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导读: 32个,关于”花的浪漫句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Romantic sentences of flowers。以下是关于花的浪漫句子的中考英语句子。


关于”花的浪漫句子“的英语句子32个,句子主体:Romantic sentences of flowers。以下是关于花的浪漫句子的中考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Romantic sentences of flowers

1、Previous work by the same team found that men spent more money in florists when romantic music was being played. 该研究小组早前就曾通过实验发现,在花店中播放浪漫音乐会使男性愿意花更多钱买花。

2、Make not only blossom and bear fruit, evergreen, flourish, still have to ring countless…Romantic life, slowly to the old… 使之不但开花结果,四季常青,枝繁叶茂,还得年轮无数…浪漫一生,慢慢到老…

3、But this cold, drearily functional approach to sing compatibility fails to capture the indefinable spark that triggers romance. 但是这种冷酷,可怕的公式方法评估两个人的“兼容性”,却无法获得牵动浪漫情缘不可名状的火花。

4、A romantic mix of ocean treasures, with lavish embellishment. Imported cotton. 浪漫的海滩裹裙,并有花朵图案装饰,进口棉制。

5、Just saying the word "rose" conjures up images of romance, secret admirers, Valentines gifts, and bridal bouquets. “玫瑰”很容易让人联想到浪漫的场景,神秘的爱慕者,情人节的礼物和结婚的花束。

6、Send an E-Card: If snail mail is too slow for you, you can send romantic e-cards instantly. 电子贺卡:如果你觉得寄信太慢了,你可以发送一封浪漫的电子贺卡来代替。

7、Perfect conjugal bliss night, you pass through a long road, feel the day is loneliness and warmth. 花好月圆之夜,你们各自走过漫漫长路,觉得日子寂寞而又温情跌宕。

8、Are flowery language and the romantic idea of love and the moral values is the responsibility of a writer? 难道华丽的文字和浪漫的爱情及天花乱坠的道德观念才是一个作家的职责吗?

9、White flowers, your style, your romantic, elegant you sway in the lithe physique, is my most profound, the most wonderful memory. 洁白的芦花,你的风采,你的浪漫,你飘逸摇荡中轻盈的身姿,是我儿时最深刻,最美妙的记忆。

10、Victorian Velvets Satins, chintz, lace and organza create a feeling of softness and romance in the Victorian home. 维多利亚风格在维多利亚式的家居中,用锦缎、印花棉布、带子和透明硬纱营造出一种温柔、浪漫的氛围;

11、Furanos lavender Hanada, this has become a paradise for all romantic hearts. 富良野的熏衣草花田,就此成了所有人心中的浪漫天堂。

12、High quality whole hazelnut chocolate. The packing shows love and romance. It is liked by those who are in pursuit of something special and romantic. 高品质的全榛仁巧克力。爱意与浪漫昭显于包装之中。深得追求个性与浪漫人士之欢心。

13、"Flower" expresses longing for the Nature, and the desire to flee to the countryside, reelecting casual youth hood and curious romanticism; 花“是对于自然的向往,渴望逃离到乡间,展现了年轻的青春的,随意与好奇的浪漫主义;”

14、Waves broke white into the flowers . 浪峰撞击着迸出花朵似的雪白的浪花。

15、Although it's a sply populated area, the scenery here is really beautiful due to the lush grass and "lang man" flowers. 大牛:虽然这里人烟稀少,但是景色实在是太美了, 芳草萋萋,山花浪漫。

16、Flowers, plants, and herbs have been used as symbols since antiquity, but the romantic custom of using flowers to converse began to flourish in the 19thcentury. 早自古代,花朵、植物和香草就被用做象征物。但直到19世纪,用鲜花来交流情感的浪漫习俗才开始盛行。

17、The plum tree is enjoyed partly for its romantic manner in its branches, and partly for the fragrance in its flowers. 梅树一部分由其枝丫的浪漫姿态,一部分由其花朵的芬芳而受人们的欣赏。

18、It's a counter-weight to Frost's romantic longing. 这是弗罗斯特浪漫的希望的对立力量。

19、The so-called romantic, is helping his wife to buy cabbage , will Shunshou back to a Rose ; 所谓浪漫,就是帮老婆买包心菜时,还会顺手带回一支玫瑰花;

20、Monalisa flower coffee house has three style rooms: classic romantic room, modern romantic room and Japan-Korea style room. You can enjoy different styles' culture by your mood. 蒙娜丽萨体验式鲜花咖啡屋,有三种风格的房间,古典浪漫风格、现代浪漫风格、日式风格;让人可以在不同心境下随意体验不同风格的文化。

21、Romance is seeing flowers withering away you want to cry. 浪漫是瞧见花将凋零想哭泣。

22、Pollen on Geranium Stigma : The size of the grains is measured in millionths of a meter, but the romantic journeys of pollen are epic. 天竺葵柱头上的花粉,花粉颗粒的尺寸以百万分之一米计量,然而其浪漫的旅程简直是史诗般的。

23、Each woman hope that she can own a pretty face and a romantic life. 女人总希望自己拥有如花的美貌,有着如花一样的浪漫生活。

24、If you want to impress someone, then you can use relevant quotes to create a romantic impact. 如果你想抓住谁的心,你就可以借用相关的段子来营造浪漫效果。

25、Romantic and timeless, this stunning gold-plated design complements this season's floral trend. 象征浪漫与永恒,这款夺目的镀金色链坠延续本季花的潮流。


26、He's such a romantic that he'd arranged for a big bouquet of flowers to arrive before him. 他是个很浪漫的人,事先安排好的花束在他抵达之前就出现在我面前了。

27、Who would bring out the romantic side of Britta? 谁能将布瑞塔浪漫的一面带出来?

28、The velvet curtaIn with ornamental engravIng Increases the romantic ambience In your room. 镂花天鹅绒窗帘,给居室增添浪漫的气息。

29、About this collection: Romantic, exotic, glamorous or abstract: thisspring’s floral patterns provide an injection of creativity and a loveof fashion into your wardrobe. 有关这一系列:浪漫,有义异域风情,美丽或者抽象。春季的花朵印花给你衣橱转入创意和时尚。

30、The wave lashed against the rocks, sending up pearly spray. 海浪冲击着礁石, 飞起像珠子般的水花。

31、Add hours of daily bushwhacking through dry, dense, scratchy vegetation, and the romance of fieldwork quickly fades. 再加上每天花好几小时穿越乾燥、浓密、刺人的植被,田野工作的浪漫很快就消失了。

32、The inspiration of this song comes from the Beijing Opera – Hua Tian Cuo which is a romantic comedy. 这首歌的灵感来自京剧——浪漫戏剧花田错。

33、you are nothing short of my everything. 你是我的全部 这个是名言了,经典浪漫。

34、Instead of forking out for a meal at a restaurant, pack a picnic and head down to a romantic spot, like a park or even your own garden, for an intimate dinner for two. 你们可以去个浪漫的地方,比如公园,甚至是你自家的花园亦可,就只你们两个,来次浪漫的,亲密的野餐。

35、'diffuse' character in the 'romantic' in the words, the hope that the coffee has become a modern city comfortable space to create a comfortable space for the rest of the creation. ‘漫’字取于‘浪漫’中的漫字,希望漫咖啡成为现代化城市舒适的休息空间创作。

36、One of your most dazzling days for romance will be March 3, when Venus will align with Ur. 给浪漫史的你最眼花撩乱的天之一将会是xx月3 日,当维那斯将会使天王星一致的时候。

37、Each letter from one would bring forth warm response from the other as a seed falling on a fertile soil is likely grow into a plant. 每一封信都如一颗撒入肥沃的心灵之土,浪漫的爱情之花就要绽开。

38、Outside breeze slowly, wave sound, stars, lit the candlelight, romantic houseful. 屋外晚风徐徐、海浪声声、星光点点,屋内烛光摇曳、浪漫满屋。

39、Beggars afterwards just know the tramp is the emperor. 叫花子事后才知道这个流浪汉就是当今皇上。

40、We go to the restaurant, have a romantic dinner. 我们去餐馆,吃上一顿浪漫的晚餐。

41、Ten years can wear down a romantic relationship, or it can let love blossom. xx年的时间究竟是可以消耗掉一段浪漫的感情,还是可以让爱开花结果呢?

42、Spring, preparing for a romantic wedding new people will think at this time photographed the life wedding. 春暖花开,筹备着浪漫婚礼的新人们一定想在此时拍下情定一生的婚纱照。

43、Nothing kills the atmosphere of a romantic dinner more than an army of screaming children. 当你们共进浪漫晚餐时,没有比一群孩子吵吵闹闹更煞风景的事了。

44、For romance or adventure? What are you going to do with your annual bonus? 浪漫还是冒险,你的年终奖怎么花?

45、This was the way the child simplified the romantic names so dear to the female Thenardier. 孩子在回答中就那样简化了德纳第大娘心爱的那两个浪漫的名字。

46、A romantic little cabin out of town would be cool. 去城外的浪漫小屋玩玩是不错的。

47、The romantic scene - People relaxing themselves in the of cherry trees… … 人们在樱花影下休息的浪漫景象… …

48、The dreamlike light of crystals set off our world most romantic like the sunshine penetrates. 透过梦幻般晶石光辉的映视,我们的世界浪漫如阳光弥漫。

49、Clean up your place. Fluff up the pillows. Romantic conditions are going from OK to fabulous for the next couple of days. 打扫房子,抖一抖枕头。未来几天的浪漫情境将渐入佳境。

50、I could see a thousand memories FLASHed through her mind. 我能看到她脑子里翻腾着记忆的浪花。


51、He cooks food from his garden in a solar oven. 他用太阳灶做饭,吃花园里种的菜,批评妻子的浪费。

52、This is both because of the fact that its numerous species are widely spread and because of their romantic aspect. 这不光是因为它品种繁多、分布广泛,还因为它花形浪漫。

53、The waves impinged on the rocks, throwing up pearl -like drops of spray. 海浪冲击着岩石,溅起珠子般的水花。

54、Waiting for you to come, cape tianya, mountain flower romance with me. 等你来,海角天涯,和我一起山花浪漫。

55、Many hotels and resorts offer getaways thatemphasize romance.They feature something special to start the getaway, such aschampagne, flowers, or a fruit basket in the room on arrival. 许多酒店和旅游胜地都主打浪漫牌,精心设计一些特别的小细节,例如在客房里摆好香槟、鲜花和果篮,以开启客人的浪漫之旅。

56、Soon I was finding flowers at my door, romantic cards and mails while he was on business trip. 很快,我就在我的门口发现了鲜花,而当他出差时,则会为我寄来浪漫的卡片和邮件。

57、However, any romance of hers invariably ended quickly. 然而,所有的浪漫与她总是迅速终结。

58、Rose: Famed as" the queen of flower", it is the best of flowers, the incarnate of romantic spirits and the symbol of love and purity. 玫瑰:被誉为“花中皇后”,是花中极品,浪漫精灵的化身、与纯洁的象征。

59、The embroidered red silk organza illusion cap sleeve gown with tulle ruffle skirt is both romantic and dramatic in equal parts. 这件红色丝质刺绣的薄纱花边裙看起来浪漫又复古。

60、Romantic flowers fall on the semi-sheer poly chiffon wrap. 浪漫的花朵散落在薄纱的包裹里。

61、Hawaii flower voice, sea charm for tourists, played out beautiful romantic songs. 夏威夷的花之音,海之韵,为游客们奏出一支优美的浪漫曲。

62、Enjoy romantic moon light evenings with nice breeze surrounded by a beautiful garden! 在微风中享受浪漫的花前月夜!

63、Waves broke white into the flowers. 浪峰撞击着迸出花朵似的雪白的浪花。

64、The voice of wayside pansies , that do not attract the careless glance, murmurs in these desultory lines. 路边的蝴蝶花,不会招徕漫不经心的一瞥,只得把零乱的诗句低声吟哦。

65、The peach blossom world , number men of letters eulogize her , romantic but are rich in poetry. 桃花的世界,多少文人墨客赞美她,浪漫而富有诗意。

66、The wave flower Spray home where? 浪 花 浪花家在哪儿? 家在大海中。

67、Rose: Famed as "the queen of flower", it is the best of flowers, the incarnate of romantic spirits and the symbol of love and purity. 玫瑰:被誉为“花中皇后”,是花中极品,浪漫精灵的化身、爱与纯洁的象征。

68、Albergo Accademia has turned the ancient cloister into a lovely garden terrace where you can have breakfast or romantic candlelight dinners. Albergo Accademia酒店将古代的寺院变成了美丽的花园阳台,您可在此享用早餐或浪漫的烛光晚餐。

69、Ranking at number one in the romantic flowers department, the rose is so popular that there are 150 types! 排名第一的浪漫花部,增长是如此的流行,有150种!

70、Be in vestibular place, in ground laid overhand " chromatic anadem " the enthusiasm that shows goodwife again and romance. 在门厅处,地面铺设中投下的“彩色花环”又显示出女主人的热情与浪漫。

71、Plum should be one element of a very Chinese, Looking for Plum in snow ---- I did not expect ancients really super-romantic! 梅花应该是非常中国的元素之一,踏雪寻梅——没想到古人真的超浪漫的!

72、Romantic and timeless, this stunning rhodium-plated design complements this season's floral trend. 征浪漫与永恒,这款夺目的镀白金色链坠延续本季花的潮流。

73、Strolling through a garden abloom with pink and crimson roses, this romantic couple shares a sweet moment of their honeymoon. 在一个开满粉红色和深红色玫瑰花的花园中漫游着,这一对浪漫的情侣享受着蜜月的甜蜜时光。

74、QI and Valentin. E clan use romantic themes to trick users into activating them and then infect their computers. 最浪漫病毒-Nuwar.OL Nuwar.QI和Valentin.E,这一家子病毒利用风花雪月的标题内容来吸引用户激活它从而感染电脑。

75、With Mercury ALSO in this house until late in the day on June 13, romance can easily flourish at home, too. 水星在xx月13号晚上也会降临这一宫,随之你的家里也会滋长浪漫的爱情之花。

英文句子模板76:Romantic sentences of flowers

76、An old city by the water is the perfect vacation destination for a antic like you, cancer. 依山傍水的历史名城绝对是喜欢浪漫的蟹子的理想的度假目的地。

77、The so-called romantic, is when to help the wife to buy the cabbage, and to bring back to a rose conveniently; 所谓浪漫,就是帮老婆买包心菜时,还会顺手带回一支玫瑰花;

78、The beautiful topiary trees are witnesses of our marriage. 浪漫鲜花柱见证我们的婚盟约誓。

79、Those who show a shoulder expand feeling jacket is being taken hollow-out decorative pattern, cooperate to come loose place printing skirt romance clinking . 露肩的膨胀感上衣带着镂空的花纹,配合散摆印花裙浪漫无比。

80、BOBO refers to the modern romantic petty bourgeoisie, but also the upper class intellectuals in society. BOBO是指有现代浪漫主义的小资,同时也是社会上极高层次的知识分子。

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