wind Crop Sciences Co. , Ltd. in 2003. 鄂甜玉4号(商品名“信甜501”)是武汉信风作物科学有限公司于xx年组配而成的超甜玉米单交种。

59、They could taste the sweetness of life with relish, and they could put the sweetness aside and command life. 它可以欢畅地品味入生的甜蜜,也可以抛开甜蜜去指挥生活。

60、You weave the cloth, I plant the land, the future is sweet as honey! 你织布,我耕地,今后的日子甜如蜜!

61、My friend's handpicked longans from a farm. Super sweet! 朋友到农场摘的龙眼,树上熟,超甜!

62、"Sweet Marguerite Daisy, " said he, "you are the wisest wife among all the flowers; “甜蜜的玛格丽特雏菊,”他说,“你是在所有的花最明智的妻子。

63、Flowing with sweetness or honey. 蜜甜蜂有剌。

64、From the pitcher-like flower she sips the nectar, which is sweet and thick as honey. 花蜜从壶嘴般的花瓣上溢出,她轻轻地饮了一小口这种 甜甜的如同粘稠的蜂蜜般的 花蜜。

65、Honey is sweet, but the bee stings . 蜜是甜的,但蜜峰却会蜇人。

66、Honey is not too sweet, a touch of sweet most ropriate. 蜜水不能太甜,淡淡的甜最妥当。

67、So sweet and tender, as is any Southern Song. 甜蜜而又温婉,正是南歌子的特点。

68、BC:Nice try, sugar, but I already saw you sweet-talk the new kids. Your trickery won't work twice. 干得好,甜心,可我早见过你是怎么对新来那小子甜言蜜语的了。你的诡计不会再起作用了。

69、Take some into mouth, you'll feel sweet full of your mouth and you'll feel very hy, ha-ha. 轻轻地舀一口,送入口中,哇,顿时感觉满口都是甜甜蜜蜜的,呵呵。

70、I would miss their smell, and their fragile sweetness, and the way they look at Match of the Day 2 in that lopsided manner, like a lion ogling a chicken. 我会想念男人的气味,男人脆弱的甜蜜,男人倾着身子看《周日英超赛事》的样子——就像一头狮子在向一只小鸡眉目传情。

71、You can't expect that every day in a relationship is going to be sunshine and lollipops . 不可能指望你们在一起的每一天都阳光明媚,甜甜蜜蜜。

72、All this means that there will be no shortage of banks competing to manage the money of Belgium's millionaires. Life is sweet for the super-rich. 所有这些意味着争着替比利时富翁们管理资金的银行不在少数。对这些超级富豪而言,这再甜蜜不过了。

73、Tarzan and Jane were swinging on a vine. (Candyman, candyman) Sipping from a bottle of vodka double wine. (Sweet, sugar, candyman. 泰山和简在藤蔓上悠荡。(甜心宝贝,甜心宝贝)嘴里喝著一瓶双份伏特加。(甜甜蜜糖甜心宝贝)

74、The sweet corn is growing very fast. 超甜粟米生长十分快。

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