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导读: 43个,关于”变化的句子“的英语句子43个,句子主体:Changing sentences。以下是关于变化的句子的高三英语句子。


关于”变化的句子“的英语句子43个,句子主体:Changing sentences。以下是关于变化的句子的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Changing sentences

1、The sentence to be translated that contains variables also needs to be stored separately in localization packs and combined together when accessed from the localization pack manager. 对于要翻译的包含变量的句子,同样要在本地化包中进行分别存储,并在从本地化包管理器访问时,将它们组合在一起。

2、The molecules comprising this particle are continuously changing. 组成该质点的分子是连续变化的。

3、Because molybdenum partited in atomization reaction of gallium, indium and thallium, it can change atomization mechanism and improve atomization efficiency. 由于钼元素参与镓、铟和铊的原子化反应,从而改变了原子化机理,提高了原子化效率。

4、To account for these changes, the statement has to be re-prepared. 为了考虑这些变化,必须重新准备语句。

5、The kernel volume has the same trendline of change with dry matter of kernel. 子粒体积变化与干重变化趋势一致。

6、Real-time light tering spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy have been used to determine thrombin activity. 利用监测散射变化和扫描电子显微镜等手段表征了酶活性的变化。

7、The weaving of the secondary story line throughout the primary message becomes audible, as does vocal variety, congruency, construction and all the other elements of a good speech. 编织第二阶段故事的主轴,将主要讯息变得像声音一样,随著声音变化,一致性,句子结构和所有其他元素的构成了一个好的演讲。

8、Now let's look at these sentences again. If we want to change Direct Speech into Indirect Speech, what should be changed?Students discuss in pairs. 在学习直接引语与间接引语时,采用小组讨论的方式,让学生自己观察句子变化前后的不同,并总结把直接引语变成间接引语的变化规则和注意事项。

9、The annual and diurnal changes of photosynthesis, physiological factors and ecological factors in a Tieguanyin tea garden were determined. 以铁观音品种为材料,测定茶树光合作用以及生理因子和茶园生态因子的年变化、日变化。

10、There's an anatomical change for you. 有一个解剖学变化例子

11、The concentration of soil CO2 occurred seasonal variation and day-night variation, which related to the source of CO2 in soil and atmosphere. 土壤CO_2含量的季节变化及昼夜变化,与土壤中CO_2来源和温度等因子变化有关。

12、Many of these studies concentrate on the observables which use purely leptonic or hadronic-leptonic decay processes. 许多这种研究只是关注由轻子化衰变和强子化-轻子化衰变过程得到的观测量。

13、Syntactically, English is a synthetic language, with ample variations in terms of tense, aspect, number and case. 从句法层面上看,英语动词有时态变化,名词有数的变化,而汉语则没有这些变化;

14、The high-order soliton's band magnitude and pulse width changed periodicity. 高阶孤子的幅度和脉宽变化较大,并呈现一种周期性的变化;

15、Then, the area change detection techniques, classification methods, the alterative area and attribute acquisition are discussed in detail. 接着详细阐述了变化图斑获取子系统的区域变化检测技术、分类技术、变化区域和属性信息的获取技术;

16、The characteristic of the photovoltaic spatial solitons in two-photon photorefractive media is influenced by the temperature of the media. 具有双光子光折变效应的光折变介质温度的变化对光伏孤子性质具有影响。

17、In other words, the difference in the chemical potential is, this changes as a function of pressure. 换句话说,化学势之差等于,这个差值随着压强的变化。

18、Is this a chemical change or a physical change when wood becomes desks? 木材变成桌子是物理变化还是化学变化?

19、What you see is that the radius changes with atomic number for constant electron number. 对于等电子数的粒子,离子半径随着,原子数的变化而变化。

20、There's a local change in the membrane, that local change involves opening of channels that allow ions to pass through regions where they couldn't pass through before, that results in a change in voltage. 膜上会发生局部变化,局部变化包括离子通道开启,使离子通过,先前不能通过的区域,从而引起电压的变化

21、CONCLUSION There was no chemical reaction between quercetin and carder. 结论槲皮素分子和载体分子之间未发生化学变化。

22、Grammar is the abstract sum of morphological change rules and structure of the combination of sentences. 语法是词的语法形态变化和词的构句组合规则的抽象概括的总和。

23、The study of the pineal body of Coturnix coturnix france during development; 其个体发育过程中的形态变化和分子生物学变化一直缺乏研究。

24、In addition, in a specific context, the basic function of standard interrogative questions can be altered. 而且,在特定的语境中,标准疑问句的功能也会发生变化。

25、ResultsThe results showed that there were changes sophisticatedly, including quantitative change and qualitative change, between Fructus Gardenia and its carbonized product. 结果栀子炒炭前后发生了较为复杂的变化,这种变化既有量变又有质变。


26、关于影子变化 About change 关于影子变化 About change

27、This means you can vary the neutron number without changing chemical identity, because chemical identity is fixed by the proton. 这表示你可以改变中子数,而不会改变它的化学特性,因为化学特性是由质子决定的。

28、The focus issue of pole-climatic and paleosol study is to extract factor which affects environment change from loess- paleosol. 从黄土-古土壤中提取影响环境变化的因子并对未来全变化的是目前古土壤与环境变化研究中的热点。

29、The diversity of syntactic structures is an important feature of literary language . 文学语言的一个重要特点是句法结构的变化多样和丰富多彩。

30、Let's hope that all the changes I mad have not introduced a syntax error. 希望我要做的所有这些变化,不会有什么句法错误。

31、The REOPT bind option affects the optimization of statements that contain parameter markers or host variables. REOPT 绑定选项将影响其中包含参数标记或主机变量的语句的优化。

32、But leaves change in autumn. 但是秋天叶子会发生变化。

33、Thought of the verse, image of the swan immortal bird becomes after the induction change. 诗句之意念,鸿鹄仙鸟之意象经归纳变化而成。

34、The small molecule causing the conformational change is an allosteric effector . 引起结构变化的小分子叫做变构效应场。

35、For now, it is worth mentioning that collaboration styles vary across the risk stages. 目前,值得说一句的是,在不同的风险阶段中协作风格是变化的。

36、Any changes in sunspot numbers reflect changes inside the sun. 黑子数目的任何改变都反映了太阳内部活动的变化。

37、No smallest atom of our moral, mental or physical structure can stand still a year… In other words, we change—and must change, constantly, and keep on changing as long as we live. 我们的道德、精神和身体结构的最小原子没有一个能保持xx年静止不动的……换句话说,我们在不断地变化,也必须不断地变化,只要生命不息,变化就不止。

38、The earance of dissyllabic words in Chinese history which is a phenomena of lexicalization implies the weakening of grammaticalization in language form. 汉语历史上双音词的产生所体现的由句法到词法的变化实际上是一种类似语法化的语言形式的理据性减弱的变化过程。

39、Be on the look-out for these behavioral changes. 注意孩子的这些行为变化。

40、The other thing that we took note as is what hens as l increases, and specifically as l increases for any given the principle quantum number. 另外一个我们要注意的是,l增加时如何变化,特别是对于某个给定的,主量子数l变化时如何变化。

41、Caveat 1: if the database schema changes, the statement will need to be re-prepared. 注意1:如果数据库模式变化,声明需要必须重新准备语句。

42、For the dilute molecules, there is a change. 对于稀溶液中的分子,有变化。

43、Changing the number of the transitional photons, evolved cycle and evolved intensity the population inversion of two atoms can be changed. 改变跃迁光子数,可以改变原子间布居数反转演化周期及演化强度。

44、Emura Kinki's wife's change, his wife became considerate. 江村欣喜妻子的变化,对妻子变得照顾体贴。

45、No smallest atom of our moral, mental or physical structure can stand still a year. ... In other words, we change — and must change, constantly, and keep on changing as long as we live. 任何构成我们道德、精神和人体结构的最微小的粒子都不可能xx年静止不变……换句话说,我们在改变——而且必须改变,从不间断,只要我们活着,就始终处于变化之中”。

46、A hot blood meal should denature mosquito digestive enzymes, but other mosquito molecules protect those compounds. 一餐热血本应使蚊子的消化酶变性,但蚊子的其他分子却保护着这些化合物。

47、The town had changed a lot. 镇子变化很大。

48、Invented words and syntactic tricks made some of her poems for Polish-speakers only. 自造词和句法变化的把戏让她的一些诗只能被说波兰语的人欣赏。

49、Syntax, semantic, and cognition worked together in the lexicalization and grammaticalization of the compound phrase of "Yilü". 在“一律”词汇化和语法化的演变过程中,句法、语义和认知三者都在起作用。

50、The translatable strings contained in localization packs can contain variables -- for example, the variable XXX in the sentence "The account number XXX doesn't exist." 本地化包中包含的可翻译字符串可以包含变量 - 例如,“The account number XXXdoesn't exist”一句中的变量 XXX。

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