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关于”比较地道的句子“的英语句子57个,句子主体:More authentic sentences。以下是关于比较地道的句子的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:More authentic sentences

1、Finally, one example has been given whose results fit well with the fact. The program is stable and can obtain the blank shape with good precision rapidly. 通过例子证明,该算法计算的结果与实际情况比较吻合,而且程序比较稳定,能较准确较快地求得冲压件的毛料外形。

2、I want to first see you when i open my eyes every morning 意思是,呵呵!

3、be conventionally/formally/ceremonially dressed 或者直接 be fulldress 这个是比较简单地道的表达。

4、The geologic structures in the Capital area and the Fujian area are complicated, which are always the interested research areas in China. 首都圈地区与福建地区应力环境均比较复杂,是学者们比较关注的热点地区。

5、This was a true Aulacese story. Maybe Aulacese officials were a little smarter. They knew better how to protect themselves and how to counsel their King. 这是悠乐真实的故事,好像悠乐的官比较聪明一点,比较会保护自己,而且比较知道怎么劝国王。

6、•Express happiness to meet the other person。表现出你见到他人很高兴。

7、A hat with less pizazz. 和比较少的精力一顶帽子。

8、The second-throat area ratio limit, the minimal starting pressure ratio and the corresponding cell pressure were obt. 采用该方法可以较好地估计第二喉道极限面积比、最小启动压比以及对应的盲腔压力。

9、That in a nutshell is the comparative advantage that OpenStreetMap claims over other online maps. 概括地说,这就是“开放式街道地图”声称的与其他在线地图的比较优势。

10、And so I repeat, and so I repeat and one of the visuals meant to be conveyed by this-- this scale here is now I know that this guy is the smallest. 一次又一次地重复这样的比较,这个天平在此传达的信息是,我知道了这个杯子是最轻的。

11、如果一定要直译,就说Respected leaders 如果比较地道的话,是Ladies and Gentlemen 放心,各位领导听不懂英文的

12、The author compared the different local teams of women judo in Xinjiang. 调研结果显示:新疆各地区女子柔道队比较。

13、Comparison of teleseismic body waves. 远程地震体波的比较。

14、Waiting for the cherry blossom to bloom along with the arrival of spring. 我觉得这样翻译比较有诗意 ~ ♥ 自己认真翻译的,应该比较地道,敬请采纳、

15、So, in general what we see, and this is always true if we're comparing the same atom, and in general, if we're comparing different types of molecules, but we know that a single bond is always weaker than a double bond, which is weaker than a triple bond. 通常我们会看到,这对比较相同原子来说总是正确的,通常,如果我们要比较不同种类的分子,但我们知道单键,总是要比双键弱,双键总是要比三键弱。

16、Compared with big ellipse and quasi-round track scheme, this navigation constellation scheme with eight IGSO satellites is more advantaged. 对比大椭圆轨道方案、近圆地迹轨道方案,认为IGSO方案是我国区域导航比较有利的方案。

17、Do I know my pettiness without comparison? 没有比较我会知道自己的琐碎吗?

18、A thorough comparison between the two articles will reveal that Chen's article is a plagiarized work from top to toe. 经过详细比较证明,陈立旭的《探讨》是一篇道地的抄袭之作。

19、One of the children answers: "I think the sun is nearer to us at the dawn and it is her from us at noon." 一个孩子回答道:“我认为在黎明时太阳离我们比较近,而在中午时太阳离我们比较远。

20、Boshan, which is near by the Bohai Bay Basin, is the area with good preserved upper Shihezi Formation sandstones outcrops . 博山地区是渤海湾盆地邻区上石盒子组露头保存比较完整的地区。

21、I used the story of Arthur Conan Doyle, and his unshakable belief in the existence of fairies, as a comparison. 这一章中举了亚瑟 柯南道尔,那个固执的有神者的例子作比较。

22、Confucius "moral education" thinking of the contemporary value is in doubt. 其次就孔子与苏格拉底的道德教育思想进行比较;

23、•It's nice to put a face to a name。把面孔和名字对应起来真是太好了。

24、The oil underground pipelines or flue underground pipelines are difficult to be examined and sited. 输油管道或暖气管道埋在地下,其巡线和定位检测是比较困难的。

25、The colliers are required to work in tunnels underground where are the bad conditions . 煤矿作业要求工人在地下坑道内进行施工,其工作环境比较恶劣。


26、The Planet whose Zodiacal state is better, or whose state is more powerful, prevails over another. 黄道位置比较好,或者宫位比较有力,则这颗行星优于另一颗。

27、Because we are brother.. so we are live through a lifetime together, performing! 这比较地道,外国人常用。

28、Late oesophageal strictures are usually severe. 最近出现的食道狭窄通常都比较严重。

29、Objective To compare the quality of Radix Pseudostellariae from different growing area. 目的分析比较不同产地太子参的质量。

30、take a rain check 换个时间再约 keep your hairs on hold your horse tier 冷静

31、But epidemiological studies have found no higher prevalence of GI problems among children with PDD compared to normally developing children. 但是,流行病学研究发现,pdd孩子和正常孩子相比较并没有更高的胃肠道患病率。

32、If you're traveling on concrete streets or sidewalks, make sure your ss have plenty of padding or gel support to make up for the lack of "give" underneath. 如果你是在混凝土街道或人行道上跑步,那你的鞋子就该有衬垫或者是软垫来填充鞋子那些比较空的地方。

33、The influence of gender in the parent-adolescent power relationship was approved. 的,但女生比男生却在母亲亲子权力关系处于较被动的地位。

34、Electrons are held in their orbitals around atoms by the electromagnetic force, which is relatively weak. 电把电子束缚在绕著原子核的轨道上,这种力比较微弱。

35、The sun was sloping and the streets were cool. 太阳西斜,街道上比较凉爽。

36、It turns out that the antibonding orbital is a little bit higher from the atomic orbital level than the bonding orbital is lower. 这证明了,反键轨道,比原子轨道高,成键轨道比原子轨道第。

37、Can I take care of you in the future? 以后让我来照顾你,好吗?

38、And as expected these women produced more daughters than higher-ranking and monogamous wives, according to the findings published in Biology Letters. 发表在《生物书简》的研究结果显示:正如预料的那样,与地位更高的妻子和一夫一妻制家庭的妻子相比较,地位较低的妻子生的女孩更多。

39、Please report immediately if you find any illegal acts. 贵重物品请勿放在车内,并锁好车门

40、There’s no other way of saying it.没有别种说法。

41、You know, my mother carried vegetables on a shoulder pole all her life, but guess which shoulder she carries higher today? 你知道我妈妈挑了一辈子的菜,她的肩膀哪一边比较高?

42、Results indicated that the HLA phenotyping is a more efficient method for paternity test. 结果提示HLA 分型是一种比较准确地解决亲子纠纷的方法。

43、"Poor little beast, " said the Horse in a gentler tone. "I forget you're only a foal. “可怜的小牲口,”马儿用比较温和的语调说道,“我忘了你不过是头小驹子。

44、Relatively good talent, Relatively able in work, Relatively considerate and fair, ----------. 比较有才干,比较能办事,比较周到、公道,是个厚道人。

45、She is coming on to you.她对你有意思。

46、“Gandhi’s teachings cannot be squared with the belief that Man is the measure of all things, ” Orwell warned, correctly. “甘地的教诲不能简简单单地用人类是万物之尺度的信条来比较,”奥威尔得体地警告道。

47、The work's chant maybe a rapid one. 这也许是比较急促的号子。

48、Snow monkeys live her north than any other monkey. Their long coats keep them warm. 雪猴通常比其它猴子生活的更往北一些的寒冷地区,为了保暖,他们的毛都比较长。

49、But the targets here were bigger. 但是这儿的靶子比较大。

50、Comparative economic geography is a branch of economic geography and its study object is the comparison between different economic geography units. 比较经济地理学的研究对象是不同经济地理单元的比较,属于经济地理学的分支学科;比较研究应遵循可比、应用、动态、客观、系统等原则;


51、She is from Guangdong Province, a rather developed coastal region. 陈灵芝是一个广东女孩,大家都知道,广东地处中国经济比较发达的沿海地区。

52、There is nothing good playing. 没好电影可看。

53、Damned the devils and zombies in the tunnels at Naypyidaw is all I have to say! 我想说的只有一句话:让内比都地道里的恶魔和僵尸去死!

54、A design example is carried out, through comparison, the result shows that no-sealing rotor pump is more compact than the traditional. 通过比较,无密封转子泵相比传统的转子泵结构较为紧凑。

55、So, let's think of the energy of interaction when we're comparing atomic orbitals to molecular bonding orbitals. 当我们比较原子轨道和分子轨道的时候,我们来考虑一下相互作用能。

56、The specific means of the design framing, the structure of dictionary, automatic choice of index terms and the separation of sentences are discussed in detail. 比较详细地介绍了该方法的设计思想,字典构造,自动抽词和文句切分的具体做法。

57、Objective To compare quality of different seeds of Polygala tenuifolia. 目的比较不同产地远志的质量。

58、The Sijiaotian Tunnel in Yunnan Dabao Highway lies in the narrow defile landscape, and the engineering geology condition is complex, with plenty of cienega. 云南大保高速公路四角田隧道地处峡谷地带,工程地质条件比较复杂,且地表水丰富。

59、Most princelings grew up in the richer coastal regions and pursued careers in finance, trade, foreign affairs, and technology. 大多太子派成员都生长于比较富裕的沿海地区,他们的上升渠道多通过金融、贸易、外事和科技等领域。

60、by dictionary 这种表达不太好,我们可以换成with the help of a dictionary 这种表述就比较地道一点;

61、Comparing the research target that economic geography learns is unit of different economic geography quite, the branch course; 比较经济地理学的研究对象是不同经济地理单元的比较,属于经济地理学的分支学科;

62、但是你若觉得现在的情况只会是暂时,不会长久,你就可以反过来说That will not always be the case.“情况不会永远是这样。

63、Compared to other regions of China, the intensity of highway land was relative high in Zhengzhou area. 从横向比较来看,与中国其他地区相比,郑州地区公路用地集约度处于较高水平。

64、This is an extreme case comparatively. We also needn’t to trace the source of the gossips. 这个例子是比较极端,小道消息的来源,我们也不要追究。

65、Or are Floridians simply reporting more cases like Hernandez's? 还是佛罗里达人报道像Hernandez这样的案子比较多?

66、So, the ancient ways of Yulin was rather advanced in Guangxi. 因此,玉林古代道路建设在广西百越之地,是比较先进的。

67、Don't walk across the street, it's safer to take the underpass. 不要穿越马路,从地下道走比较安全。

68、Laozi Zhigui , a taoist philosophical classic written by Yan Jun ping in the Western Han Dynasty, gives a detailed account of the author's philosophy of life. 西汉严君平的《老子指归》是道家哲学名著,比较全面地表述了作者的生命观。

69、A bush is smaller, lower, and has branches closer to the ground. 灌木较小,较矮,而且枝条比较贴近地面。

70、of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world,she walks into mine.  《卡萨布兰卡》

71、In this article, we firstly propose a dense coding scheme by using maximally non-symmetric multipartite quantum channel, and compare the information of non-symmetric channel to the symmetric one"s;" 首先提出了非对称多体量子通道为最大纠缠态时的密集编码方案,并且比较了非对称量子通道与对称量子通道所传的信息量;

72、It turns out that the antibonding orbital is a little bit higher from the atomic orbital level than the bonding orbital is lower. 这证明了,反键轨道, 比原子轨道高,成键轨道比原子轨道第。

73、Holly leaves on lower branches have more spines than leaves on upper branches. This is because the lower branches are easier for most animals to reach. 冬青属类植物离地面较低的的叶子的刺比例地面较高的叶子的刺多的原因是为了抵御较低的叶子更易受大多数动物的袭击。

74、life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get。生活就像一盒巧克力。

75、That will not always be the case. 情况不会永远是这样。

英文句子模板76:More authentic sentences

76、The house is in a central location with good access to the shops. 这幢房子位于中心地段,离商店比较近。

77、The number of bits on each subchannel depends on the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of the subchannel . 每个子信道上的比特取决于该子信道的信噪比。

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