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导读: 36个,关于”读句子“的英语句子36个,句子主体:Read sentences。以下是关于读句子的小升初英语句子。


关于”读句子“的英语句子36个,句子主体:Read sentences。以下是关于读句子的小升初英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Read sentences

1、The results in experiment 1 showed that there is perceptual symbol representation in comprehension when subjects complete recognition task once after they read the key sentence. 实验1中被试读完句子以后马上进行图画探测任务,结果表明这时被试头脑中进行的是知觉符号表征。

2、Read thee-mail message from Wang Kun and answer the questions. 读读王昆发的电子邮件,回答问题。

3、Before we take the NetTour, read the following vocabulary words. After reading the sample sentences, go on to the next page to test your understanding. 在我们进行网络旅程之前,阅读下面的词汇。读完例句后,转到下页来测试你理解了多少。

4、Well read this paragraph first and then explain the difficult sentences and language points. 我们先将这一段读一遍,然后再解释难句和语言点。

5、I'm reading Hamlet now. 现在我在读《王子复仇记》。

6、We all read Sunzi. 我们都读孙子。

7、Amazon now dominates the e-book market, thanks to its popular Kindle e-readers. 得益于其流行的金读电子阅读器,亚马逊现在在电子书市场上占有统治地位。

8、So that part of Locke, that beginning of 138, seems to support Ben's reading. 洛克在138节开头说的这几句,似乎支持了本的解读。

9、C. Read the text in different roles. Find the answers. 小组内分角色朗读对话,寻找答句。

10、You western can't understand the connotation from the sentence which like "Do not be attracted by me(brother), brother(me) is just a Ledgend"; 你们西方人并不理解像‘不要迷恋哥,哥是只个传说’这类句子的真正含义,这是东方人解读犀利哥的方式。

11、After finishing the classics, you can read sophistic books. 经传都读熟了之后就可以读子书了。

12、After reading this article, Cai Wei wrote to Professor Qiu, saying that "zuozi" should read; "cuozi". 在读完这篇论文后,蔡伟致信裘教授,说"佐子"应读为"嗟子"。

13、What does it mean that " readerships are 'sticky'" (p. 48)? “读者是‘难缠的’”这句话是什么意思(第48页)?

14、Look at the first sentence in your notes and read it out loud. 看着你笔记上面的第一句, 大声的读出它.

15、This child is Dyslexic. 这样的孩子是诵读困难者。

16、It calls the Read Input subroutine (a middle manager), which in turn calls two more subroutines(worker modules):Read Employee Master Record and Read Individual Timecards . 该模块调用读输入子程序(工作模块):读雇员和雇主记录子程序以及读个人工作时间卡片子程序。

17、After finishing the classics, you can read sophistic essays. 经传都读熟了之后就可以读子书了。

18、He is devoted to reader empowerment like Keats was devoted to euphony. 他致力于让读者觉得自己强大,就像济慈致力于写出动听的诗句。

19、My little son can number to 100. 我的小儿子读数能读到100了。

20、Read phrases. When you've skimmedfirst and last sentences and determined the paragraph is worth reading, you still don't need to read every word. 当浏览过段首及段末的两句话后,如果你觉得这段内容值得你去读,你也不必逐字通读。

21、Children are not mind-readers. 孩子可不会读心术。

22、And when you come to read it, what you're putting yourself in my position, as it were, and you are partaking of precisely the same activity as I "the first writer-reader" was. 而当你阅读时,换句话说,当你代替了我的角色时,你的阅读活动其实和我这个,第一个作者与读者的活动相同。

23、Read aloud together, then follow the tape and check your unciation and intonation sentence by sentence. Go! 让学生集体齐读, 然后跟录音一起读, 逐句核对语音和语调。

24、If you use only long sentences all the time it can be confusing to read. 如果你一直使用长句,读起来就很困惑。

25、Mark my words, when Bpple ships its tablet or some other device that can be used for the serious reading of books, people will read again. 请忘住人那句话,该苹因宣布了他的读写器或者其余能用于当真读书的安装时,己们便会再主开端读书了。


26、And, more remarkable, once you did, have you any idea how come this sentence breaks the rules but read it you still can? 而且,更值得注意的是,一旦你造句后,你是否知道:为何这句话即便不符合规则但你仍然能读出它?

27、The school where I studied only two years was three kilometers away. 那所我仅仅读了两年的学校有三公里远。(定语从句)。

28、Using detailed and humour ilration to help the children to retell the story, make predictions and relate events to their own daily experiences. 重复的句型继续帮助小读者建立阅读的信心。故事插图细致、幽默,有助培育读者的观察力和理解文意。

29、Just open your mouth and say something in English or read lots of achievement. 张开你的嘴巴,说几句英文或读很多的成就。

30、With one word, the same word can be used to Ya-Yan Yu, Ya Yin Reading can also be used dialect, to the sound of the time. 同一个字,同一句话,可以用雅言、雅音读之,也可以用方言、方音读之。

31、The child was just beginning school. 那孩子刚开始读书。

32、As the sentence was read, she collapsed into her lawyer's arms. 由于句读,她崩溃到她的律师的武器。

33、Experiment One applied the self-paced moving window technique and found significant difference in the unambiguity section of both temporarily ambiguous and non-ambiguous sentences. 实验一采用自定速移动视窗技术,发现歧义句和无歧义句解歧区的阅读时间存在显著差异。

34、Statements that require reads from the disk only, like select, proceed unblocked. 而那些只需要读磁盘的语句,例如 select,则不会被阻塞。

35、They do offer fascinating possibilities, for instance writing/reading a file handle could write/read directly to a database, or send an e-mail when you close the file. 但它确实能够让人神往,例如,通过写/读文件句柄,可以直接写/读数据库,或者在关闭文件时发送一封电子邮件。

36、The situation: You stare at the 72 unread emails in your inbox or your three-page-and-growing to-do list and throw up your hands in despair. 这句话的语境是:面对邮箱里的72封未读电子邮件或者长达3页的待办事宜清单,你绝望得举手投降。

37、When you've skimmed first and last sentences and determined the paragraph is worth reading, you still don't need to read every word. 当浏览过段首及段末的两句话后,你觉得这段内容值得你去读,你也不必逐字通读。

38、As I read this sentence, I wrote a word near it: Following. 正当我读这句话的时候,我写了一个字: 印随。

39、To a human reader, this statement recalls (most probably) an earlier time when nonsense rhymes were a major part of life. 对于人类读者而言,这个句子(很可能)使其回忆起一个较早的历史时期,那时,毫无意义的押韵是生活的一个重要组成部分。

40、At this point in our reading of Milton, I think these lines have an amazing impact. 读弥尔顿读到这里,这几句有很强的冲击力。

41、Admittedly, this property is a confusing one because it reads like a double negative, but by default, all read and unread documents are tracked in a database. 大家都认为这条属性令人费解,因为它读起来像是一个双重否定句,但是在默认情况下,数据库中所有已读的和未读的文档都会被跟踪。

42、We'll read this paragraph first and then explain the difficult sentences and language points. 我们先将这一段读一遍,然后在解释难句和语言点。

43、In other words, you should read and speak English everyday. 换句话说,你应该读每天读英文和说英文。

44、This is a narrative structure: words in a row meant for people to read. 这是一种叙述性结构:行中的词句是供人阅读的。

45、And yet every time I read those two words, I find myself overwhelmed with dysphoria . 每一次读到这句话,我总发现自己被不安所笼罩。

46、This equipment not only can normally read and write passive electronic tags, but can read and write DK-900 active electronic tags. 该款读写设备既可正常读写无源电子标签,又可以读写DK-900有源电子标签!

47、Reading your God solution, nothing to keep them. -- Xu Hongjun. 读书贵神解,无事守章句。——徐洪钧。

48、In the course of her reading, Mother Plutarque came to this phrase. It was a question of an officer of dragoons and a beauty 一路读来,普卢塔克妈妈读到了这样一句,那是关于一个龙骑兵军官和一个美人的故事

49、Want to read “Humpty Dumpty” to your newborn? 想给你的新生儿读读儿歌“小矮胖子”?

50、My English teacher asked my classmates to read the text "Stone Henge" of Module five — One student read several sentences, then another student continued to read the next several sentences. 我的英语老师安排同学们读第五模块的课文“石头阵”——一个同学读几句,然后下一个同学接着读。


51、Most of us read along a line of type like this one to get the interpretation ofthe meaning, but as we read our eyes jump back to dwell on a word we justpassed. 大多数人习惯于线性阅读方式来理解句子,但阅读时我们的眼睛会时不时的跳回来细想那些跳过的内容。

52、I have to read these lines again: "And when they list, their lean and flashy songs grate on their scrannel Pipes of wretched straw." 我需要再读一遍这些句子:,“当他们列举出他们贫瘠而浮华的歌颂时“,亦显示出卑鄙无能的低劣之声“

53、On a somewhat related sidenote , do yourself a favor and read Water for Elephants - I just finished it and loved it. 稍插一句,帮你自己个忙去读读《大象的眼泪》——我刚读完而且很喜欢。

54、The device is automatically set to reading array data after device power-up. 我对这句的理解是读批量的数据或是阵列的数据。

55、So we can often through reading the first sentence or each sentence to end to understand the whole text. 因此我们往往可以通过阅读每段的首句或尾句来了解整篇文章的大意。

56、Ss are required to read through the text and match the main idea statements to related paragraphs. 通读全篇,通过配对中心句,获取文章大意。

57、Next read only the first sentence of each successive paragraph. 继而读下面的每一段落的首句。

58、In other words, don't tell her to go and read; be involved in reading-time so she sees it as something everyone does for enjoyment, not simply a requirement from her school. 换句话说,不要只命令她去读书,而是和她一起读,这样她会认为读书不纯粹是学校的要求,大家是因为爱读书而读书。

59、You wanna do a chapter? 你给孩子们读一章吧。

60、He is devoted to reader empowerment like Keats was devoted to euphony . 他致力于让读者觉得自己强大,就像济慈致力于写出悦耳的诗句。

61、Wow. What a run, but it's all kind of text depiction here. 多棒的跑句啊,不过它像是对歌词的解读

62、Luke 11:30. For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation. 导读: 今日金句:路加福音11:30,约拿怎样为尼尼微人成了神迹,人子也要照样为这世代的人成了神迹。

63、It’s very unusual for me to go back through my text and spend extra time reading it all again, fixing typos and changing sentences. 通过回顾我的作品再花费额外的时间再三来阅读,调整风格和改换句子,对我来说是非同寻常的。

64、For 2011, the company predicts 18 million ereaders will be sold -- compared with just 900, 000 sold in 2009 -- and 35% of readers will own come to own one. 巴诺公司预计xx年电子阅读器的销量将达到1800万部,35%的读者将会拥有一部电子书阅读器。而xx年,电子书阅读器的销量还仅为90万部。

65、ROWS_READ: Total number of rows read during the execution of the statement. ROWS_READ: 在执行语句期间,所读取的总行数。

66、We'll read this paragraph first and then explain the difficult sentences. 我们先将这一段读一遍。然后再解释难句。

67、He beguiled his days with reading. 他以读书消磨日子。

68、Reading the marvellous words and achievements of Julius Caesar. 他正读着尤利乌斯·恺撒闪光的字句和辉煌的功业。

69、"The Analects" words precise and appropriate, can serve as a literary books to read. 《论语》字句精当,也可当做文学书籍来读。

70、Please assist your child to complete the reading booklet P. 6-8 during the holidays. 请利用假期协助贵子弟完成「悦读.阅读奖励计划」阅读记录册第6至8页。

71、Avoid using GOTO statement to improve readability. 避免使用GOTO语句来改善可读性

72、But be warned: You will read it and weep. 但是提醒一句:你阅读它,可能会流泪。

73、SqlpassthroughRead/SqlpassthroughWrite: These parameters specify the default passthrough mode for read and write statements. SqlpassthroughRead/SqlpassthroughWrite:这些参数指定读取和写入语句的默认 passthrough 模式。

74、In other words, you should read and speak English crazily every day. 你换句话说,你应该每天疯狂读英语,说英语。

75、Sentence stress isn't "fixed" like word stress. In fact, you can stress words that are normally unstressed in order to highlight different meanings. 句中重读并不像单词重音那样固定不变。事实上,你可以通过在平时不重读的词上重读来突出不同意义。

英文句子模板76:Read sentences

76、I wrote that down after I read it. It struck me as something important. 读完这几句,我就把它们抄下了,并深深地为之震撼。

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