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导读: 26个,关于”励志的语句“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Inspirational statements。以下是关于励志的语句的高一英语句子。


关于”励志的语句“的英语句子26个,句子主体:Inspirational statements。以下是关于励志的语句的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Inspirational statements

1、That's extremely encouraging for the development of therapies for human cone [diseases] that are really blinding. 对于研发针对那些导致失明的人类锥体疾病的疗法,这一成果是极其令人鼓舞的。

2、Weston had, by gentle encouragement, overcome so much of her embarrment, as to bring her to converse on the important subject. 兜风的时候,韦斯顿太太温声细语地鼓励她,大大消除了她的局促不安,终于使她谈起了那个重大的话题。

3、Begin by adding some library includes and variable declarations starting at line 284. 首先在第 284 行开始添加一些库包含(include)语句和变量声明。

4、I will encourage more and more friends to take part in Chinese Bridge. " Wu said." 以后,我会鼓励更多的朋友参加汉语桥。

5、Lynda's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-ures and encourages as you listen. 琳达的温柔,以及调制,英语语音镇静,重新保证,并鼓励你听。

6、The profound challenge of blindness, which afflicts millions of people, calls out loudly for the "patience, persistence, and consistency" which are hallmarks of the Cayce health readings. 折磨数百万人的失明的深刻的灵性挑战就是大声展示出“耐心、坚持和持续”,这也是凯西健康解读的标志语录。

7、All the results studied indicate that the ultrasonic spectrum technique, which can be used in tissue characterization for pathological liver in clinics, has an encouraging prospect. 这表明,超声谱分析技术,对于肝病变组织超声定征及临床定量诊断,具有令人鼓舞的发展前景。

8、Praise Him with the tambourine and with dancing; Praise Him with the stringed instrument and the pipe. 击鼓跳舞赞美祂,用丝弦的乐器和箫的声音赞美祂;

9、Unlike C90, C99 allows declarations to be intermixed with executable statements. 与C90不同,C99允许声明混合在可执行语句中。

10、We want to enthral people with better sound, and this is the inspiration behind each SA speaker. 我们想让人们沉醉在美好的声音里,这是每一个SA喇叭最鼓舞人的事。

11、The Workplace English Campaign launched a new publicity campaign in 2005 with the theme, "Let's Learn and Live", to promote the importance of improving one's English proficiency. 职业英语运动于二○○xx年以「学好英语,丰盛人生」为题推出全新宣传计划,鼓励市民提升英语水平。

12、But often in the evening, I can hear the drums from native dancers on the beach. 而傍晚时分,我常常能听到土著在海滩上跳舞的鼓声。

13、The products claim that a flat, featureless, continuous sound somehow encourages slumber. 这个产品宣称以平和,连续的声音鼓励睡眠。

14、With catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics and his engaging voice and expressions, Anthony leads you to an intimate journey of love to God. You will be challenged and comforted. 随著悦耳的旋律、至诚的歌词、和他动人的歌声及演译,陈志杰带您踏上一个在神爱里的旅程。您定必得到鼓励与安慰。

15、Maps encourage boldness. They're like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible. 地图鼓励胆识。他们像隐语的情书。他们使任何事似乎可行。

16、Asquith said the sound clips are free to the public and encourages their use in artistic projects. 阿斯奎斯说,这些剪辑的声音片段对大众是开发的,我们鼓励人们将其用于艺术作品中。

17、To take such abuse lying down would only encourage more of it. 对这种歪风忍气吞声,只会鼓励更多的歪风。

18、Expect to be probed to determine if you are a self-starter or are someone who needs a lot of encouragement and close monitoring. 希望能够查明你是内在动力很强的人还是需要鼓励和紧密监控的人。

19、They listened exultantly to the sounds from outside. 她们欢欣鼓舞地倾听着外面的声音。

20、The movement celebrated Irish literature and encouraged people to learn the Irish language, which many people were forgoing in favor of the more modern English language. 这个运动庆祝爱尔兰文学,并鼓励人们学习爱尔兰语,其中许多人放弃了有利于更多的现代英语。

21、But these economic measures, nonetheless, do represent an encouraging turnaround from the frightening future we faced just 18 months ago. 然而,这些经济措施确实表明,仅仅在18个月前我们还面临令人害怕的未来,如今已经实现一次鼓舞人心的回升向好。

22、Support can also be found in books, movies, quotes, inspiring stories, healthy foods, nutritional supplements, and our own inner guidance—sometimes an overlooked resource. 支持还可以来源于书本,电影,引用语,鼓舞人心的故事,健康食品,营养补充品,以及我们自己内心的指导——有时还可以是被忽略了的资源。

23、Caveat 1: if the database schema changes, the statement will need to be re-prepared. 注意1:如果数据库模式变化,声明需要必须重新准备语句。

24、The warning follows plans announced last week by several Malaysian states to crack down on "immoral acts" during Valentine's Day as part of a campaign to encourage a sin-free lifestyle. 此次警告是根据上周上周数位马来西亚人的声明说要在情人节的时候严打“不道德行为”,并把其作为鼓励无罪生活方式运动的一部分。

25、The tone of the letters is always patient, often encouraging. 信件的语调是循循善诱且极具鼓励性。


26、She told me that even if she couldn't p the College Entrance Examination, she would never give up studying. 她告诉我即便考不上大学,她也不放弃学习。她的话发人深思,让我看到了光明,真正明白了“有志者,事竟成”这句谚语的含义。

27、I am a guest living and working here in China and feel most heartened by this statement of solidarity with the OccupyWallStreet movement. 我客居中国,并在此工作。我深受这份支持占领华尔街运动团结声明的鼓舞。

28、The award activity arranged by New oriental before also encouraged students' learning pion. At last, this meeting finished in laughter and happiness. 最后,新东方安排了一个抽奖活动,极大的鼓励了同学对网络技术的学习热情。推介会在一片欢声笑语中结束。

29、The statement was made in response to reports that farmers in China were being encouraged to use amantadine, a drug normally given to people. 中国做出这一声明是在有媒体报道说,中国农民被鼓励使用金刚胺(amantadine)来喂鸡,而这种药通常由人类使用。

30、"I think it is fascinating and intriguing, yet we need the evidence that higher-protein diets are more effective over the long term, " Reeves says. “我认为这是令人兴奋和鼓舞人心的,虽然我们还需要更多证据来证明高蛋白饮食是长期以来比较有效的途径。” Reeves说。

31、However, I was greatly encouraged by my teacher's smiling face, as well as the audience's warm applauses. 但是,老师的笑脸和观众的热烈掌声鼓励了我。

32、They danced to the beats of cymbals and drums. 他们伴随着锣鼓声跳舞。

33、Pegasus UltraSwitch data shows slow, but encouraging signs of improvement for the hospitality industry. Pegasus UltraSwitch的数据表明酒店行业显示出了缓慢但是令人鼓舞的增长迹象。

34、He would have a friendly, en-couraging conversation with the person, who was shabby and obviously down on his luck. 他会和那个衣衫褴褛、并且明显运气不好的“天使”进行一次友好的、鼓舞人心的谈话。

35、They danced to the accompaniment of cymbals and drums. 他们伴随着锣鼓声跳舞。

36、Mancini's pointed applause and encouragement after the Italian's p to Yaya Touré ballooned into the sky also revealed how he worries that his head may drop. 当巴洛特利将球传给亚亚.图雷时曼奇尼响亮的掌声和鼓励就说明了他有多担心意大利人会消沉。

37、Finally, the award activity arranged by New oriental before also encouraged students' learning pion. This meeting finished in laughter and happiness. 最后,新东方安排了一个抽奖活动,极大的鼓励了同学对网络技术的学习热情。推介会在一片欢声笑语中结束。

38、In fact, she is a sound of" will" and" encouraged" to get him into the cage. 其实,就是她一声声的“激将”与“鼓励”促使他进入牢房的囚笼的。

39、Then, after my third convention film produced by Harry and Linda Thomason, which outlined the accomplishments of our eight years, I was brought onstage to thunderous applause and inspirational music. 会上播放了哈里·托马森夫妇制作的我的第三次会议录像,里面概括了xx年来我们取得的成就。然后,在潮水般的掌声和鼓舞人心的乐曲声中,我走上台去。

40、By sharing his vision in powerful, compelling language, Austin helped unite rugged individualists into a colony where people from different backgrounds joined together for a greater cause. 奥斯汀用他强劲的、鼓舞人心的话语,使得他的目标成为大家共同的目标。他帮助这些人团结在一起,在这块土地上,不同背景的人齐心协力为一项伟大的事业而奋斗。

41、Investors were encouraged to attend the event, held at the Egyptian National Research Centre last month (10–17 October). 发明家被鼓励出席这个上个月(xx月10-xx日)在埃及国立研究中心举行的展览。

42、His response was to change it from an ironic statement to a statement about irony itself: "Don't Take the Hint." 他的反应是将这语带讥讽的语句改为对反讽本身的声明:“不许联想”。

43、Orin and I encourage you to read this book for the wisdom it contains, not because of any claims made about its source. 欧林和我鼓励你看这本书,是因为它包涵的智慧,而非对其来源的任何声明。

44、Pet-owners claim that pet-raising boasts numerous upsides and therefore should be encouraged. 养宠物者声称饲养宠物有不少好处,应该鼓励该行为。

45、Their anxious parents fret over them, murmuring soft words of encouragement, hoping for some sort of miracle that will free them from a nightmare. 焦急的父母们烦恼不已,轻声软语地说一些鼓励的话,希望某种奇迹出现能让他们逃离噩梦。

46、If you're happy and you know it , clap your hands. (clap clap) 如果你感到开心你会知道,轻拍你的手。(鼓掌声鼓掌声)

47、The teacher encourages a round of applause each time a soldier conquers the equivalent of "see Spot run." 每次当士兵克服了……,老师就鼓励全班人给他一次掌声。

48、People went wild, out of control. They were jumping, clapping, shouting, dancing and singing along, surprising themselves. 人潮如失控般疯狂,他们或蹦跳,鼓掌,或喊叫,舞蹈,他们随音乐大声歌唱。

49、They timed their steps to the drumbeat. 他们合着击鼓声跳舞。

50、They carefully selected songs, singing "A Better Tomorrow", "A Hero Never Dies" and "friends", which are none, the difficulties of the need to encourage. 他们精心选歌,唱了《明天会更好》,《真心英雄》和《朋友》,这些都没话说,困难之中需要鼓励。


51、The June 15 Joint Declaration and the October 4 Declaration, the action programme of the former, are the milestone of national reunification. 的口号下鼓励祖国统一运动。《6.15联合宣言》以及它的行动项目《10.4声明》是祖国统一的基石。

52、Translating for Chen, Yu said the benefit of her fame in China is "to encourage other people to join her." 于晨晨为陈燕翻译,他说她在中国的名声的利益是鼓励其他人员加入到她的行业里。

53、Integrate breath and sound to connect to emotions and feelings. Encourage partints to be audible with their breath h, exhaling and inhaling based on the flow of the movement. 呼吸与语音一体化,使情感和感觉相连。鼓励学生倾听自己的呼吸声,在流畅的动作基础上呼气和吸气。

54、Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. 聪明,乐观的蒂法总是在别人情绪低落的时候鼓励他们振作起来。

55、Babies love repetition, which initially encourages them to mimic your voice and babble sounds and mimic words. 婴儿喜欢重复,首先可以鼓励他们模仿你的声音,让他们含糊不清地牙牙学语,模仿单词。

56、We imposes constraints on the glottal wave of enhanced speech during iterative Wiener filtering according as the glottal codebook to ensure glottal wave laid in the clean exciting glottal space. 用该码本对声门波加以规范和约束,使迭代维纳滤波过程中增强语音的激励声门波处干干净语音有效激励声源模式空间内。

57、Annie has handled the whole project by herself- let's give her air conditioningentring hand ! 整个计划也是由安妮一私人执掌的,让我们以热烈掌声鼓励她吧!

58、Originally, the idiom means "The fighting strength in the first drums is the highest. " Later, it has been used to say "to press on to the finish without letup". 开始,人们用“一鼓作气”来比喻第一次鼓声促发的战斗力量是最强大的。后来,这句成语被用来比喻将一件事坚持做完,中间没有中断。

59、Complexity indicators are mainly the cyclomatic complexity number V(g) and the number of statements in the code. 复杂度指示器主要是圈复杂数V和代码中的声明语句数。

60、Obviously the news that Stevie and Fernando were staying gave everyone another lift. 杰拉德和托雷斯的留队很明显的鼓舞了我们。

61、With the cheerful deafening sound of gongs and drums, firecrackers, long jump dance. 随着欢快震耳欲聋的锣鼓声,鞭炮声,龙跳跃起舞。

62、We with the sonorous powerful drums loud Shouting, burning their morale. 自己们随同着铿锵有力地鼓声高声地呼吁着,心中燃起啦斗志。

63、The light flashed blindingly from above as a b drum's thunder drowned out thousands of screaming voices. 舞台闪起一道道耀眼的强光,隆隆的低音鼓声盖过了群众们的尖叫声。

64、The woman hesitated, perhaps uncertain how to interpret the lack of encouragement in his voice. 那个女人犹豫了,可能不确定如何理解他声音中缺乏鼓励。

65、WEC launched a new publicity campaign in 2005 with the theme, "Let's Learn and Live", to promote the importance of improving one's English proficiency. 职业英语运动于二○○xx年以「学好英语,丰盛人生」为题推出全新宣传计划,鼓励市民提升英语水平。

66、After the module includes and the initial variable declarations, the main control loop is entered. 在模块 include 语句和初始变量声明之后,进入主控制循环。

67、Although some doctors may discourage patients from doing their own research, many say they want to be included in the process. 尽管一些医生可能不鼓励病人自行研究,但也有许多病人声称不愿置身度外。

68、At the training hall, Oginga danced to drum beats. 在训练厅里,奥金纳伴着鼓声的节奏跳着舞。

69、Organizers hope to prop up people's spirits, saying the health benefits of laughter are proven. 组织者希望以此鼓舞人们振奋精神,因为笑声对健康的好处不言自明。

70、Some companies are encouraging lateral moves explicitly. 一些公司也开始明确鼓励员工平级跳槽。

71、Collaboration is encouraged on all aspects of the cl, except where explicitly forbidden. 除了明文禁止的部分之外,我们鼓励各种的合作。

72、Even symbols of socialism have great commercial value, suggesting the philosophies that motivated Guevara resonate on some level with a wide variety of people. 即使是社会主义的标志也有了很高的市场价值,这表明曾经鼓舞格瓦拉的思想在群众中有广泛的影响。

73、A great deal of emphatic body language, and even occasional tribal dance steps to t drums and enthusiastic shouting are also features of the performance. Mrs. 许多夸张的肢体语言,甚至偶尔来上一段和着隆隆鼓声和热烈叫喊的部落舞蹈也是表演的特色。

74、And in turn, your cheering encourages others to cheer along with you.” McCormick said. 反过来,你的欢呼声也鼓励了其他人和你一起呐喊。

75、Michael Jackson's call to "Heal the World" in a pop song spreads to every corner of the planet and probably touches more people than the Pope's annual Christmas message. 而迈克尔•杰克逊在一首流行歌中“拯救世界”的呼声传播到世界的每一个角落,或许比教皇每年的圣诞节致辞更鼓舞人心。

英文句子模板76:Inspirational statements

76、I am me(clap, clap) and you are you. (clap, clap) 我是我(鼓掌声,鼓掌声),和你是你。(鼓掌声,鼓掌声)

77、"I feel very saddened by his death, " Nagamine said in a statement. "He cheered many citizens. " “我感到非常难过, ”永峰在一份声明中说。“他鼓励了许多公民。”

78、But often in the evening, I can hear the drums from native dancers on the beach. 而傍晚时分,我常能听到土著在海滩上跳舞的鼓声。

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