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关于”简单的句子“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Simple sentences。以下是关于简单的句子的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Simple sentences

1、At its core, REST style applications are about simplicity, good software design, and not reinventing the wheel. REST风格应用的核心是简单、好的软件设计、不要重新发明轮子。

2、Simple decisions are always exclusive. 简单的决策总是独占性的。

3、Simple doubly linked list implementation. 简单的双循环链表的实现。

4、For example, the script shown in Listing 1 should be condensed and simplified considerably into a smaller and more clean-looking program. 例如,清单 1 所示的脚本应该浓缩和简化为更简单、更干净的程序。

5、When our mind is occupied with work, we won't have time to worry. 很简单啊,当我们满脑子都想着工作时,哪还有时间去忧虑呢?

6、] 6. The shortest answer is doing.(最简单的回答就是干。

7、] 6. The shortest answer is doing. (最简单的回答就是干。

8、Pinot Grigio – Try one from Northern Italy for the snappiest style. 灰皮诺– 尝试产自意大利北部产的,简单简洁的风格。

9、12.The shortest answer is doing. 最简单的回答就是干。

10、Thank you, he says simply. 谢谢你,他简单地说。

11、简单地将你的电炉预热到150华氏度,将你的盘子加热五分钟左右。Simply preheat your electric oven to 150 F, and heat your plates for about five minutes.

12、temp temp There's temp. 很简单。Well,,temp,is,easy。那里是。

13、Why does computer knowledge alone seem easier? 为什么单纯的电脑知识看起来会比较简单?

14、The simplicity of using a single DNA molecule reportedly makes the nanomotor easier to manufacture and develop. 这种单分子马达据称能令马达的研究和制造更为简化。

15、I am accustomed to a spare diet. 我习惯于简单的饮食。

16、This is a slight oversimplification. 这有点过于简单化了。

17、It might therefore seem like an easy task to create a 'neutron star' at home. 因而看来在家里制造一个“中子星”也似乎是一个简单的活。

18、Simply preheat your electric oven to 150 F, and heat your plates for about five minutes. 简单地将你的电炉预热到150华氏度,将你的盘子加热五分钟左右。

19、Consider first the easiest case, the resolution of disputes involving contracts between well-established firms. 先考虑一个最简单的例子,如何解决知名企业之间的合同纠纷。

20、We might then more simply create n-ary subtrees of "as many plains as possible." 然后,我们就可以更简单地创建“plain 尽可能多”的 n-ary 子树了。

21、Simple but stunning, this structure's clean lines and an intimidating scale only add its undeniable magnetism. 但米约大桥简单却耀目,简单的线条和巨大的规模增加了其令人难以抗拒的魅力。

22、Can't simply toxic didn't poison. 不能简单的说有毒没毒。

23、You may be saying, 'Sure, that sounds so easy but…' Of course it sounds easy. Problems are always easier to talk about than to take the obvious actions to fix them. 你可能会说,“是的,这些听起来 很简单,但是……”这听起来当然简 单。谈论问题总是比付诸行动去解 决问题要简单的多。

24、As you can see, parsing XML using XMLEventReader along with XMLEvent and its sub-types is quite straightforward. 可以看到,使用 XMLEventReader 与 XMLEvent 及其子类型解析 XML 非常简单。

25、She cleansed me with her simplicity. 她与她的简单清洗我。


26、So we haven't gotten to molecules yet, we're just talking about single atoms or single ions, but what's nice is just talking about this very straightforward principle of atomic radius. 我们还没有开始讲分子,我们仍然只是在讨论单个原子或离子,但它的好处在于可以讨论,这个关于原子半径的非常简单直接的原理。

27、The technique of sampling is easy. 取样技术也很简单。

28、见最简单教的最多的就是.I'm very sorry to hear that

29、Both are over-simplifications. 二者都过于简单化。

30、Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa taught his disciples how to train their mind and how to live in simplicity. 仁增晋美林巴教导他的弟子们如何修心并行持简单的生活。

31、The loadMetaPhones subroutine is straightforward code that creates two hashes of metaphone keys and values. loadMetaPhones 子例程是创建变音位关键字和值的两个散列的简单代码。

32、I finally found the most effective routine for myself and I wrote about it in Easy Ways to Fight the Flab: Simple Routines to Stay Lean and Mean 我最后发现了一些最有效的程序我写在:简单的方法去防止肌肉松弛:简单的程序保持精简。

33、It's easy to make a list of healthy to dos. 把为健康做应做的事列出清单很简单。

34、Despite the apparent simplicity of a laser trap, a single particle is trapped with a single beam, exact calculation of the optical forces on particles is very difficult. 光镊本身结构简单,用单光束就可以捕获单个粒子,但对光阱力的精确计算却存在一定的难度。

35、Simple repository workspaces and streams consist of a single component. 简单的存储库工作区和流包含单个组件。

36、Simple, seems like, at least addition. 很简单起码是加法。

37、Eat plain, mixed with salad, on toast, or mashed with dijon mus and onions as a spread. 简简单单地吃,或者配沙拉、吐司,也可以搅碎配芥末和洋葱。

38、For your own sake, simplify. 为你自己的缘故,简单化。

39、To understand how the switching matrix relates to CLV, consider a simplified example. 要了解转换模型和顾客终身价值的关系,让我们看一个简单的例子。

40、Listing 1 ilrates the simplicity of gnuplot's command set. 清单 1 充分显示了 gnuplot 的命令集是多么简单。

41、This is my winter vacation , it's very nice 够简单了吧。

42、Simple living , high thinking . 简单生活 ,清越思想。

43、In brief, the matter stand thusly. 简单的说,事情就是这样。

44、Ben does well in singing. (be good at = do well in ) 很简单的吧!

45、You can't simply leave "your" half of it to a child if it is owned as "joint tenants". 如果遗产本身就是共同财产,你不能简单的说,一半赠给孩子。

46、It will be a team effor try to replace him, there is no one men alone that can do that. 替代他的作用,将是我们全队上下的任务,而不简简单单是一个人的事情。

47、(最简单的回答就是干All things are difficult before they are easy。

48、A simplified OH-CRDS, which is relatively easier to implement and more suitable for molecular ro-vibrational spectrum study, is suggested in the thesis. 本文提出简化的光外差腔衰荡光谱技术,技术实现相对简单,更适合于分子振转光谱研究。

49、]6. The shortest answer is doing.(最简单的回答就是干。

50、I like simplicity in life. 生活中我喜欢简单。


51、最简单教的最多的就是.I'm very sorry to hear that

52、Business administration is the easy part. 工商管理是很简单的部分。

53、Simple, as if everything is optional decoration, but as if again the deep desire that permeating one continuously. 简简单单,仿佛一切都是随意的摆设,但又仿佛渗透着一缕缕的深意。

54、Tango is easy, much easier than life. If you tangoed up, just tango on. 跳探戈很简单,远远比人生简单。如果你舞步凌乱,仍然继续下去就可以。

55、The main point of my daughter's learning today is to recite the reading and writing material. Because the ten sentences in lesson is very easy for her. She can blurt out them without thinking. 今天,我女儿的学习重点是背诵阅读和写作材料。因为第一课的那十个句子对我妇儿来说太简单了。她可以不假思索,脱口说出它们来。

56、Stay active and play some beach volleyball or simply soak up that Australian sun. 在沙滩上别闲着,活动活动,打打沙滩排球,或者简简单单地晒晒澳大利亚的太阳。

57、You see, this is about more than putting out blog fires or quieting complaining customers. 这不仅仅是熄灭博客之火或者安慰满肚子抱怨的客户那么简单。

58、It's easy to take care of my hair 保养我的头发很简单。

59、It's no easy job. 这工作可真不简单。

60、Quick introduction to Rack (12:43). 对 Rack的简单介绍(12:43)。

61、The method is simply and universalizable. 设计方法简单。

62、Eg. A brief look at the voltage and current sinusoids in the preceding examples shows that … 简单分析前面例子中所示的电压和电流正弦曲线,就会看出……

63、Fortunately, there's a straightforward formula for converting irreversible classical operations into quantum operations. 幸运的是,有一个简单的方案可以把不可逆的经典运算转换成量子运算。

64、Others simply relax in the sun-washed glacial cirque and bask in the presence of the peak. 其他人则简简单单的在沐浴着阳光的冰斗中放松,在峰峦面前晒晒太阳。

65、The archive method is straightforward. 使用存档的方法非常简单。

66、Breathing exercises are easy to learn. 呼吸练习简单易学。

67、6. The shortest answer is doing. 最简单的回答就是干。

68、TV oversimplifies reality. 电视将现实过分简单化。

69、I don't like somebody,but I am always alone. 最简单地说

70、An easy way to teach children to delay gratification is the c-play connection. 一种很简单的教会孩子延迟享乐的办法就是建立先做后玩的联系。

71、i don't like somebody,but i am always alone. 最简单地说

72、Nothing is more easy to present to the imagination than the Bishop's bedchamber. 去想象一下主教的卧室,再简单也没有了。一扇窗门朝着园子,对面是床??

73、Once you have a libc_p.a file, you can simply rebuild your example like so 在获得 libc_p.a 文件之后,就可以简单地重新编译前面的例子了,方法如下

74、Only one thing is missing: profits. 惟一不简单的就是利润。

75、And never forget how important it is for kids to simply get together to play. 不要忘记,对孩子而言,简单地和她们在一起玩耍一下是多么的重要!

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